British Masters & Mid Lancs Cross Country, and the rest of the weeks action

ByAdrienne Olszewska

British Masters & Mid Lancs Cross Country, and the rest of the weeks action

Excellent team performance from Team Clayton at the first Mid Lancs XC fixture from the Men, Women, and Junior teams, this is just the first step towards our goal of putting Clayton-le-Moors Harriers back in the top flight where we belong. Please continue to support the Club throughout the season, everyone on the start line counts.”
Ian Greenwood (Mens Cross Country Captain)

Cross Country News

There were two major cross country events going on for club members this weekend.

Firstly, the British Masters Cross Country Relays in Derby with three teams entered. Two ladies’ teams and a men’s team

Irene Roche (Ladies Captain) reported; “Had a brilliant day in Derby at the Masters Cross Country Championships with the Clayton ladies. Success and enjoyment are the words to describe Team Clayton’s trip to Derby on Saturday 25th. Whilst bronze was awarded to our LV55 team, Christine Leathley, Jean Knightley and Irene Roche, our LV45 team comprising of Anna Kelly, Barbara Savage and Julia Rushton gained 9th place amongst many teams of tough competition.

Clayton Lady XC Team

L-R: Irene Roche, Christine Leathley, Jean Knightley

The course was of neat dry grass consisting of one or two short hilly bits with a short visit through woodland. Two laps of this then brought each runner to the finish line. It was brilliant! Compared to many of our usual XC venues it was bit like running round someone’s very large back garden!

Clayton Ladies XC Team

L-R: Barbara Savage, Anna Kelly and Julia Rushton

Next year we hope to arrive with more teams (hoping it doesn’t clash with our league runs). Thank you and well done girls!

Garry Wilkinson reported; “Many thanks to Paul Shackleton for organising this. Great to see him holding onto Bronze on the 5th, and anchor leg, in the British Masters XC in Derby today. Massive team effort from the ‘boys’. 5 x 3.1 km relay legs. 
We won a bronze medal in the 45-54 age cat and there’s only one of us under 50. That’s an average of 5 min 45sec per mile /average age 51 on grass”

Leg 1 Andy Stubbs 10:58
Leg 2 Mark Aspinall 11:24
Leg 3 Ian Greenwood 11:54
Leg 4 Garry Wilkinson 11:34
Leg 5 Paul Shackleton 11:47 Team Captain

Clayton Mens XC Team

L-R: Andy Stubbs, Mark Aspinall, Ian Greenwood, Garry Wilkinson, Paul Shackleton and mascot

Secondly, the Mid Lancs Cross Country League kicked off at Hyndburn at Wilson’s Playing Fields in Clayton-le-Moors. There was a huge turnout of 71 club members across the races, 30 junior members and 41 seniors.

12 juniors took part in the Under 11 races, some of them competing in cross country racing for the first time, and there were solid performances all round. Jackson McKay had a great run finishing in 3rd place in his race. It’s great to see such enthusiasm in our youngest members and the future looks positive. A credit to the junior coaching team!

Clayton Junior Girls

Clayton junior girls at the Mid Lancs Cross Country fixture

Girls U-11 Results (70 Runners)

13 – Ella Dorrington 9:20
35 – Roanna Holdsworth 10:06
50 – Keira Stevenson 10:34
60 – Kady Thompson 12:50

Boys U-11 Results (66 Runners)

3 – Jackson McKay 7:41
15 – Dexta Thompson 8:42
39 – Cobi Doyle 9:24
43 – Finlay Stubbs 9:42
57 – Jack Skelly 10:35
62 – Finan Holdsworth 11:07
66 – Matthew Astley 12:53

8 juniors took part in the under 13 races with a particularly strong performance from the girls team finishing in 2nd place. The boys team finished in 9th place.

U-13 Girls Results (51 Runners)

2 – Briony Holt 10:04
8 – Eleanor Root 10:41
13 – Millie Stubbs 11:10
31 – Liberty Thompson 12:03
41 – Natasha Olszewska 13:08

Girls team 2nd place (53 Pts) Briony Holt | Eleanor Root | Millie Stubbs | Liberty Thompson

Boys U-13 Results (56 Runners)

22 – Adam Quinn 13:24
49 – Adam Stevenson 16:00
51 – Isaac Wilkinson 16:11

Boys team 9th place (118 pts) Adam Quinn | Adam Stevenson | Isaac Wilkinson

7 juniors took part in the under 15 races. Only 2 girls meant no team placing there, but a strong boys team finished in 4th place.

