I would walk 100 miles and the best of the rest…..

ByDave Motley

I would walk 100 miles and the best of the rest…..

Another busy week and a treat for you as I’m the guest editor of the weekly roundup (just hope I do it justice). The week started with the 1st of the Clayton Summer series races .

The Ogden Valley round a tough 6.2miler was won by Jacob Boyle with Paul Hesketh not to far behind, and guest Joshua Boyle in 3rd. In the more important guess the time competition Ralph Baines took the prize being only 9 seconds out (you sure you didn’t wear a watch Ralph??). There were 23 runners in total. Full results are here.


Horwich Jubilee Street Races

The jubilee street race is part of a series of races over the summer which is run over a competitive five mile undulating course through picturesque Rivington. Race 1 in the series saw ‘Super Ted’ (Ted Orrell) as the only Clayton senior competitor finishing in 102nd place in a time of 41:16. Full results are here.

In the junior event we had Team Thompson out in force with a number of the other young harriers running the one mile course, Dexta Thompson was the 1st harrier to come over the line in 23rd place (4th U11). Full Results are here.

23. Dexta Thompson U11   6:08

29. Liberty Thompson U13  6:26

32. Jenson Bentham U9 6:29

36. Sophie Ashworth U13 6:37

69. Kady Thompson U9 8:13



Blackstone Edge Fell Race

Blackstone edge a very tough 3.5miler from Littleborough had 3 members taking part. Full results are here.

1. Danny Hope (Horwich Harriers) 30:24

45. Alex Braysford (V40) 39:30

70. Keith Thompson (V60) 41:53

109. Linda Lord (V65) 47:06


Cautley Horseshoe Fell Race

Cautley Horseshoe with its steep and sharp climbs over 4.7 mile of some of this area toughest hills had Wendy Dodds taking part as our sole Clayton runner finishing the race in 69:44. Full results are here.


John Carr 5k Series.

Jonny McKenna was out again in this midweek 5k running in the 3rd race of this super fast 5k series. He finished in 8th place in a time of 16:17. Full results are here.


Burnley Lions 10K Race

Friday night saw the 4th race of the Pendle and Burnley grandprix with a 2 lap 10k around the outskirts of Colne. The race part of the club road championship series was full of the Clayton tangerine.

The overall race was won by Mark Hartley of Barlick but as you can see below our runners were hot on his heels. Full results are here.


Jonny McKenna – Chasing them down courtesy of David Belshaw

3 69 Jonny McKenna M Clayton Harriers 35.30
5 199 Jordon McDonald MJ Clayton Harriers 36.53
6 201 Andrew Stubbs M45 Clayton Harriers 36.59
9 146 Jacob Watson M Clayton Harriers 38.00
11 203 Russ Clarke M Clayton Harriers 38.21
13 192 Kevin Davis M50 Clayton Harriers 38.38
14 107 Jonathan Pye M Clayton Harriers 38.42
15 162 Richard Stevenson M Clayton Harriers 38.50
16 52 Matthew Duckworth M Clayton Harriers 38.55
23 86 Paul Hesketh M50 Clayton Harriers 39.44
26 193 Carl Helliwell M Clayton Harriers 40.04
30 87 John Hartley M55 Clayton Harriers 40.27
32 47 Michael O Donnell M40 Clayton Harriers 40.46
33 184 Richard Briscoe M Clayton Harriers 40.56
36 65 John Roche M55 Clayton Harriers 41.30
37 93 Chris Funnell M45 Clayton Harriers 41.49
41 147 Chris Snell M Clayton Harriers 42.16
44 133 Nick Roscoe M45 Clayton Harriers 42.33
45 40 Stephen Ainsworth M55 Clayton Harriers 42.40
47 79 Neil Garnett M50 Clayton Harriers 42.46
53 179 John Wilcock M50 Clayton Harriers 43.15
54 175 Andrew Payne M Clayton Harriers 43.25
56 111 Gary Balmer M45 Clayton Harriers 43.32
58 211 Sean Clare M50 Clayton Harriers 43.37
62 59 Claire Vincent F Clayton Harriers 43.51
66 183 Andy Bradley M45 Clayton Harriers 44.02
70 123 Stephen Biscomb M60 Clayton Harriers 44.27
77 108 Jeffery Pickup M60 Clayton Harriers 45.15
90 91 Andy Quinn M40 Clayton Harriers 46.19
91 76 Stephen White M60 Clayton Harriers 46.20
94 171 Stuart Proctor M Clayton Harriers 46.58
98 66 Irene Roche F55 Clayton Harriers 47.20
104 6 Martin Brady M50 Clayton Harriers 48.26
107 97 Martin Griffin M50 Clayton Harriers 48.53
109 34 David Scott M70 Clayton Harriers 49.06
111 51 Barry Mitchell M65 Clayton Harriers 49.24
115 135 Sarah Angelone F Clayton Harriers 49.59
116 137 Joanne Bennett F45 Clayton Harriers 50.00
123 198 Tanya Burnham F Clayton Harriers 50.10
130 143 Jean Knightley F55 Clayton Harriers 50.46
131 118 Donna Airey f Clayton Harriers 50.48
133 119 Andrew Taylor M55 Clayton Harriers 50.54
141 41 Rachel Todd F40 Clayton Harriers 52.14
142 57 Martin O Rourke M50 Clayton Harriers 52.15
144 67 Ted Orrell M75 Clayton Harriers 52.52
145 43 Andrew Webster M45 Clayton Harriers 52.54
148 53 Bianca Bennett F Clayton Harriers 53.09
155 7 Kath Brady F50 Clayton Harriers 53.46
158 15 Richard Lawson M70 Clayton Harriers 54.01
160 145 Elouise Pemberton F Clayton Harriers 54.10
163 136 Leanne Cottam F35 Clayton Harriers 54.31
170 22 Ian Hargreaves M50 Clayton Harriers 55.49
171 141 Ron Chappell M65 Clayton Harriers 55.50
175 173 Joanne Motley F Clayton Harriers 56.23
178 180 Natalia Suchomsua F Clayton Harriers 56.35
179 38 Stuart Baker M45 Clayton Harriers 56.38
188 29 Karin Goss F65 Clayton Harriers 58.50
206 17 Jack McGuire M55 Clayton Harriers 64.36

