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I would walk 100 miles and the best of the rest…..

Another busy week and a treat for you as I’m the guest editor of the weekly roundup (just hope I do it justice). The week started with the 1st of the Clayton Summer series races .

The Ogden Valley round a tough 6.2miler was won by Jacob Boyle with Paul Hesketh not to far behind, and guest Joshua Boyle in 3rd. In the more important guess the time competition Ralph Baines took the prize being only 9 seconds out (you sure you didn’t wear a watch Ralph??). There were 23 runners in total. Full results are here.


Horwich Jubilee Street Races

The jubilee street race is part of a series of races over the summer which is run over a competitive five mile undulating course through picturesque Rivington. Race 1 in the series saw ‘Super Ted’ (Ted Orrell) as the only Clayton senior competitor finishing in 102nd place in a time of 41:16. Full results are here.

In the junior event we had Team Thompson out in force with a number of the other young harriers running the one mile course, Dexta Thompson was the 1st harrier to come over the line in 23rd place (4th U11). Full Results are here.

23. Dexta Thompson U11   6:08

29. Liberty Thompson U13  6:26

32. Jenson Bentham U9 6:29

36. Sophie Ashworth U13 6:37

69. Kady Thompson U9 8:13



Blackstone Edge Fell Race

Blackstone edge a very tough 3.5miler from Littleborough had 3 members taking part. Full results are here.

1. Danny Hope (Horwich Harriers) 30:24

45. Alex Braysford (V40) 39:30

70. Keith Thompson (V60) 41:53

109. Linda Lord (V65) 47:06


Cautley Horseshoe Fell Race

Cautley Horseshoe with its steep and sharp climbs over 4.7 mile of some of this area toughest hills had Wendy Dodds taking part as our sole Clayton runner finishing the race in 69:44. Full results are here.


John Carr 5k Series.

Jonny McKenna was out again in this midweek 5k running in the 3rd race of this super fast 5k series. He finished in 8th place in a time of 16:17. Full results are here.


Burnley Lions 10K Race

Friday night saw the 4th race of the Pendle and Burnley grandprix with a 2 lap 10k around the outskirts of Colne. The race part of the club road championship series was full of the Clayton tangerine.

The overall race was won by Mark Hartley of Barlick but as you can see below our runners were hot on his heels. Full results are here.


Jonny McKenna – Chasing them down courtesy of David Belshaw

3 69 Jonny McKenna M Clayton Harriers 35.30
5 199 Jordon McDonald MJ Clayton Harriers 36.53
6 201 Andrew Stubbs M45 Clayton Harriers 36.59
9 146 Jacob Watson M Clayton Harriers 38.00
11 203 Russ Clarke M Clayton Harriers 38.21
13 192 Kevin Davis M50 Clayton Harriers 38.38
14 107 Jonathan Pye M Clayton Harriers 38.42
15 162 Richard Stevenson M Clayton Harriers 38.50
16 52 Matthew Duckworth M Clayton Harriers 38.55
23 86 Paul Hesketh M50 Clayton Harriers 39.44
26 193 Carl Helliwell M Clayton Harriers 40.04
30 87 John Hartley M55 Clayton Harriers 40.27
32 47 Michael O Donnell M40 Clayton Harriers 40.46
33 184 Richard Briscoe M Clayton Harriers 40.56
36 65 John Roche M55 Clayton Harriers 41.30
37 93 Chris Funnell M45 Clayton Harriers 41.49
41 147 Chris Snell M Clayton Harriers 42.16
44 133 Nick Roscoe M45 Clayton Harriers 42.33
45 40 Stephen Ainsworth M55 Clayton Harriers 42.40
47 79 Neil Garnett M50 Clayton Harriers 42.46
53 179 John Wilcock M50 Clayton Harriers 43.15
54 175 Andrew Payne M Clayton Harriers 43.25
56 111 Gary Balmer M45 Clayton Harriers 43.32
58 211 Sean Clare M50 Clayton Harriers 43.37
62 59 Claire Vincent F Clayton Harriers 43.51
66 183 Andy Bradley M45 Clayton Harriers 44.02
70 123 Stephen Biscomb M60 Clayton Harriers 44.27
77 108 Jeffery Pickup M60 Clayton Harriers 45.15
90 91 Andy Quinn M40 Clayton Harriers 46.19
91 76 Stephen White M60 Clayton Harriers 46.20
94 171 Stuart Proctor M Clayton Harriers 46.58
98 66 Irene Roche F55 Clayton Harriers 47.20
104 6 Martin Brady M50 Clayton Harriers 48.26
107 97 Martin Griffin M50 Clayton Harriers 48.53
109 34 David Scott M70 Clayton Harriers 49.06
111 51 Barry Mitchell M65 Clayton Harriers 49.24
115 135 Sarah Angelone F Clayton Harriers 49.59
116 137 Joanne Bennett F45 Clayton Harriers 50.00
123 198 Tanya Burnham F Clayton Harriers 50.10
130 143 Jean Knightley F55 Clayton Harriers 50.46
131 118 Donna Airey f Clayton Harriers 50.48
133 119 Andrew Taylor M55 Clayton Harriers 50.54
141 41 Rachel Todd F40 Clayton Harriers 52.14
142 57 Martin O Rourke M50 Clayton Harriers 52.15
144 67 Ted Orrell M75 Clayton Harriers 52.52
145 43 Andrew Webster M45 Clayton Harriers 52.54
148 53 Bianca Bennett F Clayton Harriers 53.09
155 7 Kath Brady F50 Clayton Harriers 53.46
158 15 Richard Lawson M70 Clayton Harriers 54.01
160 145 Elouise Pemberton F Clayton Harriers 54.10
163 136 Leanne Cottam F35 Clayton Harriers 54.31
170 22 Ian Hargreaves M50 Clayton Harriers 55.49
171 141 Ron Chappell M65 Clayton Harriers 55.50
175 173 Joanne Motley F Clayton Harriers 56.23
178 180 Natalia Suchomsua F Clayton Harriers 56.35
179 38 Stuart Baker M45 Clayton Harriers 56.38
188 29 Karin Goss F65 Clayton Harriers 58.50
206 17 Jack McGuire M55 Clayton Harriers 64.36

