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ByAdrienne Olszewska

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Catchup

It may have been the Christmas holidays but that didn’t stop our members from getting together for a social run on Pendle Hill, or from taking part in Boxing Day racing.

Christmas Eve Club Social Run

There was a great turnout for this festive social run up and around Pendle Hill.  As well as lots of our junior members and helpers, there was an additional group of senior members as well as a number of members of Trawden AC. Most people got into the festive spirit and sported santa hats and, having divided into appropriate groups, we were off.

Christmas Eve Run

Clayton junior members looking good to go on the Christmas Eve social run

Whether you were running with the juniors or out with the seniors, this is a brilliant social get together and really blows away the cobwebs.

Christmas Eve Run

Clayton Ladies Katy Thompson and Linda Lord at the Christmas Eve Run

Clayton Juniors

George and Curtis after the Christmas Eve Run (or should that be slide!)

Team Holdsworth chose to have their run at a different time but still managed to look good and festive whilst out and about.

team Holdsworth

Team Holdsworth – Looking festive

Worden Park 10k – 26 December

314 runners lined up for this Boxing Day 10k. Well done to Bryan Searby who was the sole Clayton Harrier taking part in this 10k race in Leyland. He was 184th in a time of 52:14.

Full Results

Whinberry Naze Dash festive fell race – 26 December

It seems that our members don’t need much persuading when it comes to fancy dress! Lots of you dressed up and took part in this festive fell race.  228 runners raced. At time of publishing, no results are available.

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies ready for the festive Whinberry Naze fell race

Looking pretty good on this descent our ladies were sticking together it seems.

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies in action at Whinberry Naze

Awaiting Results

Ribble Valley 10K – 28 December

The race goes back over 30 years to the early 1980s when Clayton Le Moors Harriers, first organised the race in the winter as the Clitheroe 10k in parallel with their Clitheroe 10 mile road race held in the spring. Although sadly the 10 miler fell by the wayside the 10k race survived and Blackburn Harriers took over the organisation of the race in 1998.

Ron Hill

Ron Hill at the Ribble Valley 10k. Photo courtesy of Sport Sunday

The Ribble Valley 10k now has everything a road racer wants out of a road race. The competition at the front increased in quality and times came down to regular sub 30 minute clockings for the men and Olympian Helen Clitheroe herself regularly going under 33 minutes for the women. The women’s course record is now held by her at 32mins 30 secs and in the men’s race by Jonny Mellor at 29mins 10secs. He set the record in 2011 outsprinting Alistair Brownlee, the soon to become 2012 Olympic triathlon champion.

There was a great turnout of 39 club members at this race which included the Northern Athletics 10k Championships 2014. There were some great performances from our members in a fast and competitive race.

Ribble Valley 10k

Jonny McKenna at the Ribble Valley 10k

Jonny McKenna was the first Harrier in 33:45 and 51st place overall, and Dawn Terry was the first Clayton lady in 45:54.

Well done to our two junior members, George Pier and Jordan McDonald for a couple of excellent performances.  They are beginning to give the senior men a real run for their money.

Ribble Valley 10k

Clayton Junior, George Pier at the Ribble Valley 10k

A special mention to one of our newest club members, Clare Wilson, who ran for the club for the first time earning herself a new personal best as well. A great start; well done Clare!

Pos Forename Surname Cat ChipTime GunTime
51 Jonny McKenna Men 20-39 00:33:45 00:33:48
73 Andrew Stubbs Men 45-49 00:35:03 00:35:06
113 Kevin Davies Men 50-54 00:36:51
117 David Bagot Men 20-39 00:36:49 00:37:02
118 Richard Stevenson Men 20-39 00:37:03
119 Jacob Watson Men 20-39 00:37:01 00:37:06
145 Dave Motley Men 20-39 00:37:33 00:37:42
150 John Hartley Men 55-59 00:37:41 00:37:47
169 Carl Helliwell Men 20-39 00:38:14 00:38:18
201 Michael Hogan Men 45-49 00:39:02 00:39:06
230 Jon Hanson Men 20-39 00:39:34 00:39:41
267 George Pier Men Junior 00:40:27 00:40:39
275 Nick Roscoe Men 45-49 00:40:39 00:40:46
278 Tim Pigott Men 20-39 00:40:37 00:40:50
291 Alan Life Men 50-54 00:41:06
297 Chris Funnell Men 45-49 00:41:03 00:41:12
319 John Wilcock Men 50-54 00:41:43 00:41:49
331 Stephen Biscomb Men 60-64 00:42:06 00:42:11
343 Jordan McDonald Men Junior 00:42:15 00:42:28
386 Stephen Ainsworth Men 55-59 00:42:45 00:43:19
502 Alan Clarkson Men 55-59 00:45:21 00:46:03
532 Dawn Terry Female 50-54 00:45:54 00:46:44
537 David Scott Men 70-74 00:46:38 00:46:48
546 Stephen White Men 55-59 00:46:10 00:46:58
593 Brian Wildman Men 45-49 00:47:19 00:48:02
595 Julia Rushton Female 50-54 00:47:25 00:48:06
637 Martin Brady Men 50-54 00:48:38 00:48:51
660 Ted Orrell Men 75+ 00:49:16 00:49:22
663 Rebecca Webb Female 20-34 00:48:44 00:49:25
676 Susan Clark Female 45-49 00:49:03 00:49:40
696 Carol Life Female 45-49 00:49:19 00:49:56
711 Kathryn Brady Female 50-54 00:49:44 00:50:23
718 Tanya Bunkham Female 20-34 00:49:30 00:50:36
777 Sarah Helliwell Female 20-34 00:52:05 00:52:16
799 Clare Wilson Female 35-39 00:51:57 00:52:45
924 Stuart Barker Men 45-49 00:55:25 00:56:23
999 Marion Wilkinson Female 70+ 00:58:34 00:59:30
1042 Ron Hill Men 75+ 01:01:25 01:02:37
1054 Christine Leathley Female 65-69 01:02:22 01:03:43

Full Results

Wansfell Race – 28 December

3.43.4 KM /407m elevationKM /407m elevation

Wansfell race

Andrew Firth at the Wansfell race

Andrew Firth, Mark Nutter, Wendy Dodds and Colin Woolford all took part in the Wansfell race finishing in that order. Results not published yet, but Rob Hope won.

Awaiting full results

Parkrun Roundup

Recovering from the excesses of Christmas or warming up for the Ribble Valley 10k, plenty of our members took part in this Saturday’s parkrun.  Tom Brewster had a great run finishing first at the Burnley event with a number of our members finishing in the top tens at a range of parkruns. Well done all of you!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 93 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
1 Tom BREWSTER 00:17:25
7 Richard STEVENSON 00:19:46
8 Kevin DAVIES 00:19:57
11 Curtis HOLT  New PB! 00:20:23
14 Sean CLARE 00:20:53
15 Thomas BRADLEY 00:21:07
19 Gordon BARRETT 00:21:51
21 Ryan Andrew CLARKE 00:22:35
29 Dexta THOMPSON 00:23:42
49 Robert HIRST 00:26:56
56 Annabel WILCOCK 00:27:53
57 John WILCOCK 00:27:55
58 Daniel BRADLEY 00:28:04
68 Donna SCOTT 00:29:06
90 Adrienne OLSZEWSKA 00:39:47

Keswick parkrun – A total of 72 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
3 Jonathan PYE 00:18:53

Pendle parkrun – A total of 33 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
3 John HARTLEY 00:21:51
8 Alan LIFE 00:23:29
21 Martin BRADY 00:27:57

Running Resolutions

I asked for your New Year’s running resolutions and here’s a selection of what you came up with;

Running Resolutions

Running Resolutions from some of our members

Coming Up..

New Year Club Run
On Monday December 29th there will be a club run, walk, bike ride. (It all depends on your post-Christmas fitness and inclination!) It will be the same format as previous years. Start 1:00pm at the bottom of The Memorial Park, Great Harwood (map ref. 736 331). Approximately 2 hour run, walk or ride. Then to the Royal Hotel for food and a drink.

More Info

Boulsworth Night Race

Neil Hardiman is organising a night race on Thursday the 8th of January up Boulsworth in Trawden. It’s approx 4 miles and free to enter. It’s a Bedlamite event and promises to be a really laid back run. All you need is usual running kit and a good head torch. Registration is at the Trawden Arms from 6.15pm with the race at 7.00pm. It will be a good event for those who want to try a night event as it will be marshalled. Please let Neil know if you want to run (or marshal).

Contact info: 07946 412655. Or e-mail:



ByAdrienne Olszewska

Stoop, Red Nose, Grand Tour and the rest of the week’s action

There’s just no stopping our club members. Even in the midst of Christmas preparations you are still out there competing and taking part in a range of events. Congratulations to Ron Hill on running every single day for the last 50 years. An amazing achievement.

Tour de Helvellyn – Saturday 20st December 2014

154 people finished this event and 12 retired. Four of our club members travelled up to the Lake District to compete in this tough, winter 38 mile event. Well done to Martin Terry for an excellent 14th place. Jean Brown finished 33rd overall and was the third lady to complete the course. Andy Armstong and Nicholas Olszewski also put in a couple of solid runs finishing in 54th and 57th place.

Report by Nicholas Olszewski

The day started early, at 04:15, loaded up the car with what seemed an excessive amount of kit, before heading over to Colne to collect Martin Terry. Met Andy Armstrong and Jean Brown at Gisburn and travelled up together in the one car arriving in Askham with plenty of time to go through the final registration process and kit check.

Tour de Helvellyn

Martin Terry and Jean Brown making last minute preparations for the Tour de Helvellyn

At last we were off, it was about 07:45 and just about becoming light. Jean and Martin sped off into the early morning sunrise, Andy and I trotting along at a nice steady pace. For me this race is a part of my master plan for competing in the Lakeland 100 next July and was about time on my feet and acclimatising my legs to the Lakeland hills.

Tour de Helvellyn

Andy Armstrong at the Tour de Helvellyn

We passed through the first checkpoint at Martindale, the next at Patterdale didn’t open till 09:30 and anyone arriving before that time would have to wait. So, no sense rushing too much as we had a long way to go yet. We arrived at about 09:40 had a quick snack and ploughed on though to the next checkpoint at Greenside, which was in the middle of nowhere. Ahead of us was the climb over Sticks Pass.

As we gained elevation the wind became stronger and the temperature dropped, but the view of snow-capped tops was spectacular. On the descent to the checkpoint at Thirlmere, which became very steep and muddy at one point, I did a dramatic slide on my arse for a good way. Andy commented that if it’d been part of a fell race you’d have had someone there with a video camera recording runners sliding down. We checked into a rather posh and very clean Legburthwaite Village Hall at Thirlmere, which I felt guilty entering as I was covered from head to toe in mud after my dramatic slide.

The next section I have to admit I didn’t enjoy, I’m not a road runner and I find running on the road a bit tedious. The normal route on the east side of Thirlmere had been changed due to forestry work and re-routed down a quiet lane on the west side of Thirlmere, no other option for the race organizers, but this section was hard and when looking down the lake from the head it looked like an infinity lake, which didn’t help. We reached the check point and moved forward towards Dunmail Raise.

The climb from Dunmail to Grizedale Tarn was hard and steep but you knew that you’d turned a corner and were heading back. I could imagine this section being quite treacherous in icy conditions as the path is narrow and wet with a very steep drop off to your left.

The journey from Dunmail to the next checkpoint at Patterdale went without any hiccups, apart from being a little annoyed with myself for following others instead of taking the route I’d plotted for a small section round Grizedale Tarn. I’ll try not to do that again. Arriving in Patterdale the day behind us was now starting to tell, we had one stiff climb left and, having just guzzled half a litre of flat coke, I was ready for it. By now Andy had worked out that we would return just before it was very dark which was a relief as the Cockpit Stone Circle can be a bit confusing in the dark.

We arrived at the final checkpoint, Martindale in good spirits and knew the end was now in sight, as we trundled along. Motivation to keep running is hard as it’s so easy to walk when you can run, but as the light began to fail we passed the Cockpit and I could see the light of Askham shimmering not far away. As we entered the community centre and dibbed for the last time it felt great that we had done it and great to have done it with someone as so many races are all about heads down and running your guts out. It made a change to spend eight and half hours running, walking, laughing and feeling the pain with someone else.

Tour de Helvellyn

Andy Armstrong and Nick Olszewski at the Tour de Helvellyn ultra. Picture by

A great day, great event and I’ll be back next year, possibly with my race head on, just to see if I can knock an hour off this years time. Thanks Andy for running round with me.

Position Name Category Time
14 Martin Terry MV50 07:21:31
33 Jean Brown FV40 07:58:59
54= Andrew Armstrong MV40 08:33:49
57 Nicholas Olszewski MV50 08:35:31

Full Results

Podium 5k -Saturday 20st December 2014

21 super fast runners took part in this competitive race. Podium5k has been set up on a brand new purpose built cycle track (1k loops with 3.6ft of climbing, no corners, just sweeping bends, floodlit and traffic free) and claims to be the fastest 5k in the country.

Well done Johnny McKenna and Dave Motley.

Position Name Category Time
17 Johnny McKenna M 16:05
37 David Motley M 18:42

Full Results

Rudolph Red Nose 5 mile Race – Sunday 21st December

5 Clayton Harriers took part in this 5 mile festive run.

Position Name Category Time
21 Stephen Biscomb MV60 00:35:23
58 Christina Lewis FV50 00:40:43
59 Robert Russell MV60 00:40:47
116 Kevin O’Brien MV70 00:49:41
121 Nicola Kay F 00:51:15

Rudolf Red Nose 5 Results 2014.

