‘Tis the season to be jolly

ByAdrienne Olszewska

‘Tis the season to be jolly

There’s definitely a lot of Christmas spirit in the air. It’s been a week of challenge and festive fancy dress. Quite a few club members are taking part in run every day in December challenges; Alan Dorrington is running everyday for the M3 Project while others are taking part in the Marcothon or Run Every Day December challenges as a fitness boost over the winter.



For those that don’t know, the Hurst Green Turkey Trot is a 5 mile trail race with a bit of everything. Fancy dress costumes are actively encouraged and the sight of a burly, tattooed male runner dressed as a fairy princess is nothing out of the ordinary!

42 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers threw themselves into the festive madness of this year’s Hurst Green Turkey Trot. Fast becoming an annual tradition with lots of our members, this race certainly brings out the sillier side in runners.

Team Clayton at the Turkey Trot. Photo by David Belshaw

Team Clayton at the Hurst GreenTurkey Trot. Photo by David Belshaw

Our first Clayton finisher was Louisa Powell-Smith who was 6th overall in the race and 2nd lady runner in the race as well as 1st F35.

Louisa Powell-Smith at the Hurst Green Turkey Trot. Photo by David Belshaw

Louisa Powell-Smith at the Hurst Green Turkey Trot. Photo by David Belshaw

Breton was the first Clayton man in 8th place overall and 2nd M40 dressed as the Tango Man. Geoffrey Gough was 1st M55, Ivan Whigham was 1st M50, Joanne Bennett was 1st F45, and Anita Jones was 1st F60.

A junior race took place as well but sadly there are no results for this event.

Report from Jonathan Cleaver

It was my first time doing the Turkey Trot and I was not disappointed.  So many people made a huge effort in fancy dress and there was a relaxed atmosphere. The run itself is a 2.5 mile ascent part Road and part mud through the infamous elephant trap which got you soaked to the waist! The 2.5 mile descent was brilliant fun through the forest and flying down the track through the mud to the finish.

Jonathan Cleaver flying down through the woods at the Hurst Green Turkey Trot. Photo by David Belshaw

Jonathan Cleaver flying down through the woods at the Hurst Green Turkey Trot. Photo by David Belshaw

A fun prize giving by Chris Barnes followed which was a good laugh as well. Great turn out from Team Clayton and top performance particularly from Louisa who showed the boys up on the day!

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
6 Louisa Powell-Smith F35 (001/018) 00:33:04
8 Breton Holdsworth M40 (002/020) 00:33:37
11 Dave Motley M (005/044) 00:33:20
15 Jonathan Cleaver M (006/044) 00:34:09
16 Matthew Duckworth M (007/044) 00:34:29
23 Geoffrey Gough M55 (001/013) 00:36:57
30 Lee Smith M (012/044) 00:37:49
31 Matt Perry M (013/044) 00:37:49
32 Ivan Whigham M50 (001/025) 00:37:58
36 Peter Coates M40 (004/020) 00:38:07
40 Ryan Wilkinson M (016/044) 00:38:24
41 Ryan Belshaw M (017/044) 00:38:24
61 Adam Shaw M (025/044) 00:40:37
64 Stephen Ainsworth M60 (002/006) 00:41:06
71 Paul Wale M45 (010/024) 00:42:10
78 Andrew Howarth M55 (007/013) 00:43:01
90 Chris Funnell M50 (011/025) 00:44:14
91 Andy Bradley M50 (012/025) 00:44:14
96 Donna Airey F35 (004/018) 00:45:24
100 Michelle Abbott F35 (005/018) 00:46:13
101 Cassandra Smedley F35 (006/018) 00:46:15
104 Jo Perry F (009/026) 00:47:13
123 John Roache M50 (015/025) 00:51:15
128 Mick Hughes M40 (012/020) 00:52:55
129 Carl Carey M45 (019/024) 00:52:56
131 Joanne Bennett F45 (001/019) 00:53:06
135 Janine Pollard F45 (002/019) 00:53:22
153 Mark Knowles M40 (014/020) 00:56:07
158 Angela Shian F40 (012/026) 00:56:33
159 Irene Roache F50 (002/015) 00:56:33
160 Vicky Heyes F40 (013/026) 00:56:33
161 Jean Knightley F55 (002/012) 00:56:33
176 Charles Clutterbuck M70 (005/006) 00:57:39
200 Helen Burnett F45 (008/019) 01:00:31
201 Michelle Butschok F40 (017/026) 01:00:32
202 Karen Clarkin F40 (018/026) 01:00:34
203 Judith Carey F35 (014/018) 01:00:35
216 Geraldine Varley F55 (005/012) 01:02:52
217 Julia Taylor F55 (006/012) 01:02:53
220 Anita Jones F60 (001/002) 01:03:26
239 Sean Clare M50 (024/025) 01:09:55
240 Paul Hesketh M50 (025/025) 01:09:58
244 Sharon Wilson F40 (026/026) 01:10:25

