The heat is on!

What a scorcher! But as always you have been keeping your cool and making your presence felt. You’ve been out in huge numbers at lots of events, competing in championship races, winning medals and enduring the heat with a smile on your face.



Ron Chappell was our sole runner in this 5k race. He finished in 42nd place. A total of 48 runners took part.

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Five Clayton runners took part in this short 3.3 mile fell race with 1181ft of ascent. Alan Life was our first finisher in 6th place overall. Wayne McIntosh was 26th with Stephen Fish in 28th and 1st V60. Carol Life was our sole lady runner and she finished in 34th place overall and 1st LV50

Pos Name Cat Time
6 Alan Life V50 32:22
26 Wayne McIntosh Sen 40:26
28 Stephen Fish V60 42:17
34 Carol Life LV50 46:18

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In the first of three races this week Peter Coates joined Martin Brady for this mid week fell race.

Report from Peter Coates – Race 1

At the Holcombe Two Towers race there was just myself and Martin Brady in action for Team Clayton in this little gem of a midweek race organised by Holcombe Harriers. This is a short but surprisingly tough 4 mile fell race across and around Holcombe Moor with some steep climbs. I finished 7th overall out of a field of 109 and was first vet40 so a good evenings work which would hopefully sharpen me up for the big race at Tebay at the weekend.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
7 Peter Coates M40 00:36:42
71 Martin Brady M50 00:51:18

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This fast and flat 5k race is the latest race in the popular Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix series and, as always, there was a bumper turnout of Clayton Harriers across the board.

A Race

Five fast lads took on the seriously speedy A Race with top ten finishes for Jacob Watson, Luke Turner and Matthew Duckworth. Jonathan Pye just outside in 22nd place and George Pier in 30th. All five with comfortably sub 20 times.  The race was won in 14:27 by Jonny Mellor of Liverpool Harriers.

Clayton fast lads in the A Race at Barrowford. Photo by David Belshaw

Clayton fast lads in the A Race at Barrowford. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
13 Jacob Watson MS 00:16:48
17 Luke Turner MS 00:17:22
19 Matthew Duckworth MS 00:17:27
22 Jonathan Pye MS 00:17:41
30 George Pier MS 00:18:46

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B Race

A huge turnout of 65 Clayton Harriers took part in the B race with an astounding range of ages from 15 to 75.  Jon Cleaver was our first finisher in 3rd place overall and Amanda Duffy was our first lady finisher in 32nd place overall, 2nd lady and 1st F35. There were plenty of age category wins for our youngsters and vets as well. 1st M17 for Josh Hall, 1st F35 for Amanda Duffy, 1st F55 for Irene Roche, 1st M65 for Jeffrey Pickup, 1st F50 for Julia Rushton, 1st FJ for Beth Quinn, 1st M75 for Richard Lawson and 1st 7o for Marion Wilkinson.