Mental Elf 5k – Sunday 21st December 2014

Astley Park, Chorley

Exercise is great for your Mental Elf, he really thrives on it… all those endorphins that exercise produce help to keep him, fit healthy and ready to take on everything that Christmas can throw at him… and just think…. Burning off all those calories means more mince pies and an extra SnowBall… Yum!

Well done Bryan Searby who was the sole club member to take part in this fundraising and promotion of the charity Lancashire Mind. He finished in 20th place with a time of 26:40. 250 runners took part.

Mental Elf 5k

Bryan Searby (L) at the Mental Elf 5k at Astley Park

Full Results

Stoop Fell Race – Sunday 21st December

5 miles – 800ft of ascent. Report from the Woodentops website

It was a typical Penistone Hill day driving rain and wind for the 26th annual Stoop race the snow from last week had disappeared which made the course very wet, lots of bogs to fall in. After a bit of track at the start the bog arrived quite quickly. There was lots of camaraderie as runners helped each other along and tried to avoid losing their Santa hats to the bog.

Festive fell running

Festive fell running at Stoop fell race. Pic courtesy of Debi Nicholson & Scott Leach

Lots of fast running too on slightly firmer ground, some challenging slippy descents where I think everyone fell over at least once, and a good battle in the ladies race. The juniors got the worst of the weather which made it more challenging as they charged round clad in their Santa hats.

Stoop Fell Race

David Bagot at the Stoop Fell Race. Pic courtesy of Debi Nicholson & Scott Leach

Position Name Category Time
46 David Bagot M 39:17
56 Tim Edward MV40 39:48
165 Chris Funnell MV40 45:49
214 Richard Briscoe M 48:21
256 Jon Sharples MV50 51:21
271 Colin Woolford M 51:54
295 Dawn Terry FV50 52:51
300 Linda Lord FV60 52:59
305 Katy Thompson FV60 53:20
326 Robert Hirst MV60 54:59
354 Stephen Fish MV60 56:56
412 Julie Toman FV40 66:21
422 John Francis MV70 71:25
423 Jack McGuire MV50 71:37

Congratulations to Julie Toman who was one of the fancy dress winners.

Well done Christopher Brown, our sole junior runner, who came 25th in the U10/U12 &U14 race in an excellent time of 8:16

Full Results

Parkrun roundup

Lots of club members donned a santa hat or other festive garb and took place in a range of christmas-themed parkruns.

Heaton parkrun – A total of 360 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
245 Ron HILL 00:29:20

Bolton parkrun – A total of 205 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
49 George THOMPSON 00:24:44
51 Julia RUSHTON 00:24:58
64 Katy THOMPSON 00:25:47

Burnley parkrun – A total of 117 runners took part

Position parkrunner Run Time
2 Jacob WATSON 00:18:56
3 Jonathan PYE 00:19:25
4 Richard STEVENSON 00:19:57
9 Susan BURNS 00:20:59
10 Stephen AINSWORTH 00:21:09
16 Andy QUINN 00:22:36
25 David Ian SCOTT 00:23:30
33 Dawn TERRY 00:24:12
40 Donna SCOTT 00:25:34
59 Robert HIRST 00:27:18
63 Stuart BARKER 00:27:37
66 Julie TOMAN 00:27:55
67 Ron CHAPPELL 00:27:59
70 Jack SKELLY 00:28:08
71 Natalie HARRISON 00:28:09
79 Annabel WILCOCK 00:29:02
80 John WILCOCK 00:29:05
84 Richard LAWSON 00:29:14

Pendle parkrun – A total of 76 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
2 Kevin DAVIES 00:21:13
4 John HARTLEY 00:22:02
35 Amelia DUGDALE 00:28:01
57 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 00:32:26
63 Christine LEATHLEY 00:34:53

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 125 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
37 Martin BRADY 00:23:44
92 Eileen JONES 00:30:48

A run a day

On 20th December, club member Ron Hill, had run every day for fifty years. An amazing achievement from a running legend. Congratulations Ron and here’s to many, many more daily runs.


Ron Hill

Ron Hill who has run every day for 50 Years

And finally…

Why not get in the Christmas spirit by coming along to the Christmas Eve social run.  Meet at Barley Car Park for an 11.00am start.  We’ll be heading up or around Pendle Hill.  Juniors, seniors and walkers all welcome.

For the more competitive amongst you, there is a 10k in Worden Park, Leyland on Boxing Day at 10.00am.  Perfect for running off the excesses of your Christmas dinner. Or if you fancy a bit more off road, how about the Whinberry Naze at 11.30 at Marl Pits in Rawtenstall.

Whatever you do, have a great run and don’t forget to take lots of pictures and tell us all about it. We am also interested in any running resolutions you might have for the coming year?  Let us know and we will feature them in the New Year Roundup.

Have a Merry Christmas!


ByAdrienne Olszewska

Lee Mill Fell Relays, Turkey Trot and the rest of the week’s action

Mud, mud, glorious mud. There’s nothing quite like it… after an arctic start to Saturday with a hard frost and icy conditions to wild, wet and windy on Sunday, the common theme to many events you have been taking part in this weekend has been mud.  Lots and lots and lots of it!

Lee Mills Relays – 14th December

This is a new relay event set in the Lee mill Quarry site, for teams of four runners; men, ladies or mixed. All four runners run an individual leg over a 10k flagged course. This is a hard and demanding route run in wintery conditions.

Three teams were entered by Clayton; Ladies V40, Ladies V50 and Men’s V40

Running Trophy

Lee Mill Fell Relay Trophy for the winning Ladies Team

Ladies’ Fell Captain, Jean Brown reported; “thanks to the two teams of ladies who braved the weather to run the inaugural Lee Mill relays today and to Rossendale Harriers for organising. I think we all had a great day out, if very wet, windy and boggy. We were the first ladies team home with the second of our ladies teams third (there were five ladies teams racing). I am sure we will be back for more in 2015!”

Clayton Ladies Fell Team

Anna Kelly, Richard Stott, Jean Brown, Alison Dugdale

Full Results

Todmorden 5k Winter Series – Race 4

The fourth and final race of the Cannonball Winter 5k series took place on Thursday 11th December. Four Clayton Harriers took part.

Position Name Category Time
12 Richard Briscoe M 19:31
27 Gary Balmer MV45 21:53
42 Martin Brady MV50 23:36
43 Darren Rushton MV40 23:38

Full Results

Hurst Green Turkey Trot – 14th December

Lots of Harriers dressed up and took part in this festive trail run around the picturesque village of Hurst Green. Breton Holdsworth was the first M40, Thomas Bradley had an excellent run finishing 49th overall and first junior, Charlie Clutterbuck was the first M65, and Nichola Horsfall was the first F55.

Hurst Green Turkey Trot

L-R Carl Helliwell, Ian Greenwood and Dave Motley at the Hurst Green Turkey Trot

Position Name Category Time
10 Breton Holdsworth M40 00:34:55
14 Carl Helliwell M 00:35:37
15 Ian Greenwood M50 00:36:08
17 Dave Motley M 00:37:06
18 Ivan Whigham M50 00:37:07
22 Keiron Mitchell M40 00:37:37
25 Sean Clare M45 00:38:22
29 Chris Funnell M45 00:38:30
33 Mick Dobson M40 00:40:50
49 Thomas Bradley MJ 00:41:07
53 Richard Briscoe M 00:41:59
58 Andrew Dugdale M50 00:43:10
60 Stephen White M55 00:43:24
67 Peter Dugdale M55 00:44:24
80 Peter Thompson M50 00:45:59
81 Nichola Horsfall F55 00:46:50
112 John Roche M55 00:50:52
115 Irene Roche F55 00:51:02
116 Natalie Harrison F 00:51:03
133 Robert Hirst M60 00:53:08
144 Charlie Clutterbuck M65 00:55:32
156 Adrienne Olszewska F45 00:59:03
159 Sophie McIntosh F 01:00:46
160 Chris Holdsworth M 01:00:47
192 Nicola Kay F 01:08:24
Hurst Green Turkey Trot

Hurst Green Turkey Trot. “slenderman” aka JOhn Roche. Photo by Andy Holden

Other club members running but not listing themselves as Clayton-le-Moors Harriers were:

Position Name Category Time
107 Tracey Mitchell (Hills and Mills) F40 00:50:24
109 Candice Heyes (Hills and Mills) F35 00:50:26
113 Vicky Heys (Julia Hartley Sporting Therapy) F40 00:51:00
118 Angela Shian (Julia Hartley Sporting Therapy) F 00:51:05

Full Results

Longridge Christmas Pudding 7 – 14th December

A group of six Clayton Harriers took part in this festive run in Longridge. Taking home a christmas pudding were;

Position Name Category Time
37 Stephen Biscomb MV60 00:50:42
136 Tanya Bunkham F 01:01:35
137 Peter Costello MV55 01:01:49
148 Ted Orrell MV75 01:02:48
170 Bryan Searby MV40 01:06:34
229 Susan Allen FV50 01:23:45

Full Results

Mytholmroyd Fell Race – 14th December

99 runners completed the 6.2 mile course on a day of strong winds, mist and rain showers with two of our club members putting in a couple of fine runs.

Fell Running

Jon Sharples at the Mytholmroyd Fell Race. Picture by the Woodentops

The Mytholmroyd Fell Race is mainly run over open moorland. In poor weather conditions runners may be required to use navigation skills in order to complete the course. The route is flagged but only has limited marshalling. Due to the nature of the race route and the time of year at which the race is run, novice or inexperienced fell runners should not attempt the race.

Fell running

Alan Life at the Mytholmroyd Fell Race. Picture by the Woodentops

Position Name Category Time
25 Alan Life MV50 60:24
54 Jon Sharples MV55 66:33

Full Results

Lynne Edmondson Memorial & Christine Navan’s Brownhouse Wham Reservoir Race

Jason, George and Alice Pier ran this 5k race at Whitworth on Sunday 14th December. George was 5th male and first male junior. Alice was 3rd lady and first female junior. Also in the race were Jack McGuire, Christine Leathley and Julie Toman.

Unfortunately, no results are available at the time of publishing this report.  Will update when they are out.

Parkrun roundup

It was a beautiful morning but very cold and extremely frosty. Several parkruns were cancelled but some still went ahead despite icy conditions. Well done to the Burnley parkrunners for another batch of excellent runs with 4 of our members finishing in the top ten. A new PB for Richard Stevenson as well. There was a first time appearance at the Ormskirk parkrun from George Thompson making it his 15th parkrun location.

Clayton Juniors

Clayton Junior, Jordan McDonald at Burnley parkrun.

Burnley parkrun – A total of 113 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
2 Jordan MCDONALD 00:17:57
3 Jonathan PYE 00:18:05
5 Jacob WATSON 00:18:27
6 Richard STEVENSON 00:18:33
14 Stephen AINSWORTH 00:21:15
20 Ryan Andrew CLARKE 00:22:51
26 Martin BRADY 00:23:51
51 Donna SCOTT 00:26:19
68 John WILCOCK 00:27:56
70 Annabel WILCOCK 00:27:59
73 Stuart BARKER 00:28:25

Ormskirk parkrun – A total of 106 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
39 George THOMPSON 00:24:18

Pendle parkrun – A total of 52 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
2 Paul HESKETH 00:20:16
4 John HARTLEY 00:20:57
5 Paul BRANNON 00:21:05
22 Dawn TERRY 00:25:55
39 Molly HESKETH 00:33:32

London Marathon Places

The club had 4 places available to take part in the London Marathon. 3 members who missed out on the general ballot for places came forward and the remaining place was offered out to interested members. A draw was done on Saturday morning at the parkrun and Alan Clarkson was the lucky one.

That makes the club entrants:

  • Nichola Kay
  • Stephen Whittaker
  • Tanya Bunkham
  • Alan Clarkson

Good luck to all of you!

Cross Country Palladium Standings

In the Cross Country Palladium Competition members receive points for competing in any cross country race held in the UK in the period 1st September 2014 to 7th March 2015.

Vicky Heys and Carl Helliwell are the current leaders. The standings will next be updated after the Northern on 24th January.

Full Details

Cross Country Club Championship 2013/14

The Club Cross Country Championship consists of three races, with a member’s best two races counting. The qualifying 2014 races were:

  • Saturday 4th January – Lancashire Cross Country Championships, Blackburn.
  • Saturday 25th October – Mid Lancs League, Hyndburn.
  • Saturday 29th November – Mid Lancs League, Liverpool.

Congratulations to Ladies’ Champion Vicky Heys and Men’s Champion Christopher Holdsworth.

Club Road Club Championship 2014

The Club Road Championship consists of five races, with a member’s best three races counting. The qualifying 2014 races were:

  • Sunday 23rd February 11:00 am – Great North West Half Marathon, Blackpool.
  • Friday 23rd May 7:00 pm – Burnley Lions 10k, Colne.
  • Sunday 27th July 11:00 am – Towneley Park 10k, Burnley.
  • Thursday 25th September 6:45 pm – Ron Hill 5k, Whitworth.
  • Sunday 7th December 10:00 am – Guy’s 10, Garstang.

Congratulations to Ladies’ Champion Irene Roche and Men’s Champion Jonny McKenna.

