What January blues?

ByAdrienne Olszewska

What January blues?

No sign of the January blues here at Clayton-le-Moors Harriers! There’s been plenty of great results in cross country, fell racing and on the trails to well and truly blow away the cobwebs. We’ve had new members racing for the first time, returners racing for us again, not to mentions all the regulars and irregulars, out racing and reccying.



John Francis was our sole representative at this race finishing in 154th place

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It was a bumper turnout for Team Clayton with well over 70 members of all ages racing on the familiar ground of Towneley Park. It was another great race for the U11 boys and U15 girls who had some great individual placings and 1st place teams. Our Vet 55 ladies are looking strong and there was a team win for them.

U11 Girls

Helana White was our first U11 girl and 7th overall in the U11 Girls’ race.

Helana White in the U11 girls' race. Photo by David Belshaw

Helana White in the U11 girls’ race. Photo by David Belshaw

Team position 9th (H White | K Thompson | R Stevenson)

Pos Name Time
7 Helana White 8:01
41 Kady Thompson 9:09
62 Rachel Stevenson 9:58
66 Emily Nicholls 10:18
73 Ellisia Smedley 11:03

U11 Boys

With 3 boys in the top five finishers, it was another great performance from our U11 boys. Dexta finished in 1st place with Robbie Smedley in 3rd and Finley Stubbs in 5th (4th in team placings when non-counters removed)

Robbie Smedley in the U11 Boys' race. Photo by David Belshaw

Robbie Smedley in the U11 Boys’ race. Photo by David Belshaw

Team position 1st ( D Thompson | R Smedley | F Stubbs)

Pos Name Time
1 Dexta Thompson 7:12
3 Robbie Smedley 7:25
5 Finley Stubbs 7:57
17 Matthew Jackson 7:57
24 Jenson Bentham 8:06
55 Jake Anforth 9:03

U13 Girls            

Ella Dorrington was our first finisher in 28th place.

Heidi Kewin in the U13 girls' race. Photo by David Belshaw

Heidi Kewin in the U13 girls’ race. Photo by David Belshaw

Team position 8th (E Dorrington | H Kewin | B WHeatcroft)

Pos Name Time
28 Ella Dorrington-Levy 11:20
47 Heidi Kewin 12:17
53 Bethany Wheatcroft 12:44
60 Bronia Olszewska 14:02

U13 Boys

Jackson McKay was our first finisher in 4th place overall.

Team Position 5th ( J McKay | L Jackson | W Nicholls)

Pos Name Time
4 Jackson McKay 10:35
28 Lennon Jackson 11:59
44 William Nicholls 13:07

U15 Girls

A third place finish for Briony Holt with some strong performances from her team mates keeping the U15 Girls’ Team in 1st place.FB_IMG_1484571723745

Team Position 1st (B Holt | M Stubbs | N Olszewska)

Pos Name Time
3 Briony Holt 11:17
12 Millie Stubbs 12:22
18 Natasha Olszewska 13:22
21 Liberty Thompson 13:51

U15 Boys

Nick Hennessey had a strong run and finished in 4th place overall.

Team Position 5th ( N Hennessey | S Grewal | A Stevenson)

Pos Name Time
4 Nick Hennessey 14:11
21 Stanley Grewal 15:28
24 Adam Stevenson 16:34

U17 Men

Simon Wilshaw was our first finisher in 16th place closely followed by team mates Curtis Holt in 17th and Reece Lawrence in 19th.

Curtis Holt and Simon Wilshaw racing in the U17 men's race. Photo by Nick Olszewski

Curtis Holt and Simon Wilshaw racing in the U17 men’s race. Photo by Nick Olszewski

Team Position 5th (S Wilshaw | C Holt | R Lawrence)

Pos Name Time
16 Simon Wilshaw 21:54
17 Curtis Holt 21:58
19 Reece Lawrence 23:23

U20 Ladies

Bethany Quinn was our sole U20 lady and she finished in 4th place.

