All kinds of everything

ByAdrienne Olszewska

All kinds of everything

From fast and furious 200m at the track to long and steady ultra distances, our club members have been out in all weathers in all kinds of places.  There have been personal bests, and the odd personal worst, but as always we are chomping at the bit and raring to take on the next challenge.

Joe Salt Memorial Cowm Reservoir 5k – 8 April

There was an impressive turnout of fourteen Clayton Harriers on this mid week, evening race. Michelle Butschok described the race as; “a lovely race on a flat and fast course, thoroughly enjoyed it, especially running in lovely warm and dry weather too! Bonus was the bag of sweets for every runner!”

Team Clayton

Team Clayton at the Cowm 5K

John Roche said, “Well done to all the tangerine ladies and not forgetting cracking runs from Dave Burnett and a PB for Richard Briscoe and the new slimline Martin Brady”

Pos Name Cat Time
11 Richard Briscoe M 18:52
39 Martin Brady MV50 21:42
45 Irene Roche FV55 (1st) 22:16
49 David Burnett MV50 22:49
52 Sarah Angelone F 22:53
56 Helen Burnett FV40 23:20
69 Leanne Cottam LV35 25:38
73 Yvonne Wickham LV50 26:10
75 Michelle Butschok LV40 26:23
77 Julie Toman LV45 (2nd) 26:50
79 Karen Clarkin LV40 27:38
81 Geraldine Varley LV55 (2nd) 28:35
82 Anita Jones LV55 30:20
83 Judith Carey LV35 34:08

Full Results 

Loughrigg Fell Race – 8 April

For many, this early season evening race heralds the start of Summer. A four mile out and back blast from Rothay Park in Ambleside, this race packs a lot into its short length. The fell section is flagged so runners don’t end up heading down to Grasmere in the dark!

The weather was glorious as 188 runners set off on this tough 4 mile race with 3 Clayton runners amongst them; Jean Brown, Stephen Bury and Wendy Dodds.

Pos Name Cat Time
112 Jean Brown F40 00:38:07
150 Stephen Bury M50 00:43:06
154 Wendy Doddds F60 00:43:24

Full Results

Coledale Horseshoe – 11 April

Fourteen Clayton Harriers took part in this Fell Race in a field of 249.

Report by Richard Briscoe

Fell Running

Richard Briscoe at the Coldedale Horseshoe Fell Race. Photo by

Just a quick report from the Coledale Horseshoe. I had the weekend off work and Burnley were playing at 5pm, so I decided to do some preparation for the Three Peaks Race in two weeks. I left home at 8am, the weather was terrible with driving rain and I thought to myself I must be insane going up to the lakes. I arrived at Braithwaite where there were strong winds but the sun was out with snow on the Mountains. So the event was shortened because of the snow, and the route was changed slightly. There were quite a few Clayton members running Neil Hardiman, Barb Savage, Jean Brown, David Bagot, myself, Andy Firth, Pete Browning, Mark Nutter, Peter Dugdale and Andrew. Overall it was a very enjoyable day.

Pos Name Cat Time
49 Neil Hardiman MV40 1:24:05
77 David Bagot M 1:27:54
83 Andrew Priory MV40 1:29:49
94 Ralph Baines MV40 1:31:19
106 Richard Briscoe M 1:33:23
115 Jean Brown LV40 1:34:25
141 Mark Nutter MV50 1:38:14
151 Peter Browning MV50 1:39:35
186 Wendy Dodds LV60 1:47:33
197 Robert Mitchelll MV60 1:48:45
201 Barbara Savage LV50 1:49:18
217 Peter Dugdale MV50 1:54:33
218 Katy Thompson LV60 1:54:42
224 Andrew Firth MV50 1:57:03

Race Photos

Full Results

Calderdale Hike – 11 April

Accomplished ultra runner Andy Armstrong took part in this 37 mile event. It forms part of a series of ultra distance events that make up the Runfurther annual championships. He finished in a time of 7hrs 37 mins.

Awaiting Results

Mid Lancs Track at Blackpool – 11 April

Danny Collinge, George Pier, Alice Pier and Liberty Thompson all took part in the first of the track and field league fixtures representing Burnley AC.

