May Roundup

ByHelen Stevens

May Roundup

Thanks for this month’s Roundup go to Kath Brady (for uploading results to the Team Clayton Facebook page, keeping me up to date with who’s running where), to Mark Nutter for his brilliant race report, and to Jason Pier and Will Herman for writing about their running experiences this month.

As usual, if I’ve missed a race or achievement out, or if you’d like to mention a team member’s superb race effort, just let me know –

Race Reports

Pendle Cloughs Race Report 2019

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In my report for last year’s race I promised ‘Mist over Pendle’ for 2019. How wrong I was! Despite having freak hailstorms the day before the race whilst I was putting out some of the controls it was, yet again, a case of factor 50 suncream!

103 runners set off following the flagged section through flat fields taking in the lovely aroma of bluebells from the neighbouring woodland of the Downham Estate. Appearing to lull the runners into what they might have seen as an ‘easy day out on the fells’ they soon realised the severity of the race as they reached the fell gate and met the climb up Burst Clough – the first of eight climbs. With bumbags laden with full ‘FRA Kit’ and the sun blazing down it was going to be a tough day on Pendle.

After around 45 mins the leading four were within seconds of each other at CP3 at the bottom of the ‘Big End’, but by CP6 at Ashendean Clough this was reduced to the trio of Iain Embrey (Bowland), Nick Leigh (Horwich) and record holder Tom Brunt (DkPk). Iain and Nick were pushing strongly into Ogden Clough and then up Boar Clough to the summit of the hill, whilst Tom was struggling to maintain the fast pace set by the leaders. Once reaching the summit it’s a 2 ½ mile downhill dash to the finish, but not forgetting the check point at Robin Hoods well (which some struggle to find!) on the way. It was a sprint to the finish line, which comes into sight for the last 200 meters, and it was Iain who managed to just hold off Nick by 1 second. Tom finished in 3rd place just over 3 minutes behind, although he managed to hold onto the course record of 2.04.20 which he set in 2012.

In the ladies race it was Sarah Littleman (DkPk) who showed an early promise with a lead of nearly two minutes by CP3 at the bottom of the ‘Big End’. But Jean Brown (Clayton-le-Moors) had her in her sights by CP5 at Stainscomb and managed to overtake her en route to CP6 at Ashendean Clough and powered on to win with nearly a two minute margin. Full results.

The top 20 were the lucky finishers who managed to get changed before the unforecasted downpour, with the remaining runners finishing wet, but still happy!

As usual the finishing area was crowded with runners pouring over their maps discussing their routes, or deciding which bottle of Moorhouse’s beer to choose, which all runners received as the race was sponsored by Moorhouse’s Brewery.

Many runners commented how much they enjoyed parts of the route which lacked footpaths and took them to places seldom visited on Pendle. Despite it being tougher than some expected, they all promised to be back next year.

A huge thank you to the marshals and helpers, the landowners and farmers and you, the runners, for making this race a pleasure to organise. Tell your mates about how much you enjoyed it this year and bring them back with you next year for a great race and some more Moorhouse’s beer.

One year we will have ‘Mist Over Pendle’ so you’ll be glad you found your route in clear weather this time! Next year’s race will be on Saturday 9 May 2020. See you all there!

Mark Nutter, Race Organiser

The Bob Graham Round

by Will Herman


Much has been written of the Bob Graham Round, by better writers and better runners than me.

I will not attempt to emulate them. It is too soon for one thing.

One week after completing the BG, I am still absorbing the experience, recalling moments on the mountains that I think of as home, moments with friends, moments of discomfort, of pain, of joy and of simply being. To run on the fells for nearly 24hrs is an experience few will ever know. It is one I will never forget.

It is impossible to say where the journey began. The Bob is something that has occupied my mind, at times wholly, for at least five years. It is something that I was aware of, and held muted aspirations towards for many years before that.


It was, I think, while waiting for friends beneath Rossett Pike to support an attempt in 2015, that I acknowledged my own desire to make a serious attempt. I watched three or four groups come through that day, though my friends never arrived, a knee injury forcing a halt on Fairfield.

Two years later and I found myself running up Skiddaw on my first attempt. As darkness fell, so the clag descended and from there on things got steadily worse. Leg 2 was run on bearings throughout in appalling visibility and strong winds. On Fairfield, after hours of intense concentration in dire conditions, I accepted it wasn’t meant to be and we called it a day at Dunmail. It was the right decision.

But The Bob is a journey once begun, that needs closure.

