Summertime, and the runnin’ is easy

ByAlan Dorrington

Summertime, and the runnin’ is easy

Things hotted up this week weather-wise, before a slightly inevitable Bank Holiday denouement and a break in the weather. There was a really varied choice of racing fayre on offer this week and as is customary, Claytoners were out winning races, breaking course records, running incredible distances, breaking PBs and filling up the results sheets across the board, from Parkrun to fell to city streets.


Aaron Ashworth Memorial Cowm Reservoir 5k

Pos Name Cat Time
61 Julie Dawes FV45 23.56
71 I. Hargreaves MV50 25.17
83 R. Lawson MV75 27.07
106 Christine Egerton FV65 30.15
108 R. Chappell MV65 30.30
111 J. McGuire MV60 31.32
116 Christine Leathley FV65 32.50

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Foe Edge fell race

This regular Rossendale Harriers fixture covers the steep Mary Towneley climb up to Cowpe Lowe before heading up past Waugh’s Well and onto Whittle Pike. The return is on fast runnable paths and makes for a great mid-week race.

Peter Coates went well and was 5th in 34:36, with Chris Snell 20th in 36:55 and Stephen Fish 114th in 51:23.

Full Results


Burnley Lions 10k


Danny Collinge where he likes to be, out front. Photo: David Belshaw

We’re already onto Round 4 of the Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix series this year, but after 3 off-road rounds, the Lions 10k was the first on-road event for the keen road runners to stretch their legs in.

Danny Collinge was a clear winner in 35:39 from Thomas Blaney of Blackburn and Julian Hood of Barlick. Louisa Powell-Smith pipped Carla Davies from Red Rose for first Lady home in 42:07.

Judith Carey reports:

After a few poor runs recently where I’ve felt like I’ve struggled I was nervous about the 10k race, especially the hilly parts.

I knew I had well prepared with breakfast, lunch & a pre-race bagel and drunk plenty of water to make sure I was hydrated. But the nerves were there and knowing it was a very hot evening didn’t help!

I took my time at the start, as it’s easy to set off too quick trying to keep up with the other runners. Then came the hill at the start! I actually felt fine and managed the whole 10k without walking on the hills.

I ran quicker on the second time round and actually managed to over take quite a few runners.

Despite the heat, I really enjoyed the race, felt great and loved every minute! I even knocked 4 minutes off my time from last year.

Maybe I was the only one who enjoyed it this much!

Judith Carey appears to be enjoying herself. Photo: David Belshaw

Judith Carey appears to be enjoying herself. Photo: David Belshaw


Jim Hickie. Photo: David Belshaw


Irene Roche. Photo: David Belshaw

Sarah Angelone. Photo: David Belshaw

Sarah Angelone. Photo: David Belshaw

Position Name Cat Time
1 Danny Collinge M 35.39
12 Tom Brewster M 38.50
18 Luke Turner M 39.26
20 Matthew Duckworth M 39.51
21 Jonathan Pye M 40.11
26 Kevin Davies M55 41.02
29 Paul Hesketh M50 41.30
32 Louisa Powell-Smith F35 42.07
41 Gareth Berry M40 43.29
46 Michael O Donnell M40 43.39
47 David Moyniham M50 43.43
48 David Naughton M55 43.54
51 George Pier M 44.10
52 John Roche M55 44.12
54 James Boult M 44.18
55 Reece Lawrence MJ 44.48
56 Elizabeth Mullian F 44.52
62 Michael Clarke M40 45.20
71 Robert Morrison M40 46.10
72 James Dunderdale M 46.16
73 Craig Nicholls M40 46.18
76 Mick Hughes M40 46.29
77 Donna Airey F35 46.31
78 Sean Clare M50 46.38
82 Adam Stevenson M 47.14
83 Neil Garnett M55 47.22
83 Andy   Bradley        M50           47.34




Andrew Webster







92 Chris Lawrence M50 48.16
95 Cassandra Smedley F35 48.34
99 Sarah Angelone F 48.52
108 Irene Roche F55 49.44
114 James Hickie M55 50.14
116 Colin White M40 50.17
118 Graham Roper M55 50.53
124 Nerina Gill F45 52.4
125 Carl Carey M45 53.00
132 Jane Ryan F40 53.47
134 Julie Dawes F45 54.02
151 Lisa Ellis F35 56.35
153 Bryn Barnes M65 56.58
155 Bianca Bennett F 57.08
165 Lucy Scott F 57.49
168 Ian Hargreaves M50 58.12
171 Richard Lawson M75 58.44
176 David Scott M70


177 Julia Rushton F50 59.48
179 Ted Orrell M75 60.17
180 Mark Knowles M40 60:17
181 Danny Pilkington M40 60:18
186 Jane Hylands F45 61:12
191 Judith Carey F35 63:37
195 Julia Taylor F55 64:04
205 Christine Egerton F65 66:59
208 Anita Jones F60 68.25
209 Geraldine Varley M55 68.28
210 Ron Chappell M65 68:32
212                                                     Karin Goss F 68.59
214         Sharon Wilson F40 72:51

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Weets English Championship race

One of Pendle’s Three Peaks, Weets is a quiet unassuming summit that is best known for it’s great views over the region. It wasn’t so quiet on Saturday as many of the best runners from around the country descended on Barnoldswick for the English Champs second round, joined by many locals keen to take them on over familiar terrain.