Club Fell Championship 2014

The Club Fell Championship consists of five races, with a member’s best three races counting. The qualifying 2014 races were:

  • Saturday 8th March 11:00 am – Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round (BM), Barley.
  • Saturday 12th April 11:00am – Coledale Horseshoe (AM), Braithwaite.
  • Thursday 19th June 7:15 pm – Aggie’s Staircase (AS), Darwen.
  • Sunday 10th August 10:30 am – Boulsworth Fell (BM), Trawden.
  • Saturday 15th November 10:30am – Tour of Pendle (AL), Barley.

Congratulations to Ladies’ Champion Jean Brown and Men’s Champion Matt Perry.

2015 Championships

The club road and fell championship are open to any club member. Each championship consists of five races. Your best three races from the list of five count towards the final scores.

The Fell Championship kicks off with the first qualifying race, the Stanbury Splash on 18th January.

The Road Championship kicks off with the first qualifying race, the Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k on 8th Feb

Remaining races to be announced in January.

And finally…

If you are a member of the FRA (Fell Runners Association), please note the following advice about renewing your subscription.


Renewal of FRA Membership should now be done on-line.  Existing standing orders are no longer valid and will not work.  Anyone who renews before 10th December will receive their Handbook and Fixtures Calendar before Christmas, and if you choose to set up a direct debit payment before the end of the year you will get a £2 discount from the full membership rate. 

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ByAdrienne Olszewska

Red Rose Cross Country, Guys 10 and the rest of the weeks action

Red Rose Cross Country – Rossendale

Regular updates on social media promised mud, mud and more mud as the final fixture of the Red Rose Cross Country League approached.

Muddy track

Part of the Marl Pits course before the race even began!

A cohort of 38 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers braved the infamous muddy slope to take part. Men’s captain, Ian Greenwood made his return to racing after an injury. Richard Briscoe described it as, “A great race at Rossendale. Pleased with my performance and great fun running through the mud and the muddy slopes!”

Katy Thompson was first lady vet 60.

Our junior Harriers had a good day’s racing. Jackson McKay had an excellent run finishing in first place in the under-11 boys race and taking first place overall in his age group for the series. Well done Jackson. I’m told that Dexta lost a shoe during the race… this is turning out to be a bit of a trait for male Clayton Harriers! The fabulous under-13 girls also enjoyed an excellent race with Briony Holt, Millie Stubbs and Eleanor Root all finishing in the top ten giving their team first place on the day. Well done girls! Top ten finishes also for Curtis Holt, Alice Pier and Jordan McDonald.

U-11 Boys

Clayton Junior Runner

Jackson McKay storming to first place in his race

Team 4th Place

Position Name Time
1 Jackson McKay 6:09
18 Dexta Thompson 6:59
45 Finley Stubbs 7:47

U-11 Girls

Team 13th Place

Position Name Time
39 Keira Stevenson 8:22
69 Eloise Clegg 9:22
81 Milly Mccabe 10:35
84 Lydia Wood 10:57

U-13 Boys

Clayton Junior runner

Adam Stevenson battling it out in the U-13 Boys race

Team 5th place

Position Name Time
23 Adam Quinn 10:24
30 Adam Stevenson 11:11
34 Harry Mason 11:26
38 Daniel Bradley 12:44

U-13 Girls
Team 1st place

Position Name Time
2 Briony Holt 9:22
6 Eleanor Root 10:05
8 Millie Stubbs 10:21

U-15 Boys
Team 4th place

Position Name Time
8 Curtis Holt 15:25
21 Ryan Clark 16:53
22 Thomas Bradley 16:58

U-15 Girls

Position Name Time
7 Alice Pier 17:44

U-17 Men

Position Name Time
3 Jordan McDonald

U-17 Women

Position Name Time
11 Bethany Quinn 26:14

Ladies Race

Position Name Cat Time
26 Vicky Heys LV40 24:14
51 Sarah Helliwell L 26:38
62 Katy Thompson LV60 28:25
67 Kath Brady LV50 29:05
84 Sue Allen LV50 33:55
95 Christine Leathley LV65 41:19

Ladies team – 13th place

Ladies Vet team – 8th place

Mens Race

Clayton Harriers

George Pier and Ian Greenwood at the Red Rose Cross Country

Position Name Cat Time
33 Andrew Armstrong MV45 33:29
36 Carl Helliwell M 33:34
43 George Pier U20 34:18
47 Ian Greenwood MV50 34:30
53 Dave Motley M 34:44
56 Mike O’Donnell MV40 35:01
81 John Roche MV55 37:03
89 Richard Briscoe M 37:40
105 Peter Booth MV60 38:35
122 John Wilcock MV50 39:25
123 Geoff Pickup MV60 39:25
132 Peter Browning MV55 40:12
142 Andrew Howarth MV55 40:52
147 Dugald McCallum V65 41:19
164 Robin Nicholson MV40 43:54

Team 5th place

Vets Team 5th place

Full Results and Final Standings

Todmorden 5k Series – Race 3

80 runners took part in the third race in this series. 5 Clayton Harriers took part with Kevin Davies putting in an excellent run of 17:51 to finish in third place.

Position Name Cat Time
3 Kevin Davies MV50 17:51
41 Gary Balmer MV45 21:36
45 Martin Brady MV50 22:22
68 Robert Hirst MV60 26:02
71 Ron Chappell MV65 26:28

Full Results

Guys 10 – Garstang

348 runners took park in this 10 mile road race.

Guys 10 Race

Richard Stevenson, Jean Knightley, Julia Rushton, Irene Roche and Alex Cran at the Guys 10 Race. Pic by Kevin Davies

Race report from Michael Hogan

Guys 10 for those of you that don’t know is a very flat, fast race on quiet-ish country lanes between Guys thatched hamlet out around Inskip and back. The thing with this race is, no matter what your race plan is, the weather will have the final say as the wind can rip in straight off the Fylde coast. The race started in the hamlet carpark with a mad rush from the start to try and avoid the big puddles and bottle necks as we got out onto the road, straight into a 20 mph head wind – nice! The road carried on in a straight line for the next three miles into the wind.

Just after the first mile, the lead group passed a lady on a horse, the horse startled and went into a panic, we slowed down and slowly trotted passt the horse which the lady was trying to calm down, once clear it was back up to speed and battle with the wind. After about 30 seconds running I could hear a lot of unusual noise behind me, I looked over my shoulder to be face to face with said nag bearing down on me at full tilt. I grabbed the guy infront of me and threw both of us into the hedgerow to avoid being levelled. As I screamed ‘HORSE’ at the top of my voice Trawden’s Chris Quigley, who was a short distance in front, turned and had no option but to stare at his fate. Luckily he had the idea of grabbing the rains and stopping the animal. Well done Chris! By this time the lead group was well down the road as was the second group, I then set about chasing down Ritchie Briscoe and a disappearing Alex Cran.

Once out of the wind the running became a little easier and the pace picked up a little. I slowly pulled back Mr Briscoe, I drew level, and as he looked over to me his mouth started to move, OH NO I am going to get a mid-race lecture on last night’s beer!!!! Sorry Ritchie – I’m not hanging about pal. Thankfully the rest of the race was quite orderly, we crossed the finish line to receive a very nice pat of cheese, take stock of just how cold it was and disappear off for a good warm up.

Johnny McKenna

Johnny McKenna – running well in the Guys 10 race. Pic by Kevin Davies

Position Name Cat Time
6 Jonny McKenna M 55:52
19 Richard Stevenson M35 61:25
39 Alex Cran M40 65:36
53 Michael Hogan M45 66:44
61 Richard Briscoe M35 67:08
69 Chris Funnell M45 67:57
158 Martin Griffin M50 77:30
163 Irene Roche L55 77:48
189 Martin Brady M50 81:22
202 Julie Rushton L50 82:49
211 Ted Orrell M75 83:51
247 Jean Knightley L55 87:10
252 David Scott M70 87:59
259 Ron Chappell M65 88:54
271 Sarah Helliwell L 89:44

Full Results

Gravy Pud Fell Race

155 runners took part on Sunday 7th December. The race started from The Bulls Head Pub, Old Road, Tintwistle on the edge of the Peak District. The route heads up on to the moors and to Lees Hill before returning via Swallows Wood. Approximately 5 miles with 1000′ of climb. A couple of Clayton Harriers took part in this event.

Position Name Cat Time
42 Ivan Whigham MV50 00:44:06
146 Julie Toman LV45 01:01:46

Full Results

Parkrun Roundup

A cold and frosty start did not stop lots of our members from taking part in a number of parkruns. As always some outstanding runs and 7 top ten finishes with Christopher Holdsworth in first place at the Burnley event. Well done everyone!

Burnley parkrun

Christopher Holdsworth heading for first place and a new PB at Burnley parkrun. Pic by David Belshaw

Bolton parkrun – A total of 160 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
106 Julia RUSHTON 00:29:59

Burnley parkrun – A total of 115 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
1 Christopher HOLDSWORTH 00:17:03
2 Jonathan PYE 00:18:09
4 Jacob WATSON 00:18:23
9 Stephen AINSWORTH 00:20:51
19 Kieron MITCHELL 00:22:46
30 Martin BRADY 00:23:52
46 Donna SCOTT 00:24:54
66 Robert HIRST 00:26:31
68 Jackie KERSHAW 00:26:49
72 Stuart BARKER 00:27:15
79 Annabel WILCOCK 00:28:00
80 John WILCOCK 00:28:02
98 Sophie MCINTOSH 00:31:25

Pendle parkrun – A total of 42 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
2 Paul HESKETH 00:20:30
4 John HARTLEY 00:20:54
5 Susan BURNS 00:21:53
18 Barry MITCHELL 00:25:53
26 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 00:31:41
39 Molly HESKETH 00:38:47

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 94 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
56 Eileen JONES 00:30:27

Preston parkrun – A total of 154 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
53 George THOMPSON 00:24:30
55 Katy THOMPSON 00:24:57

Superfast Santa – Barlick Santa Run

According to the Burnley Citizen, Tom Brewster is the fastest Santa in Barnoldswick. Although the race is a charity fundraiser rather than a competitive race, he was the fastest Father Christmas completing the 5k course in under 18 minutes.  A seasonal and festive return for him after months of injury.

Blackburn with Darwen Schools Cross Country Championships

Well done to Natasha Olszewska who finished 5th in the Year 7 Girls race.  She was the first girl in for the QEGS team.  Further success for our junior members and the dedicated coaching team.

Clayton Juniors QEGS

Natasha Olszewska (2nd left) with her QEGS year 7 girls team at the Blackburn with Darwen Schools Cross Country Championships

Other News

Lee Mills Relays
Ladies Fell Captain Jean Brown has the following message;

“Calling all ladies! I have one team entered and now only three quarters of a second team for the Lee Mills Relays on Sunday 14th December. Looks like a great 10km fell relay – all runners do the same marked route, four runners per team. If you would like to run please let me know ASAP”

Ribble Valley 10K
Entries are filling up fast so don’t leave it too long if you want to enter this race.

Christmas/New Year Club Run
On Monday December 29th there will be a club run, walk, bike ride. (It all depends on your post-Christmas fitness and inclination!) It will be the same format as previous years.

Start 1:00pm at the bottom of The Memorial Park, Great Harwood  (map ref. 736 331). Approximately 2 hour run, walk or ride. Then to the Royal Hotel for food and a drink.

If people are going to come along could they let Mick Green know if they are vegetarian or not so that he can let the pub know how many to cater for.

I can be contacted on
01254 231650

Christmas Eve Pendle Run
Meet at Barley carpark at 11 am.  More details to follow when known.

And finally…

Whether you are dressing up and trotting with the turkeys in Hurst Green, relaying on the fells at Lee Mills, sampling pies at the Great Yorkshire pieathlon, racing for pudding at Longridge or multi-terrain racing in Whitworth, have a great run, take lots of photos and don’t forget to tell us all about it!


ByAdrienne Olszewska

Mid Lancs Cross Country and the rest of the week’s action

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers have not been battling for flat screen TVs in the local Tesco! Far from it; they have been much too busy battling for the finish in a wide variety of cross country, road and fell races.

Mid Lancs Cross Country League – Liverpool


Junior coach Jason Pier said, “Well done to the 12 juniors who competed in the British Athletics Cross Challenge at Liverpool. This fixture is a first class event attended by some of the very best junior runners in the country. You all showed great effort and determination to do well on a very fast course which showed in the great results. As always the togetherness of the juniors was evident as you all cheered each other on around the course. Well done to ALL of you.”

Under 11s

Clayton Junior

Under 11 team at Liverpool. L-R Milly Mccabe, Dexta Thompson, Finan Holdsworth, Roanna Holdsworth, Kady Thomspson

Girls and boys set off together in this event so it was a very large field of 164 runners at the start. This didn’t seem to bother our fabulous five and they all had a great time.

U-11 Boys (64 runners)

Finally caught a photo of our under-11 boys in action. As they are the first to race, it’s sometimes quite difficult to catch them as their races are fast, and over in the blink of an eye. It was a pair of solid performances from some of our youngest members. Well done Dexta and Finan

Cross country race

Dexta storming to the finish.

Position Name Time
21 Dexta Thompson 00:08:10
53 Finan Holdsworth 00:10:21

U-11 Girls (100 runners)

A trio of our youngest girls took part. Roanna Holdsworth was the first Clayton girl. Well done to Roanna, Kady and Milly.

