Trails, fells and more

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Trails, fells and more

Midsummer madness is upon us with so many races to choose from it’s increasingly tricky keeping up with all of our intrepid racers.  This week has seen a huge turnout at the Sabden race, there’s been some high Lakeland fell running, as well as Peak District and Yorkshire races together with trails and 5ks. Plus the odd bit of triathlon action.



This fell race goes past the famous Bridestone and takes in some of the lesser used paths in the upper Calder Valley. A short fast race with steep climbs, fast tracks and demon descents, something for everyone. Two Clayton Harriers took part. Richard Briscoe was our first finisher in 18th place and Colin Woolford was 39th.

Report from Colin Woolford

Bridestones is a classic Calder Valley fell race, in that for a short but steep valley, they seem to find an impressive amount of ‘up’ before a very short ‘flat’ mid-section before finding a lot of ‘down’. A small field enjoyed good conditions given the baking temperature of previous days. It’s a good race, well-marked and marshalled and on the trails less travelled for about 4 miles. It’s a good race for those looking to try a fell race. Although slower than the last time I did this, I was pleased with my run, as I seemed to be passing more people than passed me after the first mile. Probably not the best prep for the following evening’s Sabden 6 though!

Pos name category time
18 Richard Briscoe Msen 00:45:02
39 Colin Woolford MV40 00:54:45

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It was a family affair at the Bolton Abbey Solstice Saunter for Team Brewster. In a welcome return to racing Tom finished in 2nd place with Roger Brewster in 28th and 1st M60.

Report from Tom Brewster

I did the bolton Abbey summer solstice saunter on Wednesday organised by the airedale dodgers and in support of Sue Ryder care (Dad, Mum and my sister also ran). It was a 5mile route starting at the pavilion, running along the river to Barden Bridge then back along the other side to finish on the field opposite the pavilion. I had a good battle in the top three from the start and managed to finish in 2nd on a very hot, very humid night!! Very happy with the result especially after a very tough 9 months away from racing with Achilles issues!

Pos Name Cat Time
2 Tom Brewser M 32:37
28 Roger Brewster M60 38:29

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Well over 60 Clayton Harriers took part in the latest race of the Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix Series, the Sabden Trail Race which is a 6 mile trail race around the Sabden area.

Clayton Runners on the 'hill of doom'. Photo by Sport Sunday

Clayton Runners on the ‘hill of doom’. Photo by Sport Sunday

Report from Alan Dorrington

There’s a point when temperature and humidity combine to make things truly unpleasant. Hot temperatures can be pretty nice when the occasionally arrive in the UK, and most of the time our humid climate is not so hot as to cause too much bother. Sabden last Wednesday appeared to find itself in the middle of one of those unholy alliances where both measures were pretty high and it made for fairly brutal conditions for running.

Alan Dorrington looking determinded at the Sabden trail race. Photo by SportSunday

Alan Dorrington looking determinded at the Sabden trail race. Photo by SportSunday

None of which deterred 200 or so Grand Prix runners from belting off up the long drag through the Sabden Brook valley to Ratten Clough, some appearing to pace themselves wisely, others going all out. My rationale was that it was only 6 miles, only 750ft of climbing, what was the point in hanging about?

Happy Harrier

Happy Harrier

Those that had run before, or studied the race profile with more than a cursory glance knew what was coming. Some very fast running, but never flat, just up or down and then… that climb. The one I hadn’t bargained on. I knew something was amiss as we dropped down to Sabden from below Pendleton Moor and my watch said 4 point something miles. Whilst running on minimal oxygen levels, my brain was still just able to work out that there was more to come to make it 6 miles. And that the finish was definitely not coming any time soon as we were almost in the village. Cue that horrible feeling when your legs go from flat out downhilling to grinding uphill again, with no flat to help adjust. Cue some cursing under my breath at the helpful ‘tough mile now lads, dig in!’ comment. Mile??!

