Mad cows and fell runners!

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Mad cows and fell runners!

Wow! Our members have most certainly been out in force this week! We’ve had huge turnouts of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers at Pinhaw and the Calderdale Way relay and plenty of fell running, road running and parkrunning too. You’ve been on the highest of hills, the flattest of beaches and downing pints before the finish line!



Andrew Dugdale and Peter Dugdale both ran in this low key race around National Trust Land in the Buckden Pike area. Andrew Dugdale was our first finisher in 18th place just under the hour and Peter Dugdale was 21st a couple of minutes over the hour.

Pos Name Cat time
18 Andrew Dugdale M55 00:59:07
21 Peter Dugdale M60 01:02:57

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Jack McGuire was our sole runner in this 5K race. He finished in 30th place with a time of 30:15.

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Linda Lord was our sole runner at the Blackstone Edge Fell Race, a 3.5 mile race with 1201ft of ascent.

Pos Name Cat Time
72 Linda Lord LV65 00:49:23

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Jenson Bentham and Helana White were the only Clayton Juniors at the first of this series of summer races.

Jenson had a cracking race and came in 2nd overall in U11 (2nd Boy), with a time of 5:52, followed not far behind by Helana who was 7th overall (3rd Girl U11) in 6:07

Pos Name Cat Time
2 Jenson Bentham U11 5:52
7 Helana White L11 6:07

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Five Clayton members took part in the midweek Kildwick fell race, a 3.5 mile race with 1201ft of ascent. Neil Hardiman was our first finisher in 25th place. 

Pos Name Cat Time
25 Neil Hardiman M45 00:31:04
36 Mark Nutter M55 00:32:28
79 Andrew Mark Dugdale M55 00:38:14
85 Peter Dugdale M60 00:39:00
93 Stephen Fish M60 00:41:45

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Ivan Whigham and Andy Firth travelled to the Peak District for this midweek race, a 6.2 mile route with 1020ft of ascent. Ivan Whigham finished first in 78th place and Andrew Firth was 161st.

Pos Name Cat Time
78 Ivan Whigham V55 00:51:36
161 Andrew Firth V55 01:01:21

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Another huge turnout of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers for the latest race in the Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix. A strong run from Danny Collinge gave him the winning position. In a welcome return to form, Jordan McDonald finishde in 9th place and Luke Turner was snapping at his heels in 11th place. Donna Airey was our first lady finisher.

Team Clayton out in force at the Wholan Nook race. Photo by David Belshaw

Team Clayton out in force at the Wholan Nook race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Danny Collinge M 30:23
9 Jordan McDonald M 32:11
11 Luke Turner M 32:43
13 Richard Stevenson M40 33:18
14 Jonathan Pye M 33:27
15 Jonathan Cleaver M 33:30
16 Chris Snell M 33:32
21 Dave Motley M 33:55
23 Josh Hall MJ 33:56
25 Ryan Belshaw M 34:14
32 Nicholas Hennessey MJ 35:05
33 Paul Hesketh M50 35:08
34 George Pier M 35:10
36 James Boult M 35:22
37 Geoff Gough M55 35:52
39 Dan Plant M 36:01
42 Stanley Grewal MJ 36:12
43 Michael O’Donnell M40 36:19
46 Gareth Berry M40 36:32
49 Sean Clare M50 37:07
55 John Wilcock M50 37:34
57 Kieron Mitchell M40 37:40
58 David Moynihan M50 37:48
59 Craig Nicholls M40 37:51
60 Richard Briscoe M 37:52
62 Michael Clarke M40 37:55
63 Stephen Ainsworth M50 38:03
67 Mick Hughes M40 38:12
68 Andy Bradley M50 38:13
72 James Dunderdale M 38:35
75 Robert Morrison M40 38:55
78 Adam Stephenson M 39:10
80 Donna Airey F35 39:19
82 Jeffrey Pickup M65 40:01
84 Elizabeth Mullan F 40:04
89 Andrew Webster M40 40:38
94 Reece Lawrence MJ 40:54
96 Christopher Lawrence M50 41:04
99 Martin Brady M55 41:14
100 Irene Roche F55 41:16
107 James Hickie M55 41:55
114 Sarah Angelone F 42:41
115 Michelle Abbott F35 42:47
117 Darren Rushton M45 43:05
120 Teresa De Curtis F45 43:19
122 Colin White M40 43:28
123 Carl Carey M45 43:31
131 Jean Knightley F55 44:20
134 Julie Dawes F45 44:38
135 Donna Scott F50 45:01
139 Julia Rushton F50 45:46
140 Jane Ryan F40 45:52
143 Bianca Bennett F 46:07
144 Andrew Taylor M55 46:19
148 David Scott M70 46:48
149 Lucy Scott F 46:52
152 Tony Pilling M50 47:15
159 Janine Pollard F45 48:01
161 Ian Hargreaves M50 48:05
168 Rachel Todd F40 40:01
170 Mark Knowles M 49:48
172 Jane Hylands F45 50:09
174 Deborah Greenwood F45 50:34
179 Helen Harrison F45 50:56
180 Michelle Butschok F40 51:32
184 Ted Orrell M75 52:23
188 Julia Taylor F55 53:32
191 Christine Egerton F65 55:44
192 Geraldine Varley F55 57:06
193 Judith Carey F35 57:20
194 Karin Goss F65 57:43
195 Ron Chappell M65 57:43
196 Anita Jones F60 57:51
203 Jack McGuire M60 59:46
205 Sharon Wilson F40 60:02
207 Christine Leathley F65 61:22