The race was a AS cat race with it’s 6.1m and 1804ft climb and the separate women’s and men’s starts were accompanied by somewhat differing conditions. The women’s race enjoyed sunshine throughout whilst the later men’s race was hit by a big rainstorm half way through.

In the Womens race won by Victoria Wilkinson, Barbara Savage led the Clayton women home in 56th and in the mens race won by a charging Chris Arthur, Andrew Laycock was first Clayton man home in 55th.


Paul Hesketh getting soggy. Photo: Woodentops


Dave Motley and his ‘quad’. Photo: Woodentops

Barbara Savage

Barbara Savage enjoying the pre-downpour conditions. Photo: Woodentops

Teresa de Curtis. Photo: Woodentops

Teresa de Curtis. Photo: Woodentops

Full Results Women

Full Results Men

Hutton Roof fell race

Won by Danny Hope from Horwich, this long running race based around the country fair attracted 4 Clayton runners – 97th was Wayne McIntosh Sen in 1:18:29, 126th  Andrew Dugdale V50 in 1:23:51, 167th  Michael Frost V60 in 1:40:26 and 179th Robert Hirst V60 in 1:54:30.
Bank Holiday Double Part 1 from Wayne McIntosh:
Spring Bank Holiday always throws up a big choice of races and this year was no different. I opted for my favourite double of Hutton Roof on the fringes of the lake district and Austwick Amble in the Yorkshire Dales. Hutton Roof was on the Saturday and I drove up to Kirby Lonsdale in blistering heat, far to hot for me to be running hard, but the weatherman had promised a break in the weather with possible thunderstorm and heavy rain. Somewhere in the middle would be ideal. 4 of us from Clayton did the race and we all survived the epic storm which hit as we ascended Farleton Knott and lasted about 20 minutes. Hats off to the marshals at the top in those conditions! Had a decent run to finish just outside the top half of the field and a good few minutes quicker than last time I did the race.

Maxi Race Trail du Lac d’Annecy

Jean Brown was on fine form again, soon after her record breaking run with Nicky Spinks at the Old County Tops, running this 110km Ultra with around 17000ft of climb to take 61st overall and 4th Veteran Woman. She finished in a time of 20:07:25 and surely deserves to put her feet up for a bit?


Junior Great Manchester Run

Rachael White reports:

5 Clayton Juniors lined up for the start of the Junior Great Manchester Run. All parents were a little nervous, given the horrific events earlier in the week, but the kids had wanted to run.. so who are we to stop them. (Looking at the turn out for the Juniors the numbers were well down on last year, but whether this was Mondays events, or the change last month of race day & Venue from Saturday at Etihad Stadium to Sunday Manchester City Centre, we will never know). I did not know that Jackson and Josh were competing, so when they all entered their pens at the start line, I was surprised to see Jackson chilling on the start line. In fact he was so chilled it took a couple of shouts for him to turn and face the camera (I even wondered if I was just shouting at a random child.. but the BOFRA t-shirt gave it away). The 12-15 Years Boys started first, with Jackson and Alfie in this race, then each wave followed 2 minutes later, so 12-15 Girls (no Clayton Runners), 9-11 Boys (Jenson and Josh) followed lastly by 9-11 Girls and Helana. It was an out and back race 2.5K, but Helana said the tight barriers made it harder than last year, especially when trying to overtake the slower runners from the earlier waves. – Helana and Alfie also made the BBC Great Run Highlights programme, their club vests making it easy to spot them, and Jackson caught the eye of the Daily Mail photographer on their write up. All the kids did brilliant, running on an emotional day, with lots of armed police officers around.


Boys 13-15: 12th Jackson McKay – 00:08:19, 32nd Alfie White – 00:10:47

Boys 9-11: 12th Jenson Bentham – 00:09:24 54th, Joshua McKay – 00:12:02

Girls 9-11: 2nd – Helana White- 00:09:31 Helana was very pleased to make the podium again at this race – she was 2nd here last year. I think she likes the middle spot on the podium.

