Thunderbolts and Lightning

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Thunderbolts and Lightning

…very, very frightening race! Well it was on Wednesday evening for some of our hardy fellrunners. Other than a bit of thunderbolt dodging, you have been uphill and downhill, out in force at the Towneley 10K and junior races as well as the Todmorden Park 5K and the Widdop Races.



Two races on one evening for club members with the first being the uphill race from Worston village to Pendle Summit and the second the downhill race from the summit back down the village. Like all the summer series races, runners must estimate their time.

Carl Helliwell was the first to reach the finish in the uphill and Mark Nutter was the best estimate being only 8 seconds out on his guess

Uphill Results

Andy Armstrong was the fastest descender in the downhill race and Sean Clare was the best estimate being a mere 7 seconds out on his guess.

Downhill Results



Three hardy fell runners headed to the Lake District for the Blisco Dash which is a low key, rough and tough short race with a bit of everything. It’s a 5 mile course with 2133ft of ascent.  A troubling weather forecast was issued and here’s what the race organisers had to say;

This was a race organiser’s worst nightmare! After three days of blazing sun, a forecast showing isolated thundery showers. The electric storm begins an hour and a half before the race, and is both heavy and very local. We wait and I take no money until we see how it pans out. The summit marshals are prepared to set off and our Plan B is for them to turn the runners before the summit. We are on the start line when the lightning comes again and two runners drop out when I spell out the danger. Both of my children are running. The race sets off and it stops raining in time for Phil and John to take the results. As Phil Davies says afterwards,”this is how fell running ought to be – on the edge”

Exciting stuff.

Pos Name Cat Time
38 Ivan Whigham M50 60.29
39 Mark Nutter M50 60.39
45 Andrew Firth M50 67.47

Full Results


Report from Peter Coates

There were some few Clayton Harriers at Wednesday evening’s fell race at Widdop. This was my first time doing this fantastic mid-week race organised by Calder Valley Fell Runners. This is a 7-mile race taking in the moorland around Widdop. No really big climbs but a great route on twisty paths and plenty of tussocks and bracken.  I took a tumble on some wet rocks half way round but managed to get round and finished a respectable 8th place out of 144 finishers. Clayton were third men’s team overall.  This is a great race, and certainly one of my favourite local mid-week fell races and will definitely do again next year all being well.

Pos Name Cat Time
8 Peter Coates MV40 00:57:11
20 Chris Snell M 01:01:14
22 Alan Life MV50 01:01:58
24 Neil Hardiman MV40 01:02:18
46 Kieron Mitchell MV40 01:06:30
68 Chris Whiteoak M 01:10:03
104 Wayne McIntosh M 01:19:10

Full Results


Eleven juniors headed just over the border to take part in the Widdop fell races.

Imogen Ferguson emerging from the bracken at the Widdop fell race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Imogen Ferguson emerging from the bracken at the Widdop fell race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Report from Ella Dorrington

On Wednesday I ran the Widdop Junior fell race. It was a really good course, one which suited me quite well. There wasn’t too much steep climbing, most of the climbs being long and draggy. Luckily, there were only three girls in my age group so I was guaranteed to be in the top three!

I had a good start and ran all the climbs but on the way down, I got quite annoyed because I kept on tripping and falling over loads. One was a spectacular fall, I face planted and have a few battle scars – some cuts on my face, legs and a swollen knee! The weather was all right, a perfect temperature and a little bit rainy. The atmosphere was really good and it was great to see all the Clayton Juniors that ran.


Pos Name Cat Time
14 Ruby Cleaver U9G 0:05:50


Pos Name Cat Time
14 Ellisia Smedley U11G 0:12:09
15 Emily Nicholls U11G 0:12:45


Pos Name Cat Time
3 Robbie Smedley U13B 0:09:19
13 Imogen Ferguson U13G 0:12:50


Pos Name Cat Time
1 Jackson McKay U15B 0:23:10
3 Adam Stevenson U15B 0:26:04
4 William Nicholls U15B 0:26:18
6 Ella Dorrington U15G 0:26:57