Team Clayton out in force at the Barrowford 5K. Photo by David Belshaw

Team Clayton out in force at the Barrowford 5K. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
3 Jon Cleaver M40 (002/021) 00:17:30
8 Paul Hesketh MS (002/018) 00:18:47
10 James Boult MS (004/018) 00:18:51
11 Daniel Plant MS (005/018) 00:18:56
13 Josh Hall M17 (001/001) 00:19:00
14 Gareth Berry M40 (005/021) 00:19:06
16 Michael Clarke M40 (007/021) 00:19:10
20 Mick Hughes M40 (008/021) 00:19:20
22 David Moynihan M50 (002/018) 00:19:23
26 James Dunderdale MS (008/018) 00:19:32
27 Michael O’Donnell M40 (010/021) 00:19:34
32 Amanda Duffy F35 (001/009) 00:19:52
34 Sean Clare M50 (004/018) 00:19:56
37 Elizabeth Mullan FS (002/011) 00:19:59
38 John Roche M55 (003/014) 00:20:05
41 Craig Nicholls M40 (013/021) 00:20:10
42 John Wilcock M50 (006/018) 00:20:11
44 Paul Foster M45 (004/014) 00:20:17
45 Adam Stephenson MS (010/018) 00:20:19
48 David Naughton M55 (006/014) 00:20:44
51 Robert Morrison M40 (014/021) 00:20:52
53 Jason Pier M45 (006/014) 00:20:57
56 Neil Garnett M55 (007/014) 00:21:02
57 Andy Quinn M45 (007/014) 00:21:05
59 Cassandra Smedley F35 (002/009) 00:21:07
70 Andrew Webster M45 (008/014) 00:21:46
72 Chris Lawrence M50 (012/018) 00:21:57
74 James Hickie M55 (009/014) 00:21:59
76 Michelle Abbott F35 (003/009) 00:22:06
78 Irene Roche F55 (001/006) 00:22:13
80 Jeffrey Pickup M65 (001/004) 00:22:17
81 Colin White M40 (017/021) 00:22:21
84 Carl Carey M45 (011/014) 00:22:28
86 Angela Shian F40 (003/010) 00:22:42
87 Stephen Breckell M65 (002/004) 00:22:44
90 Julia Rushton F50 (001/005) 00:22:59
96 Alfie White M15 (001/001) 00:23:52
97 Jean Knightley F55 (002/006) 00:23:54
98 Janine Pollard F45 (003/008) 00:23:55
100 Jane Ryan F40 (004/010) 00:24:05
104 Andrew Taylor M55 (011/014) 00:24:23
105 Donna Scott F50 (003/005) 00:24:24
106 Lisa Johnson F45 (004/008) 00:24:25
107 Justin Birtwistle M40 (018/021) 00:24:26
108 Bethany Quinn FJ (001/001) 00:24:28
110 Lisa Ellis F35 (004/009) 00:24:30
111 Lucy Scott FS (008/011) 00:24:30
112 Richard Lawson M75 (001/001) 00:24:31
114 Bryn Barnes M65 (003/004) 00:24:53
115 Bianca Bennett FS (009/011) 00:24:56
121 Jane Hylands F45 (005/008) 00:25:24
122 Michelle Butschok F40 (007/010) 00:25:26
123 Leanne Cottam F35 (005/009) 00:25:28
125 Rebecca Bradshaw FS (010/011) 00:25:49
132 Deborah Greenwood F45 (008/008) 00:26:29
133 Mark. R. Knowles M40 (020/021) 00:26:34
140 Tracy Plant F35 (008/009) 00:28:40
141 Karin Goss F65 (003/003) 00:28:55
142 Geraldine Varley F55 (004/006) 00:29:00
143 Judith Carey F35 (009/009) 00:29:09
147 Marian Wilkinson F70 (001/001) 00:29:42
149 Jack McGuire M60 (005/005) 00:30:15
150 Anita Jones F60 (003/003) 00:30:22
151 Ron Chappell M65 (004/004) 00:30:24
152 Sharon Wilson F40 (010/010) 00:31:33

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U9 Race 1K Race

Charlie Plant was our first finisher in this race (she is wrongly listed as a boy!). She was 8th overall and in another show of sibling support, she went back after finishing her race to support her younger brother Olly.  Ruby Cleaver had a great race to finish 12th overall and 1st girl in her age category. Emily Johnson continues to improve and raced to 17th place.

Ruby Cleaver in action in the U9s Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Ruby Cleaver in action in the U9s Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
8 Charlie Plant M9 (005/007) 00:04:42
12 Ruby Cleaver F7 (001/006) 00:05:07
17 Emily Johnson F9 (008/011) 00:05:24
25 Olly Plant M7 (002/002) 00:06:41

U13 Race 2K Race

Racing hard against his former clubmate Dexta Thompson, Robbie Smedley had to settle for 2nd place.  Our U13 boys all ran strongly. Helana White was our first girl in the race in 11th place and 2nd girl overall in the race.

