Chorley Cross Country and the rest of the weeks action

ByTom Brewster

Chorley Cross Country and the rest of the weeks action

Weekly Roundup
Red Rose League: Chorley Cross Country – Astley Park, Chorley, Saturday 8th November 2014 was attended by 41 members, Rachel Robinson reflects on her first XC experience since Primary School after claiming first counter for Clayton in the Senior ladies race:

On Saturday 8th November saw me complete my first cross country at Chorley the second Red Rose league venue. I have not completed a cross country since primary school and I am far from a competitive runner. Initially I was feeling quite dubious however when the gun fired I thoroughly enjoyed ploughing my way through the muddy tracks. The course was enjoyable with lots of variation, woods, muddy banks and undulating adventurous trails. I completed the race with a sprint finish at the end against another competitor which boosted my adrenaline to the finish line. It was good to have other Clayton ladies running with me which made me feel part of a supportive team and I will definitely want to do another. There was lots of other Clayton runners there which were all out cheering each other on. Well done everyone!!

Under 11 Boys
Pos Name               Time
1 Jackson McKay     5:54
9 Dexta Thompson   6:30
67 Finan Holdsworth 8:45

Under 11 Boys – TEAM RESULTS
6th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Jackson McKay
Dexta Thompson
Finan Holdsworth

Under 11 Girl
Pos Name                       Time
12 Ella Dorrington-Levy   7:06
26 Roanna Holdsworth    7:23
47 Keira Stevenson         7:48
63 Eloise Clegg                8:14
85 Rachel Stevenson       8:52
105 Millie MacCube         10:13

Under 11 Girl – TEAM RESULTS
8th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Ella Dorrington-Levy
Roanna Holdsworth
Keira Stevenson

Under 13 Boys
Pos Name                    Time
25 Adam Quinn           10:58
35 Harry Mason           11:54
45 Daniel Bradley        13:41

Under 13 Boys — TEAM RESULTS
6th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Adam Quinn
Harry Mason
Daniel Bradley

Under 13 Girl
Pos Name                  Time
2 Briony Holt              10:16
15 Millie Stubbs          11:14
28 Liberty Thompson 12:09
41 Natasha Olszewska 12:49

Under 13 Girl – TEAM RESULTS
4th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Briony Holt
Millie Stubbs
Liberty Thompson

Under 15 – Boys
Pos Name                    Time
6 Curtis Holt                 16:18
13 Thomas Bradley      16:58
25 Simon Wilshaw        18:49

Under 15 – Boys – TEAM RESULTS
3rd Clayton- Le-Moors Harriers
Curtis Holt
Thomas Bradley
Simon Wilshaw

Under 15 – Girls
Pos Name                  Time
5 Alice Pier                17:52
36 Lucy Stevenson    27:01

Senior Ladies
Pos Name                    Time
45 Rachel Robinson    22:24
51 Irene Roche            23:01
61 Sarah Helliwell       23:28
126 Susan Allen          30:41
131 Christine Leathley 31:47

Race 6 – Ladies -TEAM RESULTS
16th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Rachel Robinson
Irene Roche
Sarah Helliwell

Race 6 – U17 Women
Pos Name                 Time
15 Bethany Quinn     23:27

George Pier

George Pier

Senior Men
Pos Name                         Time
41 Breton Holdsworth       41:01
48 Carl Helliwell                42:04
51 Andrew Armstrong       42:10
56 Colin Shuttleworth       42:24
64 George Pier                 43:16
97 Sean Clare                  45:18
103 Alex Cran                  45:46
121 John Wilcock             47:19
127 Peter Booth               47:35
163 Andy Quinn               50:06
168 Stephen White          50:42
170 Dugald McCallum     50:51
172 Peter Browning         50:55
191 James Hickie            52:10

8th Clayton-Le-Moors Harriers
Breton Holdsworth
Carl Helliwell
Andrew Armstrong
Colin Shuttleworth
George Pier
Sean Clare

Fell Roundup

Dunnerdale Fell Race Sat 8th Nov, 5 miles
12 Clayton members travelled up to the Lake District on Saturday to run the Dunnerdale Fell Race.
This is probably the best “A Short” fell race according to most runners who have every run it. There are quite a few climbs but they are not very long except the intial climb.
I had forgotten what a good race this is. It is like all the best parts of a long Lakes race compressed in to a small area – Wendy Dodds took the LV60 honours with Linda Lord and KatyThomspon 2nd and 3rd.