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Report from Mark Nutter

Charlesworth Chase Fell Race BS 8.3k / 366m Saturday 20/05

This race celebrates the marriage of Nick Charlesworth (race organiser) when he chased his bride up the fell.

Having met up with club mates Steve Fish and Andy Dugdale we set off early to this race in the Yorkshire Dales. The race starts from the Craven Arms in Appletreewick and having been there before for a ‘Bedlamite headtorch race’ I knew that parking would be tight, hence the early start.

Mark Nutter at the Charlesworth Chase fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Mark Nutter at the Charlesworth Chase fell race. Photo by Woodentops

Just as the race organiser was about to give starters orders, we saw a very flustered figure running towards us ~ it was Richards Briscoe who had just finished his shift at work and had driven as fast as you could to get to the race. Nothing like setting off early and being prepared then……..!

The route takes you from the pub across a few fields to the river, which you follow for half a mile before crossing a lane then taking a Land Rover track up through the woods to the open fell. From there, runners make their way via a stony / bouldery path to the summit of Simon’s Seat (whoever Simon is…….). Once having your number taken at the top, it’s back the same way.

There is a sting in the tail for this race though, because as you reach the finish line which is just past the pub, you have to drink a pint of beer (no spilling allowed!) before the final 15 meters to the finish line.

So I set off fast, as I usually do, but then started to think about that pint of beer which I had to drink before the finish line. So my tactic was to ease off on the last couple of fields before the finish, just so I would be in a fit state to drink my pint. Well my tactic didn’t work as I ended up racing eye balls out to the very end as I was keen to pass about another 4 runners over those last fields. When I got to the finish my lungs were gasping for air and my heart was beating fast, definitely not in a good state to ‘down a pint’. Those 4 runners I passed earlier got the better of me and finished their pints much quicker than me and carried on to the finish line. It seemed to take me ages to drink my beer, but fortunately I didn’t lose any more places.

It wasn’t long before Richard came into sight, but he was going straight for the finish line ~ it’s not like him to miss a pint. He was soon guided towards the drinks table and forced to drink his beer. Soon after, Andy Dugdale was drinking his beer and was keen to finish before Steve Fish came into sight. Andy struggled with his pint, but then raced off down the road, missing the finish line!! Then Steve arrived, calmly ‘downed’ his pint in record time and ran to the finish.

So the moral of this race is to arrive early, run slow and enjoy your pint at the end!


The Old County Tops is organised by the Achille Ratti Climbing Club (ARCC). The race is a circular route of approximately 37 miles with 10000 ft of ascent, which starts and finishes close to the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale. The route visits the three high points of the old counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, these being Helvellyn, Scafell Pike and Coniston Old Man respectively.

