No April Fools

ByAdrienne Olszewska

No April Fools

It’s a cracking roundup this Easter weekend.  No eggs, just wins! You lot have been busy, many running more than once and in different disciplines.  We’ve had some great results. There’s been fell, trail, road and lots and lots of tangerine.  The future’s bright!

Clayton Harriers

Out in force this weekend!

Pete Hartley Memorial Liver Hill Fell Race – 31 March

Report From Chris Funnell

It might have sleeting and gusting winds but that didn’t dampen the buzz of excitement as the Pete Hartley Memorial Liver Hill Fell Race heralded the start of British Summertime and the eagerly awaited return of mid-week racing.

There was a strong display of orange and white with 22 Clayton members (including El P) making up a total turnout of 158 runners in the starting line up on the sports field at the Marl Pits. Due to the high winds the only part of the pre-race briefing I managed to hear was “…you finish on the race track”. In the end after some deliberation and consultation with fellow Clayton members I opted to pack my cag in my bum bag rather than wear it as I remained optimistic about the conditions once we got going.

I remembered the race from last year and the need to try to get a reasonable position in the initial charge across the field which then bottlenecks into a narrow path up an embankment that quickly churns up like a wildebeest river crossing. Once clear of the embankment there was a steady climb of about 500 feet over the next mile or so before reaching the open moor and a game of Russian roulette over the boggy sections commenced. Seeing others sink in front of me I successfully negotiated two bogs but succumbed to a third immediately sinking up to my shins. At this point the front runners including Jacob Boyle could be seen running back from the summit. After rounding the summit and the initial descent you were then back on to the boggy moorland and this time with a head wind to contend with. The route had at least 4 or 5 stiles which on the return leg had to be negotiated with runners on the out leg. Depending on timing these at least provided a couple of welcome seconds of respite. The final mile was an enjoyable descent and the chance to stretch out although in the final section only just managing to stay upright (more though good luck than good footwork). It was then back on to the playing fields and a cordoned route onto the race track and a final sprint to the finish where a young and enthusiastic race helper congratulated me and thrust a Cadburys Crème Egg into my hand. It doesn’t get better than this I thought. This is an excellent organised race held this year in memory of the sad loss of the excellent fell runner, photographer and Rossendale Harrier, Pete Hartley.

Katy Thompson added; ” I think Pete must have been smiling down on us because, although the wind was still cold and strong, the rain and snow from earlier in the day held off for the race.

As usual, I was very slow on the first climb but came to across the muddy fields and managed to pass George.   There are a number of tricky stiles to negotiate, made even more difficult when you meet the front runners coming back. I could see Linda Lord on the loop to the summit of Liver Hill, but she was too far ahead to catch.

The first half of the return run is much more uphill than you realise on the way out, then it’s a fast downhill on tracks and through the woods. I passed El Presidente on the way down, but he got me back on the slight incline just before the final fields. (Very ungentlemanly of you, Dave!).

After the kamikaze descent familiar from the cross country, it was across the muddy fields to the finish where Denise was handing out crème eggs to everyone. Looking down at my legs, they were so muddy that I couldn’t tell where my running bottoms ended and the skin began!”

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Jacob Boyle MU23 35:33
42 Chris Funnell MV45 43:16
46 Richard Briscoe M 43:33
56 Pete Smith MV60 44:48
62 David Naughton MV50 45:42
64 Alex Braysford MV50 47:01
75 Darren Rushton MV40 48:14
78 Nigel Weaver MV50 48:43
80 Richard Bellaries MV60 48:58
86 Rick Moore MV50 49:41
88 Robert Mitchell MV60 50:09
89 Stephen Breckell MV60 50:12
105 Angela Shian L 51:44
115 Peter Dugdale MV55 52:59
121 Linda Lord LV65 54:44
124 David Scott MV70 55:21
126 Katy Thompson LV60 55:43
129 Stephen Fish MV60 56:20
134 George Thompson MV65 57:36
138 Kath Brady LV50 59:10

Full Results 

Littleborough 5k Road Series – 1 April

Five club members braved atrocious weather conditions to compete in the first race of the popular Littleborough 5K Road Race series organised by Cannonball Events. This fast course with very little climb is a great opportunity to test out your racing legs and push for a personal best. Ninety nine runners took part in this event.

Congratulations to Team Roche who cleaned up the V55 category taking home the accolade for the male (John) and female (Irene) so well done to them. Three other members also braved the miserable conditions to race; Jean Knightley, Leanne Cottam and Nikki Kay.