Girls U-15 Results (22 Runners)

8 – Alice Pier 13:29
22 – Lucy Stevenson 19:32

Boys U-15 Results (41 Runners)

14 – Curtis Holt 16:33
18 – Thomas Bradley 16:29
24 – Ryan Clarke 17:16
34 – Alexander Townrow 18:03
38 – Simon Wilshaw 19:32

Boys Team 4th place (55pts) Curtis Holt | Thomas Bradley | Ryan Clarke

Only 2 juniors competed in the under 17 races. Bethany Quinn ran well finishing 9th in her class with a time of 20:53, and Jordan McDonald finishing 6th in a strong field of runners with a time of 22:24. Well done!

Jordan McDonald

Jordan McDonald in the Mid Lancs Cross Country U-17 race

Senior Ladies

We had 11 ladies running in the senior ladies race with the over 35 team finishing in 2nd place. Some great performances from the ladies team even with a number of ladies away running in the British Masters Relays.

Ladies Individual Results (166 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
9 Candice Heys L35 25:11
45 Vicky Heys L35 28:40
49 Fabienne Richmond L35 28:59
50 Angela Shian L35 29:00
82 Sarah Helliwell L 30:48
95 Dawn Richardson L45 31:20
102 Sarah Whittaker L35 32:02
114 Helen Burnett L35 32:58
135 Adrienne Olszewska L45 36:13
154 Susan Allen L45 40:43
162 Sophie McIntosh L 42:44
Clayton Ladies Cross Country

Clayton Ladies in action at the Mid Lancs Cross Country

Ladies Team Results

Clayton-le-Moors – 9th place (95pts) Candice Heys | Vicky Heys | Fabienne Richmond

Clayton-le-Moors “B” – 22nd place (211 pts) Angela Shian | Sarah Helliwell | Dawn Richardson

Over 35s Team – 2nd Place (41pts) Candice Heys | Vicky Heys | Fabienne Richmond

Over 35s Team “B” – 11th place (115pts) Angela Shian | Dawn Richardson | Sarah Whittaker

Over 45s Team – 9th place (107pts) Dawn Richardson | Adrienne Olszewska | Susan Allen

Senior Men

An excellent turn out of 31 Harriers took part in the men’s race, including George Pier in the U-20 category. First man in was Chris Holdsworth who finished in 17th place with a time of 37:34. The men’s teams finished strongly with a fantastic 1st place for the V60 Mens team. Well done chaps!

Clayton Harrier

A great run from Chris Holdsworth.

Mens Individual Results (296 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
17 Christopher Holdsworth M 37:34
52 Lee Smith M 41:06
57 Carl Helliwell M 41:06
59 Dave Motley M 41:14
71 Richard Stevenson M 42:00
87 Andrew Orr MV40 42:59
92 Michael O’Donnell MV40 43:02
102 George Pier U20 43:28
108 Alex Cran MV40 43:43
116 John Roche MV50 44:10
122 Michael Hogan MV40 44:29
136 Sean Clare MV40 45:12
138 Breton Holdsworth MV40 45:16
167 John Wilcock MV50 47:00
192 Peter Booth MV60 MV60 47:55
193 Jeffrey Pickup MV60 47:56
213 Richard Briscoe M 50:04
217 Andrew Howarth MV50 50:14
221 David McCallum MV60 50:47
224 James Hickie MV50 51:01
227 Stephen White MV50 51:14
229 M Thistlethwaite MV60 51:31
230 Paul Wale MV40 51:42
241 Martin Brady MV50 63:00
271 Robert Hirst MV60 57:50
272 David Burnett MV40 58:02
279 Stuart Hartley MV50 59:55
280 Ted Orrell MV70 1:00:09
288 Adam Hamer M 1:01:06
292 Richard Lawson MV70 1:07:06
296 Jack McGuire MV50 1:17:32
Clayton Harriers Cross Country

Clayton Harrier, John Wilcock, storming up the muddy slope

Men’s Team Results

Clayton-le-Moors – 8th place (310pts) C Holdsworth | L Smith | C Helliwell | D Motley | R Stevenson | A Orr