Full Results


Three club members took part this in this year’s Tour de Helvellyn, a 38 mile trail ultra in the Lake District; Martin Terry, Nicholas Olszewski and Andy Armstrong. Martin Terry finished in 20th place with a time of 7:00:50, Nicholas Olszewski was 66th in 8:04:46 and Andrew Armstrong was 69th in 8:06:05. There were 201 finishers this year.

Report from Andy Armstrong

The Tour de Hellvellyn is a 38 mile trail/fell race, traditionally run on the shortest Saturday of the year. This is the sixth year of this low key classic event which follows a circuit over and around Hellvellyn  starting and finishing in Askham on the edge of the Lake District. Support is minimal; checkpoints provide drinks and savoury nibbles but the competitors have to carry their own fuel around the unmarked course. Competitors choose their own start time; a reasonably competent runner can complete the circuit in the daylight however many start and finish the race in darkness.

This year’s weather was a huge improvement on previous years (the event’s brief history has seen snow, torrential rain, gale force winds and flood damaged trails) and a clear dry day promised some excellent times. Three Harriers made the trip up north and the best performance was by Martin Terry who achieved a personal best (but slightly frustrating!) result of 7 hours and forty seconds.

Andy Armstrong with Nick Olszewski at the Tour de Helvellyn. Photo by Stephen White of Granddayout Photography

Andy Armstrong with Nick Olszewski at the Tour de Helvellyn. Photo by Stephen White of Granddayout Photography

Nick Olszewski and I ran round together and it took us an hour longer to complete the course, largely due to my woeful lack of long race fitness; this was my longest event in well over a year. Despite that, we had a great day out and the weather made for great sightseeing on the way round!

Full Results


306 runners took part in this year’s festive Stoop Fell Race. 11 Clayton Harriers donned their Santa Hats and huddled together with the other runners in the quarry to stave off the icy cross wind that was blowing on an otherwise fine and dry day. Danny Collinge was our first finisher in 9th place overall.

Danny Collinge at the Stoop Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Danny Collinge at the Stoop Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Cassandra Smedley was our first lady finisher in 210th place and dressed as a Christmas tree for the second time this weekend having run in the Turkey Trot the day before. Teresa de Curtis was making her fell racing debut and followed shortly afterwards in 215th place despite turning her ankle on the course.

Report from James Boult

A strong summer turned to an injury-ridden winter and problems with motivation and fitness were starting to take their toll. Managing to struggle through a couple of Parkruns and a return to training only to be struck with shin pain, another layoff seemed on the cards. After a week off followed by JR’s winter wonderland on Tuesday, which finished pain free, I decided to tackle one last challenge of the year before Christmas – Woodentops’ The Stoop fell race over the border.

