Hoofstones, Whitestones and good deeds!

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Hoofstones, Whitestones and good deeds!

Another busy week for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers. There has been plenty of action across the board, with a select group travelling to Knowsley for the Northern Cross Country Championships, fell running, and road racing at both 10 mile and 10K distances where a helping hand was extended by our chivalrous chaps to a fellow runner when she needed a boost. All very focussed this week and not a great deal of coddiwompling going on unless you take into account some of the recce runs that have been going on over the weekend!



This race is a navigational challenge which takes runners to the highest point around Todmorden – Hoofstones Heights Trig Point – The Trig is situated on the East/West Watershed. There is route choice from checkpoint 1 – 4, as long as no fences or walls are climbed.

51 runners took part this year and there were two Clayton Harriers amongst them both finishing in the top ten. Dave Edmondson was our first man in 3rd place and Andy Laycock was 8th.

Race Report from Andy Laycock

Typical cold and wet Pennine weather greeted us for the start of the race at the Staff of Life in Todmorden. Worryingly billed as a ‘navigational challenge’ it began with a flagged climb up to checkpoint 1, where the flags finished and open moor began. Then we were faced with a choice; the direct line across Stansfield moor or a short detour to pickup a fast and runnable track leading to the second checkpoint. Navigating to Hoofstones – checkpoint 3 and the highest point of the route – was straightforward, but icy and boggy ground made progress slow. The descent down past Wolf Stones and back across the moor caught me out as I dropped too far west, having to climb back up and along to the last checkpoint cost me five places – 3rd to 8th. Then from here it was a quick sprint back down the flagged path to the finish line. All in all a great race, very well organised and an early reminder to brush up on my navigation.

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Dave Edmondson M40 1:11:12
8 Andrew Laycock M 1:14:29

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Six junior members made the trip to Knowsley to compete in this year’s Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships

Clayton Juniors at the Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships.

Clayton Juniors at the Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships.

U13 Boys

Pos Name Time
42 Dexta Thompson 12:20
96 Robbie Smedley 13:04
174 Lennon Jackson 14:15

U15 Girls            

Pos Name Time
38 Briony Holt 17:43
166 Liberty Thompson 22:02

U17 Men

Pos Name Time
117 Curtis Holt 24:24

Senior Women

Report from Karen Clarkin

This was my second attempt at cross country, trying to get my head around racing and overcoming my nerves. What a venue to pick!! It was ankle deep in mud for 2 x 4km laps with inclines. Thankfully the rain had stopped just in time for the ladies race. Tough run, but I really enjoyed the day. Special thanks to Louisa and girls for cheering us on in the tough conditions.

Clayton Ladies at the Northern Cross Country Championships. L-R Judith Carey, Karen Clarkin, Elizabeth Mullan and Donna Airey. Photo by Woodentops

Clayton Ladies at the Northern Cross Country Championships. L-R Judith Carey, Karen Clarkin, Elizabeth Mullan and Donna Airey. Photo by Woodentops

Team position 40th (D Airey | E Mullan | J Rushton | K Clarkin )

Pos Name Time
181 Donna Airey 42:29
194 Elizabeth Mullan 43:03
297 Julia Rushton 50:17
341 Karen Clarkin 58:30
347 Judith Carey 1:00:10
355 Susan Allen 1:04:10
358 Christine Leathley 1:10:56

Senior Men

Report from Carl Carey

Initially I wasn’t going to do this. Driving for an hour, doing the race, driving back, later starting time and a longer distance (12km) than I’d ever done before on cross country. I was eventually coerced by the female contingent of Clayton so I signed up. Weather was awful in Burnley and on the journey to Knowsley which didn’t encourage me much but hey, I needed the training so off we set.

The ladies did their race first, and after finishing, reported to me that it was all relentless mud. Donna, Liz and Judith had some good battles although Judith decided to take a dive in the mud in the beginning! Karin Clarkin was a counter in the ladies team on only her second cross country.

Then it was my turn. Off we set, me, Pete and Jim. There was a good number of runners there, and the races which had gone before us had churned it up nicely! Literally on the first mud we hit, there were men dropping out everywhere, having lost their shoes in the death grip mud. Having been shown by Coach Roche how to tie my shoes, I had no such problems. The mud, as correctly reported, was relentless. There was no respite at all, with a few sneaky rocks hidden in which I found, and a few hills too. 15mm spikes were no use whatsoever but I managed to stay on my feet. First lap was a bit of a tester to see how it was, then the next two I was able to push a bit, but the mud soon wore you down. At the end, having passed lots who were walking at different points, I managed a quick finish on the straight, grateful to see the finish. One of my worst performances, but I was determined to enjoy this one and use it for good experience.

An enjoyable day with the Clayton crew, and actually not feeling the effects too much. Thanks to Chris Thompson for holding our numbers for us, and Jason Pier for organising it.

Pos Name Time
51 Daniel Collinge 45:48
574 James Hickie 1:08:22
595 Peter Browning 1:10:06
645 Carl Carey 1:16:28

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Just over 300 runners took part in this 10K race formerly known as the Vernon’s 10K. Two Clayton men took part. Robert Morrison was the first Clayton finisher in 76th place and with a time of 44:16. Colin White was hot on his heels 4 seconds later in 77th.

