AGM & Affiliations

The club operates in accordance with its constitution. The AGM receives the Secretary’s Report, the Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements, and elects the President, Ladies’ Captain, Men’s Captain, Auditor and Committee for the forthcoming year.

The President, Ladies’ Captain and Men’s Captain are positions of honour in the club; they all have a role in creating a positive environment within the club, and also in maintaining the unity of the club’s membership.

The committee is responsible for running the club on behalf of members; it appoints Team Managers and other post holders to assist with this responsibility. Minutes of committee meetings are available to any member on request.

The club is affiliated to England Athletics and provides team competition in the disciplines of Road Running, Cross Country, Fell and Hill Running, and Trail Running. To provide competition the club is affiliated to Northern Athletics, the Mid-Lancs League and the Red Rose Cross Country League.

Donations to the club are eligible for Gift Aid as the club is registered with HMRC as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC).

AGM 2019
AGM Agenda 2019
Treasurer’s report and Financial Statements 2019
Appendix A Constitution change 2019
Appendix B Committee attendance and Elections 2019
AGM Minutes 2019

AGM 2018
AGM Agenda 2018
Treasurer’s report & Financial Statements 2018 
Appendix A Constitution changes 2018
Appendix B Committee attendance & Elections 2018
AGM Minutes 2018

AGM 2017
AGM Agenda 2017
Treasurer’s report, Financial statements 2016 and Financial statements 2017
Appendix A Constitution changes 2017
Appendix B Committee attendance & Elections 2017
AGM Minutes 2017

SGM 2016
SGM Agenda 2016
SGM Minutes 2016

AGM 2016
AGM Agenda 2016
Appendix A Constitution changes 2016
Appendix B Committee attendance & Elections 2016
AGM Minutes 2016

AGM 2015
AGM Agenda 2015
Treasurer’s report and Financial statements 2015
Appendix A Constitution changes 2015
Appendix B Committee attendance & Elections 2015
AGM Minutes 2015

Junior Track race before the 2015 AGM. Photo David Belshaw

Junior Track race before the 2015 AGM. Photo David Belshaw

AGM 2014
AGM Agenda 2014
Treasurer’s Report & Financial Statements 2014
Constitution Changes 2014
AGM Minutes 2014

AGM 2013
Treasurer’s Report & Financial Statements 2013
AGM Minutes 2013

AGM 2012
Treasurer’s Report & Financial Statements 2012