Late in 2018, I started to make serious preparations once again. Long runs in all weathers, hard days on the fells in full winter conditions, painful physio sessions, a more disciplined stretching routine than I have ever stuck too in the past…

To the dismay of some, I continued racing until the week before, recording some of my best results to date – 8th at Eskdale Elevation, 8th at Pendle Cloughs – both tough AL races covering some rough ground. Racing is perhaps not the best training for a BG but it gave me confidence. And that confidence is key.

And so after months of preparation, at 7.05am on May 18th, I set off for a second attempt, running anti-clockwise in the Clayton-le-Moors tradition, which suited my schedule and body clock.


The first two legs felt easy enough, and while it was a little harder to get going again after a rest at Wasdale, leg 3 never felt overly taxing and I arrived at Dunmail feeling confident. Leg 4 was hard. Fairfield was dispatched in short order but after that things went awry. Dizziness and nausea plagued me passing Helvellyn and for the length of the Dodds. By the end of Leg 3 I was an hour ahead of a 22hr schedule, but on leg 4, moving more slowly than I realised, the buffer I had created disappeared.

Climbing out of Threlkeld, Blencathra hidden in the clag, I clawed up the ridge for what seemed like hours. By the time we reached the summit I had other problems. My left knee was becoming increasingly painful and the descent towards Calva was a blur or darkness, clag and pain. Worse still, we were not in fact descending towards Calva. The pain in my knee was forcing me off the traverse onto a more direct descent which put less stress on the joint. By the time we arrived in the valley we were seriously off route.


There followed a nightmarish traverse, leaping through huge spongy tussocks covered in 3ft high heather, to regain the trod beside Wiley Gill. Somewhere along the way, the pain, nausea and tiredness turned to raw determination and, as though racing, I ran and paced hard up Calva. A fast descent pulled enough time back to ease off slightly on the last climb of Skiddaw and approaching the summit, choking back unexpected emotion, I stood in the bitter wind, trying to understand there were no more.


The descent was long and slow, secure at last in the knowledge I would make it to the Moot Hall within 24hrs.


After nearly 70 miles, 42 summits and some 27,000ft of ascent, at 6.52am I touched the green door of the Moot Hall, completing the Bob Graham Round.

Could I have gone faster, stopped less, taken a better line off Blencathra? Yes. Will I run it again, try for a ‘fast’ round? Maybe. But first there are the summer’s races to come. And then, maybe, Ramsay’s Round.

For now it is enough.
So many people helped along the way, not just on the weekend of the attempt, but in the months and years leading to it and I am hugely grateful to all, for the advice and encouragement given and the confidence shown.

A special vote of thanks must go to Andy Laycock who ran legs 2 & 3, and then turned out again in the early hours to run the final leg in poor conditions. And to all of the support runners, more than one of whom also ran more than one leg and whose support and enthusiasm for my attempt was humbling.

The runners:

Leg 1: Russell Clarke, Matt Perry, Chris Snell, Richard Briscoe
Leg 2: Andy Laycock, David Bagot, Peter Coates
Leg 3: Hayley Evans, Andy Laycock, Andy Webster
Leg 4: Ralph Baines, Andrew Priory, Mark Nutter
Leg 5: Hayley Evans, Andy Laycock, Ralph Baines, David Bagot

And last but far from least, thanks to Sarah Robertshaw for ferrying bags and bodies around Cumbria and making sure everyone was where they needed to be.

Thank you all.



Jason Pier’s May

Hameldon Hill
Jason at Hambledon Hill. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason at Hameldon Hill. Photo by David Belshaw

Due to me organising the Hameldon Junior Races for the last few years I’ve not been able to take part in the senior event. That changed this year with Marion Wilkinson taking over the role of presenting the junior prizes and Briony Holt relieving me of my junior tail runners job. (Thank you)  This enabled me to relax a little more and prepare for the race. I didn’t have the best of starts, getting boxed in going around the trees on the playing field. Once onto the road, I got into a good steady rhythm ready for the climb up to the top of the coppice. After reaching the top, and after my legs had recovered, I set my sights on a couple of my team mates with the aim of keeping as close to them as possible. I was feeling pretty good, and even managed to pass a couple of runners at the trig point. The long downhill return is always a fast affair and I had to give it my all to keep up with team mate and future Calderdale Way Relay Partner Gareth Berry. I was chuffed to bits to finish just behind him knocking 8 minutes off my previous best time.
Thanks to Michael Clarke, Jane Ryan and all the volunteers for putting on a great event.
Pinhaw Fell Race
Jason finishing strongly at Pinhaw. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason finishing strongly at Pinhaw. Photo by David Belshaw

