ByJason Pier

John Haworth

Sadly, John died on Friday morning, 12 April, aged 86.  He was an important member of the club,  ( see a recent article about him)  a Committee member and  Secretary for a number of years. I had known him since 1965 and run with him on some epic adventures; the Bob Graham Round, Lakes 3,000 footers,  Lakes County Tops and the Welsh 3,000 footers.  On the last one we left Burnley at 2.00am and returned at 2.00am the next day.  He was a leading organiser of the Clayton team that ran the first ever Pennine Way Relay.  He competed in all the running disciplines for many years and eventually bacame an Associate Member as he ran less and walked more, completeing the Scottish Munros twice.

David Scott.

ByDavid Siguenza

Great Hameldon Fell Race

2024 Race is now open for entry. Prizes available for 1st, 2nd ,3rd, 1st U23, all Vet categories & 1st Clayton-le-Moors Harriers. Get yourself booked onto the 1st Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix race.

ByDavid Siguenza

Tour of Pendle Fell Race

Starting with this years race, entries will be taken on line electronically by .

I have also had to increase the entry fee to cover that cost and also the rising costs of every other expense involved.   The entry for this years will be £14.00.  The site is now open and accepting entries, it will close on the 09 November 2024.  The race is on the 16 November and if anyone misses this date they can always phone me and “discuss”.   (Kieran  07760 667842.)

This will be the 40th race and as for the last few years, I intend to provide enough commemorative tee shirts so every runner gets one.

The cut-off at checkpoint 4 has been very generous towards runners and not really taken marshals into consideration. This year the cut-off at checkpoint 4 will be 1hour 45mins from the start (ie.12:15pm).  The race starts at 10:30am and any delays with the start will be added on to the cut-off time.

If you want to know anything about this race phone me.


ByJason Pier

John Haworth

By David Scott – Club President

 John Haworth.

A past prominent member, John is now in a care home in South Wales near where Pat’s family live, suffering from severe dementia.   He could sense this approaching which is why they moved from Hellifield. For those few members who knew John, and the many who never did, John is the main reason why Clayton-le-Moors Harriers still exists.

In the late 1960’s a ‘Special General Meeting’ was called because a significant group of some of our best runners wanted to join Blackburn Harriers and for the two clubs to be amalgamated, meaning the Clayton club name would be no more.  A lot of discussion, quite heated at times, took place and at one moment it looked as though the ‘breakaway group’ would win.  However, at that moment John stood up, removed a large piece of white paper from his jacket pocket and proceeded to list all the reasons why Clayton should still exist. This speech changed the balance of the meeting, and although when the votes were counted it was a close run thing, the ‘Remainers’ won the day, the ‘Breakaways’ lost.  They all soon resigned and joined Blackburn

ByJason Pier

Annual Club Award Winners 2023-24

The following members have won awards for their participation in the various club competitions in 2023-24.

Awards will be presented to you at the upcoming Social Evening on Friday 22nd March 2024 at The Inn on the Wharf.

The committee hopes you will be able to attend so we can all celebrate your achievements.

Please contact John Roche at if you are planning on attending.

Alison Dugdale, Vicky Heys, Lisa Ellis, Irene Roche, Helen Harrison, Christine Leathley, Karin Goss, Julia Rushton, Nicola Moynihan, Helana White, Kim Kennedy, Rachel Gilmore, Katy Thompson, Susan allen, Kathryn Miller, Nina Kewin, Michael Almond, Phillip Naylor, Adam Wale, Scott Cunliffe, David Scott, Jonny Hall, Martin Connolly, Chris Funnell, William Walker, Peter Mackrell, Richard Stevenson, David Motley, John Roche, Ben Nield, Ralph Baines, Andrew Webster, Mick Proctor, Dom Howell.

ByMark Nutter

Clayton Legends Mark Three Peaks Race Anniversary

This April the Three Peaks Race Association will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 1st race.

The Race Association gives an award to all women who complete 15 races and each man who completes 21 races.  Each of these Clayton Legends has raced the Three Peaks at least 21 times!  Over the years only 54 awards have been made, an amazing 20 of these have gone to Clayton le Moors Harriers. Club President David Scott is the “King of the Race” having completed 48 races!