Luke Turner - first Clayton finisher. Photo by SportSunday

Luke Turner – first Clayton finisher. Photo by SportSunday

In the end it wasn’t too bad despite feeling like my head was going to explode in the humidity and I even enjoyed the death march up the reservoir bank, though David from SportSunday was optimistic if he thought he was going to get a star jump from me at that point. There followed a hectic blast back to the finish for that ‘lost’ distance to make up 5.9 miles, and the discovery on finishing that my vest weighed about 4lbs with the sweat it had soaked up and not evaporated. I was happy enough with 38th and a reasonable limiting of my time losses against the quick Vets around the 45- 55 age band that I’m in the middle of. What a great way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Leanne Cottam and Rachel Todd. Photo by Sport Sunday

Leanne Cottam and Rachel Todd. Photo by Sport Sunday

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
6 Luke Turner MS (003/043) 00:40:06
9 Matthew Duckworth MS (004/043) 00:41:25
10 Dave Motley MS (005/043) 00:41:52
11 Richard Stevenson M40 (004/026) 00:41:58
16 Chris Snell MS (008/043) 00:42:38
21 Jonathan Cleaver MS (012/043) 00:43:20
23 Jordan McDonald MS (014/043) 00:43:27
24 Paul Hesketh M50 (001/023) 00:43:29
27 Jonathan Pye MS (015/043) 00:44:02
33 Michael O’Donnell M40 (007/026) 00:44:45
38 Alan Dorrington M45 (007/021) 00:45:19
43 George Pier MS (020/043) 00:46:02
44 Gareth Berry M40 (011/026) 00:46:05
46 James Boult MS (022/043) 00:46:41
49 John Wilcock M50 (004/023) 00:46:59
50 David Moynihan M50 (005/023) 00:47:04
51 Michael Clarke M40 (012/026) 00:47:15
55 Craig Nicholls M40 (013/026) 00:47:59
59 Sean Clare M50 (008/023) 00:48:47
60 Robert Morrison M50 (015/026) 00:48:58
61 Andy Bradley M50 (009/023) 00:49:06
67 Adam Stephenson MS (026/043) 00:49:40
68 James Dunderdale MS (027/043) 00:49:57
72 Jeffrey Pickup M65 (001/005) 00:50:23
73 Elizabeth Mullan FS (001/0013) 00:50:26
75 Andy Quinn M45 (010/021) 00:50:38
80 Mick Hughes M40 (018/026) 00:51:08
83 Alex Braysford M45 (011/021) 00:51:28
84 Cassandra Smedley F35 (002/007) 00:51:42
93 Paul Foster M45 (013/021) 00:52:43
94 Andrew Webster M45 (014/021) 00:52:52
106 Chris Lawrence M50 (017/023) 00:54:12
108 Mark Taylor MS (038/043) 00:54:12
111 Stuart Proctor MS (040/043) 00:54:38
112 Donna Airey F35 (003/007) 00:54:42
114 Colin White M40 (019/026) 00:55:25
116 Andrew Howarth M55 (004/011) 00:55:49
117 Nerina Gill F45 (004/008) 00:55:55
118 Carl Carey M45 (015/021) 00:56:36
122 Jean Knightley F55 (001/005) 00:58:03
124 Jane Ryan F40 (002/011) 00:58:18
127 Peter Dugdale M60 (006/007) 00:58:53
129 Julia Rushton F50 (003/011) 00:58:59
131 Colin Woolford M40 (021/026) 00:59:19
132 Andrew Taylor M55 (055/011) 00:59:22
142 Bryn Barnes M65 (004/005) 01:01:07
143 Bethany Quinn FS (006/013) 01:01:12
144 Donna Scott F50 (004/011) 01:01:41
150 Ian Hargreaves M50 (022/023) 01:02:31
125 Lucy Scott FS (005/007) 01:02:54
153 Justin Birtwistle M40 (023/026) 01:03:03
158 Lisa Ellis F35 (005/007) 01:03:26
162 Mark R Knowles M40 (026/026) 01:04:21
163 Alison Thorne F45 (005/008) 01:04:26
170 Michelle Butschok F40 (009/011) 01:06:33
171 Rachel Todd F40 (010/011) 01:06:34
172 Leanne Cottam F35 (006/007) 01:06:35
176 Jane Hylands F45 (006/008) 01:08:36
180 Joanne Motley F35 (007/007) 01:10:12
184 Helen Harrison F45 (008/008) 01:11:58
185 Karin Goss F65 (002/002) 01:12:02
186 Julia Taylor F55 (002/005) 01:12:20
187 Judith Carey FS (013/013) 01:12:56
191 Geraldine Varley F55 (004/005) 01:15:34
192 Anita Jones F60 (002/002) 01:17:17
197 Jack   McGuire M60 (007/007) 01:22:52