Well done to Nikki Kay in particular who managed to knock a whole 5 minutes off her best time in this event last year – looks like all her hard work in training for the London Marathon is really paying off.

Pos Name Cat Time
16 John Roche MV55 19:43
58 Irene Roche LV55 23:13
73 Jean Knightley LV55 25:12
80 Leanne Cottam L 26:52
86 Nicola Kay L 28:27

Full Results

Caldervale 10 – 3 April

Dynamic duo Julia Rushton and Nerina Gill took on the Caldervale 10 mile road race and this is what Julia had to say; “Caldervale10 may only be just down the road from Guys 10 but the terrain is far tougher, think of it as a short Hendon Brook. A great atmosphere, a village event where everyone is welcome. Lovely quiet rural lanes virtually traffic free. One of my fave road races.”

Full Results

Pendle Fell Race – 4 April

Senior Race

On a glorious Easter Saturday a fantastic turnout of 41 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers lined up for this classic local fell race; a good few of them running their first fell race. Clayton-le-Moors Harriers won the Lancashire Team Trophy and fielded an impressive 8 complete mens teams and a ladies team. We had vet category wins for Alan Life, Pete Booth, Irene Roche and Katy Thompson.  Chris Holdsworth had a great race finishing in 6th place overall and 2nd place Lancashire Championship.

First time fell racer Danny Collinge said; “I have one word for it, and one word only…HARD!”

Pendle Hill Fell Race

Danny Collinge at the Pendle Hill Fell Race. Photo by Ryan Wilkinson

Competing in only her second fell race, Helen Burnett reported; “It was great to take part in the race as a member of Clayton up a hill I can see from my window at home. As a new fell runner and newish Clayton member, I received loads of support and encouragement from the long standing fell running members who were both running and marshalling. Great family atmosphere with the kids races first and then lovely to see the friendly banter of George and Katy Thompson in the first climb up Pendle, an inspiration for me and Dave! I did enjoy the steep climbs but need to toughen up for the downhill and was pleased with a strong finish down the last mile on the road. Enjoyed a well earned shandy afterwards in the Pendle Inn with a lot of the Claytoners. I’m proud to have done a race where local friends have said “nutters” and “mental”.

Pendle Hill Fell Race

George Thompson, Helen Burnett and Katy Thompson climbing up Pendle. Photo by Ryan Wilkinson

Dave Burnett added, “Yet again I have been shown what fell racing is all about, losing over 20 places on the second ascent was soul destroying – I’m either going to get fitter or carry Numchucks next year.

First time fell racer, Matthew Duckworth described his race as “awful” but added he can’t wait for the next one!

Pendle Fell Race

First time fell racer Matthew Duckworth at the Pendle Fell Race. Photo by the Woodentops

Another new fell racer, Michelle Butschock said; “This was my 1st race on Pendle and it feels like a real accomplishment. Had all sorts of negative thoughts in my head going up but once at the trig I must’ve had the biggest smile on my face!! The marshal at the trig was fantastic, really encouraging, all the Claytoners were at the finish cheering me on inmy battle to the line with another runner, the whole atmosphere through the day was fab. ”

Pos Name Cat Time
6 Chris Holdsworth M 35:20
11 Jacob Boyle MJ 37:05
24 Danny Collinge MJ 38:44
27 Alan Life M50 (1st) 39:16
31 Garry Wilkinson M50 (2nd ) 40:00
36 Lee Smith M 40:29
61 Michael O’Donnell M40 42:29
70 Andrew Armstrong M45 42:56
71 David Bagot M 43:22
83 Ralph Baines M45 44:08
92 David Naughton M50 44:43
94 Richard Briscoe M 44:49
100 Pete Booth M60 (1st ) 45:27
114 Chris Funnell M45 46:13
120 Nicholas Olszewski M55 46:51
121 Jeffrey Pickup M60 46:54
127 Sean Clare M50 47:06
135 Mark Nutter M50 47:38
154 Matthew Duckworth M 48:59
167 Vicky Heys F40 49:37
179 Gary Balmer M45 50:37
195 Stephen Breckell M60 51:52
200 Natalie Harrison F 52:24
201 Angela Shian F 52:24
203 Stephen Bury M55 52:31
207 Andrew Firth M55 52:46
213 Peter Dugdale M55 53:04
215 Irene Roche F55 (1st ) 53:09
222 Colin Woolford M 53:54
231 Katy Thompson F60 (1st ) 55:07
235 Jason Pier M45 55:32
238 Dave Burnett M50 55:43
254 Mark Taylor M 58:12
258 Helen Burnett F40 58:39
259 Robert Hirst M60 59:12
260 George Thompson M65 59:30
264 Michael Frost M60 61:39
267 Karin Goss F65 62:26
272 Doug Milnroe M65 63:01
282 Michelle Butschock F40 68:32
289 John Francis M70 72:01

Junior Races

There was a great turn out across all the age groups at the junior races, with a number of first timers.  Some great performances from the juniors, as always, promising a bright future for the club.