The race is run in pairs. Andy Armstrong and Nicholas Olszewski ran as a pair and Jean Brown once again joined forces with Nicky Spinks of Dark Peak.

Report from Nicholas Olszewski

First time on this event for both myself and Andy Armstrong and when Andy ask me to partner up with him for this event it seemed like a good idea at the time, even though I had a 100 mile event a week later, but we won’t go into that just yet.

Arriving at Langdale at about 07:00 on Saturday morning the weather didn’t appear that bad and Andy and I debated long sleeve or short sleeve top as it was quite warm at the time, we both decided long sleeve, which I’m grateful for and will become apparent later on.

Andy Armstrong and Nick Olszewski at the finish of the Old Counties Tops fell race.

Andy Armstrong and Nick Olszewski at the finish of the Old County Tops fell race.

As we went into the tent for kit check and registration the dark clouds could be seen moving in from over Crinkle Crags and within minutes the rain started and persisted for a good few hours to come, the forecast hadn’t predicted the rain till the afternoon, so it was going to be a bit of a damp start.

The route is straightforward, and for anyone that doesn’t know, you start in Langdale, travel through Grasmere, cross the main road and up to the summit of Helvellyn via Grisdale Tarn, Dollywaggaon and Nethermost Pike to eventually reach Helvellyn, from there it’s a fast and steep decent to the car park at Wythburn , cross the main road again and up Wyth Burn heading towards Greenup Edge, Stake Pass and to the next checkpoint at Angle Tarn. By this point the rain was still coming down and as we gained height again, the temperature was starting drop. At Angle Tarn I decided to put on my gloves and woolly hat, also a dryer waterproof top. In hindsight I should have layered more because as we reached the bolder field on Scafell I was verging onto being hypothermic; my legs were all over the place as I stumbled over the bolder field. My speech was becoming slurred and I was so cold. Fortunately I could recognise in myself what was happening and on the summit put another layer on and consumed 3 Snickers in a matter of seconds before retracing our steps to descend via Little Narrow Cove and out of the wind.

Once we dropped in height and the sun finally came out I began to feel loads better, amazing how quickly you can plummet but also how quickly you can recover if you act quickly enough, anyway, from here the route heads towards Great Moss, skirting round High Gate Crags towards Lingove Beck following Mosedale to Cockley Beck, the next check point, for some much deserved tuna sandwiches and a cup of tea, one last major climb left, Coniston Old Man.

From Cockley Beck you head up between Grey Friar and Great Carrs, God this was an arduous climb, I would hope everyone else felt the same and it wasn’t just me being a mardy pants but as we reached the saddle, you could see runners coming back from reaching the summit of Coniston and heading towards the Three Shire Stone, seeing this spurred me on to the summit of Coniston Old Man, a handful of peanuts and off we went passing others going up as we had a few moments before.

Having checked in at Three Shire Stone, you’ve got this awful bit of road, which is very steep, Wrynose Pass which seemed to go on for ever, finally we reached the turn off, a section I know very well as it’s a part of the Lakeland 100, only a couple of miles left now and on we headed through Blea Moss towards Blea Tarn, cross the road and a sharp steep descent towards the campsite, through Side House to the finish.

Nicky Spinks (L) and Jean Brown setting a new ladies record at the Old County Tops.

Nicky Spinks (L) and Jean Brown setting a new ladies record at the Old County Tops.

This is a great event and has to be done in pairs, myself and Andy Armstrong completed as a pair, first time for both of us, and Jean Brown who teamed up with Nicky Spinks and had a brilliant run and even broke the ladies record. Would I do it again, yes and hopefully with Andy as I ‘m sure we can knock a good bit of time off our 10:34.



Report from Amanda Duffy

I decided to have another go at the Pilling 10k to see if I could improve on my PB. It’s a very friendly race on country lanes with lots of PB potential, not a hill in sight! I was trying my best not to go out too fast as it’s my biggest downfall!