Position Name Time
38 Roanna Holdsworth 00:09:08
70 Kady Thompson 00:10:23
82 Milly Mccabe 00:11:26

U-13 Girls (98 runners)

Another trio of Clayton Junior girls ran in this race. Briony Holt had another great run finishing in 11th place amid some top level competition. Well done Briony. Well done to Liberty and Natasha as well.

Position Name Time
11 Briony Holt 00:11:40
77 Liberty Thompson 00:14:14
87 Natasha Olszewska 00:15:06

U-15 Boys (116 runners)

Curtis and Simon put in good, solid performances in this group. Well done lads.

Position Name Time
83 Curtis Holt 00:11:12
112 Simon Wilshaw 00:13:11

U-15 Girls

Alice was our sole representative in this extremely competitive and fast group. A great performance; well done Alice.

Position Name Time
58 Alice Pier 00:12:32

To finish off a great day’s racing a couple of our junior girls met Steve Cram; legendary middle distance runner.

Steve Cram and Clayton Juniors

Stars of the future with a star of the past? L-R Briony Holt, Steve Cram, Alice Pier

Senior races

Irene Roche, Ladies Cross Country Captain, said, “A great big thanks and well done to all Team Clayton who ran at Liverpool today. Possibly a record Clem Lady turnout at this venue! Decent weather and good fun all round.”

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies at the Mid Lancs Cross Country fixture in Liverpool

Ladies Race – 255 runners

Position Name Time
135 Vicky Heys 37:24
141 Angela Shian 38:07
142 Irene Roche 38:13
153 Tanya Ashcroft 39:10
157 Jean Knightley 39:19
160 Julia Rushton 39:29
170 Sarah Helliwell 41:08
183 Helen Burnett 43:50
200 Michelle Butschock 47:30
210 Christine Leathley 52:11
215 Susan Allen 55:30

Mens Race

Report by Chris Holdsworth

Of all the XC races of the previous season, Sefton Park was by far the fastest on the calender. Not only was this due to the flatness of the course, but because of the sheer amount of talented runners dragging you along the course. The same can be said for 2014’s XC fixture!

After the battle of Barlick that I endured at Hyndburn XC, where each member eventually passed me on a very muddy, leg sapping trail, I had hoped to bridge the gap a little more on a faster course. However, in the mass start I found myself unable to weave my way through the pack and was pushed back further than I’d hoped, leaving me with a lot of ground to cover. A new battle I had not considered emerged in it’s place, a battle with Ron Hill and his swanky silk orange short shorts.This lasted approximately one mile until I left him in my dust (joking aside, Breton had a great race and is coming back to form).

My main objective from this point on was to stay as close to the Barlick boys as much as possible. This was successful until around the 5km mark where Chris Singleton, Marc Hartley and Nick Treitl all pulled away, with the leader of the pack (Chris) ending up finishing around 30 seconds ahead. I ended up finishing around a minute ahead of my time from last year, in 34:21. I had thought that I might of produced a slightly faster time than that of last year, having a full year of running under the belt. Unfortunately I think Thursday’s speed session was still rattling around my legs, particularly feeling the effects in the first two miles.

Among the many talented runners on show, Clayton-le-Moors Harriers produced some excellent performances and had a great showing of numbers too. Bring on the next one!

Clayton Men

Clayton Men’s Team at the Mid Lancs Cross Country Liverpool fixture

Special mention for Martin Brady; this was his 100th race this year! An awesome achievement from Martin.

Mens Race – 520 runners

Position Name Time
159 Christopher Holdsworth 34:21
192 Breton Holdsworth 35:40
198 Lee Smith 36:08
246 Kevin Davies 37:43
248 George Pier 37:49
264 Carl Helliwell 38:21
307 Alex Cran 39:47
341 Richard Briscoe 40:54
371 Sean Clare 42:03
385 John Wilcock 42:36
420 Peter Booth 44:23
428 Peter Browning 44:43
437 Andrew Howarth 45:20
445 David Scott 45:55
448 Dugald McCallum 46:05
452 Melvyn Thistlethwaite 46:19
471 Martin Brady 47:22
495 Richard Lawson 51:49
509 Ron Chappell 54:07

Full Results

English Schools Cross Country Cup Finals

Ellie Root travelled with her team from Skipton Girls’ High School to Newquay to take part in the ESAA Cross Country Cup National Finals. Ellie came a fantastic 27th out of 131 runners and helped her team to become National Champions. Thanks must go to all the Junior coaches and volunteers that have helped Ellie along the way. We are all very proud.

Ellie Root

Ellie Root at the English Schools XC Championships

Todmorden Park 5k Series – Race 2 – 27th November

70 runners took part in this evening event. A cohort of 5 Clayton Harriers took part.

Position Name Category Time
5 Kevin Davies MV50 17:56
35 Gary Balmer MV45 21:44
39 Martin Brady MV50 22:23
57 Robert Hirst MV60 25:29
64 Nicola Kay F 28:29

Full Results

Kirkby Moor Fell Race – 29th November

Kirkby Moor Fell Race is described as a fast race over rolling moorland: a mixture of heather, sheep tracks and sometimes the access tracks for the windmills. It’s not that high or steep, so a good race for beginners and road runners, but some parts are still quite hard going and navigation on the moor can be very interesting in the November fog.

Mike Wallis and Jean Brown headed up to the low-key Kirkby Moor fell race on Saturday.  11km over the moors north of Kirkby in Furness.  A return to racing after a year out with injury for Mike was rewarded with a prize for 2nd MV50!  Jean also left with a prize – for 2nd LV40.  

Position Name Category Time
17 Mike Wallis MV50 00:58:37
45 Jean Brown FV40 01:10:24

 Full Results

Wesham 10k – 29th November

Race report from Michael Hogan

I had picked this race to crack the elusive sub 40 run that I was desperate for. The race started in near perfect conditions, unnatural for the end of November really, but who are we to argue.

‪Terry O’Leary and ‪Jordan Mcdonald shot off like whippets, I set my pace at 6:20 min miles and started getting my long lost race face on. With the last few races I have done, the 3-4 mile window seems to coincide with my brain going walkabout and pace being lost, not today, with Graham Cunliffe for company concentration was paramount.

The race flew past. It was predominantly flat with a few undulations to break the stride, and, as the last few corners loomed, it was all or nothing. Drop a gear and floor it time – hey presto 39:56! back in the sub 40club.

Well done to all the Clayton runners and a special mention for Jackie Kershaw who was the sole Clayton Lady in this race for achieving a new PB.

 Wesham 10k – 408 runners

Position Name Category Time
25 Terry O’Leary MV35 00:37:52
35 Jordan McDonald MU20 00:38:32
53 Michael Hogan MV45 00:39:56
76 Stephen Biscomb MV60 00:41:23
261 Ted Orrell MV75 00:52:29 (1st in class)
267 Jackie Kershaw FV40 00:52:46
387 Graham Kissack MV65 01:03:44

Full Results 

The Best 5k – Preston – 30th November

Just one club member at this event run in and around Preston North End football ground. 139 runners took part. Well done Julie!

Pos Name Cat Time
72 Julie Toman FV45 26:36

Full Results

Movember 10k – 30th November

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of millions of moustaches around the world. With their Mo’s, Bro’s and Sista’s raise vital funds and awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. As an independent global charity, Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.

Bryan Searby

Clayton Harrier at Movember 10k in Lytham St Annes

A couple of Clayton Harriers took part in this fundraising event among 305 starters. Bryan getting a new personal best taking him closer to a 50 minute target for the 10k (maybe a go faster moustache is needed for next year’s event!) Well done to the Brian and Bryan.

Pos Name Cat Time
40 Brian Wildman V45 46:01
124 Bryan Searby V40 54:32

Full Results

David Staff Memorial Fell Race – 30th November

The race is run in memory of David Staff who turned 17 years of age on 5th December 1994 which then allowed him to compete as a senior for the Darwen Dashers.  His first race (and last) as a senior was in the Clitheroe 10k on 27th December 1994.

David collapsed and died by the road side at 5 miles from a condition called Hyperthropic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy, which in laymans terms is an abnormal thickening of the heart muscles which interrupted the electrical pulses which keeps the heart working.  This condition takes the lives of approximately 8 so-called fit and healthy young people a week, most of them are actively engaged in sport, but it is not the sport that kills; it is the exertion that acts as a trigger.

Darwen Dashers host this race to raise funds for Cardiac Risk in the Young, the charity that David’s father Granville actively supports. The funds raised are used to provide heart screening in the young.

18 Clayton Harriers took part in this race with Andrew Orr first Clayton man in for the club. Vet runners David Scott and Katy Thompson took first positions in their age categories. Katy was also first Clayton lady in for the club. Well done to all that took part in this commendable local race.

Andrew Orr

Andrew Orr who was the first Clayton man home in the David Staff Memorial Fell Race

Pos Name Cat Time CatPos
13 Andrew Orr M40 00:31:42 (004/048)
15 Alan Life M50 00:32:21 (003/032)
23 Ivan Whigham M50 00:33:32 (006/032)
34 Richard Briscoe M 00:35:10 (012/027)
40 Chris Funnell M40 00:35:31 (018/048)
42 Mark Nutter M50 00:35:35 (010/032)
85 Andrew M. Dugdale M50 00:39:06 (021/032)
104 George Thompson M60 00:40:45 (006/016)
106 David I. Scott M70 00:40:57 (001/006)
109 Martin Brady M50 00:41:14 (027/032)
116 Katy Thompson F60 00:41:54 (001/003)
122 Sarah Helliwell F 00:42:28 (007/010)
130 Stephen Fish M60 00:43:44 (011/016)
132 Julia A. Rushton F50 00:43:57 (006/010)
134 Carol Life F40 00:44:14 (005/010)
136 Robert Hirst M60 00:44:30 (012/016)
142 Kath Brady F50 00:46:53 (008/010)
151 Ron Chappell M60 00:50:10 (015/016)

Full Results 

Parkrun News

A few people visited new parkrun locations this week as well as the more local ones. Some great placings and a couple of personal bests for Jonathan Pye and Jackson McKay. Well done parkrunners

Burnley parkrun – a total of 141 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
2 Jonathan PYE 00:18:02 New PB!
4 Andrew MCFARLANE 00:19:36 First timer!
7 Jackson MCKAY 00:20:16  New PB!
47 Millie STUBBS 00:24:19
57 Donna SCOTT 00:25:36
59 Finley STUBBS 00:25:42
67 Keira STEVENSON 00:26:36
71 Robert HIRST 00:26:43
84 Stuart BARKER 00:27:53
87 Annabel WILCOCK 00:27:59
88 John WILCOCK 00:28:01
124 Lucy STEVENSON 00:35:15
123 Adam STEVENSON 00:35:15

Pendle parkrun – A total of 35 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
1 Paul HESKETH 00:20:39
3 John HARTLEY 00:20:49
12 Barry MITCHELL 00:25:48 First timer!
27 Molly HESKETH 00:33:09

South Manchester parkrun – A total of 377 runners took part.

Position Parkrunner Run Time
2 Jacob BOYLE 00:16:38 First timer!

Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham – A total of 437 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
21 Paul SHACKLETON 00:19:16

Ormskirk parkrun – A total of 87 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
4 Richard STEVENSON 00:18:40 First timer!

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 141 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
99 Eileen JONES 00:30:36

Other News

Clayton Ladies turn 21

Clayton Ladies are 21 years old! Well actually I am far too polite to mention the combined ages of all 26 ladies that attended a celebration of 21 years of Ladies Thursday Night Training at the Agra restaurant on 7th November. A good old time was had by all. Here’s to the next 21 years.

Fell Runners Association Presentations

The FRA Annual Presentation Dinner and Dance was held in Telford this year. After a year when the first British championship race in Northern Ireland demanded good navigation skills, the first challenge of the evening was finding the venue, with a crucial 100m stretch of road being closed and no diversion signs. Eventually (up to an hour in at least one case!) everyone found the Hotel and the night began in earnest.

When the presentations began, Clayton’s star for 2014 was Linda Lord – picking up her trophy for first Lady Vet 65 in the English Championship – brilliant result Linda! Kieran Carr was second in the Male Vet 65 English Championship; Wendy Dodds second in the Lady Vet 55 and 60 English Championships. Wendy was also awarded a coveted Lakeland Classics Mug for being first Lady Vet 60 in the series. We then picked up our medals for the second Lady Vet 40 team in the British Champs (counters Wendy Dodds, Barbara Savage and Jean Brown with Katy Thompson competing in all of the races as a great insurance counter). Fantastic results.

FRA Presentation

FRA Presentation Evening
L-R Jean Brown, Katy Thompson, Linda Lord and Kieran Carr

The evening ended with a Ceilidh… we all got away with our feet intact. A great evening. What will the club be picking up at the presentations this time next year…?

FRA Subscriptions

The FRA has also decided to take a leap into the 21st century and collect subscriptions online, using the membership system offered by SiEntries. This will accept payment by direct debit, debit or credit cards.  We will NOT be accepting any payments by Standing Order from now on.

All members including those who previously paid by standing order, Life and Honorary Members need to complete the renewal process by Wednesday 10th December otherwise you will not receive the FRA Handbook & Fixtures Calendar in time for Christmas.  Those who renew late will receive the handbook in late January.