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Clayton juniors taking five at the Sabden Trail Races. Photo by Cassie Smedley

Clayton juniors taking five at the Sabden Trail Races. Photo by Cassie Smedley

U9 Boys

Olly Plant was our only boy in the U9 boys race and he finished in 4th place.

Pos Name Time
4 Olly Plant 3:49

U9 Girls

Ruby Cleaver and Charlie Plant took part in the U9 Girls race.

Pos Name Time
4 Ruby Cleaver 4:32
7 Charlie Plant 5:35

U11 Boys

Guy Whalley was our first finisher in the U11 boys race finishing in 5th place.

Pos Name Time
5 Guy Whalley 9:46
6 Charlie Barnes 10:04
7 Thomas Ashworth 10:04
10 Brayden Clarkson 10:51
13 Fraser Anforth 13:55

U11 Girls

Emily Nicholls was our first finisher in the U11 Girls race.

Pos Name Time
6 Emily Nicholls 11:11
8 Darcey Hirst 11:55
9 Ellisia Smedley 12:07
10 Joni Higgins 14:16

U13 Boys

Battling hard, Robbie Smedley had to settle for 3rd in the U13 boys race.

Pos Name Time
3 Robbie Smedley 8:13
4 Harry Cole 8:34
6 Matthew Jackson 8:45
8 Finley Stubbs 8:49
11 Charlie Birtwistle 9:34
12 Luke Guest 10:14
14 Jake Anforth 10:19

U13 Girls

A win from Helana White in the U13 girls race with Rachel  Stevenson in 6th.

Pos Name Time
1 Helana White 8:51
6 Rachel Stevenson 13:13

U15 Boys

Michael Stevens finished 2nd in the U15 Boys race.

Pos Name Time
2 Michael Stevens 8:31
4 Lennon Jackson 9:06
5 Adam Stevenson 9:06
6 William Nicholls 9:07
9 Jake O’Dowd 11:03

U15 Girls

3rd place for Ella in the U15 girls race.

Pos Name Time
3 Ella Dorrington-Levy 9:43
4 Sophie A Ashworth 9:56
8 Keira Stevenson 11:14

Full Results



Six Clayton runners took part in the Aggies Staircase fell race organised by Darwen Dashers.

Starting at the top of Punstock Road in Darwen, the route climbs a footpath, turns right onto the track past Robin Hood’s cottage, then left to follow an enclosed footpath to the main track, and left up to Darwen Tower. It then descends through a small quarry onto the main track towards the top of Bold Venture Park, before turning right to climb steeply up a rough path known as Jacobs Ladder, then across the moor top, and on down to the foot of Aggies Staircase.

Matt Perry was our first finisher in 4th place. Joanne Perry was our sole lady runner and she finished in 119th place.

pos name category time
4 Matt Perry M 00:30:07
10 Peter Coates M40 00:32:23
81 Mark Taylor M 00:40:59
91 Wayne McIntosh M 00:41:47
100 Darren Rushton M40 00:42:55
119 Joanne Perry F 00:46:30

Full Results


Well done to Briony Holt who took part in the Pendle Schools duathlon which involved a run and cycling. She came 1st in the teams and individual races.