Amanda Duffy at the Pilling 10K

Amanda Duffy at the Pilling 10K

Set off at a comfortable pace heading out towards the sea, on the turnaround point I was in fourth place and making some ground on 3rd, at about the 2k mark I moved into 3rd place and managed to stay there and run a pretty even race and a PB by one minute

Pos Name Cat Time
17 Amanda Duffy F35 43:40

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Fresh from completing the Crazy Cow 10K, dynamic duo Cassie Smedley and Michelle Abbot headed to Blackpool for another 10K on the beach at Blackpool.

Report from Michelle Abbot

Well after squeezing in the crazy cow 10 k In 47.27 (had to do it for the cow )soon as we crossed the line myself and Cassie rushed straight over to Blackpool for our first 10k beach run. OMG that was the toughest 10k we’ve ever done its definitely one for list of things to do but perhaps not when you’ve just raced a 10 k 1 1/2 hour prior!

Michelle Abbott and Cassie Smedley at the Blackpool Beach 10K. Photo by Linda Ensby

Michelle Abbott and Cassie Smedley at the Blackpool Beach 10K. Photo by Linda Ensby

I thought it was tougher than fell, xc and the hilliest route put together. We started by running down onto the beach then through some waist deep freezing pools of sea ,over the hard rippled sand into the soft bumpy stuff then into the raked up sand  that you just sank and slid in. It was 5K to saint Anne’s pier then back again with the little incline back up to the finish. My thighs and rear have never felt so much burn;  definitely underestimated how tough that was going to be

Will be back to do it again but not on the back of a 10k just before. This is one you need fresh legs and a lot of will power and grit,  and also some support along the way from Lennon shouting down along the wall with Linda Ensby and David Howard ringing the cow bell cheering us on down on the sand helped us on that last 3K push back.

Pos Name Cat Time
39 Cassandra Smedley LV35 54:41.5
40 Michelle Abbott LV35 54:42.5

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This event attracts over a thousand runners every year and this year was no exception. We fielded 5 teams for the event. Our ‘A’ team of super-fast lads ran a storm to finish in 4th place with a combined time of 06:23:36 – up one place from last year’s event.

Team B earned a top 20 finish with the Vet 50 team not far behind them in 21st place. Our ladies ran strongly to finish in 61st place with the Mixed team, fielding some last minute substitutions in a respectable 65th place.

Leg 6 runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 6 runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

A total of 96 teams took part in the competition.

Report from Ladies Fell Captain, Sarah Helliwell

Calderdale Relay Ladies & Mixed Team

At last the day was here! The last few weeks of running around and getting signatures, last minute phone calls, messages and changes to the teams were done and dusted and it was time to enjoy the day!

Sarah Helliwell enjoying the challenge on the Calderdale Way Relay. Photo by Woodentops

Sarah Helliwell enjoying the challenge on the Calderdale Way Relay. Photo by Woodentops

The weather report was good and the day did not disappoint. We headed down to Todmorden in the van for Carl to run leg 3 for the men’s team. I had already had a text from Donna & Elizabeth of the Ladies Team saying that signing on had gone okay and they were ‘ready’ to take on the challenge set by Angela “nobody has ever passed the baton onto me and Vicky at leg 2” like a red rag to a bull, both ladies came in just under the 1hr45min cut off with a 1hr 44min run. Well done girls. Also from what I heard as well John and Michael got under their target time for the Mixed Team. Well done lads!

Clayton Ladies at the Calderdale Way Relay

Clayton Ladies at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 2 stalwarts Angela & Vicky for the first time set off before the masses, however Angela did have to be restrained from using the baton on Vicky as she was ‘positively’ encouraged by Vicky to get over them hills! New-comers to the relays Jean and Jo did superbly as neither of them had either done a fell-relay. They both did a good amount of reccying beforehand and did a fantastic job of getting each other around. Great stuff ladies.

Leg 3 was a cracking run from Anna Kelly & Claire Vincent on the short steep section between Todmorden and Blackshaw who were just pipped by one position by young Reece and Wayne from the mixed team.

Leg 3 Runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 3 Runners at the Calderdale Way Relay

Leg 4 is the tough up and down 9 miler between Blackshaw and Wainstalls which many consider as proper fell terrain. It was some of our more experience runners here as Barbara & Alison ran for the ladies and Katy & Lisa for the mixed team. However it is Lisa we need to thank who stepped in at the last hour to run. Not only was it her first relay but her first proper fell race and she did it the day after flying home from Florida. We may make a fell runner out of you yet!

