June Roundup

ByHelen Stevens

June Roundup

Welcome to June’s Roundup

This month you’ve got a wealth of interesting Race Reports and articles to read. The Roundup is nothing without these, so special thanks go to this month’s contributors – Rachael White, Michelle Abbott, Katy Thompson, Craig Eccles, Donna Airey, Cassie Darling-Smedley, Irene Roche and Jason Pier.

As usual, please let me know of any mistakes or omissions and I’ll sort it out as soon as possible – just email roundup@claytonlemoors.org.uk

July and August’s Roundups will be amalgamated due to holidays. Please forward your race reports as usual though. Thanks!

 Modern Pentathlon Laser Run

by Rachael White

When is running not just running?,  When you run into a target area, shoot at targets with a laser pistol until you have 5 hits and then run 400-80 m, round a course and back into the shooting range to repeat the whole process several times in an exciting first past the post Modern Pentathlon Laser Run competition .

Helana White. Photo by Rachael White

Helana White. Photo by Rachael White

This is what 2 Clayton Juniors Alfie and Helana did in the British Laser Run Championship Qualifiers on 23rd June. They both train in Modern Pentathlon, (Alfie also Fences weekly) – and entered the completion against the top British Athletes.  Both were successful in their competitions, and  have now been selected by Pentathlon GB to represent Great Britain in the European Championships in Weiden, Germany in August and the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary in early September.

Alfie White. Photo by Rachael White

Alfie White. Photo by Rachael White

Their passion for shooting and competing is infectious, so straight after the Trawden Burnley & Pendle Grandprix race, Helana & Alfie were joined by Ellisia and Robbie travelling west to Fleetwood for the School Games Qualifiers at Rossall School. – All four children were amazing (especially considering the run course had been marked out wrong and they ran an extra 400 metres). They have now been ranked against all other heats in the country and wait to see if they have made the national schools finals.

Robbie Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

Robbie Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

It is great to see the Clayton Juniors using their run speed and stamina and fitness in other sports, not just the traditional running.

Ellissia Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

Ellissia Smedley. Photo by Rachael White

Witton Park Relays Race Report

by Michelle Abbott

Well I had the pleasure of managing 9 fabulous ladies teams for the Witton Park Relays, my first one as official road captain and I had an amazing response. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of ladies. Everyone gave it their all and we had some brilliant results across the board.


Judith had an amazing sprint finish, giving everything to finish in front. Photo by David Belshaw


I just want to to say thank you to all that took part with an extra thank you to Donna Airey who went out twice – you’re a star! Hopefully I will see plenty of you ladies for the next relays at Sport City in September, you can’t beat a good team event.

Aggies Staircase Fell Race Report

Report by Katy Thompson

After several years of doing results and a couple of years of being on holiday, this was my first chance to do my local race for 10 years. A fine evening saw 88 runners set off from Punstock Road for the first climb up to Darwen Tower, then back down to the top of Bold Venture Park and up the overgrown gully that is Jacobs Ladder. Over the moor and down to the bottom of Aggies Staircase, the shortest but steepest of the three climbs, now very eroded. Then it was back past the Tower and down to the finish at Punstock, midgy as usual.

The ladies' prosecco and wine haul. Photo by Katy Thompson

The ladies’ prosecco and wine haul. Photo by Katy Thompson

I was pleased to be only a couple of minutes slower than 10 years ago. Being local, l stayed for the prizegiving, where we were given first Ladies team. I was a bit surprised as Chorley had got several ladies prizes and it turned out they were actually first team with 1st, 3rd and 4th to our 5th (Michelle Abbott), 6th (Lisa Ellis) and 8th (Me). But we got to keep the prosecco anyway!

Hendon Brook Race Report

by Craig Eccles

Having raced this three times previously over the years I knew exactly what to expect, the only difference this time round is that two years ago I had major knee surgery and was told by my surgeon that I’d never run again. Fortunately, with the right mind set and help of my superb physio and fellow fell runner, Lee Shimwell, I’ve managed to get back to running, not as fast as before but back all the same.

Being primarily a fell runner, Hendon Brook is my favourite road race, challenging but manageable.

As with all race days, I turned up to register nice and early only just missing out on race number “1” so instead I asked for my lucky number “13”. I passed the next hour chatting to other runners, some of which I haven’t seen for a very long time. It’s now 10.30am and nerves are setting in, just the usual, what if I don’t get round, how would I get back, etc, etc.

