Club Cross Country Championship

The 2021-22 Club Cross Country Championship consists of three races, with a member’s best two races counting. The races are:

Saturday 8th January 2022 – Lancs Championships, Blackburn
Saturday 15th January 2022 – Mid Lancs League, Blackpool
Saturday 12th February 2022 – Mid Lancs League, Leigh

Standings in the 2021-22 competition will be published on the Team Clayton Facebook group.

Mid Lancs XC Cuerden Valley 2019. Photo Keith, Walney Wind Cheetahs.

Mid Lancs XC Cuerden Valley 2019. Photo Keith, Walney Wind Cheetahs.

There are separate competitions for Ladies and Men. Points are awarded in each race as follows:

1st Clayton Lady 50 points; 2nd Clayton Lady 49 points; etc
1st Clayton Man 50 points; 2nd Clayton Man 49 points; etc

To be given a final ranking it is necessary to have completed at least two races. The points from a member’s best two races are added together to determine the final rankings for Ladies and Men.

The Ladies’ Champion holds the Ladies’ Cross Country Champion Cup, and the Men’s Champion holds the Metcalfe Trophy. Awards for 2nd and 3rd positions are also made to Ladies and Men. Veteran (10 year categories), U20 and U23 awards are also available; the number of awards made depends on the number of members completing the competition in each age category.

Here are the final standings for the Club Cross Country Championships in previous seasons: Ladies 2018-19, Men 2018-19, Ladies 2017-18, Men 2017-18, Ladies 2016-17Men 2016-17, Ladies 2015-16, and Men 2015-16. Congratulations to 2018-19 Ladies’ Champion Tara Robb and Men’s Champion Mark Magee.