July/August Roundup

ByHelen Stevens

July/August Roundup

July/August Roundup

It’s a bit of a short edition this month – many thanks to David, Rebecca and Richard for your reports. I’m not sure that getting you to volunteer to provide race reports is working, so from now on I may also be approaching people to write about the interesting races they’ve done. Let this be your warning!

Remember you don’t have to be the best sports writer – just a few sentences and some photographs are fine. If you would like to volunteer a report, please email it to roundup@claytonlemoors.org.uk

And if I’ve missed anything out or made any mistakes, please let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible.

Race Reports

Return to the Fells

by David Edmondson

Morecambe 10k – July 7th

David Edmondson at the Morecambe 10k

David Edmondson at the Morecambe 10k

After almost 12 months of giving road running a good go I finally admitted that it’s time to go back to my first love and run on the fells again. The turning point was the Morecambe 10K on the first weekend of July. A very flat fast course and I felt I’d be able to go under 36 minutes on that course having run 36:36 in the Trafford 10K in very poor conditions back in March, I should have been faster and stronger. I was however a bit fatigued from training hard and I’d not tapered to the same extent. To cut a long story short I was running through treacle for much of the race and came in 4th in 37:07. I was third Vet 50 with a V45 in third and the winner was a V55! In fact there were only 2 runners under 35 years old in the top 10! Well it was Morecambe; I guess the jokes about god’s waiting room might have a bit truth in them. The conditions were great except a strong sea breeze, beautiful blue skies and great views across Morecambe Bay. I felt a bit deflated after the race and gazed across to the Lakeland Fells and something clicked, yes I’d had enough of road running, I’d given it my best shot, I’d set out to get an England vest and done so but once my times levelled off it didn’t really feel like there was much left for me, it seemed a bit one dimensional. Time for a change!

Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race – July 28

Kentmere Horseshoe Route

Kentmere Horseshoe Route

I’ve not done a fell race for over two years with the exception of Fallfest last September. My last real fell race was the Anniversary Waltz in April 2017 where I came in just over the 2 hour mark but finished strong running hard along the final descent, track and road. I subsequently had some calf issues, another clue that at the time that I was still overstriding. Even before that I’d been doing a bit of work on posture, core strength and gait. I’ve subsequently focused on that process more and more, culminating in resigning from my secondary teaching career and becoming a full time Pilates Teacher.

David ascending at the Kentmere Horseshoe Race

David ascending at the Kentmere Horseshoe Race

Anyway on the last weekend of July I originally had a choice of the Lancaster 10 or the Caldervale 10 as I was planning on stepped up the road distances. A quick look at the Fellrunning Calendar showed that Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race was that weekend. I’d only done it once before back in 2008 when I was not particularly fit but we always seemed to be on holiday that late in July so I’ve not returned despite it being a favourite route. It was an easy decision; back to fell running.
The weather forecast didn’t look great at first but a closer look showed the rain and cloud would be clearing from the east, it was however very sunny and warm, the Pete Bland van was selling out fast on peaked caps! It was great to catch up with runners I’d not seen for a few years, not just from Clayton but other local clubs; a great atmosphere.

The race started promptly at 1:00 and I wasn’t too sure of my pace or position but I wasn’t too worried either. The run out on the track was good but then up towards Buck Crag through the bracken on a steep climb we all started to feel hot, the air in amongst the trod was stifling. Although my legs felt strong I was puffing and panting going up there and really felt like I’d not done this for a while. Dave Nuttal, a former Clayton runner, was pulling away form me. Not to worry I resolved to take it pretty easy on the climb as it lasts a while and more importantly to enjoy the climb. The view on either side of Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick are stunning and the climb is the time to enjoy them.

David enjoyed the views from the summit

David enjoyed the views from the summit


I lost a few more places running up to High Street before the nice steady descending down to Nan Bield Pass. Across this sort of terrain and feeling okay I knew I could open my legs up a bit a get some of those places back. Climbing up from the Pass I started to feel a bit of fatigue and started to remember it’d been a long while since I’d raced beyond an hour. I wasn’t the only one suffering, quite a few were suffering from the attentions of the sun and there seemed to be a lot hobbling after turning an ankle. The steady descending off Kentmere Pike again gave me a chance to move a bit faster and then the final steep and, in places, rocky descent to the valley bottom. With tired legs I took it pretty easy but by the bottom I was done. I had planned on running fast on the last mile or so which is flattish track, it wasn’t to work out quite like that: the wheels had fallen off, the only runners I passed looked worse than I did.

