Climb Every Mountain

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Climb Every Mountain

What an epic week! This week you’ve been representing Team GB, tackling classic Lakeland fell races, hitting new PBs and turning out en masse at the latest Grand Prix race. Huge congratulations to Christopher Holdsworth on his Team GB debut – he’s a credit to the club and an inspiration to all of us.



Five junior members took part in the final race of the popular Astley Park Junior Trail series. Lennon Jackson was our first finisher in 12th place and Imogen Ferguson was our first girl finisher in 67th place.

Pos Name Time
12 Lennon Jackson 05:36
15 Matthew Jackson 05:41
42 Luke Guest 06:23
67 Imogen Ferguson 07:01
83 Jake O’Dowd 07:54

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Alan Life and Stephen Fish ran in the Crow Hill Reverse fell race; a 5 mile route with 1001 feet of ascent. Alan Life was our first finisher in 22nd place overall and Stephen Fish was 63rd. A total of 78 runners took part.

Pos Name Category Time
22 Alan Life M50 00:40:09
63 Stephen Fish M60 00:51:44

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Jon Cleaver and Peter Dugdale ran in the Whittle Pike Fell Race organised by Rossendale Harriers. This is a rough and tough midweek fell race covering 4.5 miles and 1400 feet of ascent. Jon Cleaver was 17th and Peter Dugdale was 82nd.

Report from Jon Cleaver

This was a  tough race for a midweek evening. I clocked 1500ft over 4.5 miles. Setting off in Cowpe, it was a fast start on the tarmac for the first few hundred yards onto the Fell for the first climb which seemed to go on forever. There was in total 3 major climbs (2 drags and one on hands) and some fantastic fun descents through mud up to your waist around the moorland above Leigh Quarry. Ended up covered head to toe and thoroughly enjoyed it. Pleased with 17/99 for a chicken legged road runner (name courtesy of Snell).

Pos Name Category Time
17 Jon Cleaver M 00:50:38
82 Peter Dugdale MV60 01:09:37

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A mix of vets, senior and junior runners competed in the final race of the flat and fast Todmorden Park 5K series. First Clayton in was Jacob Watson who was third overall.  Matthew Jackson was 1st MJ U14 and Michelle Abbot was 1st F35 and our only lady in the race.

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Jacob Watson M 16:56
22 Matthew Jackson MJU14 19:48
36 Lennon Jackson MJU14 21:12
52 Michelle Abbott F35 22:36
54 Martin Brady M55 23:04
80 Paul Walsh M60 27:09

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Five Clayton Harriers ran in the Borrowdale Fell Race. This is a classic, Lakeland AL fell race that takes runners 17 miles with 6500 feet of ascent, including a climb up Scafell. James Williamson was our first finisher in 79th place and with a time of 3:56:09. Andy Firth was running the race for an impressive 21st time.

Report from Andrew Firth

1988 was the first time I attempted Borrowdale and although I’d completed the 3 Peaks and Langdale a couple of times I wanted to sample a classic Lakeland Super Long. I had a reasonable run and got round in 4hrs 19 mins, but didn’t return until 1992 after discovering the delights of the evening “knees up” in the marquee. After that it became an almost annual pilgrimage – mainly due to the pull of the drinking and merrymaking in the marquee which normally ended with top fell runners in various stages of undress and climbing up the poles and sliding down the outside of the tent. (Some of them were Clayton members).

Andrew Firth during his 21st completion of the classic Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Andrew Firth during his 21st completion of the classic Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

The marquee and evening festivities are no longer, but most years since 1992 has seen me camping or caravanning somewhere in the Lakes on the first weekend of August. Time seems to dull the pain of the Borrowdale, and lining up at the start of my 21st completion of the event saw me looking forward to the challenge rather than remembering the painful crawl up and descent of Dale Head on shredded legs. There were a few Claytoners lining up, James Williamson, Paul Shackleton, Mark Nutter, Ralph Baines and myself. The weather immediately before the start was terrible with heavy rain keeping the runners sheltering in their cars rather than warming up, however it eased up and shortly after the start the sun came out resulting in cags and thermal layers being discarded on the climb to Bessyboot.

Paul Shackleton at the Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Paul Shackleton at the Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

I had my normal sprint start to avoid the bottleneck shortly after the start then eased back to my normal shuffle with a constant stream of runners passing me all the way up Bessyboot. I started to play catch up on the long haul through the boggy ground to Esk Hause and made good progress over the rocky Boulder fields to Scafell Pike summit. The scree descent to the corridor route was in excellent condition despite the rainfall, however two enforced stops to remove the resultant stones in shoes negated any advantage gained.