Pos Name Time
4 Bethany Quinn 29:10

Ladies Race

Report from Ladies’ Captain Irene Roche

It must have been close to a record turnout for the ladies at Towneley Park Cross Country this weekend. With lots of regulars, some returners and a few new ladies.

First timers, Karen Clarkin, Geraldine Varley and Julia Taylor had positive comments at the finish. I think they said they will do another. Very well done girls.

Clayton Ladies out in force at the Mid Lancs XC in Towneley Park. Photo by Nick Olszewski

Clayton Ladies out in force at the Mid Lancs XC in Towneley Park. Photo by Nick Olszewski

A special mention goes to Donna Airey who sacrificed her BFC season ticket for event. An excellent run from Donna too, so glad you joined us to help with team points.

Elizabeth Mullan chasing Donna Airey at the Mid Lancs XC. Photo by Nick Olszewski

Elizabeth Mullan chasing Donna Airey at the Mid Lancs XC. Photo by Nick Olszewski

The course itself offered some mud to tussle with but I have certainly seen it worse. With the temperature being quite mild also, I think we had the luck to have a good day to take part.

Many thanks to all who ran.

Team Positions:

‘A’ Team 9th (D Airey | E Mullan | C Darling-Smedley)

‘B’ Team 14th (M Abbott | I Roche | T DeCurtis)

Over 35 Team 5th (D Airey | C Darling-Smedley | M Abbott)

Over 45 Team 4th (I Roche | J Bennett | J Knightley)

Over 55 Team 1st ( I Roche | J Knightley | J Taylor)

Pos Name Cat Time
33 Donna Airey L35 25:27
35 Elizabeth Mullan L35 25:30
37 Cassandra Darling-Smedley L35 25:33
43 Michelle Abbott L35 26:20
44 Irene Roche L55 26:20
56 Teresa de Curtis L45 27:08
60 Joanne Bennett L45 27:17
62 Jean Knightley L55 27:32
77 Bethany Quinn L20 29:10
83 Lucy Scott L 29:45
86 Janine Pollard L45 29:51
88 Helen Burnett L45 30:02
97 Sarah Helliwell L 30:54
101 Jane Hylands L45 31:13
113 Adrienne Olszewska L45 32:24
119 Deborah Greenwood L45 32:55
123 Julia Taylor L55 33:28
129 Judith Carey L35 34:11
130 Geraldine Varley L55 34:57
132 Karen Clarkin L45 35:13
137 Susan Allen L55 37:32
142 Christine Leathley L65 39:39
144 Sharon Wilson L35 40:21

 Vet 70 Men

Richard Lawson was our only runner in the Vet 70 race.

Pos Name Time
3 Richard Lawson 31:57

Senior Men’s Race

Another great turn out for the Clayton men at this local fixture. Despite losing fast lad Danny Collinge during the race our men pushed on to earn a fourth place finish for the team. Jacob Watson was our first man in 39th and 37:51.

Jacob Watson at the Mid Lancs XC, Photo by Nick Olszewski

Jacob Watson at the Mid Lancs XC, Photo by Nick Olszewski

Team Positions

‘A’ Team 4th ( J Watson | D Motley | P Coates | C Snell | C Helliwell | M Duckworth)

‘B’ Team 18th (A Holt | A Orr | A Cran | A Payne | J Wilcock | N Roscoe)

Over 40 Team 6th (P Coates | C Helliwell | A Holt | A Orr)

Over 50 team 6th (J Wilcock | A Life | A Howarth)