On reflection I’m ignoring times and numbers and focusing on how I felt. Although I lacked the strength endurance I felt like I moved well and the work I’ve done on stability, strength, posture and gait was paying off well.

Great performances from all the other Clayton runners, especially Andy Laycock who is proving to be a class act running the fastest time since Andy Brown in 2010, meanwhile Jean Brown wrapped up a Lake District Grand Prix V50 podium.
Andy Laycock 1:46:46
David Edmondson 2:01:10
Ralph Baines 2:15:25
Jean Brown 2:16:16
Teresa De Curtis 2:38:55
Nicola Spenser 2:59;39

PS I’ve an entry for Chester Marathon going cheap if anyone fancies it!

Pendleton Fell Race

by Rebecca Bradshaw

Rebecca and her dad Jez at the start of Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Rebecca and her dad Jez at the start of Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by David Belshaw

I’ve often wanted to try some local fell races but felt that I’d be out of my depth. Realising I’d have to actually do them to get better, I decided to have a go at Pendleton. I instantly regretted it when I arrived and looked desperately for someone I’m used to running with. Everyone looked like an experienced fell runner! Some friendly Clayton faces reassured me that I’d get round in one piece so I set off near the back with my dad who was running it with me. After a lap of a field, the climbing started right away but I felt surprisingly good and the views were incredible. I was feeling proud thinking I was nearly at the top then heard someone groan and looked up to see a line of runners climbing a much steeper ascent ahead.

Rebecca descending at Pendleton Fell Race

Rebecca descending at Pendleton Fell Race

I managed both climbs but my real struggle was descending. As much as I tried to follow the “brain off, breaks off” mantra, all I could think was “Lucy will kill me if I break a leg before our marathon”. I nervously and ungracefully made my way down and will have to do some work to change my style from elephant to mountain goat! I had a second wind with about a mile to go and knowing even I couldn’t get lost at that point, I pushed on to the finish without my dad (sorry dad, I had to mention beating you!). I was overwhelmed by how encouraging and inclusive fell runners are and felt like I’d been instantly adopted into the community. If anyone is lacking in confidence but wants to try some fells, I would urge you to just have a go. It definitely won’t be my last!

The Blisco Briscoe Dash

by Richard Briscoe

One of my favourite races in the fell running calendar this. On a Wednesday afternoon after work I decided to drive up to the Langdales to do the race. On the way the weather wasn’t that bad but when I got to Kendal the rain started, I thought it was only going to be a shower. I brought my tent up with me so I arrived at Dungeon Ghyll pitched up my tent in the driving rain and got ready for the race.

The race is only five miles but there I over 2500 feet of climbing. The start of the race its a fast road section and then the path cuts off to the right going towards red tarn and to the summit of Blisco. I got to the top the weather was terrible thick fog and driving rain there were a group of up together I was with Ivan Wigham I think we took the longer descent cos of the weather but we found the route back where we came.

Richard on the Ascent. Photo by Grand Day Out Photography

Richard on the Ascent. Photo by Grand Day Out Photography

Ivan passed me on the descent it was very slippy on the rocks by the river but got to the road section so I had to try and catch up so had to speed up on the road. I finished the race and was drenched, some of the runners went straight back to the Old Dungeon Ghyll. I had a quick shower and got changed and caught up the lads in the pub for the presentation and afterwards there was folk music on so I was a good day and night all round.

Results Roundup

2nd July – Rochdale 10k – Results

2nd M60 – Alan Clarkson

2nd July – Stoodley Pike Fell Race – Results

1st MU18 – Jackson Mackay; 2nd MU18 – Charlie Parkinson.