Mark Nutter and Ralph Baines just behind at the Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

Mark Nutter and Ralph Baines just behind at the Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

I felt OK on the run to Sty Head, but the minute I dibbed and started the Gable climb I started to remember last years pain and entertained thoughts of retiring and taking the easy descent to Seatoller. It took a great deal of fortitude to find the resolve to carry on, but with it being my 21st, and not ever failing in a Borrowdale previously I found the motivation to complete, promising myself this would be my last Super Long.

The traverse to Honister went well, finding some good lines and reasonable running (for me) and gaining a few places. However the climb up Dale Head was excruciating losing all the places gained, I arrived at the top a broken man and it was all I could do to shuffle down the steep rocky descent, taking care not to trip. The final run up the lane was a slow walk/run crossing the line in 5hrs 11 mins, but it was over. I remain very proud of my record on this tough Lakeland classic with a best time of 3hrs 54mins in 2000, but I think these super longs are taking too much out of my body so that’s it for me! I’m certainly not retiring from running, and I’ll be giving Langdale a shot in October – it’s shorter by at least an hour. I’ll be back at Borrowdale next year, but cheering runners on at key spots like Esk Hause and Sty Head, and I hope to see more Clayton runners entered to this classic.

Report From James Williamson

Borrowdale is an absolute classic Lakeland AL race, 16.7 miles and 7000ft ascent over some of the roughest & most technical terrain the Lake District has to offer.

The route took us from Rosthwaite village and summits including Bessyboot, Scafell Pike, Great Gable & Dale Head before returning back to the village. I settled nicely in to the race and climbed well ensuring I ate & drank regular to prevent a recurrence of last year when I bonked on Great Gable. The conditions underfoot were far from ideal due to heavy rainfall in the lead up to the race, the ground was wet & boggy and the rocks over the corridor route between Scafell Pike & Great Gable were testing and incredibly slippery as a result I found my descending was poor at times and I became a touch frustrated.

James Williamson at the Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

James Williamson at the Borrowdale Fell Race. Photo by Paul Dobson

I was glad to reach the Honister Hause check point for a much needed swig of orange which helped me kick on up the final, relentless climb to Dale Head. The long run off through the quarry back to Rosthwaite felt never ending but I finally dibbed in to finish in 3.56.5  – mixed feelings about my performance – disappointed as I descended badly & I know I can go quicker in better conditions but also pleasing as I knocked 14 minutes off my time from the 2016 English champs race.

The crowning glory of this race is undoubtedly the cheese & Jam sandwiches served up in the village hall at the end of the race – pure magic

Pos Name Category Time
79 James Williamson MSEN 03:56:09
124 Paul Shackleton M50 04:19:24
155 Mark Nutter M55 04:35:12
161 Ralph Baines M45 04:36:50
217 Andrew Firth M55 05:11:10

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Having missed Whittle Pike fell race due to work commitments I was keen to squeeze a race in this week and Hellifield Gala ticked all the boxes. With plenty of stalls and attractions for the family this tough little 5.6km race should take me sub 40 minutes to blast round before the boy (James ,4) got too bored! The record is an astonishing 23 minutes, set by a certain Mr A. Brownlee, apparently quite well known round Yorkshire way! With the weather promising to be kind off we went.

Colin Woolford at the Hellifield Gala Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Colin Woolford at the Hellifield Gala Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

As BS races go this is as runnable and fast as you would expect, broadly up and down three small hills (climbing ladders over dry stone walls and hay bales over barbed wire fences as you go) round a marshal and trig point at the top of the last hill then run back the way you came, starting and finishing in the centre of the gala field with a commentary from t’Yorkshire MC and much applause from the spectators.

Stephen Fish with Martin Brady chasing at the Hellifield Gala Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Stephen Fish with Martin Brady chasing at the Hellifield Gala Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Three Clayton made the start line, Steve Fish having completed the race before and myself and Martin Brady taking mental notes as to the route, the three of us raced each other well, changing positions a few times as we went, but ultimately finishing Brady, Woolford, Fish.  One for the diary next year!



Farleton Knott is a challenging 4.5 mile race with around 1500 feet of climb and is a counter in the BOFRA Championship.

Two senior runners took part, Andrew Holt and Richard Briscoe, and Briony Holt ran in the U17 race in which she was 1st girl.

Report from Andrew Holt

Fifth BOFRA race of the season for me today at Farlton knott (big hill on the left as you pass the m6 on the settle to Kendal road). Unusually for a BOFRA race it’s not a straight up/down but more of a gradual up, stupid down, even more stupid up and gradual back down to the finish.