Charlie Barnes in action in the U13s Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Charlie Barnes in action in the U13s Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
2 Robbie Smedley M13 (002/010) 00:07:14
3 Harry John Cole M13 (003/010) 00:07:30
4 Matthew Jackson M13 (004/010) 00:07:34
9 Finley Stubbs M13 (006/010) 00:07:48
11 Helana White F13 (002/004) 00:08:02
16 Charlie Birtwistle M13 (007/010) 00:08:20
17 Luke Guest M13 (008/010) 00:08:36
20 Charlie Barnes M11 (007/012) 00:08:44
23 Thomas Ashworth M11 (008/012) 00:08:53
25 Toby Birtwistle M11 (010/012) 00:08:57
26 Jake Anforth M13 (010/010) 00:08:59
28 Imogen Ferguson F13 (004/004) 00:09:16
32 Emily Nicholls F11 (006/010) 00:09:57
34 Darcey Hirst F11 (008/010) 00:10:00
35 Fraser Anforth M11 (012/012) 00:10:31
36 Ellisia Smedley F11 (009/010) 00:10:32

U17 3K Race

Oue U15 and U17 runners dominated this race with strong performances all round. Nick Hennessey took the win with Michale Stevens snapping at his heels in 2nd. Millie Stubbs was our first girl and 2nd overall in the race.  There were age category wins for Nick Hennessey, Michael Stevens and Millie Stubbs.

Millie Stubbs and William Nicholls in the U17 Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Millie Stubbs and William Nicholls in the U17 Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
1 Nicholas Hennessey M17 (001/002) 00:10:51
2 Michael Stevens M15 (001/008) 00:10:53
4 Reece Lawrence M17 (002/002) 00:11:36
5 Lennon Jackson M15 (003/008) 00:11:37
9 William Nicholls M15 (006/008) 00:12:09
10 Millie Stubbs F17 (001/002) 00:12:31
12 Sophie Ashworth F15 (002/006) 00:12:44
15 Bethany Wheatcroft F15 (004/006) 00:13:59
16 Keira Stevenson F15 (005/006) 00:14:24
17 Jake O’Dowd M15 (008/008) 00:15:28

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Clear blue skies greeted the runners at the start of the Buckden Pike Fell race. Numbers were a little down this year due to a clash with the Championship race taking place at Tebay.

Mark Nutter at the Buckden Pike Fell Race, Photo by Andy Firth

Mark Nutter at the Buckden Pike Fell Race, Photo by Andy Firth

Mark Nutter was our first finisher in the race in 26th place overall and took the 1st V50 win as well. Linda Lord was our only lady runner and finished in 62nd place and 1st WV65.

Linda Lord in the Buckden Pike Fell Race. Photo by Andy Firth

Linda Lord in the Buckden Pike Fell Race. Photo by Andy Firth

Pos    Name Cat    Time   
26 Mark Nutter (1st) M55 48:51
46 Jack Dugdale M 52:27
55 Andrew Dugdale M55 55:31
59 Peter Dugdale M60 57:12
60 Wayne McIntosh M 57:15
62 Linda Lord (1st) W65 58:45

Full Results


Report from Dave Motley

Another annual pilgrimage to the Muckle Toon Adventure Festival for Team Perry, Team Motley & Team Clarke and this year we were joined by Team Helliwell. The festival based in Langholm in the Scottish borders is a mix of MTB, road sportive, trail running and on the event filed they have all sorts going on from trampolines to climbing walls and tent talks on various subjects. There is something for everybody from little kiddies right through to the most sporty of us, on top of this the weekend was topped off with camping, drinking and BBQ in the glorious Scottish Summer.

Muckle Toon Trail Races

Muckle Toon Trail Races. L-R Matt Perry, Jo Perry, Sarah Helliwell, Carl Helliwell, Dave Motley and Russ Clarke

The races themselves are tough and testing trail routes with lots of climbing and the 25 degree heat certainly didn’t help. The 10k & half marathon were on the Saturday and set off at the same time with a route split after about a mile. I found the initial climb tough after last week’s 22 for 22 on Pendle and the 85 miles in my legs was really showing. After the first few miles I found myself in about 7th or 8th but with a big descent to come I found my legs and seemed to carry the momentum through the field for the next 10 miles feeling stronger and stronger. I eventually finished the race in 3rd place managing to gain that position after about 12 mile. Matt Perry runner up at the race last year had to settle for another 2nd with Russ Clarke in 5th and Carl Helliwell in 12th.