Pos Name Cat Time
39 Jacob Watson M 37:51
44 Dave Motley M 38:37
53 Peter Coates V40 39:05
55 Chris Snell M 39:07
59 Carl Helliwell V40 39:14
69 Matthew Duckworth M 39:46
95 Andrew Holt V40 41:15
105 Andrew Orr V40 41:40
114 Alex Cran V40 42:03
143 Andrew Payne M 43:38
147 John Wilcock V50 44:00
156 Nick Roscoe V40 44:23
164 Andy Quinn V40 44:52
174 Mick Hughes V40 45:26
183 Alan Life V50 46:22
194 Andrew Howarth V50 47:35
197 James Hickie V50 47:35
200 Sean Clare V50 47:43
203 Craig Nicholls V40 48:02
206 Colin White V40 48:43
209 Christopher Lawrence V50 48:56
210 Gary Moore V40 49:10
212 Carl Carey V40 49:16
213 David Scott V70 49:20
225 David Moynihan V40 51:14
230 Geoff Smith V40 52:03
232 Peter Browning V50 52:16
251 Stuart Barker V50 61:13

Full Results


The snow passed over Rivington a couple of days before race day and left Rivington NightRunner with a lovely, clear night and a little bit of the white stuff on the moor for added grip. With a huge moon lighting the way, Saturday night saw an impressive turnout of crazy runners celebrating the last NightRunner of this series and amongst them two Clayton Ladies. Photos of the event were provided by Sport Sunday.

Report from Julia Rushton

The Petzl Rivington night runner was listed as a trail race; this gave the impression that we would be running on relatively tame footpaths. Wrong! I’ve done easier fell races.

We started the race with a steep mile and a half climb on a rocky cobbled path that was tough on the legs as well as the lungs. We continued on rocky paths that needed total concentration to avoid falls. Running in the dark with a couple of hundred people wearing head torches looked fantastic over the hills and against the rising moon. The downward route took in a boggy field, a marshal warned us to watch out for the big hole before the bridge. I didn’t see the bridge until I’d fallen thigh deep into the hole, a cheery chorus of “she’s found the hole” went up around me as I was pulled out.

Nerina Gill and Julia Rushton crossing the line at the Petzl Rivington Night Runner. Photo courtesy of SportSunday

Nerina Gill and Julia Rushton crossing the line at the Petzl Rivington Night Runner. Photo courtesy of SportSunday

Back on the rocky paths to the finish Neri and I had decided to be sensible and came down at what John Roche would describe as tea and biscuits pace. 1300 feet of climb over 6miles on rough ground, back on tarmac and I tripped over a speed hump on the finish straight. Lovely tee shirt though and I will be tempted to be back again next year.

Pos Name Cat Time
249 Nerina Gill FV40 01:28:46.15
250 Julia Rushton FV50 01:28:58.05

Full Results



Sixteen club members tramped the trails around Great Harwood and Rishton in this popular, fund raiser for the East Lancs Hospice. Danny Collinge won the race with Jon Cleaver taking 1st M35, John Hartley 1st M60 and Reece Lawrence 1st MU18.

Team Clayton at the East Lancs Hospice. Back Row - Mick Hughes, Ian Hargreaves, Michelle Abbott, Donna Airey, Colin White. Front Row Reece Lawrence and Danny Collinge

Team Clayton at the East Lancs Hospice.
Back Row – Mick Hughes, Ian Hargreaves, Michelle Abbott, Donna Airey, Colin White. Front Row Reece Lawrence and Danny Collinge

The men also took 1st place in the team results with Danny Collinge, Jon Cleaver and John Hartley making up the team.

Five Clayton Ladies took part. Helen O’Rourke was our first finisher in 71st place.

Report from Jon Cleaver

Great turn out with over 400 runners on a wet and windy morning! This race is predominantly traffic free along the bridleways & canal with a bit of tarmac along the way.  It was never going to be a PB course with the conditions underfoot being more like an XC rather than road, but after a racing layoff due to injury after the Ribble Valley I wanted to give it a good go.