Clayton-le-Moors “B” – 15th place (617pts) M O’Donnell | G Pier | A Cran | J Roche | M Hogan | S Clare

Vets Over 40s – 8th place (161pts) A Orr | M O’Donnell | A Cran | J Roche

Vets Over 40s Team “B” – 14th place (267pts) M Hogan | S Clare | B Holdsworth | J Wilcock

Vets Over 50s – 7th place (78pts) J Roche | J Wilcock | H Booth

Vets Over 50s Team “B” – 14th place (143pts) J Pickup | A Howarth | D McCallum

Vets Over 60s – 1st place (22pts) P Booth | J Pickup | D McCallum

Vets Over 60s Team “B” – 4th place (49pts) M Thistlethwaite | R Hirst | T Orrell

Full Results

Trail & Fell News

Great Whernside Fell Race – 25th October
9 of our club members took part in this classic fell race. Linda Lord finished 1st Lady Vet 60.

Great Whernside Fell Race

Linda Lord at the Great Whernside Fell Race – photo courtesy of Woodentops

Individual Results (157 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
76 Ivan Whigham MV50 00:42:22
85 Peter Browning MV50 00:43:33
93 Mark Nutter MV50 00:44:33
94 Ian Robinson MV50 00:44:36
111 Richard Bellaries MV60 00:46:34
113 Rick Moore MV50 00:47:07
115 Andrew Dugdale MV50 00:47:19
118 Peter Dugdale MV50 00:47:34
121 Andrew Firth MV50 00:47:48
136 Linda Lord FV60 00:49:29

Full Results

Montane Trail 26 at Rivington – 26th October

Nicholas Olszewski and Tim Piggot took Harriers took part in this popular trail marathon.

Report from Nicholas Olszewski

This event has a lot of nostalgia for me as it’s my old stomping ground from the early 80’s when I lived in Bolton and ran for Horwich RMI.

The route takes you through the Chinese gardens of Rivington Pike, around the beacon and up to Winter Hill, dropping down into Belmont. Next is Delph Reservoir at Egerton before the long slog over to Darwen Tower, which seems to go on forever, partly due to the fact that you get a glimpse of it early on and it doesn’t seem to get any nearer.

Once you get Darwen Tower out of the way the climbing and bog is behind you, all that’s left is a little road work through Withnell and Brinscal before trails heading back to Rivington & Blackrod School, running alongside the reservoirs at Anglezarke.

Chuffed with my time and performance this year, knocked an hour of last years’ time, which I think was achieved by my increased running mileage and cycling, I’ll be back next year to try and break the 4 hour barrier; I was just over this year by about 8 minutes.

Individual Results (148 Finishers)

Pos Name Cat Time
25 Nicholas Olszewski MV50 04:08:21
69 Tim Piggott M 04:46:44

Full Results

Tandle Hill Trail Race – 26th October
A couple of Harriers took part in this event. Tandle Hill is a famous landmark in Rochdale that is known for its amazing views of the Pennines and surrounding areas. The race has all the features people love about trail running. Country Lanes, woodland running, grassy trails and paths, undulations, amazing views and scenery and a very fast, long, downhill finish. 5.8 miles , 573 ft of climbing

Individual Results (87 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
10 Jon Hanson M 40:45
67 Stephen Fish M 55:25

Full Results

Bronte Way Race – 26th October
There were 9 Harriers taking part in this race with a number of them racing for the second time this weekend. There’s just no stopping some people!

New member, Julie Toman was the only Clayton lady running in this race.  She has come a long way in a short time; from her first park run 12 months ago to running tough local trail and fell races. Well done Julie!

Clayton Harriers Fell Running

Ian Greenwood, racing for the second time this weekend – photo courtesy of Woodentops

Individual Results (158 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
16 David Naughton MV50 01:03:26
20 Ian Greenwood MV50 01:04:46
32 Sean Clare MV45 01:07:17
40 Ivan Whigham MV50 01:08:25
41 Chris Funnell MV45 01:08:28
47 Andy Bradley MV45 01:09:10
92 Mark Nutter MV50 01:20:55
104 Jeff Hignett MV35 1:20:55
150 Julie Toman FV45 1:36:35

Full Results

OMM – The Original Mountain Marathon
Founded in 1968 the OMM is the originator of the 2 day mountain marathon type event and is for teams of 2, carrying all clothing, equipment, tent, sleeping bag, food for 36 hours, navigating one’s own route and including an overnight camp. There are 7 different classes, (the course distances quoted are over 2 days) the longest being the Elite which is literally 2 consecutive marathon length days or thereabouts and with c2,500m of ascent over 2 days.