Due to the heat and the distance of the race, I decided that I’d not warm up and instead use the first mile or two as my warm up with a view of trying to preserve my knees.

 11am – the usual pre race briefing from John and we’re off, nice and steady pace, nothing silly.

Craig, lucky 13, near the start of Hendon Brook. Photo by David Belshaw

Craig, lucky 13, near the start of Hendon Brook. Photo by David Belshaw

Feeling really good up to The Shooters water station my good friend and ex club member, Mick Hughes, caught me up.  He could have just said “Hi” and shot off but he suggested that we run together for a while – this actually lasted for the next 10 miles. The heat wasn’t too bad, the occasional areas of shade and gusts of wind were very welcome.  Thoroughly enjoyed running through Catlow Ford, Thursden Valley, Coldwell and down to Trawden.

At last we’re at the centre of Colne and heading down to the Admiral Lord Rodney, not far to go now, only two and half miles and a small matter of Lenches to tackle and it’s job done.

I’ve never had a problem with Lenches previously but with the knees as they are this time it got me good and proper.  Nothing for it but to walk as fast as possible, get up it and hopefully be able to go again once at the top. A quick check of the watch confirmed that I’m not going to break any records, but I already knew that. Using every bit of guts, determination and experience I managed to keep going at a reasonable pace. You would not believe the relief I felt at seeing the back end of the golf course knowing that I am now really close to finishing.

Turning the last corner into the school, and I have no idea where it came from, I managed a bit of a sprint to the finishing line clocking 2.15.46, nowhere near my fastest time of just under 1.50 but still just to finish was all this year was about, job done.

Craig using all his reserves for a sprint finish. Photo by David Belshaw.

Craig using all his reserves for a sprint finish. Photo by David Belshaw.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, hopefully next year.

A massive thank you has to go out to absolutely everybody who gave up their time to provide water, food and support along the route.

Calderdale Way Marathon Race Report

by Donna Airey

Donna Airey with husband Alan at the Calderdale Marathon. Photo by Donna Airey

Donna Airey with husband Alan at the Calderdale Marathon. Photo by Donna Airey

I entered this local-ish marathon to use as part of training.
Registration was in Todmorden. As a point to point race, you then could either make your own way or get on the bus to the start.
The route takes in legs 6, 1 and some of leg 2 of the relays before finishing in Todmorden.
A very enjoyable route through the lovely Calderdale countryside.
Having done leg 1 a couple of times in the relays I knew what was waiting for me 10 miles in, hills, hills and more hills. Great organised event, the marshals at check points were a god send as was the food.
Was very happy to finish 2nd solo female.

Baht’at Trail Marathon Race Report

by Cassie Darling-Smedley
Michelle and Cassie enjoying their hard-earned slushes

Michelle and Cassie enjoying their hard-earned slushes. Photo: Baht’at Trail Marathon

As part of mine and Michelle Abbott’s long run days, we decided to book onto the Baht’at marathon, a tough one but we were confident that we would have been up to the miles on training runs by then so went for it. Our first marathon too.

How wrong could we be! Injuries prevented us from doing our long runs, so the furthest we had run leading up to the race was around 10k, no where near where we should have been. As you all know what we are like, this wasn’t going to stop us taking part. Our aim was to complete in around 5 1/2 hours.

The weather was rather warm as we set off. It seemed to climb, climb and climb some more. As we got to the Fell section, we took on some refreshments, scanned our chips and set back off again. The views were amazing. The route lead us through where the fires had been on Ilkely Moors, and it was amazing to see the plant life growing back. We tagged back off the Moors and it was a well deserved decent all the way back to the start, only to remember we had to do it all again.

I wasn’t aware, but Michelle had a plan on the way back up! She had spotted a chippy that was selling slush ? With her emergency money, we called in and enjoyed a walk to the first marshal station. We were greeted by runners of the half coming back down, most saying “you’re mad” or “rather you than me”.

To say it was tough is an understatement. I struggled on the way back down, everything was hurting. Michelle, as always, kept me going and provided entertainment throughout.

It was enjoyable but tough! First marathon completed, bring on the Ultra!