Full Results



Eight club members took part in the third race of the Todmorden Park 5K series organised by Cannonball Events. Jacob Watson was our first finisher in 2nd place with a time of 17:14. Michell Abbot was our first lady finisher in 24th place overall and 1st F35. Richard Lawson was 1st M75. Matthew Jackson was 1st junior in the race. Jacob Watson, Matthew Jackson and Lennon Jackson took 1st men’s team place.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
2 Jacob Watson M 17:14
9 Matthew Jackson MJ U14 19:55
17 Lennon Jackson MJ U14 20:42
24 Michelle Abbott F35 22:45
33 Alan Archer M55 23:40
54 Paul Walsh M60 26:55
60 Richard Lawson M75 29:12
61 Christine Egerton F65 29:43

Full Results


CRAY  – awaiting results


55 Clayton Harriers ran in the Towneley Park 10K the 11th race of the popular Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix race series. Danny Collinge took the win with Barlick’s Julian Hood snapping at his heels.

Danny Collinge racing hard for the win. Photo by David Belshaw

Danny Collinge racing hard for the win. Photo by David Belshaw

Jon Cleaver and Luke Turner continue their great form to finish in the top ten. Curtis Holt was 1stMj in 40th place overall. Kevin Davis was our first vet male finisher in 22nd place and was 1st V55. Cassandra Smedley was our first lady finisher in 72nd overall. Irene Roche was 1st F55.

Report from Cassandra Smedley

I nearly missed the start of this race as I was too busy watching the juniors and chilling. Standing on the start line I was feeling rather relaxed. As we set off round Towneley I got into my stride and felt good.

Cassie Smedley at the Towneley 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

Cassie Smedley at the Towneley 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

As I got to Mount Lane, I was feeling strong but I was very pleased to see the top. A few friendly faces definitely helped! As I started down the hill into Towneley I was still feeling strong, so pushed on past a few more runners. The support all way round was brilliant. Great PB 10k for me, as well as taking 6 mins off last year’s time.

Pos Name Cat Time
1 Danny Collinge M 35:03
9 Jon Cleaver M 37:19
10 Luke Turner M 37:45
22 Kevin Davies M55 40:02
28 Paul Hesketh M50 40:59
38 Gareth Berry M40 41:57
40 Curtis Holt MJ 42:10
41 John Roche M55 42:18
45 David Moynihan M50 42:38
47 Stanley Grewal MJ 42:50
53 James Dunderdale M 43:36
54 Michael Clarke M40 43:41
55 John Wilcock M50 43:43
58 Richard Briscoe M 44:08
59 Craig Nicholls M40 44:11
61 Mick Hughes M40 44:26
62 Paul Foster M45 44:53
72 Cassandra Smedley F35 45:45
74 Donna Airey F35 45:51
81 Reece Lawrence MJ 46:27
91 Michelle Abbot F35 47:38
93 Irene Roche F55 47:55
99 Martin Brady M55 48:14
102 George Pier M 48:25
105 Stuart Proctor M 48:30
107 Colin White M40 48:51
108 Adam Stephenson M 49:01
111 Brian Wildman M50 49:30
113 Aaron Lundie MJ 49:46
119 Carl Carey M45 50:48
122 Robert Morrison M45 51:29
127 Phil Naylor M40 51:53
129 David Scott M70 52:13
131 Nina Kewin F35 52:26
135 Janine Pollard F45 52:36
140 Julia Rushton F50 53:12
141 Jane Ryan F40 53:13
146 Andrew Taylor M55 54:07
151 Lucy Scott F 54:34
153 Donna Scott F50 54:43
166 Lisa Ellis F35 56:06
167 Mark Knowles M40 56:40
171 Rebecca Bradshaw F 57:52
179 Michelle Butschok F40 58:59
184 Deborah Greenwood F45 60:51
190 Julia Taylor F55 61:55
194 Geraldine Varley F55 63:25
196 Judith Carey F35 65:25
200 Ron Chappell M65 67:38
201 Anita Jones F60 67:50
202 Robert Hirst M65 68:13
203 Christine Leathley F65 68:27
206 Sharon Wilson F40 69:31
208 Jack McGuire M60 70:44


Over 30 junior members took part in the Towneley Park Junior races with some fantastic performances in all age categories.