The group met up at Horton in Ribblesdale railway station, in some proper fell runner’s weather. Clayton member and race photographer Stephen Fish kindly took photographs. A very enjoyable meal followed at the Knights Table restaurant, Little Stainforth with lots of excellent conversation, reminiscing of previous times, races and club members past.

This year’s race is on Saturday 27th April. It’s one of the most famous races in the running calendar. Entries are open and you have plenty of time to train!

Who’s who Left to Right
Robert Hargreaves, Roger Dewhurst, Pete McWade, Katy Thompson, Jon Sharples, Dennis Beresford, David Scott, Martin Brady, Harry Walker, Kieran Carr, Andrew Orr, Brian Horrocks.

The other Clayton award holders are Wendy Dodds, Richard Wilkinson and deceased members Stan Bradshaw, Alan Heaton, Alistair Patten, George Brass, Ed Hill and Don Talbot. Legends indeed!

ByJason Pier

Annual Awards Nominations


It’s that time of year again when we ask you to nominate your fellow club members for the Annual Club Awards.

There are 6 trophies up for grabs:

* Outstanding ladies performance
* Outstanding men’s performance
* Outstanding ladies (over 50) performance
* Outstanding men’s (over 50) performance
* Most promising newcomer
* Most improved runner

Nominations must be for a single performance by a senior member (aged 18+, or 50+ in the case of the V50 awards) and must have achieved in 2023. In some cases age and/or ability can be taken into consideration.

Please read the criteria on the club website before making your nominations.

Senior Annual Awards – Clayton-le-Moors Harriers (

Nominations should be sent to me by email ( or by the contact page on the club website. Nominations must be sent by 28th February 2024

The winners will be announced at the Awards Presentation evening on Friday 22nd March 2024.

Looking forward to receiving your nominations.


ByJason Pier

Social Evening Incorporating Presentation of Awards

UPDATE !!!!!! 30/01/2024

Booking information.

Cost of ticket including food is £10 per person.

Food options:

a) Potato pie & peas

b) Cheese & Onion pie & peas

c) Gluten free (Ham/Chicken) salad.

How to book:

Select your choice of food and advise by either email

or messenger

(Please do not post on Facebook).

A reply to confirm will be sent stating method of payment.



Dear Members

Amongst the main things Covid inflicted on people, was the effect it had on Clayton Harriers. One of the saddest things was the cancellation of Presentation Evenings and social events. Numbers of runners/members in Fell, Road and Cross Country races were greatly reduced and from my point of view, I never saw some members for months. This year on Friday 22 March at the Inn on the Wharf we are hoping to bring together those members who no longer run (dare I say, old like me) with our new fast younger members. We envisage this as ‘Stars of the Past’ meeting ‘Stars of the Present (and future)’. I did start a list of names which grew rather long and then I worried that I might miss someone out!!!! So please try to attend if you can, even though you may not have won an award, so that we can return to the club spirit of yesteryear, pre-Covid.

Please could you let John Roche know if you are attending

Hope to see many of you there. Best wishes for an injury free year to everyone.

David Scott ‘El Presidente

ByJason Pier



The 2024 Club Presentation Evening will be held at the

Inn on the Wharf

Friday 22nd March 2024

Start Time 7.30pm

More details to follow

Thank you to John Roche for organising

ByColin Woolford

David Scott – Honorary Member (& President!)