Pos Name                    Time

113 Mark Nutter            58:03
114 Jean Brown            58:12
117 John Sharples        58:30
121 Wendy Dodds        59:21
139 Peter Dugdale        62:22
141 Andrew Dugdale     62:24
147 Martin Brady           62:46
167 Mark Taylor            65:00
169 Andrew Firth           65:07
172 Linda Lord              65:20
193 Katy Thompson      67:38
217 Kath Brady             77:06

Wadsworth Half Trog Sun 9th Nov, 9.25Miles

Sean Clare and Gary Balmer

Sean Clare and Gary Balmer

6 Members also took part in the Wadsworth Half Trog near Hebden Bridge, a 9.25mile classic fell race taking in all the best terrain of the full Trog, without the full distance but still penty of varied tough terrain to tackle:

Pos Name                        Time
25 Jeffrey Pickup             1:27:53
31 Chris Funnell               1:28:27
46 (lady 5) Jean Brown    1:34:45
48 Nigel Hodson              1:35:02
61 Gary Balmer               1:41:37
76 Sean Clare                 1:43:47

Road Roundup

Blackpool Windmill 10k, Sun 9th November

Christopher Holdsworth on his way to winning the Windmill 10k

Christopher Holdsworth on his way to winning the Windmill 10k

7 road enthusiasts headed over to sunny Blackpool on Sunday for the Windmill 10k, Chris Holdsworth continuing his impressive form and winning streak by notching up another win in a pb of 33:10. Kev Davies was also in fine form claiming V50 spot.

Pos Name                         Time
1 Christopher Holdsworth  33:10
9 Kevin Davies                   36:01
15 Terry O’Leary               37:06
182 Duffy Amanda            47:32
237 Lee Moore                  50:04
473 Adam Hamer              58:38
566 Sophie McIntosh        01:03:50

Windmill 10K - Amanda Duffy, Lee Moore, Terry O'Leary, Kevin James Davies, Christopher Holdsworth, Sophie McIntosh and Adam Hamer

Windmill 10K – Amanda Duffy, Lee Moore, Terry O’Leary, Kevin James Davies, Christopher Holdsworth, Sophie McIntosh and Adam Hamer

Parkrun Roundup

Burnley Parkrun: 144 runners took part

13 Members took part in Burnley Parkrun, Jordan McDonald continuing his fine form by claiming second behind Marc Hartley – Jonathan Pye and Jacob Watson carrying on their Parkrun rivalry with Jonny taking victory on this occasion and Dawn Terry claiming the place of 1st Lady.

Pos parkrunner               Time      Gender Pos
2 Jordan MCDONALD      17:39            2
4 Jonathan PYE                18:38           4
5 Jacob WATSON            19:10            5
13 Stephen AINSWORTH 21:03          13
25 David Ian SCOTT         23:08          25
32 Dawn TERRY               23:53           1
62 Ron CHAPPELL           26:29          49
71 Robert HIRST               27:34          54
73 Julie TOMAN                27:36          18
78 Stuart BARKER            27:50          58
83 Annabel WILCOCK       28:01         22
84 John WILCOCK            28:02         62
93 Joshua MCKAY            28:47         67

Pendle Parkrun: 38 runners took part

Pendle Parkrun was attended by John Hartley and Sue Burns, with Sue taking the honours in the ladies race:

Pos parkrunner      Time    Gender Pos
6      John Hartley    21:22           6
7      Susan Burns    21:25          1


Recovering from injury, Road Captain Tom Brewster tentatively took back to competing by entering the Men’s Health “Survival of the fittest” race in Manchester – a Tough-Mudder style 10k course around the Etihad Stadium and the surrounding parks, dotted with obstacles and including two dunks in the very cold Manchester Shipping canal!

Tom completed the course in 1:16 taking 3rd position in his wave and 225th overall – 2668 people took part.

Pos  Name               Time           Wave         Wave Pos
225  Tom Brewster   01:16:37    Wave 10          3

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