Whilst us blokes were out doing the half, the wives were tearing up the 10k with Mrs Perry finishing the tough 10k course in 41st position in a time of 62:16 and Mrs Helliwell 51st in 65:46. Mrs Motley was chief babysitter on Saturday so I think she had the harder job looking after 6 kids whilst we got to run, however she did get her break and ran the 5k on the Sunday in a time of about 27mins. A belting weekend and Team Motley will be back for more in 2018

Muckletoon 10K Trail Race

Pos Name Cat Time
41 Jo Perry F 01:02:16.4
51 Sarah Helliwell F 01:05:46.9

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Muckletoon Trail Half Marathon

Pos Name Cat Time
2 Matt Perry M 01:34:22.0
3 Dave Motley M 01:42:23.1
4 Russ Clarke M 01:48:16.5
12 Carl Helliwell M40 02:00:30.8

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Laura Hesketh was our sole representative in this 10K road race. She finished in 8th place overall and the first lady runner with a time of 37 minutes dead

Pos Name Cat Time
8 Laura Hesketh F 00:37:00

Full Results


Peter Coates joined nine other Clayton Harriers to compete in the third race of the FRA British Championships at Tebay. Super vets Kieran Carr and Wendy Dodds took first place in their respective age categories with Jack Holt taking 2nd in his.

Tebay Fell Race. L- R Kieran Carr, Jack Holt, Peter Coates, James, Neil Hardiman and

Tebay Fell Race. L- R Kieran Carr, Jack Holt, Peter Coates, James Williamson, Neil Hardiman and David Bagot

Report from Peter Coates Race No.2

Over 450 runners with a good turnout from Clayton lined up for this championship race in gloriously hot sunshine. The heat was going to make this 8.1 mile race with 3000Ft of ascent an absolute beast particularly with what was warned as being a extremely tough final climb up Blease Fell.

I soon settled into the race after what was quite a chaotic start to the race with runners choosing different lines up the rough track. I spotted Dave Bagot up ahead just before we began the climb to Rispa Pike and set my sights on reeling him in and managed to pass him on the boggy path just after the summit. The next few miles were a mix of killer climbs and fast descents. I still felt strong as I reached the summit of Linghaw and began an exhilarating descent off the fell towards the stream crossing before the final killer climb up Blease Fell which looked massive. This was a real tough climb in very hot weather but I managed a good climb and still felt strong when I finally reached the summit. It was then a case of running the final 2 miles on a long gradual descent back to the finish in Tebay.

Barbara Savage at the Tebay Fell Race. Photo by Steve Angus

Barbara Savage at the Tebay Fell Race. Photo by Steve Angus

What a fantastic race in stunning scenery in glorious sunshine and one which I thoroughly enjoyed running against the UK’s top fell racers. I finished just ahead of Dave Bagot who had a great race considering his heroics of the previous weekend on Pendle so massive respect to Dave!

Pos    Name Cat    Time   
96 Peter Coates M40 01:27:01
105 David Bagot M 01:27:53
138 James Williamson M 01:31:24
200 Geoffrey Gough MV55 01:36:48
211 Jack Holt (2nd) MV65 01:38:23
217 Neil Hardiman MV45 01:38:41
315 Kieran Carr (1st) MV70 01:48:08
382 Wendy Dodds (1st) FV65 01:58:08
421 Barbara Savage FV50 02:06:44
427 Katy Thompson FV60 02:10:31

Full Results



James Dunderdale was our only runner in the Father’s Day 10K race organised by Lancaster Race Series. He finished in 7th place overall with a time of 41:57.

James Dunderdale in the Fathers Day 10K

James Dunderdale in the Fathers Day 10K

Position Name Cat Time
7 James Dunderdale M 00:41:57

Full Results 


A quartet of Clayton Harriers took to the scorching roads of Freckleton for this half marathon race. David Moynihan was our first finisher in 69th place.  Sarah Angelone was our first lady finisher in 125th place.