Leg 5 was looking a bit panicky for me at one point as I waited for Carl to run back down from Blackshaw. I had spent the morning on Todmorden Park with the kids and was starting to worry as I got back to the van and Carl had not returned! Thankfully he made it, but the traffic was awful through Mytholmroyd. I literally got to Wainstalls at the closure of registration! I had Janine, Irene and Teresa to calm me down as we got ready for the mass start. The whistle went and we were off. Teresa and Irene started to pull away up the first hill as myself and Janine made our way over the stiles and steps. I felt okay for the first 20 minutes, then started to struggle as Janine set the pace. I knew that ‘d neglected drinking and eating with having the kids. I got fluid and a gel into me as we made our way up the climb at Queensbury and started to feel better. We kept taking it in turns with me utilising the rough stuff and hills and Janine the flat. We were both chuffed to do our first fell-relay and loved the support that everyone gives as you are going round.

Teresa reported, “After a few detours on the way, me and Janine arrived at the start of leg 5 at Wainstalls to meet up with our team partners Irene and Sarah. We ended up setting off as a mass start. It was a tough run in warm weather but I had a great partner in Irene who kept me going. It’s my first time doing a relay and I’d definitely do it again. Great team and club support, as many have mentioned. Plus, some good support from runners from other clubs on the way round.”

Irene Roche and Teresa de Curtis. Photo by Woodentops

Irene Roche and Teresa de Curtis.

Leg 6 was Julia and Nerina who brought the ladies team home and Paul and Michael bringing the mixed team back. Provisionally the ladies came 61 out of 96 teams and the mixed were 65.

Julia Rushton and Nerina Gill

Julia Rushton and Nerina Gill

I want to say a massive thank you to all those who ran and did the club proud. This is the first time I have ever organised the teams for a relay and it can be a tough job at times. There were a number of new ladies and lads who ran the relays today, with myself included. I want to thank the more experienced generation with helping me organise the teams and giving up their time to recce legs. It is the club and team spirit which shines through at events like this. It would be great to see some of these new faces at fell races over the summer months and putting their names forward for the Ian Hodgson and FRA relays in the autumn.

I hope everyone enjoyed their wine, beer, brew or hot chocolate on Sunday night. Carl enjoyed his homemade Thai curry.

Calderdale Results

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Full Results


Despite coming lower down the list of this roundup (it’s always ordered by date and then alphabetically if you were wondering) this race took place earlier in the day than the Blackpool Beach 10K and was the first of 2 races for Cassie and Michelle (who maybe took the “Crazy Cow” idea a little too much to heart!).

Sarah Angelone at the Crazy Cow 10K

Sarah Angelone at the Crazy Cow 10K

James Dunderdale was our first finisher in 48th place overall. Sarah Angelone was our first lady finisher in 94th with a PB and a welcome return to form after having a baby last year.

Pos    Name Cat    Time   
48 James Dunderdale M S 00:42:52
94 Sarah Angelone F S 00:45:51
121 Cassandra Smedley F35 00:47:27
122 Michelle Abbott F35 00:47:27
216 Peter Costello M55 00:52:13
227 Lucy Scott F S 00:52:32
391 Deborah Greenwood F45 00:59:31
421 Christine Egerton F65 01:00:40
506 Karen Clarkin F40 01:03:58

Full Results


This triathlon is part of a series (May & September) and this was the first triathlon Helana ever entered and is still her favourite Triathlon on the calendar. This year she moved up an age category but was determined to give it her best.

Helana White

Helana White

She did well in the pool, (200m swim), and as they have a rolling start it is hard to work out where you are in positions, when you leave the pool. After a windy transition, she had a great start to the cycle leg with a text book (and much practiced) scooting mount. A solid, strong 6K cycle leg followed with wind assistance one way… but headwinds coming back down the promenade. – She looked much more confident on the bike than previous races – this is due Alan Dorrington for sorting the seat height and his riding training with Helana at the cycle track. Thank-You Alan! A quick transition saw her out for the 1.8K run, which she felt strong in and was overtaking people all down this leg.

