People’s Postcode Lottery

ByJack O'Hara

People’s Postcode Lottery

Clayton-Le-Moors Juniors will be even more visible in their training and competing in the dark winter months, thanks to a £2000 grant from The Postcode Community Trust, which is supported by players of The Peoples Postcode Lottery.

The grant which was put towards new waterproof clothing, Hi-Visibility Jackets, Body Torches and tracksuits will enable Clayton Juniors to train safely both on road and off road during the winter months. – The addition of the body torches means that the Juniors can still train in fields, trails and hills in the evening, which is vital for training for the X-Country Season.

Without this grant from #PostcodeLottery the group would have had to stick to lit paths and roads during the dark winter months.

The High Visibility Jackets add to the safety, with the Juniors and run leaders wearing them. The High-Vis Jackets are also worn by marshals at Clayton Juniors organised races, making it easier for anyone to identify a marshal or organiser.

Marion Wilkinson, Clayton Juniors Co-ordinator said “I am very grateful to The Peoples Postcode Lottery for this grant. Our Juniors work hard week in week out to train and compete at the highest level both locally and nationally. – Our role as coaches is to help and assist by providing interesting, stimulating and challenging training, so that every junior can grow and develop in their running, their team skills, and general well-being. The purchase of the kit will help enable that”.

Clayton Juniors wearing the new high-vis gear
Clayton Juniors sporting the new high-vis gear

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