Sarah Angelone and Janine Pollard ready for the Freckleton Half Marathon

Sarah Angelone and Janine Pollard ready for the Freckleton Half Marathon

Report from Sarah Angelone

Well what can I say about the freckleton half? It was the hardest race I’ve ever done!!! In scorching heat with no wind the hardest battle was not the physical pain but the mental battle to keep going. Luckily the water stations, armed with sponges and showers were a god send and something I eagerly kept a look out for throughout the route and after each one looked like I’d been for a swim never mind out for a run!!! Glad I got round the gruelling 13.2 miles but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

Pos    Name Cat    Time   
69 David Moynihan M50 01:40:01
125 Sarah Angelone F S 01:48:38
183 Vicky Heys F45 01:56:50
219 Janine Pollard F45 02:01:31

Full Results


Report from Peter Coates –  Race No. 3

BOFRA race at Helm Hill Kendal.  I decided to do this race after we stopped up in the Lakes following the previous day’s race at Tebay.  This was my first BOFRA race and I enjoyed the low-key feel although with runners of the calibre of Ben Mounsey and Simon Bailey competing the quality of the field was definitely not low key.  This was a relatively short 3.3 mile race and I was not sure how the legs were going to feel following the previous days tough racing.  The race starts with the climb up Helm Hill and my legs felt dead going up the short climb but once at the top my race head took over and I tried to pick runners off were I could along the twisty paths and sharp climbs and descents.  I was pretty shattered at the finish but I did enjoy the race and didn’t do too bad considering.

Peter Coates at the BOFRA Helm Hill Race.

Peter Coates at the BOFRA Helm Hill Race.

Pos    Name Cat    Time   
9 Peter Coates M40 28:06

Full Results



 Report from Chris Holdsworth

Three Peaks Fell Race 2015 – Constant hail, sleet, snow and wind leading to mild hypothermia.

Tour of Pendle 2015 – Cramp so bad that I almost had to get evicted off the Big End for squatting so long… AND almost being beaten by Dave Motley *Shudder*

Edinburgh Marathon 2016 – re-aggravation of a hip injury from mile 15 and pushing through to the end (Possibly not so clever in hindsight).

Howarth Hobble 2017 – Blowing up with 6 miles to go after 26 miles of tough, boggy, brutal running and looking as well as Jonathon Brownlee did after THAT infamous moment.

Home International Race, Sedbergh 2017 – now joins the list of toughest races I’ve endured!

Making my England debut, I’d hoped to have kinder conditions, but the forecast (unsurprisingly for the middle of June) provided intense, windless heat on the Sedbergh Hills.

Chris Holdsworth ready for his England debut. Photo by Sophie McIntosh

Chris Holdsworth ready for his England debut. Photo by Sophie McIntosh

The race began shortly after 1pm and despite the weather, I quickly found myself in 2nd place on the tail of leading England runner Chris Smith. Having reduced my miles for the race, my legs were feeling very good. However, the warmth soon sapped and drained everything I had and I found myself in massive oxygen depletion earlier than usual. Summiting and returning down the way we came, I felt my dry and dehydrated hamstrings both begin to strain and pull… A painful run back down on tender legs, the next loop back round will be one I won’t forget in a while.

Chris in action.

Chris in action.

I’d never felt sick whilst running before, I’m usually quite adept at keeping myself composed and well, but the next slog up the climb brought on involuntary retching, blurred and diminishing vision, and the tightening of lungs, throat and every muscle in my legs.

Success for Chris on his England debut.

Success for Chris on his England debut.

I was running for England though, there wasn’t any chance I was going to let my pace drop any further – so I clawed and battled my way back to the summit, and endured the pain all the way back down.

Gold medal winning England Team

Gold medal winning England Team

Finishing 6th in the World Mountain Trials race and 3rd in the Home Internationals, I was able to help England secure victory and a gold medal – as well as a bronze medal, two shredded hamstrings and one hell of an Englishman’s sunburn for myself… well worth the pain!!



A men’s team, a ladies’ team and a number of juniors gave the club a real presence at this year’s Trailblaster endurance event featuring laps in and around Towneley Park.

Team Clayton at the Trailblaster endurance event.

Team Clayton at the Trailblaster endurance event.

