Fell Competitions 2013


Fell Competitions 2013

The results of our three annual competitions for fell racers have been compiled for 2013. They are as follows:

Fell Palladium

This competition rewards performances over the whole season. Overall winners are Dave Motley and Jean Brown; the full results can be found here.

John North Trophy

This trophy is awarded using the same points system as the palladium trophy, but is for “AL” category fell races only. The final top 5 for this award for 2013 are:

Name Category No. of races Total Points
Jean Brown LV40 9 396
Martin Terry V50 5 222
David Naughton V50 4 216
David Nuttall V50 4 208
David Motley 3 194

Pendle Aggregate Trophy

This is awarded to the person with the highest number of points on 5 Pendle races: Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round, Pendle, Mearley Clough, Pendleton and The Tour of Pendle. To be eligible, you must have completed all 5 races (this may be reviewed for 2014). The winner for 2013 is Peter Dugdale.

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