 10730960_972776649421351_4514007135499621351_nA number of team Clayton after the race.

 Pendle Boar Clough Fell Race

Saturday saw race 2 of the weekend of running and another race in the Fell Club Championship.  This new race was a real tester for the runners of Clayton taking you up Boar Clough past the trig before descending sharply to the bottom of the big end, then traversing across to the cart track for the 2nd major climb and then onto the fast run off the spine back to Barley.


And there off…… courtesy of Adam Shaw

The 1st Clayton runner back taking maximum points in the club championship was Jonny McKenna?? Stewards enquiry by the fell lads, How did that happen?. Full results are here.

In the junior race we had 20 young harriers taking part with wins for Eve Waters in the U10 race and Dexta Thompson in the U14’s. Full results are here.

After the race we held a little social and prize giving in the Pendle Inn with a few of the lads celebrating their success.


Forrest & Garry Wilkinson celebrating their joint 4th place.

Hutton Roof Crags Fell Race

A glorious summer’s day greeted 244 senior and 129 junior fell runners to Hutton Roof Crags 30th Fell Race. This race was originated by Ian Rooke, Pete Bland and Dave Bayliss with the first offical race taking place in 1985 to support the building of the new Village Hall. The event, in conjunction with the fabulous County Fair – with its famous cakes – have supported the Village Hall ever since.
The lovely weather dried up the course well, with a few muddy areas remaining under the trees, making it the fastest race since 2009, when it was an inter-counties fixture. Full results are here.

  1. Chris Whitoak 64:56
  2. Vicky Heys 74:42
  3. Angela Shian 76.08
  4. Kath Brady 86.50
  5. Michael Frost 87.01
  6. Robert Hirst 87.28
  7. John Francis 106.01


Helvelyn & The Dodds Fell Race

This 15mile fell race is a real beast and our sole Clayton runner was Wendy Dodds who finished the race in 98th position in a time of 3:15:46. Full results are here. 


Great Eccleston Scouts flat 4 miler

Lee Moore was our sole represative it this race finishing in a time of 31.15. Lee said after the race “It was a really enjoyable race”


Red Rose 100

Adrienne Olszewska took part in this LDWA 100 mile event (hence why I’m here today).

The route is anti-clockwise loop from the Anderton Centre on the banks of Rivington Reservoir. Some people say theres 183 stiles others 250, Adrienne lost count!!
This event looks look a really toughy with Adrienne saying the day after “This morning I am mostly cursing the fact that I live in a house with two staircases after completing the LDWA Red Rose 100 miler, a massive thank you to all the people that came out to support me” and from the look of her feet im not sure she’ll be doing it again… or will she?
ByDave Motley

I’m dreaming of a white………….

Christmas passed with not a sight of the white stuff and then the skies opened this weekend, which in the end caused a little disruption to the racing.

A number of races were cancelled or postponed this weekend including the Podium 5k which attracts a super quick field at its monthly event in Barrowford and the East Lancs Hospice 10k from Great Harwood, this race has been re-arranged for Sunday 25th January.