 There were five Clayton runners at the first of the Todmorden 5K race series organised by Cannonball Events. Jacob Watson was our first finishe in 8th place with a time of 17:42.

Matthew and Lennon Jackson at the Todmorden Park 5K

Matthew and Lennon Jackson at the Todmorden Park 5K

Michelle Abbot Reports

Matthew and Lennon bagged PBs at Todmorden park 5k Matthew coming flying in at 19.33 winning first under 12 , Lennon getting his first official sub 20 mins just 11 secs behind his brother (for the first time) coming in at 19.44 winning first under 14. I managed first v35

Pos Name Cat Time
8 Jacob Watson M 17:42
25 Matthew Jackson MU12 19:33
27 Lennon Jackson MJ U14 19:44
40 Stephen Green M60 20:28
65 Michelle Abbott F35 22:51



Andrew Laycock and Wendy Dodds took part in this classic fell race formerly known as the Buttermere Horseshoe. Wendy who was taking part 30 odd years after doing the original Buttermere Horseshoe race!

Report from Andrew Laycock

Headed up to the Lakes to do the Darren Holloway Memorial Buttermere Horseshoe. From the start in Loweswater the race covers around 23 miles with 8500ft of climbing and quite a bit scope for route choice. The weather wasn’t perfect, there wasn’t much visibility on the tops but at least the rain stayed away and it was pretty cool.

Andrew Laycock approaching the Newland Checkpoint. Photo courtesy of CFR

Andrew Laycock approaching the Newland Checkpoint. Photo courtesy of CFR

The first half of the race went smoothly, I settled into what felt like a manageable pace and got off Dale Head to Honister Pass feeling ok. From there I got into a group with a couple of local runners and we worked our way around Haystacks and up onto High Crag. A sudden bout of cramp just before the summit of High Stile left me on my own in the thick fog and once on the top I couldn’t find the checkpoint. After wandering around confused and frustrated for five minutes I realised I was on the wrong summit and the checkpoint was further west, this cost me six or seven places.

Wendy Dodds at the Darren Holloway Memorial Fell Race. Photo courtesy of CFR

Wendy Dodds at the Darren Holloway Memorial Fell Race. Photo courtesy of CFR

The following rough boggy descent left my legs cooked for the final climb up onto Melbreak so I was thankful for a fast runnable descent into the finish. Over five hours on the fells sure felt like a long day out, but definitely a learning experience.

Pos Name Cat Time
23 Andrew Laycock M 05:05:28
54 Wendy Dodds LV65 07:02:05

Full Results


It was all about the girls  at this BOFRA race with some great running from Briony Holt and Ella Dorrington.

Report from Tina Hines Holt

Briony Holts ran at Kirkby in Furness on Saturday for BOFRA  It was a gradual steep road start which changed to a steep hill once entering the farmers field from the road. It was dry, windy and humid and felt like there was no air, which made it hard to breathe at times. Briony kept a good pace and secured 2nd place.

U17 Race

Briony in the U17 race

Briony in the U17 race

Pos Name Time
5 Briony Holt 20:43

U14 Race

Ella Dorrington in the U15 race

Ella Dorrington in the U15 race

Pos Name Time
18 Ella Dorrington 19:52





Report from Jon Cleaver

Peter Coates and I took on this half iron-man(ish) distance triathlon in Ullswater. Leg 1 was a swim in Ullswater consisting of 2 x 1km laps, there was quite a strong current and I swam 0.2km over distance. Next was the bike 48 miles through beautiful villages and countryside and on a long A road on the way back for 2 loops which was around 2500ft climbing. After that came what I was looking forward to a 12.8 mile Fell run to cap the day off with 1900ft of climbing.

Peter Coates and Jon Cleaver

Peter Coates and Jon Cleaver at the Day in the Lakes Triathlon

The run was stunning taking in trails and fell with some pretty steep climbs and thrown in at the end was a 5km road run which was not at all comfy in Fell shoes. Peter did fantastic coming in 13th overall and I came in 37th. A real bargain of an event for long tri enthusiasts and highly recommended. Great practice for the big one in 3 weeks!!