John Cleaver heading to the finish at the East Lancs Hospice 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

On the way out it was really boggy and full of puddles, but once your feet are soaked it doesn’t really matter anymore, about 2.5 miles in you have a slog up hill and around the recreation area before a fast descent back down and along the canal bank towards the finish. I had a couple of runners breathing down my neck for the last 2 miles and quite frustratingly got jumped 50 yards from the end which stopped me getting in the top 10.

Overall I ran a minute faster than last year and came 11th, considering the injury I have been carrying and lack of training in recent weeks I am pretty pleased with that. Well done Danny for taking the win!

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
1 Danny Collinge MU23 1 00:34:31
11 Jon Cleaver M35 1 00:37:58
27 John Hartley M60 1 00:41:03
36 Reece Lawrence MU18 1 00:42:41
71 Helen O’Rourke F 5 00:45:48
75 Robert Morrison M40 11 00:45:51
86 Paul Wale M45 17 00:47:01
87 Mick Hughes M40 15 00:46:55
100 Donna Airey W35 3 00:47:48
101 Colin White M40 17 00:47:52
104 Christopher Lawrence M50 9 00:48:13
120 Nina Kewin W35 4 00:49:32
130 David Moynihan M50 14 00:50:14
136 Ian Hargreaves M50 15 00:51:04
251 Helen Harrison W45 17 00:58:07
273 Clare Wilson W35 13 00:59:34

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A dozen junior runners lined up in a field of 44 to race at Great Harwood. Dexta won the race in 7:35 and there were age category wins for Lennon Jackson (MU16), Helana White (FU12), Amelia Halstead (FU10) and Charlie Plant (FU8). The girls took 2nd place in the teams with the boys taking 1st and 3rd place in the teams.

Olly Plant. One of our youngest runners at the East Lancs 2K race. Photo by David Belshaw

Olly Plant. One of our youngest runners at the East Lancs 2K race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
1 Dexta Thompson MU12 1 07:35.0
5 Lennon Jackson MU16 1 08:00.0
6 Matthew Jackson MU12 2 08:11.0
7 Jenson Bentham MU12 3 08:25.0
10 Aaron Lundie MU16 2 08:31.0
11 Helana White FU12 1 08:31.0
16 Liberty Thompson FU16 5 09:16.0
18 Amelia Halstead FU10 1 09:27.0
23 Claudia Bentham FU16 6 09:39.0
24 Felix Thompson MU8 2 10:34.0
25 Charlie Plant FU8 1 10:53.0
34 Olly Plant MU8 4 13:07.0

Full Results


Race Report from Andrew Firth

It’s a bit of a funny name, and I’m not sure why the Longer Leg, but since the race is based at the Lamb Inn, on the Chinley Road just out of Hayfield in the Peak District clearly that’s where the name comes from. It’s surprisingly quick to get to Hayfield from East Lancs, just under the hour on a Sunday morning when the notorious traffic through Mottram is quiet. It’s only a short race, just over 3 miles, but worth the effort with two climbs and two slippery descents, which in today’s weather was exceptionally wet and difficult underfoot.

It’s a low key race, doesn’t appear in FRA calendar and is also strictly pre entry so it’s tends to attract low numbers. If anyone fancies doing it in future years the entry details appear on Hayfield races website. The organiser only made an appearance at 10 o’clock, cutting it a bit fine for a 10.30 start. However the 70 or so runners lined up at the start only a few minutes late, most wearing waterproof tops.

I had a bit of a watch malfunction at the start, and by the time I sorted it out I was dead last as we trudged up the track. I buckled down to the task and slowly gained a few places, dodging really boggy patches as well as a surprising amount of remaining snowdrifts. At the top of the track you turn onto the track that eventually leads to Rushup Edge for a short period followed by a sharp left and quick slippery descent losing all the height we had gained. Traverse around the bottom of Dimpus Clough before a steep haul up to South Head, then the route virtually retraces the outward leg, except we go right to finish in the field next to the pub.