First time runner at the Pinhaw Fell Race.
I arrived at registration at the cricket club in good time. Only been in the club once before and had forgotten how compact it was. After joining the long spiralling queue and waiting what seemed like ages, I had my number and was ready for the 5 mile race. Warm up complete, and after several good luck handshakes we were off. One good thing about running at a race for the first time is you don’t know what to expect. I’d heard from others that it was a long continuous climb up to the beacon, believe me it was. I managed to get up to the beacon in a decent time then it was all out on the downhill section. Lost a couple of places to the more experienced fell runners coming across the fell. Again had to work hard just to keep up with them. Luckily I pulled one place back and even managed to pass the first lady finisher at the Red Lion pub on the way to the finish line. Happy with my time of 37.25
Wholan Nook
Jason heading uphil at Wholan Nook. Photo by David Belshaw

Jason heading uphill at Wholan Nook. Photo by David Belshaw

Next race of the month for me was the Wholan Nook trail race. Another race I’d not done for a few years. The last time I ran this race it started down the lane at the far end of the lake. I took my place amongst the record number of runners and positioned myself near the front so I could get a good start. This race has everything, fast flat sections, testing up hill and fast downhill and is always a popular event. I managed to maintain a good pace all the way around and felt strong at the end picking off a couple of runners to record a time of 36.09
Again thanks to John Roche and all the volunteers.
Calderdale Way Relay
One of the main reasons for competing in the first few Grand Prix races was to judge my form against other club runners as I’d managed to be selected to run leg 2 for the B Team. I won’t deny it but I was a little worried in March when I found out I was paired with Gareth Berry. All sorts of thoughts went through my mind. ” I’ll never keep up with him”, “I’ll let the team down”, etc. After running the three races in early May I was starting to feel much more confident. I went on the official recce the week before just to make sure I knew where I was going. Race day came and we met up with Simon, Neil and Barbara leaving one car at the finish and driving the other to the start. Registration and kit check done we waited as the leg 1 runners started to come in. We took over from Iain Wilkinson and Nick Roscoe who had both run a great leg. Our leg took us up to Withins Reservoir before heading up to Stoodley Pike. Me not being as confident a fell runner on the steep decent as others a couple of teams passed us. Working hard as a pair we managed to retake a few teams heading down into Todmorden. The sting in the tail on leg 2 is Dobroyd Road. A hell of a climb on tarmac taking you up above Todmorden before the fast decent into and through the woods above Todmorden Sports Centre where we handed over to Charlie Parkinson and Keiron Mitchell. Got to say I loved the relays and was again happy with our time of 1hr 15 minutes. Cheers Gareth we made a great pairing.  Thanks to Wayne McIntosh and Paul Wale for sorting out the teams.
Burnley Lions 10k 

Last race of May for me was the Burnley Lions 10k in Colne. Great 2 lap course starting outside Colne cricket club. Testing climb up to the Alma Inn then past Colne golf club and back to the cricket club before starting lap 2. Again my thought was to position myself near the front to get away quick. Had a great tussle all the way around with team mate Andy Holt pushing each other right to the end. Very happy with a time of 41.27 on a tough course.

A Word from Will Herman – Lakes Meets:

With the Bob Graham put to bed and a minor injury on the mend, I’m planning to start the monthly Lakes meets again in July. I will post full details in the coming weeks but the first date for the diary is Sunday 14th July. The venue is likely to be Wasdale and the route around 12m, taking in the less rocky summits around Haystacks.

Results Roundup

1st May – Lothersdale Fell Race – Results

1st May – Hollingworth Lake Race 1 – Results

1st FJU16 – Helana White; 2nd MU23 – Alfie White.

4th May – Bollington 3 Peaks Fell Race – Results

4th May – Coniston Fell Race – Results

Clayton Harriers at Coniston Fell Race - photo by Dave Motley

Clayton Harriers at Coniston Fell Race – photo by Dave Motley

5th May – The John Purdy Memorial Springhill Hospice Cowm 5k – Results

5th May – Hameldon Hill Fell Race (PBGP) – Senior Results – Junior Results

3rd M45 – Andrew Holt; 3rd M60 – John Roche; 1st M70 – Dugald McCallum; 2nd FS – Clare Vincent; 3rd FS – Helen O’Rourke; 3rd F45 – Janice Davies; 3rd F55 Julia Rushton; 1st F60 – Linda Bostock; 2nd F60 – Irene Roche; 1st F70 Karin Goss; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley.

1st F11 – Lottie Grace Smith; 2nd F13 – Eliena Lusty; 2nd M15 – Robbie Smedley; 1st F15 – Helana White; 2nd M17 – Peter Stevens; 3rd M17 – William Nicholls; 1st F17 – Sophie Ashworth.