To renew, please visit

English / British Fell Championships 2015

For those interested in taking part in some of the English / British Championship races in 2015 they were published on the FRA presentation programme as:

Short – Flower Scar 7 March
Medium – Stretton Six Summits 9 May
Long – Duddon Valley 30 May
Long – Bradda, Isle of Man 11 July
Short – Lingmell Dash 25 July
Medium – Guisborough 3 Tops 6 Sept

Medium – Moelwyn Peaks (Wales) 18 April
Medium – Durisdeer (Scotland) 13 June
Short – Lingmell Dash (England) 25 July
Long – Seven Sevens (Northern Ireland) 15 August

If you are interested in running any of the races have a look at the details on the races pages of the FRA website – some have on-line pre-entry opening on 1 December.

Club Fell Championship

Provisional Final Standings in Club Fell Championship are now available. The 2014 Club Fell Championship consists of five races, with a member’s best three races counting. The qualifying races were:

  • Saturday 8th March 11:00 am – Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round (BM), Barley.
  • Saturday 12th April 11:00am – Coledale Horseshoe (AM), Braithwaite.
  • Thursday 19th June 7:15 pm – Aggie’s Staircase (AS), Darwen.
  • Sunday 10th August 10:30 am – Boulsworth Fell (BM), Trawden.
  • Saturday 15th November 10:30am – Tour of Pendle (AL), Barley.

Jean Brown tops the ladies results and Matthew Perry tops the mens.

Full Details

Pendle Aggregate Trophy Competition

Final standings for the 2014 Pendle Aggregate Trophy are now available. This competition consists of five qualifying races, with a member’s best four races counting. The qualifying races were:

  • Saturday 8th March 11:00 am – Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round (BM), Barley.
  • Saturday 5th April Ladies 12:30 pm, Men 2:00 pm – Pendle Fell Races (AS), Barley.
  • Tuesday 13th May 7:15 pm Mearley Clough Fell Race (AS), Worston.
  • Saturday 23rd August 2:00 pm Pendleton Fell Race (AS), Pendleton.
  • Saturday 15th November 10:30 am Tour of Pendle (AL), Barley.

Joint top places are Christopher Holdsworth and Jean Brown

Full Details

Club Road Palladium

In the Road Palladium Competition members receive points for competing in any road race. There are separate competitions for Ladies and Men.  Leaders are currently Jackie Kershaw and Chris Holdsworth.

Full Details

Junior Helpers Still Needed

A big thank you to Nat Harrison, Joanne Bennett, Richard Briscoe, Richard Stevenson, Vicky McKay and Steph Jackson for all your help at the junior training session. Your help is greatly appreciated

If any other seniors would like to give us a hand, even on a one off basis then please get in touch. Most weeks are interval session based so you can either join in (risking getting spanked by a 12yr old!) or just help marshal the session. Everybody is welcome. I’ll be starting a rota on the website in the coming days.

Contact Andrew Armstrong for further information

Winter Training News

Winter Training at Barden Athletics Track. Starts this Thursday 4th Dec. 6.30pm. The sessions from Network 65 have now finished until further notice.

Unofficial Christmas Do

This Saturday 6th December.

Order of the day….Run @ Marl Pits XC (Rawtenstall). Home for food, water and glad rags then a night in the metropolis of Burnley, meeting in Weatherspoons @ 7:30pm. After which it’s a free for all!

And Finally….

Don’t forget to have a great week running and racing. If you are out and about please get in touch and tell us all about it, with lots of photos as well if you can. There is still lots going on. Coming up this week;

  • Todmordon Park 5k Night series
  • Red Rose XC – Marl Pitts, Rossendale
  • Guys 10, Garstang
  • Ulverston or Great Langdale Chrismas Pudding races
  • 3-1-4 Lancaster half marathon
  • And of course parkrun


ByAdrienne Olszewska

Red Rose Cross Country at Bolton and the rest of the weeks action

Red Rose Cross Country – Bolton Results

Another lucky break in the weather for the runners at the Red Rose Cross Country fixture in Leverhulme Park in Bolton. Jackson McKay had a splendid  run finishing second in the under 11 boys race.  This secures him joint first place in the Red Rose League table after 3 races.  Well Done Jackson!

A special mention also to Beth Quinn who has progressed from the middle of the junior girls to first Clayton lady home. Congratulations Beth!

Clayton Harriers

Beth Quinn – first Clayton lady home

U-11 Boys

Position Name Time
2 Jackson McKay 6:34
21 Dexta Thompson 7:34

U-11 Girls

Team position – 13th

Position Name Time
11 Ella Dorrington-Levy 7:47
76 Eloise Clegg 9:45
90 Lydia Wood 10:34
91 Millie MacCube 10:41
Clayton Juniors

Eloise Clegg battling to the finish for the U-11 girls

 U-13 Boys

Team position – 7th

Position Name Time
23 Adam Quinn 13:24
30 Adam Stevenson 14:13
34 Harry Mason 14:27
42 Daniel Bradley 15:37
Clayton Juniors

Harry Mason and Adam Stevenson, U-13 boys

 U-13 Girls

Team Position – 4th

Position Name Time
3 Briony Holt 12:30
10 Eleanor Root 13:19
26 Millie Stubbs 14:19
34 Liberty Thompson 15:02
49 Natasha Olszewska 16:06
Clayton Juniors

U-13 girls team at the start line.

U-15 Boys

Position Name Time
10 Curtis Holt 16:08
25 Simon Wilshaw 18:44

U-15 Girls

Position Name Time
7 Alice Pier 18:11
Clayton Juniors

Clayton Junior, Alice Pier, finishing in 7th place in the U-15 girls

 U-17 Men

Position Name Time
5 Jordan McDonald 19:55
Clayton Juniors

Junior, Jordan McDonald, flying to the finish in 5th place in the U-17  race

U-17 Ladies

Position Name Time
13 Bethany Quinn 27:39

 Senior U-20

Position Name Time
7 George Pier 42:29
Clayton Harriers

Fantastic finish from George Pier coming in 7th place in the U-20 group.


Team Position – 18th
Vets Team Position – 16th

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies Helen Burnett and Katy Thompson

Position Name Category Time
68 Julie Rushton L50 27:46
76 Helen Burnett L40 28:46
89 Katherine Thompson L60 (1st in Category) 29:47
96 Kath Brady L50 30:17
127 Susan Allen L50 35:54
128 Christine Leathley L65 36:37


Team Position – 11th
Vets Team Position – 8th

Position Name Category Time
43 Andrew Armstrong V45 41:20
50 Carl Helliwell M 41:49
50 Carl Helliwell M 41:49
57 Kevin Davies V50 40:20
61 George Pier U20 42:29
144 John Wilcock V50 47:51
148 Andy Quinn V40 48:21
161 Peter Browning V55 49:01
181 Stephen White V55 50:19
208 David Burnett V45 52:59
216 Martin Brady V50 54:45
Clayton Men

Clayton Men Peter Browning and Andy Quinn at the start

Results in Full
Red Rose Cross Country League Table after 3 races

Navigation Night – 19th November

A number of our club members took part in this challenging event.

This report from the Barlick Fell Runners Website

It was ideal conditions for this navigation evening as 35 competitors, including a junior, set off to challenge their navigation skills against the dark and the clock, with some running solo and others as teams. The penalty points for taking more than the allotted hour are quite harsh and most of the runners with previous experience of this event made sure that they were back with time to spare.

It was close between the top five finishers, but once more Mark Nutter showed his mastery of this event and his intimate knowledge of the area to finish first solo runner and overall winner.  This saw him once more add his name to the Badger Trophy as first runner from Clayton.

Close behind Mark was the Chew brothers team who finished second overall and first team winners.  They were chased hard by Sam Wadsworth & Andrew Driver, who finished in joint third position, along with the redoubtable Neil Hardiman, another Claytoner renowned for his night time navigational skills and knowledge of the local area.  As if to emphasise that this is Clayton territory, Ralph Baines was the third solo finisher and his club mates Andy Firth & Peter Dugdale were third team.

First solo lady was Jean Brown, who took her young son Christopher with her.

The harshness of the time penalty points was brought home by the fact that the last four runners and teams ended in negative point territory.  There was a prize of the “Richard Briscoe Wooden Spoon” for the runner or team with the least points.  Richard tried hard to win the spoon bearing his name by losing a battery out of his head torch and returning in the dark, but Chris Barnes was having such an enjoyable time trying to find the check points that he overlooked the price he would pay for being back late and it was he who returned home with his dubious prize.

Full Results

Todmorden 5k – Race 1 – 20th November

The first in a series of timed 5k events. This is a fast, three lap course.  Head torches can be used but must be below 50 lumens in brightness.

73 runners

Position Name Category Time
27 Alan Clarkson M55 00:21:05
48 Martin Brady M50 00:23:26
57 Robert Hirst M60 00:25:24
61 Ron Chappell M65 00:26:16
66 Nicola Kay F 00:28:21

Market Rasen 10k – 23rd November

The Market Rasen 10k is a popular multi terrain event and 447 runners took part in wet and muddy conditions on Sunday morning.  The race starts with a lap of the racecourse, continues along Legsby Road, through Dog Kennel Woods and then finishes with a final lap of the race course.

Breton Holdsworth was our sole representative at this event finishing in 7th place with a time of 35:08.  A great run – well done Breton.

Breton at Rasen 10k

Where’s Breton? Breton Holdsworth with signature orange gloves and cap at the start line

Full Results

Parkrun results

Clayton Harriers have been out and about again this week.  Some impressive runs at the local Burnley event for Jacob Watson and Jonathon Pye taking first and second places, with Susan Burns coming in first for the ladies.  Well done to all of our parkrunners.

Burnley parkrun – 144 runners took part

Position Name Time
1 Jacob Watson 00:18:19
2 Jonathon Pye 00:18:25
10 Susan Burns 00:20:49 First lady finisher
15 Gordon Barrett 00:21:48
26 David Ian Scott 00:23:15
38 Sarah Helliwell 00:24:31 New PB!
39 Martin Brady 00:24:33
57 Richard Lawson 00:25:42
63 Robert Hirst 00:26:31
68 Ron Chappell 00:26:48
85 Stuart Barker 00:27:59
91 Annabel Wilcock 00:28:40
92 John Wilcock 00:28:45
106 Nicola Kay 00:29:53

Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham – 398 runners took part

Position Name Time
19 Paul Shackleton 00:19:14

 Lyme Park parkrun – 101 runners took part

Position Name Time
80 Ron Hill 00:32:08 First timer at Lyme!

 Pendle parkrun – 33 runners took part

Position Name Time
2 John Hartley 00:21:12
20 Dawn Terry 00:26:10
29 Molly Hesketh 00:36:07
32 Paul Hesketh 00:37:50

 Preston parkrun – 210 runners took part

Position Name Time
10 Colin Shuttleworth 00:19:29

Club News

There is a change in the committee to report.  Rebecca Rawcliffe has formally tendered her resignation as Membership Secretary due to unavoidable work commitments.  The committee thanks her for the work she undertook in the role.  Adam Hamer has put himself forward to take over the appointment and has now been accepted into the role. We look forward to his input over the coming year.

Club Tent
After securing funding for publicity from Sport England, we now have a brand new club tent.
Chairman, James Hickie said, ” A big thank you to Jason Pier for all the hard work sorting our new tent! Our tent was easily the BEST TENT at the Red Rose XC yesterday, and it was great to see so many of our members at the tent. We look forward to seeing even more of Team Clayton at our new tent next Saturday at the big Mid Lancs Liverpool XC fixture. Thanks to Sport England for funding the tent and thanks again Jason!”


Club Tent

Our distinctive new club tent

It certainly stands out!

Club Tent

In use. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to find the tent any more!

And finally…

London VLM Club Place
Just to clarify, you don’t need a rejection letter to apply for the last remaining club place for the London Marathon. It’s open to all senior members- last date for applications is December 12th, will be draw on the 13th. Contact John Wilcock for further information, or to put your name in the hat.

Mid Lancs Cross Country – Liverpool
This is the biggest XC race in the calendar, we need a massive showing and effort to compete against not only local team runners, but some of the best runners in the country. It’s a massive day, so hopefully all the juniors, ladies and men, as well as all the regulars and everyone else can make an appearance and put in a big effort that will be immense!! 

Contact Cross Country Captains Ian Greenwood or Irene Roche for more info.

Come on Team Clayton!!

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Tour Of Pendle and the rest of the weeks action

Busy week this week with recognition and awards for some of our junior members, tough fell racing, road running glory, cross country action and park run triumphs! The accolades and successes are tinged with sadness on hearing of the loss of a great friend to the club, Pete Hartley.

Tour of Pendle

Tour of Pendle Fell Race

Tour of Pendle – start of the race. Neil Hardiman and Ryan Wilkinson visible – photo by David Belshaw

This tough, local race attracted a large turnout of club members.  On the day conditions were a just a little claggy up on the top.

Tour of Pendle Fell Race

Chris Holdsworth in the clag at the first passing of the trig point.

Fell captain, Dave Motley shared these thoughts on the race.

Tour of Pendle Fell Race

Tour of Pendle – Fell Captain, Dave Motley at the crest of the last climb

“Another year, another hard slog at the Tour Of Pendle, misty conditions giving team Clayton a home advantage. My race went well, setting off steady and trying to work through the field almost giving Mr Holdsworth a fright on the last descent, although his tarmac speed allowed him to beat me. Great to see so many from Team Clayton and another fantastic Tour Of Pendle.”

Tour of Pendle Fell Race

Ladies Fell Captain, Jean Brown, at the finish

Results now available

Mid Lancs XC – Barrow

Considering the distance and the clash with the Tour of Pendle, Team Clayton saw a good turn out at the Midlancs fixture at Barrow. The men had more than enough runners for a qualifying team as did the ladies.