Weather was cloudy, warm, breezy, bit greasy underfoot but good running conditions.
Having walked the route first with Briony I knew it was going to be tough, but have done well this season with uphills of this type and true to form overtook several people on the way up to the trig.

Andrew Holt at the Farleton Knott fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Andrew Holt at the Farleton Knott fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

The scree run down I can only describe as hilarious, my usual tip tapping down quickly deteriorated into a sort of waterskiing affair on stones, bringing out laughter from the runners around me!More by luck than judgment I survived and crawled, hands and feet back up to the trig for the run along the top. I was slower than I would have liked on the descent to the finish, and I was overtaken several times. The heavy rain shower was a welcome addition however.

Richard Briscoe at the Farleton Knott fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Richard Briscoe at the Farleton Knott fell race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

4.5 miles,750ft of elevation, top twenty finish and a huge smile on my face at the end of it; another quality fell race and the longest one I’ve managed yet so no complaints.

Two other hoops were visible, Briony and Richard Briscoe.

Pos Name Cat Time
17 Andrew Holt MV40 43:53
42 Richard Briscoe Man 49:11


Briony Holt was our sole junior runner and she raced in the U17 category finishing in 11th place overall and 1st girl.

Report from Briony Holt

After walking the course with my dad, I knew the race would be very much suited to my style of running; long single track paths with rocky descents and gradual inclines on top. There were hardly any bogs, despite the weeks worth of rain, which is always a bonus.

The time quickly passed and soon it was time for my race to start. Surprisingly I wasn’t my usual ‘nervous wreck’ (maybe it was the patterned shorts?) so my warm up went pretty smoothly and I was ready to race.

Briony Holt in the U17 race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Briony Holt in the U17 race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

I set off in first but quickly got caught up on the gradual uphill. However, due to knowing where the best parts to overtake on the course were, I managed to take the lead again around half way through and keep it until the end. Well done to Richard Briscoe and my dad as well who ran the senior course.
Pos Name Time
11 Briony Holt (1st Girl) 23:46

Full Results


Congratulations to our runner, Christopher Holdsworth, who took part in the 2017 World Mountain Running Long Distance Championships in Italy. He put in an impressive performance for his debut in Team GB to finish in 36th place overall and 3rd British male in 03:47:30 in a field of 443 international runners. Well done Chris you’ve done us proud!

Report from Chris Holdsworth

Chris Holdsworth

Chris Holdsworth ready to represent Team GB at the World Mountain Running Long Distance Championship

Well what can I say? The course literally beat me up, battered me, chewed me up and spat me out – the hardest, most physical race I have ever endured… But what an atmosphere! It was supported fantastically and had Tour de France level of support going up some hills. Amazing.

As for the race itself, do I think I could have placed higher? Absolutely. Had it been on a course more suited to my style of running I think I could have been well up there. However, this was without a doubt the most technical, brutal and toughest route I’ve ever endured. Every step down a descent felt like a punch to your body, which by the end had me falling constantly on the wet rocks, bloodied, battered and in a world of pain for the last few miles, but very proud to finish 3rd GB runner and 34th in the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.

So… On my first GB outing I managed to run a respectable time on one of the toughest races out there, running over 19 miles and 8000ft of harsh Italian Alps. I am happy with that – but mostly I’m really proud of simply being here and the level of support so many have given me, and I’m really thankful for that. I hope I can keep it up for a good while yet and return on the amazing amount of support shown in me so far. This is just the beginning and I hope you will continue to follow my progress as it really does spur me on.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my amazing friends Adam Hamer and Caroline Lane and girlfriend Sophie McIntosh for travelling over to watch me race. I can’t thank them enough, especially Sophie who has put up with so much moaning and complaints from me over the years, she’s practically my complaints department at this point!

Thanks again for all the support, I’m now going to enjoy several beers over the next week and immense as I travel back through Europe and no doubt an immense amount of DOMS…

Full Results


Another big turnout for the penultimate race of this year’s  Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix. Danny Collinge was our first finisher in 2nd place.

Worsthorne Moor race. Photo by David Belshaw

Worsthorne Moor race. Photo by David Belshaw

There were age category wins for Paul Hesketh, James Boult, Jeff Pickup, John Roche and David Scott for the men. There were age category wins for Alison Dugdale, Irene Roche, Linda Bostock and Beth Quinn for the ladies.