The 8km, 250m’ BS race from Penistone Country Park starts in the Quarry next to what Dave Woodhead told us at the start was “the highest cricket pitch in England” and heads onto the Harbour Lodge track. With more bog and mud than you could handle, the route heads on a steady, scenic climb up onto the tops to Stoop Standing Stone. A fast, long descent loops the course back before a final climb back to the cricket pitch.

L-R James Boult, Beth Quinn and Orlaith O'Mahony at the Stoop Fell Race.

L-R James Boult, Beth Quinn and Orlaith O’Mahony at the Stoop Fell Race.

Orlaith, Beth and I made the trip over for the race where we joined a handful of other Clayton runners tackling the event. A large field braved the icy crosswinds beforehand, clad in free Santa hats (which were a must for the race – it was the number 1 rule!) and some in fancy dress and we were released from the quarry at just after 11:45. Quickly finding rhythm I managed to move through the pack, only to be slowed by the first of what seemed to be about 7k worth of mud, bog and water. Ending up waist deep at one point and going knee deep countless times, I remembered just how much fun a proper, wintery fell race could be. Descents are not my strong point and this was no different (what’s new?!). Losing just about every place I had gained, and then probably a handful more for good measure, I tackled the course’s descent. Not a tricky one but when your ankles are like champagne flutes you tend to take more care than is probably necessary. Being overtaken by a man quite literally falling through the air, only to be stopped by bog a few metres ahead was a high point of what was a poor and disappointing descent. (But, ankles are still intact so I guess it’s not all bad.)

A steady climb back up to the finish line saw a time of 44:23 and a midfield finish, somewhere abound 120th I think in what was a great, muddy, fun-filled morning across the border and a nice way to conclude racing for 2016 – with two of my favourite team mates for company.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
9 Danny Collinge M 35:13
37 Chris Snell M 39:02
120 James Boult M 44:26
201 Colin Woolford M40 50:15
210 Cassandra Smedley L 51:38
215 Teresa de Curtis L40 52:18
243 Orlaith O’Mahony L 55:59
282 Adrienne Olszewska L40 62:38
290 Robert Hirst M60 65:12
301 Beth Quinn L 74:15
302 Jack McGuire M60 77:04

Full Results


U8 Race

50 children took part in the U8s race with lots of them in fancy dress. This is a rip-roaring and fun race up, down and around the Penistone Hill Quarry. Organised and officiated by larger-than-life Dave Woodhead, this is a fun event for junior runners with a generous goody bag for all of the finishers. Felix Thompson was our first U8 boy with Ellisia Smedley the our first U8 girl and Emily Johnson completing the team.

Emily Johnson running in fancy dress at the Stoop U8 Race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Emily Johnson running in fancy dress at the Stoop U8 Race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
19 Felix Thompson BU8 3:45
32 Elisia Smedley GU8 4:12
47 Emily Johnson GU8 5:10

 U10/U12/U14 Race

84 children took part in the U10/U12/U14 race. Dexta Thompson was 3rd overall. Helana White had a great run dressed as Father Christmas to finish in 35th place and 1st U10 girls. This group also ran around the quarry but on a slightly extended route.

U10/U12/U14 Race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

U10/U12/U14 Race. Photo by Geoff Thompson

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
3 Dexta Thompson U12B 6:49
10 Robbie Smedley U12B 7:06
22 Christopher Brown U12B 7:44
35 Helana White U10G 8:11
49 Natasha Olszewska U14G 8:47
61 Alfie White U14B 9:35
66 Bronia Olszewska U12G 9:52

Full Results

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round route recce

As Race Organiser for the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round I am very keen to see this race full to bursting with orange hoops!  The date for the 2017 running is Saturday March 4th at 11.00am from Barley Village hall.

The crux of this message goes out to those thinking of stepping up in fell race distance. The SBPR is a 16km/10 mile category ‘B’ run (i.e. not as steep as it could be!) around the tracks and trods of Pendle Hill, it is advertised as not being suitable for novices, partly through that distance, but mostly because of the potential weather that occurs at that time of year, early March in recent years has very much been “still winter”.