But there were races that defied the weather with Clayton Harriers as usual out in force. The first race of the weekend the Hebden 22 had a number of our members competing, although technically not a race the popular LDWA event attracts runners from all over the local area with promises of a fantastic route, great organisation and I think your weight in cake, sandwiches and other goodies. In total 156 runners took part in this event with the following members finishing:

30. Paul Hesketh 3:57

34. Neil Hardiman 3:58

94. Wendy Dodds 5:11

141. Adrienne Olszewska 6:32


(L-R – Neil Hardiman & Paul Hesketh)

Sunday Morning came and the prospect of Stanbury Splash, the first Fell club championship race of the year. With the adverse weather conditions and the race organiser making the decision to both shorten the course and announcing that the approach roads to Penistone Quarry were in a poor condition a late announcement was made by club captains myself and Jean Brown to cancel this as a club championship race. This decision was not taken lightly, however we felt the safety of our members was paramount and we did not want anybody to feel they had to drive in those conditions just to get a club championship counter. My apologies again for such a late announcement as I know a number of individuals had already set off to the race and talking of those individuals John Hanson sends this report.

Stanbury Splash…………..

Race day again and my 2nd fell race since I’ve joined the club. Build up to this race was a little different and everyone’s eyes were on the weather. Personally I’d googled the race ( as every proper geek would) and was so impressed by the look of it that I was doing the race whatever the weather, once my mind is set on something I’m doing it.

The morning of the race came and it had been changed to a shorter 5 mile course, it didn’t matter as I was looking forward to it, so off we go.

On the way over I saw a few club members making their way over and I was glad that I’m not the only one. Sanity check not needed for today.

On arrival the land is covered in snow and the views are amazing, really gave me the buzz for being there and wanting to race. Time to register and have a quick warm up before its time to get to the line. Just before 11:30 we all gather at the bottom of the quarry and get ready to start, I’m stood with Dave Bagot and John Roche. I’m enjoying the atmosphere and also looking forward to getting going just to warm up a little.

Race starts and we are off to a 1 mile climb, fairly boggy but a steady easy climb. I was unfortunate to get stuck behind people on the climb but I kept managing to find a place to overtake as we got further up the hill.


(John Hanson above in the red jacket)

Race continues to get even boggier and one minute you’re on your legs, the next your down to your knees in mud and just about staying upright. Tough going but great fun and let’s face it we all love getting muddy on a fell run. About 2 and half miles in Dave Bagot is still in sight and I feel strong, I just keep pushing through, tapping up the hills and overtaking as often as I can. Then the downhill comes. We all start flying down and people are hitting the deck left right and centre, including myself. We make it to the bottom and then a slight climb up and I manage to overtake a few more on a good section where I could pick some speed up down to the road crossing, we make it past the road but I can’t just get in front of the next guy and before I know it we are at the finish line.

A fantastic race which had me smiling all day.


(Still smiling……..L-R Natalie Harrison, Vicky Heyes, Angela Shian)

31. Dave Bagot 40:34

59. Jon Hanson 42:43

97. John Roche 44:54

99. Chris Funnell 44:57

110.John Wilcock 45:27

140. Richard Briscoe 47:16

144. Vicky Heys 47:24

171. Angela Shian 49:26

176. Natalie Harrison 49:42

251. Katie Thompson 55:02

277.Kath Brady 57:05

Full results here


At Giggleswick in the Kendal Winter League series we had another fantastic junior performance from Briony Holt who battled in tough conditions to win the girls race.


(Briony Holt)

In the senior race we had great performances from…….

22. Alan Life 28:01 (1st V50)

112. Carol Life 36:42

118. Wendy Dodds 37:13 (1st LV60)

132. Stephen Fish 38:34


At the Inskip 1/2 Marathon Michael Hogan said “I think I was the only clayton vest at the Inskip 1/2 marathon this morning, chuffing chilly and icy in places but a really good morning out. Here comes Marathon Training – Happy Days”

Full results are not out yet but I will update asap.

and finally Parkrun – I’m not going to do the usual World Update because I don’t know (Adrienne will be back next week) 🙂 but as usual we had members out in force at both Burnley & Pendle (and im sure uk wide).

and the only other thing is a reminder about the ‘Club do’ or Annual Presentation evening.









ByDave Motley

Northern 6 Stage Road Relays & the rest of the weekends action!

I push up the hill and the guys are shouting like mad “come on Jon they shout sprint finish, push” this gives me that final burst I need and over the line

Hi all I will start this report by introducing myself and giving a little background into how I came to be a runner. My names Jon Hanson I’m originally a Barrowford Lad but I now live in Rawtenstall.