3rd July – Astley Park Trail Race Series 3/4 – Results

6th July – Blackfell Race – Results

6th July – Heptonstall Festival Fell Race – Results

3rd MS – Dave Motley; 3rd MV40 – Carl Helliwell; 2nd V50 – Neil Hardiman.

7th July – Hendon Brook (PBGP) – Results

3rd M50 – Chris Funnell; 2nd M60 – John Roche; 2nd FS – Elizabeth Stephenson; 3rd F35 – Donna Airey; 2nd F40 – Lisa Stansfield; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 3rd F40 – Cassandra Smedley; 3rd F50 – Helen Harrison; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd F60 – Julia Taylor.

7th July – Morecambe 10k – Results

3rd V50 – David Edmondson

7th July – Skiddaw Fell Race – Results

9th July – Ian Terry Memorial 5k Cowm Reservoir Race – Results

1st MJ and 2nd overall – Nicholas Hennessey; 1st Female and 1st FJ – Helana White; 3rd MJ – Peter Stevens; 1st M60 – John Roche; 3rd M60 – Alan Clarkson.

11th July – Bull Hill Fell Race – Results

1st M60 – Brian Horrocks

13th July – Warton 10k – Results

13th July – Wasdale Fell Race – Results

14th July – Towneley 10K (PBGP) – Results

1st MJ – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd M50 – Chris Funnell; 1st M60 – John Roche; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F55 – Julia Rushton; 3rd FS – Sophie Carr; 3rd F50 – Helen Harrison; 3rd F60 – Julia Taylor; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 1st M75 – David Scott; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley.

14th July – Towneley Junior Races (PBGP) – Results

2nd M9 – Francis Woodruff; 2nd F13 – Eleanor Edwards; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M15 – Robbie Smedley; 3rd M15 – William Woodruff; 1st F17 – Ella Dorrington; 2nd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft; 3rd F17 – Tanith-Jade Ellis.

14th July – Garstang Ice Cream 10k – Results

17th July – Blisco Dash – Results (Excel Spreadsheet)

20th July – Man v Lakes – Results

21st July – Asda Burnley 10k – Results

2nd – Mark Magee; 1st Female – Laura Hesketh;

24th July – Padiham Greenway 5k (PBGP) – Results

1st MJ and 3rd overall – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MJ – Charlie Parkinson; 1st M55 – Kevin Davies; 3rd M40 – Gareth Berry; 2nd M60 – John Roche; 1st FS and 3rd Female overall – Rhiannon Wickham; 3rd FJ – Millie Stubbs; 2nd M70 – Barry Mitchell; 3rd F55 – Julia Rushton; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd M75 – David Scott; 3rd M75 – Richard Lanson; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley.

24th July – Padiham Greenway Junior Races (PBGP) – U7/U9 Results – U11/U13 Results – U15/U17 Results

3rd M7 Alistair Motley; 2nd F13 – Amelia Halstead; 1st F11 – Lottie Grace Smith; 1st M17 – Peter Stevens; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M15 – William Woodruff; 2nd M17 – Connor Jones; 3rd M17 – Lennon Jackson; 3rd M15 – Robbie Smedley; 2nd F17 – Sophie Ashworth; 3rd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft.

27th July – Tolkien Trail 10k – Results

1st F60 – Julia Taylor; 2nd M70 – Charlie Clutterbuck.

28th July – Kentmere Horseshoe Fell Race – Results

30th July – Uphill Fell Race (Summer Series) – Results

30th July – Downhill Fell Race (Summer Series) – Results

2nd August – Power of 5k (Lancaster) – Results

3rd August – Borrowdale Fell Race – Results

3rd August – Creag Dhubh Hill Race – Results

4th August – Worsthorne Moor (PBGP) – Results

1st M23 and 3rd Overall – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MS – Ryan Bradshaw; 1st M60 – John Roche; 3rd M45 – Jason Pier; 2nd FS – Donna Airey; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 3rd FS – Sophie Carr; 2nd F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd F60 – Julia Taylor; 1st M80 – David Scott.

4th August – Worsthorne Moor Junior Races (PBGP) – Results

3rd M9 – Francis Woodruff; 1st F13 – Eleanor Edwards; 1st M15 – William Woodruff; 1st F17 – Ella Dorrington; 1st M17 – Lennon Jackson; 2nd M17 – Theo Burfield; 2nd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft.