Report from Michelle Abbott

The event and support was amazing with loads of people coming down to give their support and run laps with us (too many to mention but you were all brilliant) which was amazing. It was definitely a bit too hot to be out for 12hrs, but with team and family support and pure grit we got through every lap together which paid off in the end. At 7.30pm already tired and ready for a lie down ,I was anxiously waiting for Nina to come in so I could get out and equal the record of 25 laps I knew I had to be back before 8 so that Cassie could get out and complete the 26th lap –  so no pressure!

After a hot 5 laps I was off with a little help from one of our juniors,Sophie, who ran the full lap with me and the support coming into the last 1.7 was amazing with George Pier running along with me for the last push. I got in with 3 mins to spare. we got the ladies 12hr team win and record! We will be back again. Such an amazing team effort – male and female.

Junior Runners at the mini Blaster. Photo by David Belshaw

Junior Runners at the mini Blaster. Photo by David Belshaw

Everyone worked really hard with well deserved wins all round even for our juniors who took on a full lap in the miniblaster. Matthew Jackson leading all the way with Lennon on his tail until the last K when Lennon pulled in front and won by 6 secs leaving Matthew in second – sibling rivalry keeps them pushing.

 Report from Lynsey Birtwistle

I can honestly say that this is one of the best days running I have ever had. Both teams performed so well in the heat and the team spirit was amazing. It was so hot out there and each lap got harder and harder.

Trailblaster Ladies Team

Trailblaster Ladies Team

Lots of friendly Clayton faces came down to cheer us on and join in with our massive spread of food in the party tent!!! The last couple of hours were brilliant and both teams worked well together to win both men’s and women’s team prizes. Cannot wait for next year!


Abingdon parkrun – A total of 347 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
10 Alan DORRINGTON 19:16 VM45-49 New PB!
68 Ella DORRINGTON-LEVY 22:59 JW11-14

Burnley parkrun – A total of 340 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
7 Richard STEVENSON 19:19 VM40-44
8 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:22 SM25-29
14 Matthew JACKSON 20:12 JM11-14
16 Gareth BERRY 20:30 VM40-44
19 Michael STEVENS 20:56 JM11-14
37 Gordon BARRETT 22:10 VM55-59
49 Charlie BARNES 22:41 JM10
57 Aaron LUNDIE 23:21 JM15-17
61 Michelle ABBOTT 23:35 VW35-39
62 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 23:36 VW35-39
63 Philip NAYLOR 23:39 VM35-39 New PB!
65 Bethany WHEATCROFT 23:50 JW11-14
72 Daniel PLANT 24:01 VM35-39
87 Dawn TERRY 24:35 VW50-54
96 Bryn BARNES 25:05 VM65-69
115 Carl CAREY 25:53 VM45-49
128 Annabel WILCOCK 26:24 JW15-17
129 John WILCOCK 26:27 VM50-54
133 Donna SCOTT 26:31 VW50-54
163 Rebecca BRADSHAW 28:08 SW25-29
172 Mick HUGHES 28:24 VM40-44
197 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 29:21 VW65-69
220 Judith CAREY 30:12 VW35-39
223 Sophie MCINTOSH 30:25 SW25-29
238 Robert HIRST 31:09 VM65-69
248 Christine LEATHLEY 31:57 VW65-69
260 Richard LAWSON 33:03 VM75-79

Burnley junior parkrun – A total of 120 runners took part

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
6 Bethany WHEATCROFT 08:43 JW11-14 New PB!
7 Joshua MCKAY 08:49 JM10 New PB!
9 Guy WHALLEY 08:59 JM10 New PB!
17 Imogen FERGUSON 09:17 JW11-14
48 Darcey HIRST 11:18 JW10
66 Fraser ANFORTH 12:12 JM10

Concord parkrun, Sheffield – A total of 88 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
15 Martin BRADY 23:17 VM55-59 First Timer!

Cuerden Valley parkrun – A total of 209 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
83 Paul THOMPSON 28:11 VM45-49

Mile End parkrun – A total of 278 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
212 Eileen JONES 30:16 VW65-69 First Timer!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 94 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
3 David EDMONDSON 20:24 VM50-54
33 Eleanor Betty ROOT 27:32 JW15-17

Witton parkrun – A total of 116 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
115 Julia RUSHTON 50:23 VW50-54


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