Trawden Trail Race Report

By Irene Roche
Team Clayton at Trawden (Irene crouching with the Juniors at the front). Photo by David Belshaw

Team Clayton at Trawden (Irene crouching with the Juniors at the front). Photo by David Belshaw

With the Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix now in full swing there was a record attendance for the Trawden 7 Trail Race.
Having missed last year’s race here, the long climb in the first mile (following the run round the field at the start of the race) seemed to take forever to complete. But once the top was reached we had a mixed terrain of paths, fields and more tarmac. And…plenty more hills.  It was good to see lots of new faces as well as the usual ones at the GP events.  All of which had their own race stories to discuss at the end as we mixed together with a well earned bottle of beer and pie, organised by Trawden Athletic Club.
Will be back next year!

Jason Pier’s June

by Jason Pier
The month of June started with the Kelbrook fell race. A short tough course on a mixture of tarmac, trail and fell. Again there was a record attendance at the latest Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix event. As with my previous races I managed to get a good start for the steady climb up the road and across the field, before descending down across the river and up to the other side. The big hill that everyone talks about was soon upon us. At this point you can lose or gain quite a few places on your competitors. Luckily for me I managed to gain places simply just by scrambling my way to the top. With legs like jelly I started on the fast downhill return (which is the most enjoyable part of Kelbrook race) and after a sprint finish was over the line in 26.46mins. An almost 3 minute pb and more surprising for me was the 1st V45 award, the first race award I’ve ever won. Absolutely buzzing.
Jason sprinting to the finish at Kelbrook. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason sprinting to the finish at Kelbrook. Photo by David Belshaw

Next up for me was a couple of 5k races which were Burnley Parkrun and the Barrowford 5k. I’ve been working hard on my speed in training and these two races would test how well the training had gone. They are also ideal races to judge if you run better in a morning or evening race situation. Set myself a target time of sub 20 and spurred on at the end by Danny and Ryan (thanks lads) managed a parkrun pb of 19.11. With that time also now my 5k best I moved on to the Barrowford race looking for more improvement and so I entered the A race for sub 20 runners. With very consistent lap times and again spurred on by the many shouts of encouragement I finished with yet another pb, this time 18.35.
Jason digging deep at the Podium Race, Barrowford.

Jason digging deep at the Podium Race, Barrowford.

Sabden 6 trail race was next and a first time entrant for me too. With not doing this race before I wasn’t sure what to expect. It has everything, flat, steady climbs, fast downhill and of course a sting in the tail at mile 5. This time I didn’t have my usual good start and after getting boxed in on the narrow road I had a lot of catching up to do. I managed to claw back a number of places before the hill climbs started, but on reflection may have gone off too quickly. Found it hard going on the climbs to be honest, but stuck at it and all the time thinking what was to come at mile 5. Was it as bad as everyone was saying. Coming up the rough road you could hear the cheers for those already at the climb to the reservoir, and looking to my right there it was. I must admit I quite liked that climb and I must say the support and encouragement from everyone most certainly helped. Again much like Kelbrook my legs were like jelly at the top but knew I was on my way back to the finish. Another new race ticked off and a time of 45.31 so happy with the progress.
Looking strong at Sabden

Looking strong at Sabden. Photo by SportSunday.

Last race of June was the Witton Park Relay. A great event organised by Richard Taylor which brings together club members of all abilities. It’s also a great team bonding event where everyone is rooting for each other and nobody feels under pressure. Great turn out from Clayton with many Junior, Men’s and Ladies teams taking part. Running as part of the Men’s C team along with Craig Stansfield and Iain Wilkinson we managed a respectable overall time of 55.06mins and a 35th place finish. Well done to all the Clayton teams and especially our Junior boys of Charlie Parkinson, Nick Hennessey and Jackson McKay who were not only 1st junior boys team but also broke the junior course record too.

Results Roundup

1st June – Kelbrook Fell Race (PBGP) – Results

1st MU18 – Nicholas Hennessey; 1st M45 – Jason Pier; 3rd M50 – Andrew Priory; 3rd M60 – Alan Archer; 1st M65 – Stephen Biscomb; 1st M75 – David Scott; 2nd WSEN – Claire Vincent; 3rd WSEN – Elizabeth Stephenson; 3rd W35 – Lisa Ellis; 2nd W45 – Janice Davies; 3rd W45 – Rachel Gilmore; 1st W60 – Julia Taylor; 1st W70 – Karin Goss; 2nd W70 – Christine Leathley

1st June – Long Duddon Fell Race – Results

3rd overall – Andy Laycock; 1st FV50 – Jean Brown; 1st FV60 – Wendy Dodds.

