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ByDave Motley

Worsthorne Moor Fell Race & the rest of the weekends action.

Worsthorne Moor Fell Race

 I heard a voice from afar ‘stop running like you’re dancing!’ I turned round to see a sprightly young gentleman (you can pay me later John) running towards me, who I have now come to know as John Roche

How my journey began……..

Just over a year ago I was running along(well a leisurely trot might be more apt!) Red Lees Road, Cliviger, in my own little world, when I heard a voice from afar ‘stop running like you’re dancing!’ I turned round to see a sprightly young gentleman (you can pay me later John) running towards me, who I have now come to know as John Roche. After criticising my running style, the cheeky beggar was going to run straight past me but I insisted he gave me a mini session on my technique there and then-elbows in, knees up! John told me about his beginners training at Towneley and after a lot of blood, sweat and feeling sick I was moved up to his more advanced group before Christmas. Irene Roche encouraged me to join Clayton, I would never have had the confidence to do this without Irene’s encouragement and confidence in me. The support and encouragement I have received from Clayton has been amazing and I have made some great friends.


Courtesy of Steve Bateson

Race Day

Today I did the Worsthorne Moor trail race. It was tough, especially the long uphill start, but John’s training sessions have improved my stamina and Irene’s wise words to ‘tip tap’ up the steeper bits came in very useful. Every time I wanted to relax a bit I could hear John’s voice ‘have a word!’. The ice cold beer I had at the end with Michelle Butchok in the Billet made it all worthwhile. Just Boulsworth fell race to conquer now, with support from Jean Knightley(you can’t back out now Jean!) then I’ll have achieved my goal of 9 Grandprix runs!! I can’t thank you enough John for telling me to stop running like I’m dancing. That chance meeting really has changed my life for the better


Courtesy of Steve Bateson

28 of our members took part in the penultimate race of the Burnley & Pendle Grandprix. The race a tough 6.5 mile route starts with a tough climb up Gorple Rd before swinging out to Gorple & Hurstwood reservoir and returning to the start in Worsthorne. First Clayton member to pass the post, with a monster hangover, was Mr Orange himself Breton Holdsworth (6th), Phil Hall proved he’s still one of the best around taking the V50 prize with skipper, Dave Motley in 13th.


Courtesy of Steve Bateson

Full Clayton Results:

6. Breton Holdsworth              43:15

7.Phil Hall                               44.19

13.Dave Motley                      45:00

17.Paul Brannon                    45:51

25.Dave Bagot                       48:10

26.Richard Stevenson            48:37

28.Alan Life                            49:09

29.Carl Helliwell                     49:29

35.Chris Funnell                     50:32

44.Richard Briscoe                 52:49

45.John Wilcock                     52.54

53.Andy Quinn                       53:53

54.Peter Browning                 54:05

60.Stephen White                  55:23

67.Dave Naughton                 56:40

70.Alex Braysford                   56:48

72.Dave Scott                         57:15

76.Martin Griffin                      58:48

78.Stephen Ainsworth            59:07

85.Jean Knightley                   1:00:40

88.Tanya Bunkham                1:02:38

96.Sarah Helliwell                  1:04:34

97.Rachel Todd                     1:05:13

98.Ron Chappell                    1:05:54

100.Ted Orrell                        1:06:53

104.Michelle Butschok           1:10:23

107.Stuart Barker                   1:14:46

108.Christine Leathley            1:18:20

Full results can be found here

Thanks to Rachel Todd for this fantastic report

The rest of the weekends racing 

Friday night saw the third running of the Padiham 5 Mile. The route from memorial park goes up & down the Padiham greenway to the canal and back. Clayton were out in force with a number of members taking part. Terry O’leary continued his recent impressive form finishing 1st Clayton back in 5th place. Jordan McDonald was 1st junior back in 10th and there were other outstanding junior performances from Kenan, Thomas, Ryan & Edward.

On Saturday in the picturesque village of Hellifield, two of our members took part in the annual gala race. 3rd back overall with a really strong performance was Jacob Boyle, with the other ever present Clayton runner finishing in 20th, Richard Briscoe.

Also on Saturday in really tough conditions 9 of our members took part in one of the Lakeland Classics, Borrowdale Fell Race. This epic race covers 16.5mile and 6500’ of climbing taking Bessyboot, Esk Hause, Great Gable and also the highest point in England, Scafell. As some of you are aware from media reports, there was an incident in which one runner suffered a fall from Scafell, I believe the runner was rescued and is now in a stable condition in hospital. However this shows the importance of carrying full kit, recceing courses and being able to read maps on these tough routes.


Spencer Riley was our 1st member back in 24th Place. Our Lakeland specialist Dave Nuttall finished in 82nd with Andy Robinson not far behind in 96th. Fell legend Wendy Dodds finished 1st V60 in 150th with fantastic runs from Nicholas Olszewski, Barbara Savage, John Rusius and  Paul Wale.


24. Spencer Riley – 3:40.03

82. Dave Nuttall – 4:09:48

96. Andrew Robinson – 4:14:46

150. Wendy Dodds – 4:37:23

200. Nicholas Olszewski – 4:55:06

213. Barbara Savage – 4:59:57

226. John Rusius – 5:11:25

254. Paul Wale – 5:33:27

Terry O’Leary had a busy weekend and was one of two members out in Preston for the Wagon & Horses 10mile. Terry finished 14th in a time of 62:53, with ever present road expert Steve Biscomb running 10miles in 73:10.


ByAndy Armstrong

Juniors@Hameldon 2014

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