Mid Lancs Cross Country

Mid Lancs XC at Barrow. Carl Helliwell. Photograph courtesy of Tickhiller Photography

With a flat fast course and an abundance of cheering for those waiting or having already run, it was a successful afternoon all round for Team Clayton. Many thanks to all for making the journey as each runner counts in these Midlancs races.

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies at Mid Lancs Cross Country in Barrow. L-R Julia Rushton, Helen Burnett, Irene Roche, Sarah Helliwell

Some brilliant results were gained today by Clayton juniors at Barrow in Furness for the Mid Lancs Cross Country. Briony Holt came 1st and Curtis Holt came 15 th. Adam and Beth Quinn ran too and both had fantastic races. Well done everyone.

Cross Country

Briony Holt at the Mid Lancs Cross Country in Barrow

Results now available

Award winning Juniors

Our junior members have been enjoying plenty of success and recognition this week.

Ellie Root ran in the Regional Finals of the English Schools XC cup in Stockton-on-Tees, her team (Skipton Girls High School) qualified for the finals in Newquay at the end of the month. Ellie came 14th but didn’t feel like she had a good run. However, yesterday she ran in the Harrogate and Craven XC qualifiers in Knaresborough and came 2nd with a really strong performance.

Clayton Juniors

Clayton junior Ellie Root competing in the English Schools Cross Country Cup

That’s not all, Ellie Root also took part in the NW Junior Triathlon Series. Ellie finished 7th overall & received her certificate from GB athlete Katie Hewison last night at the awards ceremony at Lancashire Manor Hotel. Ellie competed throughout the year in her Clayton vest, registered under the club name. Well done Ellie!

Clayton Junior Success

NW Junior Triathlon Series (T3) awards night at Lancashire Manor Hotel

Briony Holt was honoured and awarded for her outstanding performances over the year. She attended the BOFRA presentation evening at the Stirk House Hotel in Gisburn and collected the Under 14 Girls award after competing in 9 of the qualifying races. She was also presented with the most outstanding junior award.

Briony Holt

BOFRA Champion Briony Holt

And finally, congratulations to junior member, Jordan McDonald for an outstanding run at the Burnley parkrun where he came first.

It’s a real pleasure to see our junior members enjoying such successes and recognition and it is well deserved.  They are a credit to the club and the junior coaching team. The future is bright! (and orange, of course)

Preston 10 Mile Road Race – Sunday 16th November

A cohort of 8 Harriers took part in the Preston 10 mile road race. 431 runners took part in this event.

Michael Hogan had this to report;
This morning’s race was held in near perfect conditions. It’s a good fast two lap course. Richard Stevenson was holding the 1st Clayton home position until 8 mile, and then Old Boy, Kevin James Davies, came through to lead the road crew home. New boy Jon Hanson had a good run for his first 10 mile effort with a fime just over 64 mins. This boy has talent waiting to be released. With myself, Steve Biscomb, Alan Clarkson, Brian Wildman and Ron Chappell making up a solid Clayton outing, it was a good day out for the Clayton road crew. Go at 10 K pace and hope you last for 10 miles!”

Position Name Cat Time
30 Kevin Davies MV50 01:00:58
32 Richard Stevenson M 01:01:16
55 Jon Hanson M 01:04:20
71 Michael Hogan MV45 01:06:11
108 Stephen Biscomb MV61 01:09:22
143 Alan Clarkson MV55 01:11:08
197 Brian Wildman MV45 01:15:54
346 Ron Chappell MV65 01:29:25

Full Results

Leeds Abbey Dash 10k – Sunday 16th November

Known for it’s 10k personal best potential, the Leeds Abbey Dash 2014 did not disappoint. The race was won by Andrew Butchart of Central AC who finished in 29 minutes and 17 seconds. The first female was Steph Twell of Aldershot who finished in 32 minutes and 30 seconds. There were 9524 finishers.

Well done to Johnny McKenna who was 160th with a chip time of 32:59 in an incredibly fast race over in Leeds.

Full Results

Sandgrounder 10k – Sunday 16th November

Two of our members went to Southport to take part in the 5k and 10k races

10K Results: 179 Kevin O’Brien M60 57:47 (216 runners took part)
5K Results: 11  Martin Brady M50 22:34 (34 runners took part)

Well done Kevin and Martin!

10k Results  and  5k Results

Arnside Knott Fell Race – Sunday 16th November

A couple of our members were spotted in the results of this race which covers 5.5 miles on a scenic course above Morecambe Bay and the Kent Estuary.  By all accounts it was a dry day with clear views all round.  140 runners took part.

22nd  Alan Life MV45 42:23
115th Carol Life W45 56:25

Full Results

Parkrun News

Another great week for club members at various parkrun events this week. From Cheltenham to Newby Bridge, you have been hitting personal bests all over the place!  In particular, well done to Jordan McDonald, Jacob Watson and Jonathon Pye for the top three spots at the Burnley parkrun this week. Also congratulations to Jacob Watson, Bryan Searby, Jack McGuire and Eileen Jones on your latest personal best times.

Burnley parkrun (175 Runners)

Position Name Time
1 Jordan McDonald 17:55
2 Jacob Watson 18:02 New PB!
3 Jonathon Pye 18:12
21 Gordon Barrett 21:04
32 Martin Brady 23:07
36 Amanda Duffy 23:44
64 Robert Hirst 26:02
69 Ron Chappell 26:21
81 Julie Toman 27:21
106 Adam Hamer 28:35
118 Jack McGuire 29:23 New PB!
128 Nicola Kay 30:06
163 Harry Manning 36:05

Cheltenham parkrun (363 Runners)

Position Name Time
15 Alex Cran 20:02 First timer!

Heaton parkrun (409 Runners)

Position Name Time
194 Bryan Searby 26:13 New PB!

Pendle parkrun (37 Runners)

Position Name Time
4 John Hartley 21:18
17 Barry Mitchell 26:34
28 Christine Jennifer Egerton 32:36

Fell Foot parkrun (178 Runners)

Position Name Time
121 Eileen Jones 30:21 New PB!

New Members

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our latest members; Joanne Bennett, Clare Wilson and Darren Rushton to the seniors, as well as Leon Wichester to the juniors.  I hope to be reporting on your running achievements soon!

Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix

Just released.  The list of races in next year’s grand prix

Grand Prix Race List

List of Races in next year’s Grand Prix


Sad News

It is with great sadness that we report that a great friend of many Clayton Harriers, Pete Hartley, passed away at the weekend. After a motor vehicle accident ended his running career with Rossendale Harriers, Pete turned to taking photographs of races in the mountain scenery that he loved. He had an amazing eye for a photograph, and had the knack of giving the viewer a great impression of what it was like to be there. Many’s the time his grinning face would appear as you ran along a trod, miles from anywhere. His wonderful photos appeared in a wide range of publications, especially The Fellrunner.

Pete Hartley

Pete Hartley

When seven Harriers (plus two supporters) took part in the 2005 Everest Marathon, Pete was the official photographer for the event. The ten of us had a marvellous time, with Pete the life and soul of the party, especially in Kathmandou, a city he had visited before. He captured the whole event in pictures and gave us all a collection of photos on our return – a treasured record of a fantastic three-week trip.

With his outgoing personality and cheerful demeanour, along with his marvellous photos, Pete brought a smile to the face of a huge number of people. He will be greatly missed. Our condolences go to Denise and all Pete’s family.

And Finally…

If you want to run at the Mid Lancs League fixture in Liverpool and haven’t pre-registered, you can contact the team captains Irene Roche or Ian Greenwood for information on how to enter on the day.  This information will also be available on the Team Clayton Facebook page and on the Cross Country pages on this site.

London Marathon. We have been allocated 4 places for the VLM. I already have 3 requests from members with rejection letters so they are in. That leaves 1 place available for another club member. If anyone would like this place please contact John Wilcock. We will allow a week so that word can get around, after which a name will be drawn from the hat. John can be contacted on 07970 828167 or




ByTom Brewster

Chorley Cross Country and the rest of the weeks action

Weekly Roundup
Red Rose League: Chorley Cross Country – Astley Park, Chorley, Saturday 8th November 2014 was attended by 41 members, Rachel Robinson reflects on her first XC experience since Primary School after claiming first counter for Clayton in the Senior ladies race:

On Saturday 8th November saw me complete my first cross country at Chorley the second Red Rose league venue. I have not completed a cross country since primary school and I am far from a competitive runner. Initially I was feeling quite dubious however when the gun fired I thoroughly enjoyed ploughing my way through the muddy tracks. The course was enjoyable with lots of variation, woods, muddy banks and undulating adventurous trails. I completed the race with a sprint finish at the end against another competitor which boosted my adrenaline to the finish line. It was good to have other Clayton ladies running with me which made me feel part of a supportive team and I will definitely want to do another. There was lots of other Clayton runners there which were all out cheering each other on. Well done everyone!!

Under 11 Boys
Pos Name               Time
1 Jackson McKay     5:54
9 Dexta Thompson   6:30
67 Finan Holdsworth 8:45

Under 11 Boys – TEAM RESULTS
6th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Jackson McKay
Dexta Thompson
Finan Holdsworth

Under 11 Girl
Pos Name                       Time
12 Ella Dorrington-Levy   7:06
26 Roanna Holdsworth    7:23
47 Keira Stevenson         7:48
63 Eloise Clegg                8:14
85 Rachel Stevenson       8:52
105 Millie MacCube         10:13

Under 11 Girl – TEAM RESULTS
8th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Ella Dorrington-Levy
Roanna Holdsworth
Keira Stevenson

Under 13 Boys
Pos Name                    Time
25 Adam Quinn           10:58
35 Harry Mason           11:54
45 Daniel Bradley        13:41

Under 13 Boys — TEAM RESULTS
6th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Adam Quinn
Harry Mason
Daniel Bradley

Under 13 Girl
Pos Name                  Time
2 Briony Holt              10:16
15 Millie Stubbs          11:14
28 Liberty Thompson 12:09
41 Natasha Olszewska 12:49

Under 13 Girl – TEAM RESULTS
4th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Briony Holt
Millie Stubbs
Liberty Thompson

Under 15 – Boys
Pos Name                    Time
6 Curtis Holt                 16:18
13 Thomas Bradley      16:58
25 Simon Wilshaw        18:49

Under 15 – Boys – TEAM RESULTS
3rd Clayton- Le-Moors Harriers
Curtis Holt
Thomas Bradley
Simon Wilshaw

Under 15 – Girls
Pos Name                  Time
5 Alice Pier                17:52
36 Lucy Stevenson    27:01

Senior Ladies
Pos Name                    Time
45 Rachel Robinson    22:24
51 Irene Roche            23:01
61 Sarah Helliwell       23:28
126 Susan Allen          30:41
131 Christine Leathley 31:47

Race 6 – Ladies -TEAM RESULTS
16th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Rachel Robinson
Irene Roche
Sarah Helliwell

Race 6 – U17 Women
Pos Name                 Time
15 Bethany Quinn     23:27

George Pier

George Pier

Senior Men
Pos Name                         Time
41 Breton Holdsworth       41:01
48 Carl Helliwell                42:04
51 Andrew Armstrong       42:10
56 Colin Shuttleworth       42:24
64 George Pier                 43:16
97 Sean Clare                  45:18
103 Alex Cran                  45:46
121 John Wilcock             47:19
127 Peter Booth               47:35
163 Andy Quinn               50:06
168 Stephen White          50:42
170 Dugald McCallum     50:51
172 Peter Browning         50:55
191 James Hickie            52:10

8th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Breton Holdsworth
Carl Helliwell
Andrew Armstrong
Colin Shuttleworth
George Pier
Sean Clare

Fell Roundup

Dunnerdale Fell Race Sat 8th Nov, 5 miles
12 Clayton members travelled up to the Lake District on Saturday to run the Dunnerdale Fell Race.
This is probably the best “A Short” fell race according to most runners who have every run it. There are quite a few climbs but they are not very long except the intial climb.
I had forgotten what a good race this is. It is like all the best parts of a long Lakes race compressed in to a small area – Wendy Dodds took the LV60 honours with Linda Lord and KatyThomspon 2nd and 3rd.

Pos Name                    Time

113 Mark Nutter            58:03
114 Jean Brown            58:12
117 John Sharples        58:30
121 Wendy Dodds        59:21
139 Peter Dugdale        62:22
141 Andrew Dugdale     62:24
147 Martin Brady           62:46
167 Mark Taylor            65:00
169 Andrew Firth           65:07
172 Linda Lord              65:20
193 Katy Thompson      67:38
217 Kath Brady             77:06

Wadsworth Half Trog Sun 9th Nov, 9.25Miles

Sean Clare and Gary Balmer

Sean Clare and Gary Balmer

6 Members also took part in the Wadsworth Half Trog near Hebden Bridge, a 9.25mile classic fell race taking in all the best terrain of the full Trog, without the full distance but still penty of varied tough terrain to tackle:

Pos Name                        Time
25 Jeffrey Pickup             1:27:53
31 Chris Funnell               1:28:27
46 (lady 5) Jean Brown    1:34:45
48 Nigel Hodson              1:35:02
61 Gary Balmer               1:41:37
76 Sean Clare                 1:43:47

Road Roundup

Blackpool Windmill 10k, Sun 9th November

Christopher Holdsworth on his way to winning the Windmill 10k

Christopher Holdsworth on his way to winning the Windmill 10k

7 road enthusiasts headed over to sunny Blackpool on Sunday for the Windmill 10k, Chris Holdsworth continuing his impressive form and winning streak by notching up another win in a pb of 33:10. Kev Davies was also in fine form claiming V50 spot.