I have been involved in running on and off for the last 3 years ever since my CEO asked me to do the great north run with him and a group one xmas do, gently explaining that I have put a few pounds on and it’s a good way for us to get in shape. He was right as I was starting to look for the next pant size up and the decision to run was not a hard one. So began my running. I gave up immediately after the run and regretted it so kept trying to get back into it. I remembered the feeling running gave me and how better I performed in life when fit and feeling health. This year I was determined to join a club but wanted to get myself back in shape first. I trained for the summer Blackpool 10k with a plan to join a club straight after the run. I completed the run and looked for club to join. Clayton came recommended by a couple of friends, I was told it was a competitive club and would suit my competitive nature well. After seeing the results sheets from Blackpool and the Clayton names on the sheet my decision was made and I contacted Michael Hogan who told me to get myself down to training on a Monday evening. Had a great time that evening, the lads put me through my paces and I’ve never looked back. It’s not the first time I’ve said “best decision I’ve made for a long time”


John Hanson

Now to this weekend’s relay race – The Bloke report

I woke in the morning and as usual, and is becoming my pre-race ritual tucked into my porridge and bananas, pondering on the day I had ahead of me. It was unusual for me not to be nervous and I felt calm and relaxed, had my race plan firm in my mind and the preplanning and preparation must have gone some way into keeping the nerves down.

Dave Motley picked me up and we were on our way with a nice quick journey to Warrington. Immediately on our arrival we bumped into the Ladies team and had a quick chat before race registration. All was going well, the weather was good and wind conditions were in our favour too. Soon enough we meet the rest of the guys and that’s when my nerves kick in. I smiled to myself, here we go and sure enough the toilets visits are soon to follow.

We made our camp and have a quick jog round the course, I am taking note of the slight incline on the way out and keeping that in mind as it’s a 2 lap leg, before we know it we’re back at camp and its race time. First out was Christopher Holdsworth who ran a very impressive 20.46, I look at Christopher who comes back to where we are based, he looks tired and the realisation of relay running for the team sets in. Next out is Dave Motley who also puts a great team effort in with 23.41. Half way through Dave’s run Alex Cran disappears to get into position, this increases my heart beat as it’s my turn next and I want to make sure I give it my all. We watch Alex come round from his first lap and now it’s time for me to get in position. ( Alex also ran an excellent race and came in with a time of 23.56.

I go down to the pen and jostle my way through to find a position I can see the runners coming up to finish the second lap, I think to myself “I’m glad we’re in the orange striped tops” makes our runners easier to see and helps to ensure you step up to the start position in time. I see Alex turn the corner and jump to get to the start.

Alex crossed the line and I’m off. I know the pace I want and try to maintain a 6 min mile. Start feels good and I maintain a steady pace. I see Dave and Christopher warming down on the first half and they give me some words of encouragement. I’m feeling a bit to steady and increase the pace. I’ve now got myself into a spot and I’m going well, a guy in front is pacing me well and helping me maintain my pace. I keep a watchful eye on him and try my best not to let him get away.

Nearing the end of the first lap and it’s nice to get some words of encouragement from the lady’s team and see my old school friend Candice Heys there cheering me on. I give a wave and push on to start the steady incline. By now the guy in front is pulling away and I put some more effort in to push through and catch up, I was happy to see a consistent time from my watch with the first two miles within a second of each other, but now in the third mile I can feel myself tiring and I’m having to really control my breathing which is rapidly getting out of control, I take some deep breaths which helps to calm me down a little and I’m ready for the final push. I’ve lost some time on the third lap but this makes me knuckle down and get my pace back, coming into the gravel track I know the end is near and I start to push again, turn the corner and the Girls are there again cheering and a very welcome sight as this is the start of the last straight to the finish line. I push up the hill and the guys are shouting like mad “come on Jon they shout sprint finish, push” this gives me that final burst I need and over the line I go in 23.33.

I re-join the group to watch the final guys go out. Jonathan Pye was after me and he ran a very impressive 22.59 and finished with an impressive burst of speed. David Bagot followed and again put in a massive effort and came in at 23.41.

We all regroup and have a team photo and then down to the Lady’s to have a photo with them. Great end to a fantastic day.


John Hanson, Jonathon Pye, Alex Cran, Dave Motley, David Bagot & Chris Holdsworth.

These relays are a fantastic event and a great day out with your fellow team mates; I would recommend them to anybody who is thinking about entering one of them. Full results can be found here.

Thank you to John Hanson for this race report.

Now for the ladies by Candice Heys

Well done again to our ladies team, we came 52nd out of 68 teams in the Northern 4 stage relays at the weekend with Trawden in 51st and Stockport Leeds Lincoln and Kendal coming 1st to 4th . We had good weather it was fine dry and not to hot although a little muggy . Angela Shian ran our leg 1 getting us off to a good start then Rebecca Rawcliffe ran leg 2 doing a good job moving us up 9 positions , followed by Jean Knightley who accelerated past 4 competitors to hand over to Irene Roche who ran like a little rocket to pull another 5 places back for us . We all had a fun day watching the action of the many runners there and cheering each other on . It was nice to be cheering on our men’s team as well and we were all supported enthusiastically by fellow local clubs such as Trawden, Barnoldswick and Accrington , so we enjoyed the atmosphere enormously and of course supported them back , everyone came away from the event feeling it had been a success .