Class A – Wendy Dodds with Sarah Rowell 18th place with a time of 13:18:44

Long Score – 12th place Jean Brown and Mike Wallis with a time of 12:47:43

Full Results

Road News

Snowdonia Marathon – 25th October
A demanding and spectacular marathon route, encircling Snowdon, Wales’ and England’s highest peak. Two Harriers took part and finished strongly in what is considered to be one of the most difficult road marathons.

Individual Results (1709 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
390 Simon Halliday M40 3:48:20
331 Paul Thompson M40 3:43:41

Full Results

Accrington 10k
A modest turnout of 14 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers for this event. Again some of the competitors had raced the day before, like I said you just can’t hold back a Harrier! Well done to Johnny McKenna (McCann) who finished in 3rd place and well done to Claire Vincent who was the 3rd Lady finisher.

Steve Biscomb also ran, finishing in around 42:30 but is missing from the results.

Individual Results (337 Runners)

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Jonny McKenna M 34:47
15 Phil Hall MV50 38:06
17 Richard Stevenson M 38:38
40 Nick Roscoe MV45 42:01
49 Claire Vincent F 42:49
68 Richard Anslop M 44:41
69 Alan Clarkson MV55 44:45
93 Alison Dugdale FV45 46:19
113 Brian Wildman MV45 47:24
128 Martin Brady MV50 48:16
155 Julia Rushton FV50 49:37
180 Amanda Duffy FV35 51:49
206 Jackie Kershaw FV40 53:37
218 Robert Hirst MV60 54:14

Full Results

Parkrun News
The parkrun movement continues to go from strength to strength, with new locations joining in the fun on a regular basis. Club members Katy and George Thompson were lucky enough to be a part of the inaugural Fell Foot parkrun last Saturday and here is their report.

George and I were going up to the Joss Naylor Dinner in Wasdale so decided to set off early and take in the new Parkrun at Fell Foot, Newby Bridge.  One of the first people we saw as we arrived was Eileen Jones, former Clayton Ladies Fell Captain. She was with her sister Sheila, who has done most of her 205 Parkruns at Heaton Park.

Eileen had helped set up the Newby Bridge Parkrun and said the organisers were hoping for a small field for their first event.  But they’d reckoned without the enthusiasm of dedicated Parkrunners!  Of the 247 runners who turned up, four had completed over 200 Parkruns and another eight had 100 shirts.  Just under half were first time Park runners.
The run starts on the grass near Windermere then goes out and does a loop round a meadow, comes back along the Lakeside with a short sharp hill back up to the start, then once more round the meadow.  It was a lovely scenic route with the autumn colours on the surrounding hills. So if you’re ever in the Lakes on a Saturday morning it’s well worth a visit.  The usual car park fees at Fell Foot are suspended until after the parkrun if you put a barcode in your car.

Parkrun Roundup
Well done to all of our parkrunners. Many of you went on to run one or, in some cases, 2 other events over the weekend. Congratulations to Susan Burns for her first lady position in the Burnley parkrun!

Heaton Parkrun – 416 Runners

Pos Name Time
113 George Thompson 24:18
140 Katy Thompson 25:06
181 Bryan Searby 26:17

Burnley Parkrun – 172 Runners

Pos Name Time
3 Jonathon Pye 18:23
4 Jacob Watson 18:36
5 Kevin Davies 18:40
6 Terry O’Leary 19:05
10 Susan Burns 20:25
13 Stephen Ainsworth 20:50
21 Donna Riley 22:07
35 Martin Brady 23:42
60 Donna Scott 25:21
88 Annabel Wilcock 27:44
89 John Wilcock 27:44
90 Stuart Barker 27:45
102 Julie Toman 28:27
126 Mike Holden 30:12
160 Harry Manning 36:13

 Pendle Parkrun – 40 Runners

Pos Name Time
6 John Hartley 20:59
16 Robert Hirst 24:27


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