Junior Aaron Lundie helping to organise Worsthorne Moor Trail Race. Photo by Deborah Stevenson

Junior Aaron Lundie helping to organise Worsthorne Moor Trail Race. Photo by Deborah Stevenson

Pos Name Category Time
2 Danny Collinge M 00:41:50
8 Tom Brewster M 00:43:30
9 Luke Turner M 00:43:44
12 Chris Snell M 00:46:07
14 Matthew Duckworth M 00:46:44
17 Paul Hesketh M50 (1st) 00:47:31
31 James Boult MJ (1st) 00:50:42
32 Gareth Betty M40 00:50:45
34 David Moynihan M50 00:50:58
35 John Roche M55 (1st) 00:51:01
40 Michael O’Donnell M40 00:52:08
41 Craig Nicholls M40 00:52:14
42 James Dunderdale M 00:52:23
45 Andy Bradley M50 00:52:45
46 Michael Clarke M40 00:52:51
52 Sean Clare M50 00:53:26
55 Jeffrey Pickup M65 (1st) 00:54:24
56 Paul Foster M45 00:54:53
57 Robert Morrison M45 00:54:56
59 Cassandra Smedley F35 00:55:02
64 Adam Stephenson M 56:16
65 Donna Airey F 00:56:31
66 Michael Hughes M40 00:56:31
67 Alison Dugdale F45 (1st) 00:56:40
72 Reece Lawrence MJ 00:58:41
75 Alan Archer M55 00:59:13
80 Chris Lawrence M50 01:01:38
81 Elizabeth Mullan F 01:01:38
82 Jeremy Bradshaw M45 01:01:52
88 Carl Carey M45 01:02:40
90 Irene Roche F55 (1st ) 01:03:00
93 Jane Ryan F40 01:03:29
94 Donna Scott F50 01:03:36
98 Nina Kewin F35 01:04:34
99 Julia Rushton F50 01:04:40
100 Andrew Taylor M55 01:04:55
101 Linda Bostock F60 (1st) 01:05:01
104 Lucy Scott F 01:06:16
107 Janine Pollard F45 01:07:03
108 Lisa Ellis F 01:07:10
109 Jean Knightley F55 01:07:34
112 Ian Hargreaves M50 01:07:54
113 David Scott M70 (1st) 01:08:08
114 Bianca Bennett F 01:08:22
147 Rebecca Bradshaw F 01:09:11
122 Mark Knowles M40 01:11:28
123 Bethany Quinn FJ (1st) 01:12:09
125 Jane Hylands F45 01:14:17
131 Deborah Greenwood F45 01:15:52
133 Christine Egerton F65 01:17:38
135 Julia Taylor F55 01:18:48
137 Helen Harrison F45 01:20:40
138 Judith Carey F 01:21:00
140 Christine Leathley F65 01:24:55
141 Ron Chappell M65 01:25:54
142 Jack McGuire M60 01:26:36
146 Anita Jones F65 01:29:43
147 Karen Clarkin F40 01:29:44

Full Results


We had a good turnout of junior runners at the Worsthorne race despite being the height of the school holidays. There were some great performances and plenty of success, especially for our older juniors.

Nick Hennessey in the U17 Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Nick Hennessey in the U17 Race. Photo by David Belshaw


Freya Birtwistle was our only runner in the U7 race and she finished in 6th place overall and 1st girl

Pos Name Cat Time
6 Freya Birtwistle U7G 1st girl 5:41


There were 3 juniors in the U9 Race.

Pos Name Cat Time
7 Charlie Plant U9G 5:02
8 Emily Johnson U9G 5:42
9 Olly Plant U9B 5:41


Joshua McKay and Toby  Birtwistle ran in the U11 boys race.

Pos Name Tim
9 Joshua McKay 7:53
10 Toby Birtwhistle 8:02


Three junior girls ran in the U11 race.

Pos Name Time
5 Darcy Hirst 8:10
6 Emily Nicholls 8:31
7 Ellisia Smedley 8:37


Robbie Smedley won the U13 boys race.

Pos Name Time
1 Robbie Smedley 14:03
2 Matthew Jackson 14:15
6 Jenson Bentham 15:42
7 Jake North 15:57
8 Charlie Birtwistle 16:33


Imogen Ferguson was our only runner in the U13 girls race and she finished first.

Pos Name Time
1 Imogen Ferguson 11:57


Another win for our juniors as Jackson McKay took first place in the U15 Boys race.