It was quite a big day for me I ran leg 1 of our incomplete B team and got round without excessive knee pain so 12months and 3 weeks of being out I am now back in and hope to progress from the mark I put down on that leg. So that I can run for the club again soon roll on XC. Also roll on next year when I hope we will return to Birchwood with team CLEM again , it is a good venue , 2 lap flat fast course where spectating is easy ,parking is great and getting there off the motorway network is simple. my only negative would be there are not enough toilets to support the number of entrants but I showed my girls a polite , reasonable and logical way to get in that last minute wee and we all ran rather comfortably – lol. Thanks again ladies who ran , those who offered to run and then couldn’t and those who helped me rally the troops and thanks to our club for supporting our entry. Ladies results can be found here.


David Bagot, Chris Holdsworth, Jonathon Pye, Alex Cran, John Hanson, Dave Motley, Angela Shian, Rebecca Rawcliffe, Irene Roche, Candice Heys, Jean Knightley

Now for the rest of the weekends action starting with the Pendle Memorial Race.


Can you name all the above Clayton members from the original erection of the memorial cairn?


A fell Race to celebrate the lives of two Clayton runners who sadly passed away doing the sport they loved, Alan Heywood and Judith Taylor. Unfortunately both lost their life pursuing the challenges they loved.

For the race itself we couldn’t have had better conditions for the 59 competitors, with over 30 from team Clayton competing in this testing 2.8 mile course from the Wellsprings to the memorial cairn and back.


Linda Lord – Photo courtesy of Ryan Wilkinson.

Team Clayton not suprisingly with its representation won the team prize and Chris Holdsworth had another podium finish despite racing in the road relays the day before. The vets categories were also dominated by Clayton Harriers. Race photographer for the day was Adrienne Olszewska and a number of photos can be seen on Adrienne’s or Clayton facebook page.

I think everybody who took part in this race will agree it was a very fitting rememberance for both Alan & Judith.

In the other news we had a really good representation at the Three Shires fell race on Saturday, a classic 12 mile very tough race in the heart of the Lake District with notable performances from Dave Nuttall finishing 18th in a really tough field.

Richard Stevenson was our sole representative at the Ladybower 20, finishing in 3rd place and only taking part to kill a little bit of time whilst his wife Deborah Stevenson of Trawden AC took part in the 50mile version.

In the hilliest half marathon in the country (Langdale Half) we had three representatives with Breton Holdsworth finishing in 9th in a time of 1:25:55, a MASSIVE well done to new member Claire O’rourke who had a really strong run finishing in 57th overall & 3rd lady and Graham Kissack finished in 2hr42.

and finally up at Lancaster Half marathon, Alan Clarkson had a fantastic run posting a time of 1:35 finishing in 15th overall, I think Monday night training is paying of Alan!




ByDave Motley

Worsthorne Moor Fell Race & the rest of the weekends action.

Worsthorne Moor Fell Race

 I heard a voice from afar ‘stop running like you’re dancing!’ I turned round to see a sprightly young gentleman (you can pay me later John) running towards me, who I have now come to know as John Roche

How my journey began……..

Just over a year ago I was running along(well a leisurely trot might be more apt!) Red Lees Road, Cliviger, in my own little world, when I heard a voice from afar ‘stop running like you’re dancing!’ I turned round to see a sprightly young gentleman (you can pay me later John) running towards me, who I have now come to know as John Roche. After criticising my running style, the cheeky beggar was going to run straight past me but I insisted he gave me a mini session on my technique there and then-elbows in, knees up! John told me about his beginners training at Towneley and after a lot of blood, sweat and feeling sick I was moved up to his more advanced group before Christmas. Irene Roche encouraged me to join Clayton, I would never have had the confidence to do this without Irene’s encouragement and confidence in me. The support and encouragement I have received from Clayton has been amazing and I have made some great friends.


Courtesy of Steve Bateson

Race Day

Today I did the Worsthorne Moor trail race. It was tough, especially the long uphill start, but John’s training sessions have improved my stamina and Irene’s wise words to ‘tip tap’ up the steeper bits came in very useful. Every time I wanted to relax a bit I could hear John’s voice ‘have a word!’. The ice cold beer I had at the end with Michelle Butchok in the Billet made it all worthwhile. Just Boulsworth fell race to conquer now, with support from Jean Knightley(you can’t back out now Jean!) then I’ll have achieved my goal of 9 Grandprix runs!! I can’t thank you enough John for telling me to stop running like I’m dancing. That chance meeting really has changed my life for the better


Courtesy of Steve Bateson

28 of our members took part in the penultimate race of the Burnley & Pendle Grandprix. The race a tough 6.5 mile route starts with a tough climb up Gorple Rd before swinging out to Gorple & Hurstwood reservoir and returning to the start in Worsthorne. First Clayton member to pass the post, with a monster hangover, was Mr Orange himself Breton Holdsworth (6th), Phil Hall proved he’s still one of the best around taking the V50 prize with skipper, Dave Motley in 13th.