Edinburgh marathon

Jen Deane and Andy Quinn took a sightseeing trip to Edinburgh and fitted in some running while they were there..

New member Jen ran the Half in support of a friend. Here’s how she got on:

A quick note on Edinburgh half: my first run in Clayton colours was a mission to get an old friend to the end of her first Half Marathon that she was running in memory of a friend who died very young of cancer. It was a fantastically well organised race with a flat fast course that went down the coast to Musselburgh. The heatwave gave us a few problems but we took our time and still had the energy to sprint over the line about fifty minutes after I would have normally got there. A hugely enjoyable day out.


Andy Quinn reports:

I didn’t get into the London marathon, so thought Edinburgh would be a good alternative, it’s pretty flat so seemed ideal for my debut marathon. In training I knew I was capable of 4 hours, which is roughly 9 minute miles, so I set off, with my plan – just keep knocking out 9 minute miles. The first 5 miles is mainly downhill, so I allowed myself to ‘go a bit faster’ but when we hit the flat road along the coast, I was feeling good so just kept on going. After 13 miles I was thrilled to have knocked out regular 8 minute miles – so much for the plan! But could I keep it going? It was hot and sunny, and around 17 miles I suddenly seemed to get slower. I’d had water and energy gels at every station, but maybe I was a bit dehydrated. Were the wheels about to fall off? From 20 miles onwards the glutes, calves, hamstrings and inner thighs all had their turn at cramping up, and I needed to walk quite a few times. Feeling sick and disorientated didn’t help either. But more water at 24 miles was so welcome, and I perked up for a great finish. I knew sub 3:40 was possible with 1 mile to go, and the roar from the crowd was so inspiring. Managed a sprint finish of sorts, and an unofficial time of 3:40:18; absolutely delighted. What an amazing experience, and thanks to Edinburgh for amazing support all the way round. So proud of myself, but I am definitely NOT doing another marathon. NOT EVER. Will stick to 10k and half marathons from now… can’t wait for Hendon Brook. May I also need to apologise to the spectator who I managed to squirt with my energy gel as I ran past them while opening the gel with my teeth!

Full Results

Liverpool Rock and Roll marathon

‘Penny Lane is in my ears and my eyes…’. Over here from the States, the Rock and Roll Marathon series offers events all over the globe, with a musical backdrop to your running. Various distances were on offer, from 1 mile to full marathon distance.

3 Clayton runners ran the half distance, Cassandra Smedley in 1:46:59, Justin Birtwistle in 1:59:01 and Tracy Plant in 2:06:11.

There were two marathon takers, Dan Plant with 3:05:26 and Lynsey Birtwistle in an ‘oh so close’ 4:00:30.

Lynsey Birtwhistle reports:

On Sunday, only 5 weeks after London, I ran my second marathon of the year. This was an extra special race for me as I ran it in memory of my friend who tragically died on Monday in the Manchester arena attack. I had asked myself if it was a good idea to do two marathons so close together. This was definitely harder than London and the course was much hillier than I thought. Slightly gutted to have gone over 4 hours (by 26 seconds) but I raised over £3000 for my friends family and did get a half marathon pb during the marathon!

Team Clayton at the Rock and Roll Marathon, Liverpool.

Team Clayton at the Rock and Roll Marathon, Liverpool.

Helvellyn and the Dodds

Perhaps one for Bob Graham fans and devotees, this tough 15 mile race basically follows BGR Leg 2 to Helvellyn before turning round and heading back the same way. The initial lung bursting climb up onto the Dodds therefore becomes a quad destroying descent back down to the finish at Threlkeld. Won by local Carl Bell from Keswick AC, there were two Clayton finishers from the 124 runners, a speedy Matt Perry (SEN) 8th in 2:29:45 and the ever fast Martin Terry V50 43rd in 2:56:48.

Matt Perry on his way to 8th. Photo: David Dicks

Matt Perry on his way to 8th. Photo: David Dicks

Full Results

Coniston Gullies BOFRA

Briony Holt was 2nd in the U17Girls race at this super steep Lakeland BOFRA round. Here’s how she got on:

Coniston Gullies, the steepest most technical fell race going… The sun was out for the second round of the BOFRA season at Coniston in the Lake District. It was dry in most places on the course but the rocks were a little slippy; this made the loop at the top quite difficult as we had to descend down what felt like a sheer rock face! As much as I didn’t like the uphill, I loved the tricky descent which made it worth while. It was great to see another Clayton runner there as well (Andrew Firth)! I was pleased with how my race went after seeing some tough competition and I got 2nd girl. Well done to Andrew as well!