ED: We asked David to put some words together reflecting on his 63 years in the club. Here they are…

At the start of the Centenary Year, the committee have asked if I would accept Honorary Membership of the club, which I was delighted to accept, and as President write something about my many years in Clayton-le-Moors Harriers

I joined the club in 1959. I had run for Lancashire Schools and won various local Youth Club races in the Burnley area. Stan Bradshaw called and talked to my mother about me joining Clayton. Two weeks later he called again to talk to her and that evening she asked me why I had not joined. I said that I only had 5/- (25p) pocket money a week and couldn’t afford the bus fares. She said that she would pay them, so the next Saturday I caught the bus to Padiham, where I waited on the Town Hall steps to be picked up by Stan in his red Volvo to go to the Club Run. These were held from Working Mens Clubs in the local area, 3 of them in Clayton. Over the next months I would look across the room where we were changing to the Senior Men. 4 of whom were to become my idols – these were Stan Bradshaw, Alan Heaton, George Brass and Alistair Patten. Their running achievements were the stuff of legends, including the 3Peaks (more of that later). It would have been impossible to imagine that I would ever be President, as most 16-18 yr olds never think so far ahead and how life will turn out.

I have loved running since I was a small boy when I ran everywhere. I think that I started training for the Burnley Grammas School Sports Day aged 14. Even now I still enjoy training and racing. If it is a running day I go whatever the weather, although since retiring I might delay by an hour or two if it is supposed to stop raining! In 1985 along with Eric Birtwistle, we decided to see if we could run every day for a year. We did, and I continued for 5yrs 29 days until I badly twisted my ankle in the Stanbury Fell Race and it swelled to twice it’s size. For once I used my common sense and rested as far as running was concerned. As a member of the club, I enjoy the camaraderie and the banter, and even the ‘abuse’ from various friends. Only older members may remember my ‘black’ tracksuit, which after numerous washings over the years became a dark brown and was frequently mentioned in the monthly Clem News, which always caused a smile, Even my black shorts were criticised, especially by Jim Dawson, who used to write that they’d been made out of ‘blackout material’ left over from the war!!

The following are just some of the club and team achievements in which I’ve been involved. We were the first club to run a relay on The Pennine Way in 1970 and whenever I look at the photo of the 24 of us on the green at Kirk Yetholm it brings back many memories of that weekend. In the Calderdale Way Relay as O40 Vets. we were dominant for several years, winning 3 times consecutively in ’87 ’88 and ’89 for which I organised a special sweatshirt with the dates, to mark the achievement. In later years I’ve been a member of Clayton teams in the British Vets. Road and Cross Country Relays in which we’ve won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with some super performances.

I ran my 1st Three Peaks in 1965 and then from 1967 I ran 49 consecutive races. My best time being 2hrs 59mins. One year we finished 3rd team – prize, a toast rack! Looking back to 1965 I doubt that I ever imagined the part the 3 peaks race would play in my life. Unbeknown to me, my daughter who lives in Denver organised a new ‘David Scott Trophy’ in the form of a glass decanter to be presented to the oldest finisher on the day, male or female. In 2015 I was very proud to be it’s first recipient and 4 years later was equally proud to present it to Wendy Dodds, as the oldest finisher that year.

From a personal point of view I set myself some targets when I reached 40. These included running from John o’ Groats to Lands End in 20 days – not consecutively I might add (ED: trail blazing an early virtual challenge?) and then the following year cycling back in 2 periods of 5 days; climbing all the Wainwright Peaks in the Lake District; and running the Pennine Way in 6 days. (ED: Dave went on to achieve all of these challenges).

Other earlier ‘one day’ adventures included running the Welsh 3000 footers with Alan Heaton, leaving Burnley at 2a.m. and returning after an epic day 24 hours later; the Lake District 4 times 3000 ft peaks race with John Haworth; soon after doing the County Tops and I remember climbing up Scafell Pike behind some hikers and laughingly I asked them if this was ‘the way to Hellvelyn as that was our next summit?’ A big 2 day epic was running across the Grand Canyon from S to N and running back the next day. That night Jill and I slept in separate beds in separate cabins separated by the Grand Canyon! And as my daughter lives in Colorado, I’ve climbed 30 of the 54 14,000 footers, but alas, age has caught up with me!

So many memories, mentioned above, came about by being a member of a club and the extra dimension it brings after completing any event, whether you’ve been successful or not, that there is always someone to share the highs and lows.

Clayton-le-Moors is a special club of which I have always been proud to be a member. Here’s to the next 100 years!!

David pushing hard – Parkrun New Years Day 2022

Picture by David Belshaw.