Well done!

Full Results

Wardle Skyline – 11 April

In a strange twist of fate, we had two events overlapping in time and space!  Whilst out on the Calderdale Hike, I found myself suddenly in the middle of the Wardle Skyline Fell Race cheering on fellow club members.  Bit surreal!

Wardle Skyline Fell Race

Vicky Heys at the Wardle Skyline

However, back on track.  Irene Roche continues to stretch her fell legs and described this event as very runnable with great views particularly so on this day due to the sunshine, although a bit cold and breezy with it. Definitely back next year!

Wardle Skyline

Irene Roche at the Wardle Skyline Fell Race

Other club mates spotted were Vicky Heys, Angela Shian, Kath and Martin Brady, Steve Fish, Robert Hirst and Rick Moore

Wardle Fell Race

Martin Brady at the Wardle Skyline Fell Race

Pos Name Cat Time
107 Martin Brady M50 01:02:55
119 Vicky Heys W40 01:04:41
127 Angela Shian WSen 01:05:26
129 Irene Roche W55 01:05:29
139 Rick Moore M50 01:06:05
163 Stephen Fish M60 01:11:47
168 Kath Brady W50 01:12:27
180 Robert Hirst M60 01:17:41

Full Results

3 Bridges 10K – 12 April

This is described as a flat, fast and scenic route though Lancaster, unsurprisingly, going over 3 bridges

Adam Hamer described this race as: ” a tough one because of the weather but relatively flat. The first 5k wasn’t too bad with the wind behind us but as it was an out and back again type race the gales were in our faces which made tired legs even more tired for the final 5k. Overall the race would have been average-okay but catching the bad weather made it pretty tough.”

Sophie McIntosh added; “Those steps in the middle were a surprise that my legs did not enjoy!”

Clayton Harriers

Adam Hamer and Sophie McIntosh at the 3 Bridges 10k in Lancaster

Well done both of you and well done to super vet Stephen Biscombe who was 2nd V60.

Pos Name Cat Time
54 Stephen Biscombe V60 00:43:08
252 Sophie McIntosh F 01:04:19
253 Adam Hamer M 01:04:19

Full Results

Fleetwood 10K – 12 April

Another Clayton Lady flying the tangerine flag was Clare Wilson who competed in the Fleetwood 10K. The Race starts behind the Marine Hall and runs along Fleetwood’s Outer Promenade with great views over Morecambe Bay. Maybe not on this occasion as the weather did not turn out to be anyone’s friend.

Clare Wilson

Clare Wilson at the Fleetwood 10k

Clare Wilson reported; “I was absolutely soaked to the bone in awful conditions but I think the pelting rain and sheer need to get dry, sped me up and got me a PB of 49.41. 5th lady overall as well apparently!”

Well done Clare

Full Results

Radcliffe 10K – 12 April

Five club members took part in this multi-terrain 10k.

Sarah Angelone said; “A great event with fab marshals throughout. A good race with cobbles, pot holes, big ass stairs, hills and fun galore. A good event.”

Radcliffe 10k

Sarah Angelone (L) and Leanne Cottam (R) at the Radcliffe 10k

Leanne Cottam said; “Enjoyed it really. A bit of everything; some killer hills and some killer steps on the second mile. Didn’t expect them at all, ha!. A great off road race. Yes plenty of cobbles & pot holes. But good fun. Plus the rain held off while we ran so a bonus”

Also taking part were Peter Butterworth , Jeffrey Pickup and Julie Toman.

Pos Name Cat TIme
75 Peter Butterworth M60 00:43:42
97 Jeffrey Pickup M60 00:44:46
156 Sarah Angelone F 00:48:20
224 Leanne Cottam F 00:53:34
271 Julie Toman F45 00:58:52

Full Results

Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon – 12 April

Boasting a field of over 6000 runners, this popular half marathon takes place in Sheffield. Cancelled last year due to a lack of water for runners, this year’s race started without a hitch.