She was very surprised to be announced as 2nd Girl, as we had expected 4th / 5th whilst waiting for the results, – This is a great Triathlon for adults and juniors, especially first timers



Pos    Name Cat    Time   
58 Paul Thompson MV45 03:32:58

Full Results


Bolton parkrun – A total of 416 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
112 Katy THOMPSON 26:18 VW60-64
113 Paul THOMPSON 26:19 VM45-49 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 426 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
3 Jonathan PYE 18:18 SM25-29
7 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:50 JM15-17
10 Josh HALL 19:35 JM15-17
13 Simon WILSHAW 19:58 JM15-17
15 Gareth BERRY 20:03 VM40-44
18 David MOYNIHAN 20:14 VM50-54 New PB!
20 Michael STEVENS 20:25 JM11-14 New PB!
28 Helana WHITE 21:11 JW10
32 Mick HUGHES 21:47 VM40-44
38 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 22:03 JM11-14
42 Chris LAWRENCE 22:16 VM50-54
44 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 22:22 JM15-17
55 Lynsey BIRTWISTLE 22:48 VW35-39 New PB!
56 Daniel PLANT 22:48 VM35-39
61 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:56 JW11-14
62 Charlie BARNES 23:00 JM10
73 Michelle ABBOTT 23:24 VW35-39
74 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 23:24 VW35-39
77 Wayne MCINTOSH 23:30 SM30-34
89 Alfie WHITE 24:02 JM11-14 New PB!
92 Bethany WHEATCROFT 24:05 JW11-14
94 David Ian SCOTT 24:08 VM70-74
97 Dawn TERRY 24:13 VW50-54
98 Nina KEWIN 24:14 VW35-39
104 Lennon JACKSON 24:31 JM11-14
106 Evan WELSH 24:32 JM11-14
124 Bryn BARNES 25:20 VM65-69
131 Lisa JOHNSON 25:27 VW45-49
136 Caitlin WELSH 25:32 JW15-17
139 Melanie HIRST 25:44 VW40-44
149 Helen WELSH 26:02 VW45-49
152 Imogen FERGUSON 26:06 JW11-14
153 Bianca BENNETT 26:09 SW25-29
156 Annabel WILCOCK 26:13 JW15-17
157 John WILCOCK 26:14 VM50-54
162 Richard LAWSON 26:26 VM75-79
167 Ian HARGREAVES 26:34 VM50-54
170 Helen HARRISON 26:47 VW45-49 New PB!
176 Carl CAREY 26:56 VM45-49
259 Darcey HIRST 29:51 JW10
273 Matthew DUCKWORTH 30:11 SM25-29
290 Robert HIRST 31:00 VM65-69
293 Jane HYLANDS 31:05 VW45-49
301 Robbie SMEDLEY 31:30 JM11-14
306 Matthew JACKSON 31:35 JM11-14
311 Ron CHAPPELL 31:45 VM65-69
335 Christine LEATHLEY 33:06 VW65-69
365 Emily JOHNSON 34:46 JW10 New PB!

Burnley junior parkrun – A total of 86 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
8 Bethany WHEATCROFT 8:49 JW11-14 New PB!
15 Imogen FERGUSON 9:31 JW11-14
25 Ruby CLEAVER 10:57 JW10 New PB!
47 Emily JOHNSON 11:58 JW10 New PB!

Dalby Forest parkrun – A total of 204 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
42 Graham ROPER 23:06 VM55-59 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 133 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
125 Robin PRICE 37:17 VM70-74

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 288 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
155 Eileen JONES 29:01 VW65-69

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 181 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
30 Philip NAYLOR 23:27 VM35-39 New PB!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 87 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
6 John HARTLEY 21:30 VM60-64
21 Martin BRADY 23:48 VM55-59
46 Eleanor Betty ROOT 28:20 JW15-17

Skipton parkrun – A total of 170 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
2 Tom BREWSTER 18:00 SM30-34
104 Yvonne WICKHAM 28:34 VW50-54

Witton parkrun – A total of 79 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
78 Julia RUSHTON 46:49 VW50-54


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