Clayton juniors out in force at Towneley. Photo by David Belshaw

Clayton juniors out in force at Towneley. Photo by David Belshaw


Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
13 Ruby Cleaver U9G (006/008) 04:30
14 Emily Johnson U9G (007/008) 05:02


Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
5 Freya Birtwistle U7G (001/004) 04:38


Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
6 Charlie Barnes U11B (006/014) 08:25
10 Toby Birtwistle U11B (010/014) 08:52
12 Fraser Anforth U11B (012/014) 09:47
23 Emily Nicholls U11G (009/013) 09:48
25 Ellisia Smedley U11G (011/013) 10:33
27 Joni Higgins U11G (013/013) 11:15


Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
2 Harry Cole U13B (002/013) 07:12
3 Robbie Smedley U13B (003/013) 07:17
5 Finlay Stubbs U13B (005/013) 07:29
7 Matthew Jackson U13B (007/013) 07:36
9 Helana White U13G (001/006) 07:47
11 Charlie Birtwistle U13B (009/013) 08:13
13 Luke Guest U13B (010/013) 08:24
14 Guy Whalley U13B (011/013) 08:41
16 Imogen Ferguson U13G (005/006) 09:00
17 Jake Anforth U13B (012/013) 09:02


Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
2 Michael Stevens U15B (002/008) 13:12
3 Adam Stevenson U15B (003/008) 13:24
5 Lennon Jackson U15B (004/008) 13:39
6 Harrison Lewis-Codd U15B (005/008) 14:02
8 Tom Holden U15B (006/008) 14:18
9 Ella Dorrington U15G (003/007) 14:22
10 William Nicholls U15B (007/008) 14:28
11 Bethany Wheatcroft U15G (004/007) 15:48
14 Heidi Kewin U15G (007/007) 17:37
15 Jake O’Dowd U15B (008/008) 19:41


Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
1 Nick Hennessey U17B (001/003) 12:08
2 Josh Hall U17B (002/003) 12:13
3 Millie Stubbs U17G (001/001) 14:30
4 Alfie White U17B (003/003) 15:50


Burnley parkrun – A total of 374 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
3 Jonathan PYE 18:13 SM25-29
4 Nicholas HENNESSEY 18:16 JM15-17 New PB!
5 Josh HALL 18:21 JM15-17 New PB!
9 Kevin DAVIES 18:58 VM55-59
16 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:49 SM25-29
23 Robbie SMEDLEY 20:31 JM11-14
24 Jonathan CLEAVER 20:33 VM35-39
35 Peter STEVENS 21:25 JM11-14
56 Charlie BARNES 22:31 JM10
60 Chris LAWRENCE 22:35 VM50-54
61 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 22:35 VW35-39
62 Michelle ABBOTT 22:36 VW35-39
69 Wayne MCINTOSH 23:05 VM35-39
75 Colin WHITE 23:28 VM40-44
88 Bethany WHEATCROFT 24:13 JW11-14
89 Nina KEWIN 24:17 VW35-39
92 Dawn TERRY 24:28 VW50-54
113 Bryn BARNES 25:11 VM65-69
126 Annabel WILCOCK 25:35 JW15-17
128 John WILCOCK 25:37 VM50-54
131 Paul THOMPSON 25:46 VM45-49 First Timer!
171 Heidi KEWIN 27:19 JW11-14
175 Donna SCOTT 27:31 VW50-54
259 Marion WILKINSON 30:50 VW75-79
283 Stuart BARKER 31:56 VM50-54
289 Judith CAREY 32:12 VW35-39
290 Robert HIRST 32:15 VM65-69

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 92 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
86 Robin PRICE 37:07 VM70-74

Dunfermline parkrun – A total of 135 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
52 Katy THOMPSON 25:38 VW60-64 First Timer!

Heaton parkrun – A total of 626 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
330 Eileen JONES 28:42 VW65-69

Pendle parkrun – A total of 81 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
35 Eleanor Betty ROOT 26:48 JW15-17
44 Barry MITCHELL 27:53 VM70-74
54 Grace Georgina ROOT 30:08 JW11-14


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