Report from Ivan Whigham

I arrived at Hayfield with rain forecast and as we set off we had rain for the first hour and low cloud causing poor visibility on Kinder.

Race went well until a group of local runners had their maps out lost in the mist! We had to return to the main route.

Ivan Whigham at the Kinder Trog. Photo by Frank Golden

Ivan Whigham at the Kinder Trog. Photo by Frank Golden

Visibility improved and found the last part of the race was more enjoyable, finishing in 2.40 will be back as it suits my running.

Pos Cat Time
65 Ivan Wigham M50 02:40:01

Full Results


Burnley parkrun – A total of 359 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
3 Jonathan PYE 18:36 SM25-29
4 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:02 SM25-29
8 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:26 JM15-17
10 Michael STEVENS 19:37 JM11-14 New PB!
12 Daniel PLANT 19:55 VM35-39
13 Gareth BERRY 20:23 VM40-44
18 Paul FOSTER 20:56 VM45-49
25 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 21:11 JM15-17
30 Simon WILSHAW 21:30 JM15-17
38 Lennon JACKSON 21:59 JM11-14
41 Chris LAWRENCE 22:10 VM50-54 New PB!
43 Charlie BARNES 22:24 JM10 New PB!
49 Aaron LUNDIE 22:34 JM15-17
50 Wayne MCINTOSH 22:38 VM35-39 New PB!
54 Michelle ABBOTT 22:45 VW35-39
62 Guy WHALLEY 23:29 JM10 New PB!
67 Bethany WHEATCROFT 23:44 JW11-14
106 Katy THOMPSON 25:15 VW60-64
133 Lucy SCOTT 26:12 SW30-34 New PB!
140 Imogen FERGUSON 26:29 JW11-14
142 Lisa ELLIS 26:30 VW35-39
144 Ian HARGREAVES 26:35 VM50-54
160 Annabel WILCOCK 27:09 JW15-17
161 John WILCOCK 27:09 VM50-54
172 Richard LAWSON 27:39 VM75-79
187 Donna SCOTT 28:13 VW50-54
241 Heidi KEWIN 30:18 JW11-14
252 Stuart BARKER 30:47 VM50-54
256 Robert HIRST 30:57 VM65-69
263 Marion WILKINSON 31:17 VW75-79
320 Joni HIGGINS 36:46 JW10 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 167 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
151 Robin PRICE 34:48 VM70-74

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 241 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
144 Eileen JONES 30:07 VW65-69

Lyme Park parkrun – A total of 100 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
30 Martin BRADY 25:25 VM55-59 First Timer!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 102 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
2 Richard STEVENSON 20:16 VM40-44
6 Alex CRAN 21:05 VM45-49 First Timer!
7 Paul BRANNON 21:10 VM55-59
33 Dawn TERRY 25:48 VW50-54
45 Eleanor Betty ROOT 26:55 JW15-17
76 Christine LEATHLEY 34:18 VW65-69
77 Yvonne WICKHAM 34:20 VW50-54
98 John HARTLEY 44:35 VM60-64

Witton parkrun – A total of 87 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
2 Jacob WATSON 18:33 SM30-34 First Timer!
7 Chris SNELL 19:31 VM35-39 New PB!
14 Robbie SMEDLEY 21:40 JM11-14 First Timer!
15 Jonathan CLEAVER 21:45 VM35-39
19 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 23:02 VW35-39 First Timer!
30 Carl CAREY 26:13 VM45-49
70 Ellisia SMEDLEY 36:57 JW10 First Timer!
71 Julia RUSHTON 36:58 VW50-54

Worcester parkrun – A total of 448 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
124 Lisa JOHNSON 25:51 VW45-49 First Timer!
342 Emily JOHNSON 33:54 JW10 First Timer!


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