Pos Name                         Time
1 Christopher Holdsworth  33:10
9 Kevin Davies                   36:01
15 Terry O’Leary               37:06
182 Duffy Amanda            47:32
237 Lee Moore                  50:04
473 Adam Hamer              58:38
566 Sophie McIntosh        01:03:50

Windmill 10K - Amanda Duffy, Lee Moore, Terry O'Leary, Kevin James Davies, Christopher Holdsworth, Sophie McIntosh and Adam Hamer

Windmill 10K – Amanda Duffy, Lee Moore, Terry O’Leary, Kevin James Davies, Christopher Holdsworth, Sophie McIntosh and Adam Hamer

Parkrun Roundup

Burnley Parkrun: 144 runners took part

13 Members took part in Burnley Parkrun, Jordan McDonald continuing his fine form by claiming second behind Marc Hartley – Jonathan Pye and Jacob Watson carrying on their Parkrun rivalry with Jonny taking victory on this occasion and Dawn Terry claiming the place of 1st Lady.

Pos parkrunner               Time      Gender Pos
2 Jordan MCDONALD      17:39            2
4 Jonathan PYE                18:38           4
5 Jacob WATSON            19:10            5
13 Stephen AINSWORTH 21:03          13
25 David Ian SCOTT         23:08          25
32 Dawn TERRY               23:53           1
62 Ron CHAPPELL           26:29          49
71 Robert HIRST               27:34          54
73 Julie TOMAN                27:36          18
78 Stuart BARKER            27:50          58
83 Annabel WILCOCK       28:01         22
84 John WILCOCK            28:02         62
93 Joshua MCKAY            28:47         67

Pendle Parkrun: 38 runners took part

Pendle Parkrun was attended by John Hartley and Sue Burns, with Sue taking the honours in the ladies race:

Pos parkrunner      Time    Gender Pos
6      John Hartley    21:22           6
7      Susan Burns    21:25          1


Recovering from injury, Road Captain Tom Brewster tentatively took back to competing by entering the Men’s Health “Survival of the fittest” race in Manchester – a Tough-Mudder style 10k course around the Etihad Stadium and the surrounding parks, dotted with obstacles and including two dunks in the very cold Manchester Shipping canal!

Tom completed the course in 1:16 taking 3rd position in his wave and 225th overall – 2668 people took part.

Pos  Name               Time           Wave         Wave Pos
225  Tom Brewster   01:16:37    Wave 10          3

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Shepherds Skyline Fell Race and the rest of the weeks action

We’ve had a bit of a break from cross country this week but there is still plenty of action to report on; fell running, road racing, a half marathon and plenty of park run participation. Many of our members have also been out and about recce-ing for the upcoming Tour of Pendle on 15th November.

Shepherd’s Skyline – 1st November
The Shepherds Skyline Fell Race is organised by Todmorden Harriers who describe the race as a fast, muddy course – with a steep descent off Stoodley Pike for the kamikaze descenders, immediately followed by a stiff climb back up the hill for the stout-legged amongst you.

Individual Results (231 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
7 Jacob Boyle MU23 00:46:21
38 Alan Life M45 00:52:53
68 David Naughton M50 00:56:09
105 Dugald McCallum M65 01:00:34
121 Mark Nutter M50 01:01:43
129 Rick Moore M50 01:02:28
142 Andrew Howarth M55 01:03:25
143 Peter Dugdale M55 01:03:28
161 Andrew Mark Dugdale M50 01:05:59
169 Martin Brady M50 01:07:22
171 Sarah Helliwell F 01:07:43
173 Andrew Firth M55 01:07:56
207 Robert Hirst M60 01:13:53

There were 13 Clayton Harriers running in this popular local race.

Jacob Boyle had an excellent run finishing in 7th place overall and 1st place in his category. He said, “Tough race – didn’t expect to start climbing again. Really enjoyed it! Was a technical race and loved that aspect of it. Overall a great race and will be doing it next year.”

Clayton Harrier Jacob Boyle

Shepherds Skyline – Jacob Boyle. Photo courtesy of

Sarah Helliwell said, “I agree with Jacob, it was a really good race all round. A lot more up hill and drag than you’d expect, however,  the views at the top were stunning. Unfortunately, you didn’t have much chance to appreciate them as you had to really concentrate on where you were putting your feet!

Clayton Harrier Sarah Helliwell

Sarah Helliwell at the Shepherds Skyline Fell Race. Photo courtesy of

There was a good mixture of moorland, bog, rocky stuff and technical! The descent of Stoodley Pike was steep in sections and I was in awe of Martin when he came flying past. I told myself because he is closer to the ground so its not as scary for him!!

After the second climb it is still a tough slog back to the last descent to the finish. By the end, your legs felt like they had had a good workout, I slept well last night! I actually think it is one of the best fell races I’ve done in a while, with a good mixture of everything. My husband, Carl, said it was a really good spectator event as you could see runners nearly all the way around the course, especially with the cracking weather we had.”

Clayton Harrier Martin Brady

Martin Brady (Sarah Helliwell just behind) at the Shepherds Skyline Fell Race. Photo courtesy of

Martin Brady said, “I enjoyed the race but it was a lot more difficult than I remember. It was 19 years since I last did the race. There are quite a few sections that require a lot of concentration due the rough terrain especially on the way out to Stoodly Pike.”

In the junior races, Christopher Brown was the sole  representative of the club. He had a great run finishing 2nd under 10 boy in the junior races.

Clayton Junior

Clayton Junior, Chris Brown at the Shepherds Skyline Junior Fell Race. Photo courtesy of

Judging by the excellent photos provided by Woodentops it looks like it was a battle all the way through between Christopher and Cian Healy of Horwich with Cian just pipping Christopher to the finish by only a second. Well done Christopher!

Clayton Harriers Juniors

Clayton Junior, Chris Brown,with Horwich’s Cian Healy, at the Shepherds Skyline Junior Fell Race. Photo courtesy of

Full Results
Junior Results

Through the Villages Road Race – 2nd November

​The 31st annual Through the Villages Road Race took place on Sunday 2 November at 10.30am. ​The tough, undulating 8.5 mile race takes in Wheelton, Brinscall, Abbey Village and Withnell.

6 Clayton Harriers took part. Stephen Biscomb was the 1st V60, Fabienne Richmond was 1st F35 and Dawn Terry was 1st F50. A great result from the ladies placing them first in the lady vets teams!

Individual Results (240 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
46 Stephen Biscomb M60 01:00:11
61 Alan Clarkson M55 01:01:56
62 Fabienne Richmond F35 01:01:58
105 Brian Wildman M45 01:07:14
108 Dawn Terry F50 01:08:12
154 Julia Rushton F50 01:12:37

Team Results
Male Vets – 8th (122 pts)
Lady Vets – 1st (24pts)

Full Results

Lancaster Half Marathon – 2nd November

Just a couple of Clayton Harriers took part in this event on Sunday. Peter Costello came in 340th with a chip time of 01:55:57, and Nikki Kay 541st place with a chip time of 02:22:27.

Well done to both of you.

Full Results

Parkrun roundup

Katy and George Thompson have added another location to their expanding list of parkruns – St Albans this week. Where next I wonder? This week Burnley parkrun held its first paced parkrun. Clayton Harrier Andy Quinn acted as pacemaker for the 24 minute slot so a big thank you to him! There was a win and a new PB for Jonny McKenna, and new PBs for Carl Helliwell, Nick Roscoe, Dexta Thompson and Jackie Kershaw. And finally, congratulations to Carol Life for 1st lady finisher at Pendle parkrun.

Well done everyone who took part this week.

Pollok parkrun, Glasgow. A total of 380 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
20 3 Susan BURNS 00:19:37

 Heaton parkrun. A total of 394 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
195 151 Bryan SEARBY 00:27:01

St Albans parkrun. A total of 277 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
109 95 George THOMPSON 00:25:30
120 16 Katy THOMPSON 00:25:57

 Arrow Valley parkrun. A total of 300 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
3 3 Paul SHACKLETON 00:59:59

Gunnersbury parkrun. A total of 298 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
223 79 Eileen JONES 00:29:59

 Marple parkrun. A total of 149 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
106 78 Ron HILL 00:28:36

Burnley parkrun. A total of 197 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
1 1 Jonny MCKENNA 00:16:59
4 4 Jacob WATSON 00:18:29
5 5 Jonathan PYE 00:18:49
7 7 Richard STEVENSON 00:19:00
10 10 Carl HELLIWELL 00:19:26
11 11 David BAGOT 00:19:50
14 14 Nick ROSCOE 00:20:00
20 20 Stephen AINSWORTH 00:21:03
21 21 Alexander TOWNROW 00:21:04
22 22 Thomas BRADLEY 00:21:06
23 23 Gordon BARRETT 00:21:13
24 24 Jackson MCKAY 00:21:19
34 3 Donna RILEY 00:22:16
41 38 Dexta THOMPSON 00:22:59
46 43 Adam QUINN 00:23:30
49 46 Martin BRADY 00:23:44
62 53 Andy QUINN 00:24:19
77 14 Donna SCOTT 00:25:28
78 15 Beth QUINN 00:25:29
84 66 Robert HIRST 00:26:03
95 26 Jackie KERSHAW 00:26:19
107 32 Liberty THOMPSON 00:27:04
114 36 Adrienne OLSZEWSKA 00:27:21
117 39 Julie TOMAN 00:27:25
124 83 Paul Laurence WALSH 00:27:47
128 84 Stuart BARKER 00:28:10
134 87 Ron CHAPPELL 00:28:40
140 51 Heidi KEWIN 00:28:58
186 105 Harry MANNING 00:35:37

Dewsbury parkrun. A total of 79 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
75 50 Robin PRICE 00:36:34

Pendle parkrun. A total of 61 runners took part.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Run Time
5 5 Jez TOON 00:21:45
8 8 John HARTLEY 00:22:49
12 12 Alan LIFE 00:23:38
19 1 Carol LIFE 00:27:21
33 8 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 00:31:36
37 11 Christine LEATHLEY 00:34:57


ByAdrienne Olszewska

British Masters & Mid Lancs Cross Country, and the rest of the weeks action

Excellent team performance from Team Clayton at the first Mid Lancs XC fixture from the Men, Women, and Junior teams, this is just the first step towards our goal of putting Clayton-le-Moors Harriers back in the top flight where we belong. Please continue to support the Club throughout the season, everyone on the start line counts.”
Ian Greenwood (Mens Cross Country Captain)

Cross Country News

There were two major cross country events going on for club members this weekend.

Firstly, the British Masters Cross Country Relays in Derby with three teams entered. Two ladies’ teams and a men’s team

Irene Roche (Ladies Captain) reported; “Had a brilliant day in Derby at the Masters Cross Country Championships with the Clayton ladies. Success and enjoyment are the words to describe Team Clayton’s trip to Derby on Saturday 25th. Whilst bronze was awarded to our LV55 team, Christine Leathley, Jean Knightley and Irene Roche, our LV45 team comprising of Anna Kelly, Barbara Savage and Julia Rushton gained 9th place amongst many teams of tough competition.

Clayton Lady XC Team

L-R: Irene Roche, Christine Leathley, Jean Knightley

The course was of neat dry grass consisting of one or two short hilly bits with a short visit through woodland. Two laps of this then brought each runner to the finish line. It was brilliant! Compared to many of our usual XC venues it was bit like running round someone’s very large back garden!

Clayton Ladies XC Team

L-R: Barbara Savage, Anna Kelly and Julia Rushton

Next year we hope to arrive with more teams (hoping it doesn’t clash with our league runs). Thank you and well done girls!

Garry Wilkinson reported; “Many thanks to Paul Shackleton for organising this. Great to see him holding onto Bronze on the 5th, and anchor leg, in the British Masters XC in Derby today. Massive team effort from the ‘boys’. 5 x 3.1 km relay legs. 
We won a bronze medal in the 45-54 age cat and there’s only one of us under 50. That’s an average of 5 min 45sec per mile /average age 51 on grass”

Leg 1 Andy Stubbs 10:58
Leg 2 Mark Aspinall 11:24
Leg 3 Ian Greenwood 11:54
Leg 4 Garry Wilkinson 11:34
Leg 5 Paul Shackleton 11:47 Team Captain

Clayton Mens XC Team

L-R: Andy Stubbs, Mark Aspinall, Ian Greenwood, Garry Wilkinson, Paul Shackleton and mascot

Secondly, the Mid Lancs Cross Country League kicked off at Hyndburn at Wilson’s Playing Fields in Clayton-le-Moors. There was a huge turnout of 71 club members across the races, 30 junior members and 41 seniors.

12 juniors took part in the Under 11 races, some of them competing in cross country racing for the first time, and there were solid performances all round. Jackson McKay had a great run finishing in 3rd place in his race. It’s great to see such enthusiasm in our youngest members and the future looks positive. A credit to the junior coaching team!