1st June – Pen-y-Ghent Fell Race – Results

2nd MV40 – Peter Coates; 1st LV60 – Nicola Dugdale

1st June – Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon – Results

3rd MV50 – Chris Funnell; 1st MV65 – Jeffrey Pickup.

1st June – Calderdale Way Ultra Races – Results

2nd June – Morecambe 10k – Results

5th June – Astley Park Trail Series 2/4 – Results

9th June – Marsden 10 – Results

12th June – Holcome Two Towers – Results

2nd M50 – Craig Stansfield; 1st M60 – Peter Dugdale.

13th June – Two Lads Fell Race, Horwich – Results

14th June – Podium, Barrowford (PBGP) – A Race – B Race – U16:30 Race – Junior Races

15th June – Pilling 10K – Results

15th June – Buckden Pike – Results

1st M60 – Peter Dugdale; 3rd M60 – Andrew Firth.

15th June – Great Lakes Fell Race – Results

1st M70 – Jack Holt

16th June – Father’s Day 10K, Lancaster – Results

1st MV60 – Alan Clarkson

16th June – British Masters 5K Road Championships, Horwich – Results

16th June – Kettlewell Fell Race (BOFRA) – Results

1st Lady – Briony Holt.

18th June – The Tor Fell Race, Helmshore – Results

3rd overall and 2nd MJ – Charlie Parkinson; 2nd M55 – Martin Brady.

18th June – Paddy’s Pole Fell Race – Results

1st MV40 – Peter Coates; 2nd MV50 – Alan Life; 3rd MV50 – Andrew Priory; 1st FV60 – Nichola Dugdale; 1st FV70 – Linda Lord.

19th June – Sabden Trail Races (PBGP) – Senior Results – Junior Results

2nd M7 – Alistair Motley; 2nd F13 – Eleanor Edwards; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M15 – William Woodruff; 1st F17 – Sophie Ashworth – 2nd F17 – Bethany Wheatcroft; 1st M17 – Jackson Mackay; 3rd M17 – Peter Stevens; 3rd F40 – Lisa Stansfield; 3rd F50 – Helen Harrison; 1st F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 3rd MS – Mark Magee; 2nd M60 – John Roche; 3rd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 2nd M65 – Robert Hirst; 2nd M70 – Barry Mitchell.

20th June – Aggies Staircase Fell Race – Results

3rd M50 – Alan Life; 1st W65 – Katy Thompson; 2nd M55 – Martin Brady. 1st Ladies Team (Lisa Ellis, Michelle Abbott, Katy Thompson).

27th June – Witton Park Trail Relays – Results

1st MJ Team – Charlie Parkinson, Nicholas Hennessey, Jackson Mackay; 2nd FJ Team – Helana White, Ella Dorrington-Levy, Briony Holt.

29th June – Whaley Waltz Fell Race – Results

30th June – Trawden 7 (PBGP) – Senior Results

2nd F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 3rd F70 – Christine Leathley; 3rd M55 – Kevin Davies; 1st M60 – John Roche; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 1st M75 – David Scott; 1st MU21 – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MU21 – Alfie White.

Parkrun Roundup

1st June Burnley Iain Wilkinson SM30-34 19:20
Erin Hesketh JW10 25:12
Clitheroe Castle Charlie Fee  JM11-14 21:41
 8th June Burnley Jason Pier  VM45-49 19:11
Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  25:43
Hyndburn Martin Brady  VM55-59 24:17
 22nd June Burnley Helana White  JW11-14  18:16
Wayne McIntosh  VM35-39  21:53
Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  25:20
TJ Ellis  JW15-17  28:18
Clitheroe Castle Charlie Fee  JM11-14  21:04
Hyndburn Jack O’Hara  SM20-24  22:39
Rachel Gilmore  VW45-49  27:07
 29th June Burnley Carl Carey  VM45-49  21:16
Wayne McIntosh  VM35-39  21:44

Junior Parkrun Roundup

 9th June Burnley  Eliena Lusty JW10  08:26
 16th June Burnley  Helana White JW11-14  06:58
 Guy Whalley JM11-14  08:26
Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls JW11-14  08:35
 23rd June Burnley  Olivia Huyton JW11-14  08:42

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