Pendle Fell Race

Clayton Juniors looking like they mean business at the Pendle Fell Races

Pos Name Time
15 Joshua McKay 03:16
23 Kady Thompson 03:31
UNDER 10s – 1.186K  50m
9 Dexta Thompson 05:04
49 Grace Root 06:18
53 Imogen Ferguson 06:22
65 Matthew Armstrong 06:47
74 Millie Mccabe 8:48
UNDER 12s – 2.58K      112m
6 Jackson McKay 14:33
45 Lennon Jackson 18:25
58 Sophie Ashworth 19:26
82 Natasha Olszewska 22:09
UNDER 14s – 3.95K    199m
17 Briony Holt 20:58
46 Eleanor Root 19:26
82 Liberty Thompson 22:09
UNDER 16s – 4.4K    245m
21 Curtis Holt 24:25
33 Ryan Clark 26:33
39 Alice Pier 28:06
UNDER 18s – 7.0K    340m
10 Jordan McDonald 30:11
17 George Pier 33:57

Full Results

Guiseley Gallop – 5 Sunday

A couple of Clayton Harriers were spotted at this event.

Pos Name Cat Time
105 Peter Butterworth M60 00:47:07
477 Julie Toman F45 01:07:39

Full Results 

Rivington Pike Fell Race – 4 April

Three vet men and one Clayton Lady were flying the club flag in one of the oldest and historic fell races in the country, organised by Horwich RMI Harriers. The race is 3.2 miles with 800ft of ascent.

Ron Hill

Ron Hill at the Rivington Pike Fell Race. Photo by Mark Sammon

Our vet men, Stephen Fish, Ted Orrell and Ron Hill made 14th team place – not bad for a threesome whose ages total over 200 years between them!

Pos Name Cat Time
192 Stephen Fish V60 29:56
209 Ted Orrell V75 (1st) 31:31
232 Julie Toman L45 34:13
246 Ron Hill V70 36:52

Full Results

Wollaton Park Easter 10k and 2k Runs – 6 April

Team Holdsworth had a great day out at Wollaton Park Easter multi terrain 10k. The Family 2k fun run was enjoyed by Roanna and Finan, especially the Easter eggs received at the finish.

Team Holdsworth

Team Holdsworth, resplendent in tangerine, at the Woollaton Easter Races

Breton took 4th place overall in the 10k race and first vet prize, in a field of over 600 runners.

Full Results

Hollingworth Lake 5k and Golden Mile – 6 April

Team Clayton

Organising, marshalling, running and winning at Hollingworth Lake 5k

Shrouded in mist and murk, the weather was a far cry from the glorious sunshine of the Pendle Fell races but that didn’t deter us. 28 club members, including 5 of our junior members, took part in this fast, flat 5k race.  There was a great win by Danny Collinge taking Clayton to team victory with Jacob Watson and Jordon McDonald. Second win of the weekend moving from the fell FV55 to the road FV50  for Irene Roche and Steve Biscomb taking the V60 win.

Team Clayton

L-R Jacob Watson, Danny Collinge and Jordan McDonald. Team winners at the Hollingworth Lake 5K

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Danny Collinge M 16:27
9 Jacob Watson M 17:30
13 Jordan McDonald M U18 (2nd ) 17:57
14 Richard Stevenson M 18:01
23 Paul Brannon M55 (1st) 18:37
26 John Hartley M55 19:01
27 George Pier M U18 19:06
30 John Roche M55 19:17
54 Stephen Biscomb M60 (1st) 21:23
60 Alice Pier F U16 (1st) 21:09
63 Jason Pier M45 21:28
73 Irene Roche F55 (1st) 22:32
90 Jean Knightley F55 (2nd ) 23:56
92 Liberty Thompson F U16 (2nd) 24:02
105 Leanne Cottam F 25:05
106 Rachel Todd F40 25:09
107 Bianca Bennett F 25:19
114 Donna Airey F 25:35
115 Natasha Olszewska F U16 (3rd ) 25:37
116 Elouise Sylkie Pemberton F 25:58
119 Jackie Kershaw F40 26:09
126 Deborah Greenwood F45 26:51
127 Adrienne Olszewska F45 26:59
128 Julie Toman F45 27:14
135 Karen Clarkin F40 28:03
147 Marion Wilkinson F65+ 29:21
149 Geraldine Varley F55 29:49
150 Anita Jones F55 30:06

Golden Mile Fun Run

Seven of our Juniors took part in the Golden Mile fun run.  Brilliant runs from all of them.  Top ten finishes for Dexta Thompson and Adam Stevenson and a particular mention for Liberty Thompson who ran in both races!