7th August – Astley Park Trail Race 4/4 – Results

10th August – Littondale Fete 4 – Results

12th August – Boulsworth Fell Race (PBGP) – Results

2nd W45 – Teresa de Curtis; 3rd W45 – Janice Davies; 1st W60 – Irene Roche; 1st W70 – Karin Goss; 2nd W70 – Christine Leathley; 3rd M40 – Will Herman; 3rd MU21 – Nicholas Hennessey.

12th August – Boulsworth Fell Junior Races (PBGP) – U7/U9 Results – U11/U13 Results – U15/U17 Results

2nd U11G – Lottie Grace Smith; 1st U13G – Eleanor Edwards; 2nd U13G – Eliena Lusty; 3rd U15G – Sianna Smith; 2nd U17B – Lennon Jackson; 3rd U17B – Theo Burfield; 1st U17G – Ella Dorrington; 3rd U17G – Bethany Wheatcroft.

13th August – Coppice Trail (Summer Series) – Results

14th August – Whittle Pike Fell Race – Results

1st MV60 – Geoff Gough; 3rd MV50 – Alan Life; 1st LV70 – Linda Lord.

17th August – Catherine Dowdall Memorial Fell Race, Darwen – Results

2nd M55 – Mark Nutter; 2nd M70 – Dugald McCallum; 1st F65 – Katy Thompson.

17th August – Podium 5k Races, Barrowford – A Race Results – B Race Results

1st B Race FJ – Helana White; 2nd B Race MS – Danny Fleming.

18th August – Norland Moor Trail Race – Results

22nd August – Stanley Curran 73rd Birthday 5k Cowm – Results

1st M70 – Barry Mitchell

24th August – Pendleton Fell Race – Senior Results – Junior Results

27th August – Littleborough Lions 5k – Results

28th August – Harrock Hill (4/4) – Results

31st August – Blackshaw Head Fete Fell Race – Results

Parkrun Roundup

Course PBs from our local Parkruns.

6th July Burnley Mark Magee SM30-34 16:47
Nicholas Hennessey JM15-17 17:15
Jake Anforth  JM11-14 23:27
Hyndburn Jack O’Hara  SM20-24 21:55
 13th July Burnley Chris Dunderdale  SM30-34  21:18
 20th July Burnley William Woodruff  JM11-14 19:11
Eleanor Edwards   JW11-14  22:28
 27th July Burnley Nicholas Hennessey  JM15-17 16:52
William Woodruff  JM11-14 18:57
Jack O’Hara  SM20-24 20:05
Lucy Scott SW30-34 24:40
Owen Edwards  JM10  25:10
Hyndburn Katy Thompson  VW65-69  27:09
Pendle Connor Jones  JM11-14  20:10
Susan Farnworth  VW60-64  32:55
 3rd August Burnley Charlie Parkinson  JM15-17  19:03
Bethany Wheatcroft  JW15-17  23:22
Paul Thompson  VW45-49  24:31
TJ Ellis  JW15-17  27:17
 Centre Vale Laura Hesketh  VW35-39  18:06
 Hyndburn Dawn Terry  VW55-59  26:29
 Pendle Susan Farnworth  VW60-64  32:28
 17th August  Burnley Joni Higgins  JW11-14  33:04
 Hyndburn Jack O’Hara  SM20-24  21:39
 24th August  Burnley Darcey Hirst  JW11-14  26:50
 Centre Vale Ian Hargreaves  VM55-59  30:41
 Hyndburn Jane Hylands  VW45-49  30:28
 Pendle William Woodruff  JM11-14  22:00
 31st August  Burnley Charlie Parkinson  JM15-17  18:38

Junior Parkrun Roundup

 7th July Clitheroe Castle  Charlie Fee JM11-14  07:36
 16th June Burnley  Helana White JW11-14  06:58
 Guy Whalley JM11-14  08:26
Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls JW11-14  08:35
 23rd June Burnley  Olivia Huyton JW11-14  08:42

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