 10730960_972776649421351_4514007135499621351_nA number of team Clayton after the race.

 Pendle Boar Clough Fell Race

Saturday saw race 2 of the weekend of running and another race in the Fell Club Championship.  This new race was a real tester for the runners of Clayton taking you up Boar Clough past the trig before descending sharply to the bottom of the big end, then traversing across to the cart track for the 2nd major climb and then onto the fast run off the spine back to Barley.


And there off…… courtesy of Adam Shaw

The 1st Clayton runner back taking maximum points in the club championship was Jonny McKenna?? Stewards enquiry by the fell lads, How did that happen?. Full results are here.

In the junior race we had 20 young harriers taking part with wins for Eve Waters in the U10 race and Dexta Thompson in the U14’s. Full results are here.

After the race we held a little social and prize giving in the Pendle Inn with a few of the lads celebrating their success.


Forrest & Garry Wilkinson celebrating their joint 4th place.

Hutton Roof Crags Fell Race

A glorious summer’s day greeted 244 senior and 129 junior fell runners to Hutton Roof Crags 30th Fell Race. This race was originated by Ian Rooke, Pete Bland and Dave Bayliss with the first offical race taking place in 1985 to support the building of the new Village Hall. The event, in conjunction with the fabulous County Fair – with its famous cakes – have supported the Village Hall ever since.
The lovely weather dried up the course well, with a few muddy areas remaining under the trees, making it the fastest race since 2009, when it was an inter-counties fixture. Full results are here.

  1. Chris Whitoak 64:56
  2. Vicky Heys 74:42
  3. Angela Shian 76.08
  4. Kath Brady 86.50
  5. Michael Frost 87.01
  6. Robert Hirst 87.28
  7. John Francis 106.01


Helvelyn & The Dodds Fell Race

This 15mile fell race is a real beast and our sole Clayton runner was Wendy Dodds who finished the race in 98th position in a time of 3:15:46. Full results are here. 


Great Eccleston Scouts flat 4 miler

Lee Moore was our sole represative it this race finishing in a time of 31.15. Lee said after the race “It was a really enjoyable race”


Red Rose 100

Adrienne Olszewska took part in this LDWA 100 mile event (hence why I’m here today).

The route is anti-clockwise loop from the Anderton Centre on the banks of Rivington Reservoir. Some people say theres 183 stiles others 250, Adrienne lost count!!
This event looks look a really toughy with Adrienne saying the day after “This morning I am mostly cursing the fact that I live in a house with two staircases after completing the LDWA Red Rose 100 miler, a massive thank you to all the people that came out to support me” and from the look of her feet im not sure she’ll be doing it again… or will she?

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