Robert Morrison at the Hunter's 10K. Photo by Lucy Tickle

Robert Morrison at the Hunter’s 10K. Photo by Lucy Tickle

Report from Colin White

Only two Clayton Harriers ran this local(ish) event in Preston. Over 300 people arrived at the cold start line for this event. It was well marshalled, well organised and clearly signposted. Both Rob and I set off at a fairly slow pace, choosing to move through the field when we found our pace. The course is undulating, once over the icy bridge at Avenham Park, we really found our pace and picked up speed a little. Rob, was slightly ahead and helped a fellow runner who was struggling for approximately 1 mile, before picking up the pace even more when he saw me breathing down his neck. We both finished the course with PB’s , and another 10k under the belt.

Colin White at the Hunter's 10K. Photo by Lucy Tickle

Colin White at the Hunter’s 10K. Photo by Lucy Tickle

Pos Name Cat Time
76 Robert Morrison MV40 44:16
77 Colin White MV40 44:20

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149 runners took part in this popular winter race series organised by Helm Hill. Wayne McIntosh was our sole runner in the senior race, finishing in 118th place.

Pos Name Cat Time
118 Wayne McIntosh M 51:02

Christopher Brown was our sole junior runner finishing in 8th place overall and 6th boy in the U13 race in a field of 66 runners.

Chrostopher Brown at the KWL Whitestones U13 Race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Chrostopher Brown at the KWL Whitestones U13 Race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Pos Name Time
8 Christopher Brown 6:54

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Report from Stephen Biscomb

Not my usual distance of 10K, but this 10 mile race was well organised and luckily the conditions were very mild for the Fylde coast. We started from St Annes pier up to Lytham Green and back. Managed to get below my target time of 73 minutes. (71.30) my position in the M60 category was 4th. It was amazing to see four more M60s in the top 51. Just goes to show that us old men are getting fitter.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
51 Stephen Biscomb M60 (004/013) 01:11:33

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Burnley parkrun – A total of 298 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Jacob WATSON 17:59 SM30-34
2 Jonathan PYE 18:34 SM25-29
3 Chris SNELL 18:46 VM35-39
5 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:16 JM15-17
8 Dave MOTLEY 19:46 VM35-39
9 Paul HESKETH 19:49 VM50-54
11 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 19:54 JM15-17 New PB!
15 Daniel PLANT 20:38 VM35-39
17 Gareth BERRY 20:48 VM40-44
22 Simon WILSHAW 21:25 JM15-17
24 Finley STUBBS 21:39 JM10 New PB!
25 James BOULT 21:53 SM20-24
38 David MOYNIHAN 23:01 VM50-54
44 Aaron LUNDIE 23:13 JM11-14
46 Millie STUBBS 23:19 JW11-14
52 Michelle ABBOTT 23:33 VW35-39
54 David Ian SCOTT 23:43 VM70-74
66 Nina KEWIN 24:17 VW35-39
68 Jenson BENTHAM 24:24 JM10
69 Wayne MCINTOSH 24:25 SM30-34
90 Dawn TERRY 25:26 VW50-54
95 Lisa JOHNSON 25:38 VW40-44
96 Annabel WILCOCK 25:41 JW15-17
97 John WILCOCK 25:44 VM50-54
108 Richard LAWSON 26:32 VM75-79
136 Sophie ASHWORTH 27:53 JW11-14
137 Heidi KEWIN 27:53 JW11-14
139 Stuart BARKER 27:57 VM50-54
147 Yvonne WICKHAM 28:20 VW50-54
156 Helen HARRISON 28:33 VW45-49
160 Stephen AINSWORTH 28:39 VM60-64
196 Ron CHAPPELL 30:29 VM65-69
198 Lucy STEVENSON 30:31 JW15-17
254 Olly PLANT 34:58 JM10

Burnley junior parkrun – A total of 67 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
6 Aaron LUNDIE 9:02 JM11-14
18 Bethany WHEATCROFT 10:08 JW11-14
22 Heidi KEWIN 10:57 JW11-14
30 Imogen FERGUSON 11:53 JW11-14
32 Charlie PLANT 12:00 JW10
48 Jessica MCBRIDE 13:34 JW10
50 Emily JOHNSON 13:43 JW10
51 Olly PLANT 14:19 JM10

Chester parkrun – A total of 188 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
47 Nerina GILL 24:43 VW45-49 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 107 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
84 Robin PRICE 32:22 VM70-74

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 173 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
92 Eileen JONES 29:43 VW60-64

Lytham Hall parkrun – A total of 202 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
75 Philip NAYLOR 25:38 VM35-39 New PB!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 74 runners took part

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
2 David WALKER 19:15 VM35-39
8 John HARTLEY 21:51 VM60-64

Woodhouse Moor parkrun – A total of 436 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
2 Jonny MCKENNA 16:46 SM30-34
210 Beth QUINN 27:12 SW18-19 First Timer!


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