Pos Name Time
1 Jackson McKay 13:19
3 Michael Stevens 13:49
5 Adam Stevenson 14:33
6 Harrison Lewis Codd 14:34
7 Lennon Jackson 14:46
8 William Nicholls 14:54


Ella Dorrington was first in the U15 Girls race.

Pos Name Time
1 Ella Dorrington 15:40
3 Bethany Wheatcroft 18:09
4 Natasha Olszewska 18:16
5 Heidi Kewin 18:36


And yet another win for us as Nick Hennessey took first place in the U17 Race.

Pos Name Time
1 Nicholas Hennessey 12:52
2 Joshua Hall 12:56
3 Tom Holden 15:14


Amanda Duffy and Breton Holdsworth ran in the York 10K. Amanda Duffy had a great run, earning herself a new PB. Breton was modelling his suggestion for the Team Clayton Away Kit and pacing his wife Paula round the course.

Breton Holdsworth in his 'Away' kit!

Breton Holdsworth in his ‘Away’ kit!

Report from Amanda Duffy

I decided to check out the York 10k at the weekend. We set off early the day before and spent the afternoon sightseeing around York.Race morning arrived and I was hoping that zero sleep the night before wasn’t going to affect my run!

Amanda Duffy looking ready for action at the York 10K

Amanda Duffy looking ready for action at the York 10K

The course itself was slightly undulating which set off from York race course and went through the streets of York, past York Minster and along the riverbank to finish back at the race course.

After getting bad stitch at 5k I had to drop my pace abit but was more than happy to finish with a PB in 41.51

Pos Name Category Time
227 Amanda Duffy F35 00:41:51
1468 Breton Holdsworth M40 00:55:51

Full Results


Well done to Jacob Watson for his parkrun win at Carlisle parkrun. Well done also to everyone who got a PB this week.

Bramhall parkrun – A total of 339 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
35 Andy BRADLEY 21:14 VM50-54 New PB!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 418 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
3 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:25 JM15-17
5 Josh HALL 18:49 JM15-17
9 Kevin DAVIES 19:41 VM55-59
11 Matthew JACKSON 20:00 JM11-14
12 Matthew DUCKWORTH 20:01 SM25-29
21 David MOYNIHAN 21:02 VM50-54
30 Peter STEVENS 21:32 JM11-14
36 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 21:50 VW35-39 New PB!
44 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 22:10 JM15-17
51 Chris LAWRENCE 22:24 VM50-54
56 Michelle ABBOTT 22:36 VW35-39
59 Sarah ANGELONE 22:40 SW30-34 New PB!
63 Lennon JACKSON 22:47 JM11-14
64 Robbie SMEDLEY 22:47 JM11-14
78 Toby BIRTWISTLE 23:46 JM10
79 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 23:53 JM11-14
84 Dawn TERRY 24:25 VW50-54
88 Bethany WHEATCROFT 24:31 JW11-14
89 Bryn BARNES 24:40 VM65-69 New PB!
90 Nina KEWIN 24:41 VW35-39
94 Sophie ASHWORTH 25:02 JW11-14
95 Katy THOMPSON 25:06 VW60-64
130 Annabel WILCOCK 26:13 JW15-17
131 John WILCOCK 26:14 VM50-54
140 Melanie HIRST 26:30 VW40-44
155 Joanne MOTLEY 26:59 VW35-39
159 Donna SCOTT 27:04 VW50-54
168 Andy QUINN 27:15 VM45-49
180 Richard LAWSON 27:35 VM75-79
185 Carl CAREY 27:42 VM45-49
192 Darcey HIRST 28:03 JW10
195 Heidi KEWIN 28:08 JW11-14
235 Stuart BARKER 29:35 VM50-54
251 Helen HARRISON 29:53 VW45-49
258 Robert HIRST 30:22 VM65-69
324 Ellisia SMEDLEY 34:10 JW10
330 Emily JOHNSON 34:25 JW10
331 Marion WILKINSON 34:28 VW75-79

Carlisle parkrun – A total of 215 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
1 Jacob WATSON 18:01 SM30-34 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – a total of 92 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
84 Robin PRICE 34:54 VM70-74

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 153 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
40 Philip NAYLOR 23:33 VM40-44

Malahide parkrun – A total of 254 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
148 Eileen JONES 27:57 VW65-69 First Timer!

Medina I.O.W. parkrun – A total of 285 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
31 Simon WILSHAW 22:23 JM15-17

Pendle parkrun – A total of 76 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
3 Paul BRANNON 20:54 VM55-59
7 John HARTLEY 21:34 VM60-64
29 Eleanor Betty ROOT 26:24 JW15-17


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