I would put forward the case that if you have run some of the other, shorter Pendle fell races, the Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix fell races, Woodentops events or have been Badgering from Barley over the winter on a Tuesday night, then you are not a novice and this is the ideal race to step up in Fell race distance terms!

To that end, if you are still not sure – come and try it out.  I am going to host two recce’s of the SBPR race route, one on January 15th and one on February 12th.  We will meet in Barley car park at 10.00am and run the route at a steady 1.45-2 hour pace (the winning time last year was 1 hour 12, slowest runner was 2 hours 10), covering the route, its terrain and what to aim for in poor visibility etc to hopefully inspire some new middle distance fell runners in the club.

Please bring your full running kit as per FRA rules (Waterproof whole body cover, hat, gloves, map of the route, compass, whistle, emergency food) as we will be on the hill in winter for a few hours.  If you are not sure if your kit would pass a race inspection, bring it and I will confirm that for you on the day.  (I will bring some spare maps left over from the Navigation course in the summer if you do not have one of those to hand).

I of course will be accepting race entry forms and money on these Sunday mornings (and Tuesday nights!)

Please drop me a message to stanbradshawrace@yahoo.com or through Facebook – the Team Clayton page, if you are interested in joining one or both runs.  I will post reminders on Facebook and the newsletter after Christmas and just before each run.  Clayton members only please!

If I don’t see you Tuesday night or on the Christmas Eve run – Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year!

Colin Woolford

Parkrun roundup

Burnley parkrun – A total of 235 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
1 Danny COLLINGE 15:53 SM20-24 New PB!
6 Kevin DAVIES 18:44 VM55-59
7 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:03 JM11-14
8 Jackson MCKAY 19:08 JM11-14
10 Simon WILSHAW 19:39 JM15-17 New PB!
14 John HARTLEY 20:06 VM60-64
19 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 20:42 JM15-17
22 Stephen AINSWORTH 21:04 VM60-64
24 Colin WHITE 22:18 VM40-44
31 Chris LAWRENCE 22:40 VM50-54 New PB!
32 Andy QUINN 22:47 VM45-49
49 Michelle ABBOTT 23:45 VW35-39
66 Nina KEWIN 24:10 VW35-39
76 Jake ANFORTH 24:26 JM10
88 Bethany WHEATCROFT 25:16 JW11-14
89 Annabel WILCOCK 25:22 JW15-17
90 John WILCOCK 25:24 VM50-54
94 Lisa JOHNSON 25:29 VW40-44
110 Lisa ELLIS 26:31 SW30-34
112 Donna SCOTT 26:33 VW50-54
119 Julie DAWES 26:56 VW45-49
126 Beth QUINN 27:14 SW18-19
127 James BOULT 27:15 SM20-24
142 Stuart BARKER 28:26 VM50-54
143 Ron CHAPPELL 28:32 VM65-69
146 Mick HUGHES 28:48 VM40-44
169 Robert HIRST 29:49 VM65-69
190 Marion WILKINSON 31:05 VW75-79

Delamere parkrun – A total of 210 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
136 Helen HARRISON 29:32 VW45-49 First Timer!

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 164 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
46 Wendy DODDS 24:19 VW65-69

Marple parkrun – A total of 127 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
125 Ron HILL 37:08 VM75-79

Pendle parkrun – A total of 54 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
7 Paul HESKETH 22:32 VM50-54
15 Martin BRADY 24:58 VM50-54
18 David Ian SCOTT 25:55 VM70-74
37 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 33:25 VW65-69
45 Christine LEATHLEY 35:41 VW65-69

Witton parkrun – A total of 60 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
20 Nerina GILL 26:00 VW45-49
60 Julia RUSHTON 48:09 VW50-54

Woodhouse Moor parkrun – A total of 250 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
2 David BAGOT 17:04 SM20-24 New PB!


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