Your Membership

Please keep the Membership Secretary informed of any changes to your details:

The club registers all full members aged 11 and over with England Athletics. If you do not want to be registered please inform the Membership Secretary.

Members are encouraged to keep up to date with club news by regularly visiting our website and joining our closed Facebook group: Team Clayton.

National XC Leeds 2019. Photo Donna Airey
National XC Leeds 2019. Photo Donna Airey


Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year. For new members who join on or after 1st September (and have not been a member in the last five years), the initial subscription covers membership until 31st December of the following year. The rates are:

Full membership (under 23): £15
Full membership (Senior): £30
Associate membership (non-competing): £10

The England Athletics athlete registration fee of £19 for 2023-2024 is included in the full membership fee for members aged 11 and over.

The easiest way to renew is online via MemberMojo: RENEW ONLINE. As a renewing member you can ‘sign in’ to the MemberMojo platform to access your account.

Alternatively, a paper version of the form can be downloaded here: Membership Form

As a member, you are obliged to pay your subscription when it becomes due. If you cease competing for some time (due to long term injury, for example) you can become an associate member at a reduced fee, and upgrade to full membership on your return to competitive athletics. The club has many associate members who support us and we value their connection with the club. If you do not wish to remain a member then please inform the membership secretary.