Briony Holt at Coniston Gullies. Photo: Tina Holt

Briony Holt at Coniston Gullies. Photo: Tina Holt

Andrew Firth was 42nd in the Senior Race

Full Results


Bowley Trail Race

It was a hugely successful day at Great Harwood for the Clayton runners with age category wins galore, two team wins and Danny Collinge taking his second win of the weekend AND the course record to boot. Donna Airey reports:

Bowley Hill Trail Race – 5.8miles with approx 100m climb. Starts and finishes in The Great Harwood agricultural show. Great mixed terrain race with a couple of fell type hills. Thankfully these were uphill and not downhill as this is where I usually struggle! Great results from Team Clayton. Danny Collinge coming 1st and breaking the course record, Vet wins for myself F35, Dawn Terry F50, Dave Motley M35, Peter Coates M40, Alan Life M50, and Reece Lawrence winning MU21. There were also team wins for the men and ladies teams. Race entry also included entry to the show. Definitely on the list for next year.

U21 Reece Lawrence at Bowley. Photo: David Belshaw

U21 Reece Lawrence at Bowley. Photo: David Belshaw


Dawn Terry took the F50 win. Photo: David Belshaw

Austwick Amble

A race that forms part of a Cuckoo Festival… What’s not to like about this ‘slightly-more-than-amble’ 8 miler with 1200ft climb that heads up onto to the flanks of Ingleborough, through the limestone skating rink of Sulber Nick and back to the Village fesitivities.

Bank Holiday Double Part 2 from Wayne McIntosh:

Fast forward (from Hutton Roof remember? Ed) to Monday and I had convinced Bianca Bennett to step out of her comfort zone and have a run at the Austwick Amble. I hadn’t done this race for a couple of years and knew I should be capable of improving on previous years times. The first climb was as horrible as ever up the tarmac lane but I managed to quickly settle into a decent stride as we headed towards Norber. Once up Norber the bulk of the serious climb is done but there’s lots of running to do where strong legs are a must. Thankfully I seem to have mine today… The rain made the run through Sulber interesting and I was reduced to tiptoes on the treacherous limestone. Once through this section I was able to push on and finish strong, again knocking a good chunk off past times. Well done to Bianca who had a good run too!

Results to follow


Burnley Junior Parkrun

Burnley parkrun – a total of 336 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
2 Andrew STUBBS 17:43 VM45-49
5 Josh HALL 18:46 JM15-17
8 Jonathan PYE 19:28 SM25-29
10 Paul BRANNON 19:43 VM55-59
12 Michael STEVENS 19:55 JM11-14 New PB!
19 Gareth BERRY 20:48 VM40-44
21 Lennon JACKSON 21:10 JM11-14
23 John WILCOCK 21:31 VM50-54
25 Finley STUBBS 21:36 JM11-14 New PB!
29 Millie STUBBS 21:40 JW11-14
36 Matthew DUCKWORTH 22:05 SM25-29
38 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:36 JW11-14
41 Charlie BARNES 22:43 JM10
47 Aaron LUNDIE 22:55 JM15-17
54 Alison DUGDALE 23:11 VW45-49
57 Bethany WHEATCROFT 23:37 JW11-14
58 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 23:39 VW35-39
72 Colin WHITE 24:14:00 VM40-44
83 Nina KEWIN 24:33:00 VW35-39
87 Jake ANFORTH 24:43:00 JM10
106 Daniel PLANT 25:08:00 VM35-39
120 Julie DAWES 25:33:00 VW45-49
124 Lisa JOHNSON 25:54:00 VW45-49
129 Carl CAREY 26:11:00 VM45-49
147 Bryn BARNES 27:09:00 VM65-69
164 Ian HARGREAVES 27:52:00 VM50-54
169 Mick HUGHES 28:02:00 VM40-44
196 Tony PILLING 28:38:00 VM50-54
211 Richard LAWSON 29:33:00 VM75-79
261 Judith CAREY 32:02:00 VW35-39
275 Emily JOHNSON 34:02:00 JW10 New PB!
276 Marion WILKINSON 34:02:00 VW75-79

Heaton parkrun – a total of 569 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
285 Eileen JONES 29:30:00 VW65-69

Bournemouth parkrun – a total of 469 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
285 Eileen JONES 29:30:00 VW65-69

Abingdon parkrun – a total of 371 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
60 Ella DORRINGTON 22:37 JW11-14

Dewsbury parkrun – a total of 102 runners took part.

Pos Name Time Cat Note
94 Robin PRICE 37:04:00 VM70-74

Pendle parkrun – total of 90 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time Note
1 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:23:00 JM15-17
5 John HARTLEY 20:42 VM60-64
18 Martin BRADY 23:25 VM55-59

Lytham Hall parkrun – a total of 162 runners took part.

Pos Name Cat Time Note
5 Philip NAYLOR 23:54:00 VM35-39



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