I was happy with performance having been last at the start. The only other Claytoner was Ivan Whigham who finished 32nd. After the race myself Dinah, Ivan and Kirsty retired to the pub for a well-earned Sunday roast – both myself and Ivan felt compelled to have the lamb, but I’m not sure who got the long leg!

Pos Name Cat Time
32 Ivan Whigham M55 38:40
50 Andrew Firth M55 42:28

Full Results


Seven Clayton Harriers splashed their way around this popular Woodentops’ fell race. Dave Bagot was our first finisher in 15th place, followed only seconds later by Louisa Powell-Smith who won the ladies race and was 16th overall.

Louisa Powell-Smith, winner of the ladies race at the Stanbury Splash. Photo by Woodentops

Louisa Powell-Smith, winner of the ladies race at the Stanbury Splash. Photo by Woodentops

It was also the first race for Wayne McIntosh since he returned to the club so a big welcome back to him.

The Mac is back! Welcome back Wayne McIntosh. Photo by Woodentops

The Mac is back! Welcome back Wayne McIntosh. Photo by Woodentops

Report from James Boult

From Penistone Hill Country Park, the start of many of Woodentops’ well-established fell races, began the 34th Soreen Stanbury Splash fell race in typical January conditions. With a quarry already made boggy by a Junior Race beforehand, a couple of hundred fell runners assembled for the usual pre-run briefing from Dave Woodhead. Rain and wind, two weather conditions that seem to permanently occupy the surrounding areas over Penistone Hill, came in force making an already boggy course saturated in mud.

With many of the Clayton contingent racing the East Lancs Hospice 10K over in Great Harwood, I elected for a trip over the boarder to kick start my racing schedule for 2017. After enduring a torrid winter plagued by injury, the Woodentops’ races have helped get my motivation back after a frustrating few months of inconsistency. From a 2016 which saw forty minutes knocked off my half marathon times to end up at 1:33, ten minutes knocked off my 10K time to go down to 41 minutes and five minutes knocked off my 5K time to see an 18 minute personal best, the only discipline I was yet to see improvement in was fell; and the last two Woodentops’ races have helped me get confidence on an area which had been my downfall.

James Boult at the start of the Stanbury Splash. Photo by Woodentops

James Boult at the start of the Stanbury Splash. Photo by Woodentops

Starting from the quarry the course heads off along a steady and muddy towpath to one of the courses many descents and climbs. Heading along the footpath towards Bronte Bridge the course heads down right through a soft and muddy descent which ends at the Sladen Beck, an ice cold river which is crossed before a hands and knees job on the other side. Hitting the bridleway you head on up to what becomes the Pennine Way. This gradual climb ends in another sharp descent into Ponden Beck, another water crossing with another even steeper climb at the end of it. Ascending gradually and with burning quads, the lead runners could be spotted through the rain and mist as they flew across the tops back towards the Quarry. The route then heads on what would be a scenic loop around Ponden Clough and Kirk had it not been for a thick mist which limited visibility.

The footpath around the Clough is sharp and small, and with rain and mud it made it quite treacherous. What was visible through the fog was the daunting drop that one wrong movement could see you falling straight down into the unknown. The course then heads back to the quarry across a fast, muddy footpath before re-joining the Pennine Way and taking the course in reverse.

This muddy, wet course is the perfect start to a 2017 fell running season and is one which comes highly recommended for next year. A clearly popular race, the Stanbury Splash is a must for seasoned fell runners and a must for fell runners just starting out or wanting to boost confidence. Tough climbs, fun descents and plenty of mud, it is the perfect fell race for a cold January morning.

Pos Name Cat Time
15 Dave Bagot M 52:32
16 Louisa Powell-Smith L 52:40
96 Alan Life V50 61:51
140 Jeffrey Pickup V60 65:42
183 Chris Whiteoak M 70:14
186 James Boult M 70:39
267 Wayne McIntosh M 81:01


Christopher Brown was our sole junior runner in the junior races and he finished in 13th place. There were 104 runners in the main junior race so well done Christopher!