Courtesy of Steve Bateson

Full Clayton Results:

6. Breton Holdsworth              43:15

7.Phil Hall                               44.19

13.Dave Motley                      45:00

17.Paul Brannon                    45:51

25.Dave Bagot                       48:10

26.Richard Stevenson            48:37

28.Alan Life                            49:09

29.Carl Helliwell                     49:29

35.Chris Funnell                     50:32

44.Richard Briscoe                 52:49

45.John Wilcock                     52.54

53.Andy Quinn                       53:53

54.Peter Browning                 54:05

60.Stephen White                  55:23

67.Dave Naughton                 56:40

70.Alex Braysford                   56:48

72.Dave Scott                         57:15

76.Martin Griffin                      58:48

78.Stephen Ainsworth            59:07

85.Jean Knightley                   1:00:40

88.Tanya Bunkham                1:02:38

96.Sarah Helliwell                  1:04:34

97.Rachel Todd                     1:05:13

98.Ron Chappell                    1:05:54

100.Ted Orrell                        1:06:53

104.Michelle Butschok           1:10:23

107.Stuart Barker                   1:14:46

108.Christine Leathley            1:18:20

Full results can be found here

Thanks to Rachel Todd for this fantastic report

The rest of the weekends racing 

Friday night saw the third running of the Padiham 5 Mile. The route from memorial park goes up & down the Padiham greenway to the canal and back. Clayton were out in force with a number of members taking part. Terry O’leary continued his recent impressive form finishing 1st Clayton back in 5th place. Jordan McDonald was 1st junior back in 10th and there were other outstanding junior performances from Kenan, Thomas, Ryan & Edward.

On Saturday in the picturesque village of Hellifield, two of our members took part in the annual gala race. 3rd back overall with a really strong performance was Jacob Boyle, with the other ever present Clayton runner finishing in 20th, Richard Briscoe.

Also on Saturday in really tough conditions 9 of our members took part in one of the Lakeland Classics, Borrowdale Fell Race. This epic race covers 16.5mile and 6500’ of climbing taking Bessyboot, Esk Hause, Great Gable and also the highest point in England, Scafell. As some of you are aware from media reports, there was an incident in which one runner suffered a fall from Scafell, I believe the runner was rescued and is now in a stable condition in hospital. However this shows the importance of carrying full kit, recceing courses and being able to read maps on these tough routes.


Spencer Riley was our 1st member back in 24th Place. Our Lakeland specialist Dave Nuttall finished in 82nd with Andy Robinson not far behind in 96th. Fell legend Wendy Dodds finished 1st V60 in 150th with fantastic runs from Nicholas Olszewski, Barbara Savage, John Rusius and  Paul Wale.


24. Spencer Riley – 3:40.03

82. Dave Nuttall – 4:09:48

96. Andrew Robinson – 4:14:46

150. Wendy Dodds – 4:37:23

200. Nicholas Olszewski – 4:55:06

213. Barbara Savage – 4:59:57

226. John Rusius – 5:11:25

254. Paul Wale – 5:33:27

Terry O’Leary had a busy weekend and was one of two members out in Preston for the Wagon & Horses 10mile. Terry finished 14th in a time of 62:53, with ever present road expert Steve Biscomb running 10miles in 73:10.


ByDave Motley

Fell Captain goes tarmac crazy!!

Today saw the running of what is claimed to be the flattest, so I guess the fastest marathon course in the UK with only 50m elevation over the 26.2 course. For most, the goal is to just get around the 26.2 mile course but for club athletes its all about the time. I suppose this is the main difference between road and fell racing and because of this I think mentally its tougher; to run down Geronimo you just take your brain out and go!

My preparation like most had been a long winter on the tarmac and canal banks of Lancashire, meticulously building my weekly mileage up week-week. Long Sunday runs became the norm going from 13-22 mile over a 12 week period, always looking at my watch. Winter races all planned around preparation; 5 & 10k’s to keep up leg speed and I must say the road training helped me put down a 5kpb in just under 18 minutes. Then Blackpool half marathon for a middle distance run at speed (the wind spoiled that) and finally Trimpell 20 because you’ve got to test the marathon race pace, which I was happy at 2:10 and some seconds, although not shown on the results!

Race day is all about the preparation and the silly poncho to keep you warm on the start line (fell runner goes soft?!?). Preparation consisting of electrolytes, magnesium, protein and plenty of carbs. I think I ate my body weight in pasta in the 48hr leading up to the race!

