Lottery Funding Award of £8900

ByJim Hickie

Lottery Funding Award of £8900

Juniors Lottery FundingClayton-le-Moors Harriers are delighted to announce the award of a grant of £8904 from Sport England, which will support our talented group of juniors. The grant has been awarded to the ‘Burnley Running Community’ project which lasts for one year. The awarding of the grant is largely down to the hard work of club members Marion Wilkinson, Jason Pier, Andy Armstrong and everyone involved, that have helped make our juniors the success that they are.

A large part of the award is to provide additional coaching for eleven of our older juniors, to encourage sustained participation into adult running. These members are now able to attend weekly gym strength & conditioning classes for a year at St Peter’s Leisure Centre in Burnley. The award also supports the training of additional coaches for our club, promotion and publicity, as well as mini bus travel to races and driver training.

The grant will help the club to sustain the high level of quality that is emerging through the ranks. Without such support, it can become an uphill task to maintain the enthusiasm needed to keep our youngsters in the sport as they become young adults. All of our thanks and gratitude goes to Sport England for helping us to develop our juniors into our senior runners of the future!

However, it isn’t just the juniors that will receive the benefits. The award has enabled Burnley Getin2 Running to hold adult beginners group sessions, which are held in the distraction free parks of Burnley. Led by qualified leaders, these sessions are held at Thompson Park on Mondays at 6:30pm, Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 10am. There is also a session at Towneley Park on Thursdays at 6pm. For further information visit, or call 01282 425011. We look forward to seeing more people taking up running to get fit, and hope that some will decide to become a part of our success and join us.

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