Clayton Juniors

Clayton Juniors at the Golden Mile Run

Pos Name Time
2 Dexta Thompson 06:32
5 Adam Stevenson 06:52
11 Liberty Thompson 07:14
23 Keira Stevenson 08:09
26 Kady Thompson 08:40
27 Jack McGuire 08:41
31 Felix Thompson 09:15

Full Results

Parkrun roundup

Another week of great parkruns for our club members and, with it being the Easter Weekend, it would seem there has been a little bit of parkrun tourism going on as well.

We took the top four postions at the Burnley parkrun so very well done there to Jacob Watson, Mark Aspinall, Jon Hanson and Paul Brannon. Jonathon Pye was second at Penrith and John Hartley was in fifth at Pendle.  Shiny new PBs for Stephen Ainsworth, Eloise Pemberton and Rachel Stevenson. Well done to Marion Wilkinson, who despite her long-term involvement with Burnley parkrun, only took part for the first time this weekend!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 201 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
1 Jacob WATSON 00:18:07
2 Mark ASPINALL 00:18:42
3 Jon HANSON 00:19:11
4 Paul BRANNON 00:19:16
12 Stephen AINSWORTH 00:20:06
25 Andrew WEBSTER 00:21:34
28 Andy QUINN 00:22:45
38 David Ian SCOTT 00:23:30
53 Jean KNIGHTLEY 00:24:32
74 Donna SCOTT 00:25:44
79 John WILCOCK 00:25:56
80 Annabel WILCOCK 00:25:57
87 Beth QUINN 00:26:23
89 Elouise Sylkie PEMBERTON 00:26:27
96 Ron CHAPPELL 00:26:53
97 Paul Laurence WALSH 00:27:20
124 Heidi KEWIN 00:29:25
134 Rachel STEVENSON 00:30:04
137 Marion WILKINSON 00:30:13
147 Sophie MCINTOSH 00:30:53

Pendle parkrun – A total of 66 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
5 John HARTLEY 00:21:17
20 Barry MITCHELL 00:24:28
36 Robert HIRST 00:29:15
53 Christine LEATHLEY 00:33:49

 Bolton parkrun – A total of 307 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
67 Bryan SEARBY 00:24:20
82 Katy THOMPSON 00:24:58
161 Julia RUSHTON 00:29:02

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 202 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
50 Wendy DODDS 00:24:33
141 Eileen JONES 00:30:57

 Ashton Court parkrun – A total of 307 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
39 Stephen WHITAKER 00:21:44

Cardiff parkrun – A total of 600 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
101 Martin BRADY 00:21:25

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 75 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
71 Robin PRICE 00:38:30

Penrith parkrun – A total of 96 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
2 Jonathan PYE 00:18:48

Southampton parkrun – A total of 549 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
26 Colin SHUTTLEWORTH 00:19:15

Club Road Palladium – Latest Standings

In the Road Palladium Competition members receive points for competing in any road race. There are separate competitions for Ladies and Men. Points are awarded as in the following example: If five men members compete in a road race then the first man home is awarded five points; the second man home is awarded four points; and so on.

Latest standings show Irene Roche leading the Ladies table and Jacob Watson leading the Mens table.

Runners of the Month

Well done George Pier for winning February senior runner of the month for his great performance at Muddy Shoes & at the Mid Lancs League Cross Country races.

Well done junior runner of the month Ryan Clarke for a brilliant run at Winter Warmer 10K.

Kit Manager

The club is looking for a new Kit Manager to take responsibility for our junior and senior clothing range. So, if you want to play a key part in making Team Clayton the smartest team around this is your chance! The job involves sourcing and designing new lines, storing the stock, as well as selling to members. The club wants to move to offering electronic payment as well as providing an online shop, so some computer skills are needed for the role.

We need more help to make our club even better. If you think that you could be our Kit Manager, please get in touch with either myself or any committee member.

Jim Hickie, Chair

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