6th May – Coiners Fell Race – Results

9th May – Ian Casey Memorial Cowm 5k Race – Results

1st M60 – Alan Clarkson; 2nd M70 – Ron Chappell

10th May – Pinhaw Trail Race (PBGP) – Results

3rd M45 – Andrew Webster; 3rd M50 – Andrew Priory; 2nd M55 – David Naughton; 1st M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 2nd M60 – Alan Clarkson; 1st M65 – Stephen Biscomb; 3rd M65 – Jeffrey Pickup.

11th May – Pendle Cloughs Fell Race – Results

1st L and 1st LV50 – Jean Brown; 2nd V50 – Mick Proctor; 2nd V60 – Brian Horrocks; 1st V70 – Jack Holt.

11th May – Flower Scar Fell Race – Results

12th May – Wigan Trail 10k – Results

14th May – Mearley Clough Fell Race – Results

1st U18M and 3rd overall – Jackson Mackay; 2nd V50 – Alan Life; 3rd U18 – Christopher Brown; 1st U23 – Sean Leo Grover; 3rd L and 1st LU18 – Ella Dorrington; 2nd LV50 – Jean Brown;  1st V60 – Peter Dugdale; 1st V70 – Kieran Carr; 1st LV70 – Linda M Lord; 2nd LV70 – Karin Goss; 3rd LV40 – Teresa de Curtis; 1st LV60 – Nicola Dugdale.

15th May – Wholan Nook Trail Race – Results

1st F60 – Irene Roche; 2nd F60 – Jean Knightley; 1st F70 – Karin Goss; 2nd F70 – Christine Leathley; 2nd MJ – Nicholas Hennessey; 3rd MJ – Charlie Parkinson; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 3rd M60 – Alan Clarkson; 1st M65 – Stephen Biscomb;

18th May – Fairfield Horseshoe – Results

19th May – Calderdale Way Relays – Results

20th – 24th May – Dragon’s Back Race – Results

Craig Stansfield. Astonishing! Photo by No Limits Photography

Craig Stansfield during the Dragon’s Back Race. Astonishing! Photo by No Limits Photography

21st May – Ogden Valley Round – Results

24th May – Burnley Lions 10k (PBGP) – Results

2nd MJ – Nick Hennessey; 3rd MJ – Alfie White; 3rd M45 – Jason Pier; 2nd M60 – Stephen Ainsworth; 3rd M60 – Alan Clarkson; 1st M75 – David Scott; 3rd F40 – Sarah Whittaker; 2nd F45 – Janice Davies; 3rd F55 – Julia Rushton; 2nd F70 – Karin Goss.

25th May – Isle of Jura Fell Race – Results

25th May – Ras Y Moelwyn – Results

Nichola Dugdale and Jean Brown with their category winners' trophies. Photo: Andrew Firth

Nichola Dugdale and Jean Brown with their category winners’ trophies at Ras Y Moelwyn. Photo: Andrew Firth

1st FV50 – Jean Brown; 1st FV60 – Nichola Dugdale.

25th May – Hutton Roof Fell Race – Results

26th May – Helvellyn and the Dodds – Results

26th May – Sedbergh – U19 Results – U17 Results – U15 Results – U13 Results

27th May – Austwick Amble – Results

27th May – Bowley Hill – Results

29th May – Fo(e) Edge – Results

1st MV60 – Alan Archer; 3rd LSEN – Sophie Ashworth.

29th May – Hollingworth Lake Race 5 – Results

1st F and 1st FJU16 – Helana White; 3rd M U23 – Alfie White.

30th May – Ingleton Waterfalls – Results

3rd M35 – Mark Taylor; 1st M60 – Peter Duedale; 1st F60 – Jude Ashworth.

30th May – That’s so Hebden Bridge – Results


Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 4th May  Burnley  Wayne McIntosh VM35-39  22:35
 Lucy Scott  SW30-34  26:06
 Millie Hesketh  JW10  30:54
 Pendle  Martin Brady  VM55-59  23:21
 11th May  Burnley  Michael Stevens  JM15-17  17:39
 Jackson Mackay  JM15-17  18:01
 Peter Stevens  JM15-17  18:34
 Charlie Barnes  JM10  20:50
 Clitheroe Castle  Emily Nicholls  JW11-14  24:28
 Yvonne Wickham  VW55-59  28:19
 18th May  Clitheroe Castle  Craig Nicholls  VM40-44  21:06
 Pendle  Carl Carey  VM45-49  23:13
 25th May  Burnley  Helana White  JW11-14  18:30
 Connor Jones  JM11-14  20:02
 Amelia Halstead  JW11-14  22:16

Junior Parkrun Roundup

Date Venue Name Age Time
 5th May  Burnley  Olivia Huyton  JW11-14  09:02
 Erin Hesketh  JW10  09:21
 Millie Hesketh  JW10  10:38

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