The race kicked off at 9am with the legend Ron Hill setting off the 10,000 runners. My plan – 6min30’s for as long as I could hold on; I figured I did it for 20 at Trimpell so should be capable of holding it for 26miles? Unfortunately not. It lasted to 13miles! 13-19 mile in 6:50’s then the wall. Your mind wants you to run quick but your body screams at you at every step. My times started to slip: 7:20, 7:40, 7:50 then Paul Hesketh came breezing past me at 20 miles. I knew then it could be over; my mind telling me to keep going, my body just wanting to withdraw into a darkened room. 10k to go 48mins to do it in- surely I could manage that. Mile by mile my times got slower: 7:50; 7:55, 8:00min.Thoughts of the 3hr pacer coming past me any minute. 25miles now and Garry Wilkinson was in the crowd. He could sense I was struggling, running next to me giving me words of encouragement; the 3hr pacer closing in on me….100metrs behind, 90meters, 60meters… Garry screaming at me ‘You can do it Motley…come on!!!’. Finally Old Trafford and the finish line. A finishing time of 2:59:24 running straight into the arms of Mr Cannonball (John Lloyd) who could sense my suffering, making an offering of food, water, silly marathon blanket. Next onto to congratulate Paul Hesketh who had an absolute stormer finishing his marathon in 2:56:15.

Will I continue to run on tarmac, Yes definitely. I feel stronger and better for it and it definitely helps with fell running. Will it be me my main focus, probably not for me the Great British fells are much more fun. Will I do another marathon, not for a long long time, my hat goes off to Clayton marathon men. Good luck to all of you at London.

Out of 10,000 runners the clayton boys finished as follows:

140 – Paul Hesketh – 2:56:15

197 – Dave Motley – 2:59:24

572 – Simon Halliday – 3:15:40

1213 – Nick Roscoe – 3:32:30


ByDave Motley

Fell Capt. to become Road champion ?!?!?

This morning saw the running of the 25th Great North West Half Marathon and the 1st of the Clayton Club Road Championships for 2014.

The route a super quick & flat course is normally suited for PB hunters, but not today. The gale force winds along Blackpool front had different ideas, as you can see from my splits (can you guess which miles I had to run into the wind?)

5:54, 5:47, 6:05, 6:37, 6:32, 6:31, 6:21, 6:14, 6:08, 7:18, 7:27, 7:09 & 6:24

Although the conditions were very testing it was a very good and enjoyable race. Well done to all the runners who braved the elements today, full results can be found at

Clayton results as follows:

42 – Dave Motley – 1:24:41

59  – Paul Hesketh – 1:25:40

67 – Dave Bagot – 1:25:57

147 – Mick Hogan – 1:33:36

264 – Steve Bicomb – 1:38:46

379 – Andy Quinn – 1:44:09

The remaining road club championship fixtures are below, surely you road runners can’t let a fell captain become No 1?

Friday 23rd May 7:00pm – Burnley Lions 10k, Colne

Sunday 27th July 11:00am – Towneley Park 6, Burnley

Thursday 25th September 6:45pm – Ron Hill 5k, Whitworth

December –  Guy’s 10



ByDave Motley

Wadsworth Trog 2014.

Now I know why it’s called the TROG !!!

Well after I set myself the goal of running the Trog and saying it was just to get the miles in, on the day all that changed at about 17 miles. This had to be the hardest race I have ever done. 

After hearing the weather against the window all night I was dreading waking up to find it had not changed and I was about to take on a 20 mile race over the open fell of Wadsworth. I was up at 7:30 and trying to get some food in before I set out, all packed up and ready to go so I jumped in the car and headed off to Hebden Bridge. As I arrived there was the always smiling face of John Lloyd to greet us and show us where to go and park (doing his bit); I think he was eyeing up the competition to be honest…  The atmosphere was really good and loads of tea, coffee and biscuits on offer. I was enjoying the day already.  

As we all got together about 15 minuets before the start of the race I met up with David Bagot and a few of the other Clayton runners. There were 8 of us representing our club and loads of good advice being given from some of our wiser and much more experienced fell runners.  

We were off! It was a steady start down the road to find the mud. There were about 175 runners taking part of all ages and ability.  We went through the woods and a couple of fields to make a small loop around the cricket club where we signed on then off to find the fell; it wasn’t long until we were in the bogs of the Trog. The wind was behind us to start for the first 3 or 4 miles which was a bonus pushing us through the bogs. The first decent down to the reservoir was steep and ended up on our back sides going down to the first checkpoint, then there was the first climb! Up we went with a spring in our step (for now) onto the top of the open fell, the wind was strong and now in our faces. It was a real treat to get to checkpoint 4 where there was a water stop and of course, biscuits. Then there was a long slog for a mile or so up a farmer’s lane then back to the grind of the bogs. The miles passed and before we knew it we had clocked up 14 miles and now the legs were feeling a little tired with a hint of cramp that was not welcome. Dave took off as he was feeling good and I was just plugging away knowing the next 6 miles were where I was going to pull a few places back, as we’re told CONSISTENCY IS KEY (John Roach). The bogs and the tufts on the fell were relentless.


