Junior Training; Sat 22nd Feb is PARKRUN day!

Apologies for the short notice but we’ve decided to make this coming Saturday 22nd a parkrun day instead of training. You can blame Jordan, it was his idea 😉

If you can come along for 8:45 and we can all warm up together. Bring your club vests and don’t forget your barcodes.

If you’ve never done parkrun before then you can register HERE and it’s free.


Junior Training; We need your help!!

Because of the recent growth in numbers and the change in training format we need some help on Thursday evenings.
We need at least one, preferably two, senior runners to come along on a regular basis and help with the two groups that head out on the roads from Spirit of Sport at 6pm. You won’t be asked to coach or lead the session, just be an extra pair of hands to keep the session safe.
It’s a good paced run and you’ll need to have a decent turn of speed to keep up with them; it would make for a good training session for the right ability runner. I can give you any more information you need before you commit to anything.
If you can commit to at least one hour a month then please let me know a.s.a.p. We desperately need a couple of runners for next Thursday (November 14th) and you can contact me via the Junior Email.

thanks, Andy.


EDIT; No Tuesday Training on 27th August, moving to Sabden in September.

Tuesday Training moves to Sabden in September at the earlier time of 6:30pm. 

Meet at the pay and display car park for about twenty past. It’s only small and may be full but there’s plenty of on street parking in Sabden (please don’t block anyone’s driveway).

Thursday Training will continue as usual throughout August with the exception of the 29th when we will be at Seedhill track for the AGM Track race

Saturday Training resumes on Sat 24th August; Towneley Park for 9:00am. Meet at the lower car park next to the new toilet block/coffee kiosk.