Team Clayton

Tanya Bunkham’s kit ready for the Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon

Flying the Clayton-le-Moors Harriers flag at the Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon, Tanya Bunkham reported; “Sheffield half marathon done and dusted in 1:56:28. Disappointed in my time, but the first 5 miles were seriously uphill and the wind was brutal. Can’t believe in two weeks’ time I’ll be going twice as far, eeek!”

Well Done Tanya

Full Results

Mynd Mac – 12 April

Jean Brown was running in this fell race  which she describes as a lovely 4.5 miles on the Long Mynd – very windy and lots of climbing. She was 3rd Lady overall.

The race rises out of the beautiful Carding Mill Valley, there is a stiff climb up over Stanyeld followed by a good old gallop down a north-easterly spur of Haddon Hill into the delightful Batch Valley, immediately leaving via Long Batch – long by name and nature, and one of the lesser used routes on the Longmynd. An entertaining path (now you see it, now you don’t – but waymarked on the day) crosses a stream several times as it hauls up to a pool and cairn, and a track which runs parallel to the Saxon drove of The Portway.

A few hundred yards further and the turn for home with a lovely, undulating run over Haddon and spectacular views for those with the time and inclination to enjoy them. Just when you thought it was all over, one last climb up to the remarkable Iron Age fort on Bodbury Hill and then along the top of the hill before sweeping down, back into Carding Mill Valley – job done!

Awaiting Results

Parkrun roundup

Apologies if I miss any far flung parkrun tourists this week. The consolidated club feature that finds you all for me is not working at the moment so the results have been gathered manually. I have only checked the parkrun events that are regularly attended by our members.

Burnley parkrun

Leading the way at the Burnley parkrun. Photo by Bryn Barnes

Just having a look through the local event results we had a stonking set of results at the Burnley parkrun. Top ten finishes for four of our male runners, first female finisher, and eight junior runners with new PBs for Sophie Ashworth and Nathan Kewin. New PBs also for senior runners Andrew Webster and John Wilcock who finished a mere second apart – bit of a race was it?

Burnley parkrun

Junior runner, Sophie Ashworth on the way to another PB at Burnley parkrun. Photo by Bryn Barnes

Shiny new PBs also for Barry Mitchell and Eileen Jones, which just goes to show that you can continue to push and improve whatever age you are!

Well done to all of our parkrunners!

Burnley parkrun – 235 runners took part

Pos   parkrunner   Time Cat   Note  
4 Jonathan PYE 18:17 SM25-29
5 Richard STEVENSON 18:50 VM35-39
6 Paul HESKETH 19:11 VM50-54
8 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:33 SM25-29
11 Laura HESKETH 20:09 SW30-34 First Female
14 Thomas BRADLEY 20:48 JM11-14
19 Andrew WEBSTER 21:25 VM45-49 New PB!
20 John WILCOCK 21:26 VM50-54 New PB!
22 Dexta THOMPSON 21:53 JM10
23 Martin BRADY 21:55 VM50-54
31 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:46 JW11-14 New PB!
52 Nathan KEWIN 24:14 JM10 New PB!
57 Andy QUINN 24:46 VM40-44
70 Andrew TAYLOR 25:16 VM55-59
73 Daniel BRADLEY 25:24 JM11-14
90 Ron CHAPPELL 26:39 VM65-69
92 Jackie KERSHAW 26:41 VW40-44
98 Robert HIRST 26:55 VM60-64
136 Donna SCOTT 28:57 VW45-49
137 Richard LAWSON 28:58 VM70-74
142 Heidi KEWIN 29:23 JW11-14
145 Jack MCGUIRE 29:32 VM55-59
189 Molly HESKETH 33:54 JW11-14
209 Milly MACCABE 36:57 JW10

Pendle parkrun – 53 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
4 John HARTLEY 21:17 VM55-59
18 Barry MITCHELL 23:52 VM65-69 New PB!
45 Christine LEATHLEY 33:30 VW65-69

Heaton parkrun – 495 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
89 John SEARBY 23:32 VM40-44

 Fellfoot parkrun – 160 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
111 Eileen JONES 30:06 VW60-64 New PB!


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