As I was coming up to 18 miles, I caught up to Dave who was ready for a bit of encouragement to push on until the end. We had a few people in our sights and both got a spirit on with only 2 miles to go. Before we knew it we were past our first target and on to the next, stretching the legs out on the road at 19.5 miles on my watch thinking only half a mile to go. I gave it everything I had left but the CVFRs had a little surprise in it for us there was another checkpoint that I wasn’t expecting. I asked the marshal where the finish was and his reply was, “Up there!” and pointed to the top of another 2 fields with quite a large ascent to take on. This was the final push to the finish and back to the cricket club. There were 2 more racers in front of me coming into the cricket club for the lap around the pitch and they were 2 places which I wanted after all the hard work I had put into the race. It was a brilliant feeling crossing the line in 3:51, I was more than happy with that and David Bagot coming in at 3:52 and winning the prize for 2nd under 23. There was also Paul Hesketh who had a storming race coming in in 20th place doing a 3:38 and Martin Terry in 32nd doing 3:47, Ryan Wilkinson in 38th doing 3:51,David Bagot in 42nd doing 3.52, Brian Horrocks in 45th doing 3:53, Mick Dobson in 59th doing 4:04, Ivan Whigham in 64th doing 4:07and Richard Bellaries in 104th doing it in 4:38,

 We also picked up 5th in the Men’s team prize 

The race was won by Simon Harding from Macclesfield, completing the race in 3:00.22. All in all we had a fantastic day out in tough conditions and all completed a really tough course, I am sure we will be back to take it on again some day. Thanks to CVFR’s for putting on a fantastic event. 


Full results can be found here

Thank you to Ryan Wilkinson for this fantastic race report.




ByDave Motley

Welcome Tavern 10k 2014

A wet & windy Sunday morning so Clayton out in force at the Welcome Tavern 10k this weekend. There were some fantastic performances most notabily from our junior section with Kenan Eti, George Pier & Jordan Mcdonald posting good times in there 1st ever 10ks. I’m sure there is more to come from this trio in the future and they’ll be sub 40 soon.

Clayton Results –

27 – 00:40:10 – Eti Kenan
38 – 00:41:26 – Biscomb Stephen
64 – 00:43:44 – Pier George
82 – 00:45:11 – McDonald Jordan
83 – 00:45:12 – Pier Jason
87 – 00:45:27 – Marsh Derrick
98 – 00:46:19 – Clarkson Alan
201 – 00:53:55 – Kershaw Jackie

Full results are here


ByDave Motley

Hebden 22 – LDWA

The Hebden 22 is an event run by the LDWA (Long Distance Walking Association) and the annual event took place on Saturday 18th January. The event originally started as a walking only event but in recent years it has been opened up to runners and this year over 200 runners started.

The route a very interesting and testing course which comprises of a little bit of everything. Competitors are made to run on all terrains (mainly fell/trail) running up, down and through the Calderdale valley.

The event is great value for money, not just because of the brilliant route but mainly because of the checkpoints which offer a full buffet of food comprising of sandwiches, cake and drinks. Toast & brews are served before the event and pie & peas with apple crumble dessert served at the finish.

If you’ve never done a LDWA event before I would recommend them as they are cheap, well organised and run on fantastic routes.

Back to the race – Martin Terry was first back for Clayton, with strong runs from Dave Motley, Neil Hardiman, Jeff Pickup, Ivan Whigham, Mick Dobson, Martin Brady, Barbabra Savage, Bev & Pete Thompson and Ste Whittaker.

Full results can be found here


ByDave Motley

Clayton Harriers 2013 Fell Champion

2013 on the fells has been busy with our members producing some fantastic individual and team performances.

The club championship 2013 was competed over 5 nominated races (Flower Scar, Stan Bradshaw, Anniversary Waltz, Paddy Pole & Full Tour) with members having to complete a minimum of 3 races and their best result counted.

The 2013 Fell Champion is Capt.Dave Motley  who was consistent throughout picking up a 1st &  3x 2nd place finishes. In 2nd overall was Dave Edmondson with Paul Hesketh finishing 3rd.

The Ladies 2013 club fell championship was dominated by Capt.Jean Brown with 1st places finishes across the board. In 2nd was Barbara Savage with Linda Lord finishing 3rd.

The V40 category was won by Dave Edmondson followed by Paul Hesketh in 2nd and Pete Booth in 3rd.

Pete Booth won both the V50 & V60 category with Ivan Whigham runner up in the 50’s & Dave Naylor in 3rd.

In total 91 members took part in the 2013 championship. The  2014 fixtures will be announced soon, will you be the club champion?