Pos Name Time
13 Christopher Brown 7:49


As reported in last week’s roundup, Colin Woolford who is the race organiser of the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round is organising some recce days for club members and friends of the club. The first one was on Sunday so read on to find out what it entailed. If you are interested in the next recce it will take place on Sunday 12 February at 10:00am. Meet on Barley Car Park ( look for the Red VW Transporter) and bring running kit appropriate for the weather.

Recce Day Review by Ladies Fell Captain, Sarah Helliwell

After not running properly for over 6 weeks I decided that I needed a goal to get me back on track and miles back into my legs. I decided that the Stan Bradshaw would be the first aim of the year, so I decided to take up Colin’s kind offer of a recce. It was raining, the mist was down, you couldn’t see Pendle, however that didn’t stop 15 of us turning up at Barley. As we set off a number of us knew that the XC fixture the day before was going to make the run a little bit tougher for our legs.

Sarah Helliwell at the XC

Sarah Helliwell at the XC

The weather around the trig was blustery, very wet and visibility was poor. Perfect to practice the route in. As we made our way around the route, Colin pointed out bits of advice on how and where not to go wrong. He also gave us advice on how to use our map efficiently and what to do if we end up on our own and are unsure of where to go. If members are wanting a spring challenge of a slightly longer fell race in our local area then this is the one. It will certainly get you going for the summer fell season, where there are plenty of local races to take advantage of. You may even find yourself as a contender for the club championship, which are all local races this year using some classic courses.

Getting to grips with tricky conditons

Getting to grips with tricky conditons

Colin is doing another recce on the 12th February so look out for details on the Team Clayton Facebook page. Even if you are not planning on doing the Stan Bradshaw it is great experience with solid advice from a qualified mountain leader and fellow fell runner. A massive thank you to Colin for giving up his time and well done to all who ran; there was an excellent turn out on the female front. The encouragement to get people out on the fells this year is really apparent, with a good 20 plus regularly turning up at Barley Badgers on a Tuesday (6.30pm Pendle Inn, Barley).

Happy runners after an excellent recce of the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round.

Happy runners after an excellent recce of the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round.


Burnley parkrun – A total of 305 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
2 Jonathan PYE 18:31 SM25-29
10 Gareth BERRY 20:59 VM40-44
35 Daniel PLANT 23:09 SM30-34
45 Michelle ABBOTT 23:48 VW35-39
50 Robert MORRISON 24:05 VM40-44
52 Colin WHITE 24:09 VM40-44
64 Nina KEWIN 24:28 VW35-39
75 Julie DAWES 25:09 VW45-49
81 Wayne MCINTOSH 25:26 SM30-34
96 Lisa JOHNSON 26:08 VW40-44
98 Ian HARGREAVES 26:10 VM50-54
109 Annabel WILCOCK 26:39 JW15-17
110 John WILCOCK 26:43 VM50-54
123 Donna SCOTT 27:00 VW50-54

Burnley Junior parkrun – A total of 31 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Nathan KEWIN 8:29 JM11-14
3 Heidi KEWIN 9:15 JW11-14
4 Bethany WHEATCROFT 9:23 JW11-14
21 Emily JOHNSON 13:19 JW10

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 167 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
39 Wendy DODDS 24:35 VW65-69

Highbury Fields parkrun – A total of 283 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
244 Eileen JONES 29:51 VW60-64 First Timer!

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 210 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
185 Philip NAYLOR 34:57 VM35-39

Pendle parkrun – A total of 75 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
3 Paul HESKETH 21:33 VM50-54
17 Martin BRADY 25:21 VM50-54
26 Barry MITCHELL 26:12 VM70-74
31 Dawn TERRY 27:33 VW50-54

Witton parkrun – A total of 75 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
73 Julia RUSHTON 48:13 VW50-54


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