Clayton Junior Girls

Clayton junior girls at the Mid Lancs Cross Country fixture

Girls U-11 Results (70 Runners)

13 – Ella Dorrington 9:20
35 – Roanna Holdsworth 10:06
50 – Keira Stevenson 10:34
60 – Kady Thompson 12:50

Boys U-11 Results (66 Runners)

3 – Jackson McKay 7:41
15 – Dexta Thompson 8:42
39 – Cobi Doyle 9:24
43 – Finlay Stubbs 9:42
57 – Jack Skelly 10:35
62 – Finan Holdsworth 11:07
66 – Matthew Astley 12:53

8 juniors took part in the under 13 races with a particularly strong performance from the girls team finishing in 2nd place. The boys team finished in 9th place.

U-13 Girls Results (51 Runners)

2 – Briony Holt 10:04
8 – Eleanor Root 10:41
13 – Millie Stubbs 11:10
31 – Liberty Thompson 12:03
41 – Natasha Olszewska 13:08

Girls team 2nd place (53 Pts) Briony Holt | Eleanor Root | Millie Stubbs | Liberty Thompson

Boys U-13 Results (56 Runners)

22 – Adam Quinn 13:24
49 – Adam Stevenson 16:00
51 – Isaac Wilkinson 16:11

Boys team 9th place (118 pts) Adam Quinn | Adam Stevenson | Isaac Wilkinson

7 juniors took part in the under 15 races. Only 2 girls meant no team placing there, but a strong boys team finished in 4th place.

Girls U-15 Results (22 Runners)

8 – Alice Pier 13:29
22 – Lucy Stevenson 19:32

Boys U-15 Results (41 Runners)

14 – Curtis Holt 16:33
18 – Thomas Bradley 16:29
24 – Ryan Clarke 17:16
34 – Alexander Townrow 18:03
38 – Simon Wilshaw 19:32

Boys Team 4th place (55pts) Curtis Holt | Thomas Bradley | Ryan Clarke

Only 2 juniors competed in the under 17 races. Bethany Quinn ran well finishing 9th in her class with a time of 20:53, and Jordan McDonald finishing 6th in a strong field of runners with a time of 22:24. Well done!

Jordan McDonald

Jordan McDonald in the Mid Lancs Cross Country U-17 race

Senior Ladies

We had 11 ladies running in the senior ladies race with the over 35 team finishing in 2nd place. Some great performances from the ladies team even with a number of ladies away running in the British Masters Relays.

Ladies Individual Results (166 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
9 Candice Heys L35 25:11
45 Vicky Heys L35 28:40
49 Fabienne Richmond L35 28:59
50 Angela Shian L35 29:00
82 Sarah Helliwell L 30:48
95 Dawn Richardson L45 31:20
102 Sarah Whittaker L35 32:02
114 Helen Burnett L35 32:58
135 Adrienne Olszewska L45 36:13
154 Susan Allen L45 40:43
162 Sophie McIntosh L 42:44
Clayton Ladies Cross Country

Clayton Ladies in action at the Mid Lancs Cross Country

Ladies Team Results

Clayton-le-Moors – 9th place (95pts) Candice Heys | Vicky Heys | Fabienne Richmond

Clayton-le-Moors “B” – 22nd place (211 pts) Angela Shian | Sarah Helliwell | Dawn Richardson

Over 35s Team – 2nd Place (41pts) Candice Heys | Vicky Heys | Fabienne Richmond

Over 35s Team “B” – 11th place (115pts) Angela Shian | Dawn Richardson | Sarah Whittaker

Over 45s Team – 9th place (107pts) Dawn Richardson | Adrienne Olszewska | Susan Allen

Senior Men

An excellent turn out of 31 Harriers took part in the men’s race, including George Pier in the U-20 category. First man in was Chris Holdsworth who finished in 17th place with a time of 37:34. The men’s teams finished strongly with a fantastic 1st place for the V60 Mens team. Well done chaps!

Clayton Harrier

A great run from Chris Holdsworth.

Mens Individual Results (296 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
17 Christopher Holdsworth M 37:34
52 Lee Smith M 41:06
57 Carl Helliwell M 41:06
59 Dave Motley M 41:14
71 Richard Stevenson M 42:00
87 Andrew Orr MV40 42:59
92 Michael O’Donnell MV40 43:02
102 George Pier U20 43:28
108 Alex Cran MV40 43:43
116 John Roche MV50 44:10
122 Michael Hogan MV40 44:29
136 Sean Clare MV40 45:12
138 Breton Holdsworth MV40 45:16
167 John Wilcock MV50 47:00
192 Peter Booth MV60 MV60 47:55
193 Jeffrey Pickup MV60 47:56
213 Richard Briscoe M 50:04
217 Andrew Howarth MV50 50:14
221 David McCallum MV60 50:47
224 James Hickie MV50 51:01
227 Stephen White MV50 51:14
229 M Thistlethwaite MV60 51:31
230 Paul Wale MV40 51:42
241 Martin Brady MV50 63:00
271 Robert Hirst MV60 57:50
272 David Burnett MV40 58:02
279 Stuart Hartley MV50 59:55
280 Ted Orrell MV70 1:00:09
288 Adam Hamer M 1:01:06
292 Richard Lawson MV70 1:07:06
296 Jack McGuire MV50 1:17:32
Clayton Harriers Cross Country

Clayton Harrier, John Wilcock, storming up the muddy slope

Men’s Team Results

Clayton-le-Moors – 8th place (310pts) C Holdsworth | L Smith | C Helliwell | D Motley | R Stevenson | A Orr

Clayton-le-Moors “B” – 15th place (617pts) M O’Donnell | G Pier | A Cran | J Roche | M Hogan | S Clare

Vets Over 40s – 8th place (161pts) A Orr | M O’Donnell | A Cran | J Roche

Vets Over 40s Team “B” – 14th place (267pts) M Hogan | S Clare | B Holdsworth | J Wilcock

Vets Over 50s – 7th place (78pts) J Roche | J Wilcock | H Booth

Vets Over 50s Team “B” – 14th place (143pts) J Pickup | A Howarth | D McCallum

Vets Over 60s – 1st place (22pts) P Booth | J Pickup | D McCallum

Vets Over 60s Team “B” – 4th place (49pts) M Thistlethwaite | R Hirst | T Orrell

Full Results

Trail & Fell News

Great Whernside Fell Race – 25th October
9 of our club members took part in this classic fell race. Linda Lord finished 1st Lady Vet 60.

Great Whernside Fell Race

Linda Lord at the Great Whernside Fell Race – photo courtesy of Woodentops

Individual Results (157 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
76 Ivan Whigham MV50 00:42:22
85 Peter Browning MV50 00:43:33
93 Mark Nutter MV50 00:44:33
94 Ian Robinson MV50 00:44:36
111 Richard Bellaries MV60 00:46:34
113 Rick Moore MV50 00:47:07
115 Andrew Dugdale MV50 00:47:19
118 Peter Dugdale MV50 00:47:34
121 Andrew Firth MV50 00:47:48
136 Linda Lord FV60 00:49:29

Full Results

Montane Trail 26 at Rivington – 26th October

Nicholas Olszewski and Tim Piggot took Harriers took part in this popular trail marathon.

Report from Nicholas Olszewski

This event has a lot of nostalgia for me as it’s my old stomping ground from the early 80’s when I lived in Bolton and ran for Horwich RMI.

The route takes you through the Chinese gardens of Rivington Pike, around the beacon and up to Winter Hill, dropping down into Belmont. Next is Delph Reservoir at Egerton before the long slog over to Darwen Tower, which seems to go on forever, partly due to the fact that you get a glimpse of it early on and it doesn’t seem to get any nearer.

Once you get Darwen Tower out of the way the climbing and bog is behind you, all that’s left is a little road work through Withnell and Brinscal before trails heading back to Rivington & Blackrod School, running alongside the reservoirs at Anglezarke.

Chuffed with my time and performance this year, knocked an hour of last years’ time, which I think was achieved by my increased running mileage and cycling, I’ll be back next year to try and break the 4 hour barrier; I was just over this year by about 8 minutes.

Individual Results (148 Finishers)

Pos Name Cat Time
25 Nicholas Olszewski MV50 04:08:21
69 Tim Piggott M 04:46:44

Full Results

Tandle Hill Trail Race – 26th October
A couple of Harriers took part in this event. Tandle Hill is a famous landmark in Rochdale that is known for its amazing views of the Pennines and surrounding areas. The race has all the features people love about trail running. Country Lanes, woodland running, grassy trails and paths, undulations, amazing views and scenery and a very fast, long, downhill finish. 5.8 miles , 573 ft of climbing

Individual Results (87 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
10 Jon Hanson M 40:45
67 Stephen Fish M 55:25

Full Results

Bronte Way Race – 26th October
There were 9 Harriers taking part in this race with a number of them racing for the second time this weekend. There’s just no stopping some people!

New member, Julie Toman was the only Clayton lady running in this race.  She has come a long way in a short time; from her first park run 12 months ago to running tough local trail and fell races. Well done Julie!

Clayton Harriers Fell Running

Ian Greenwood, racing for the second time this weekend – photo courtesy of Woodentops

Individual Results (158 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
16 David Naughton MV50 01:03:26
20 Ian Greenwood MV50 01:04:46
32 Sean Clare MV45 01:07:17
40 Ivan Whigham MV50 01:08:25
41 Chris Funnell MV45 01:08:28
47 Andy Bradley MV45 01:09:10
92 Mark Nutter MV50 01:20:55
104 Jeff Hignett MV35 1:20:55
150 Julie Toman FV45 1:36:35

Full Results

OMM – The Original Mountain Marathon
Founded in 1968 the OMM is the originator of the 2 day mountain marathon type event and is for teams of 2, carrying all clothing, equipment, tent, sleeping bag, food for 36 hours, navigating one’s own route and including an overnight camp. There are 7 different classes, (the course distances quoted are over 2 days) the longest being the Elite which is literally 2 consecutive marathon length days or thereabouts and with c2,500m of ascent over 2 days.

Class A – Wendy Dodds with Sarah Rowell 18th place with a time of 13:18:44

Long Score – 12th place Jean Brown and Mike Wallis with a time of 12:47:43

Full Results

Road News

Snowdonia Marathon – 25th October
A demanding and spectacular marathon route, encircling Snowdon, Wales’ and England’s highest peak. Two Harriers took part and finished strongly in what is considered to be one of the most difficult road marathons.

Individual Results (1709 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
390 Simon Halliday M40 3:48:20
331 Paul Thompson M40 3:43:41

Full Results

Accrington 10k
A modest turnout of 14 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers for this event. Again some of the competitors had raced the day before, like I said you just can’t hold back a Harrier! Well done to Johnny McKenna (McCann) who finished in 3rd place and well done to Claire Vincent who was the 3rd Lady finisher.

Steve Biscomb also ran, finishing in around 42:30 but is missing from the results.

Individual Results (337 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Jonny McKenna M 34:47
15 Phil Hall MV50 38:06
17 Richard Stevenson M 38:38
40 Nick Roscoe MV45 42:01
49 Claire Vincent F 42:49
68 Richard Anslop M 44:41
69 Alan Clarkson MV55 44:45
93 Alison Dugdale FV45 46:19
113 Brian Wildman MV45 47:24
128 Martin Brady MV50 48:16
155 Julia Rushton FV50 49:37
180 Amanda Duffy FV35 51:49
206 Jackie Kershaw FV40 53:37
218 Robert Hirst MV60 54:14

Full Results

Parkrun News
The parkrun movement continues to go from strength to strength, with new locations joining in the fun on a regular basis. Club members Katy and George Thompson were lucky enough to be a part of the inaugural Fell Foot parkrun last Saturday and here is their report.

George and I were going up to the Joss Naylor Dinner in Wasdale so decided to set off early and take in the new Parkrun at Fell Foot, Newby Bridge.  One of the first people we saw as we arrived was Eileen Jones, former Clayton Ladies Fell Captain. She was with her sister Sheila, who has done most of her 205 Parkruns at Heaton Park.

Eileen had helped set up the Newby Bridge Parkrun and said the organisers were hoping for a small field for their first event.  But they’d reckoned without the enthusiasm of dedicated Parkrunners!  Of the 247 runners who turned up, four had completed over 200 Parkruns and another eight had 100 shirts.  Just under half were first time Park runners.
The run starts on the grass near Windermere then goes out and does a loop round a meadow, comes back along the Lakeside with a short sharp hill back up to the start, then once more round the meadow.  It was a lovely scenic route with the autumn colours on the surrounding hills. So if you’re ever in the Lakes on a Saturday morning it’s well worth a visit.  The usual car park fees at Fell Foot are suspended until after the parkrun if you put a barcode in your car.

Parkrun Roundup
Well done to all of our parkrunners. Many of you went on to run one or, in some cases, 2 other events over the weekend. Congratulations to Susan Burns for her first lady position in the Burnley parkrun!

Heaton Parkrun – 416 Runners

Pos Name Time
113 George Thompson 24:18
140 Katy Thompson 25:06
181 Bryan Searby 26:17

Burnley Parkrun – 172 Runners

Pos Name Time
3 Jonathon Pye 18:23
4 Jacob Watson 18:36
5 Kevin Davies 18:40
6 Terry O’Leary 19:05
10 Susan Burns 20:25
13 Stephen Ainsworth 20:50
21 Donna Riley 22:07
35 Martin Brady 23:42
60 Donna Scott 25:21
88 Annabel Wilcock 27:44
89 John Wilcock 27:44
90 Stuart Barker 27:45
102 Julie Toman 28:27
126 Mike Holden 30:12
160 Harry Manning 36:13

 Pendle Parkrun – 40 Runners

Pos Name Time
6 John Hartley 20:59
16 Robert Hirst 24:27