A hazy shade of winter

ByAdrienne Olszewska

A hazy shade of winter

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey. You went for a run on a winter’s day! It’s been pretty chilly this week and getting colder. It’s a good job you are a hardy bunch. There’s been plenty of great racing on show including cross country, road racing and fell relays. There have been returns to racing, challenges undertaken, PBs, wins and plenty of smiling faces.


Todmorden Park 5K Winter Series – Race 3

44 runners put on their head torches to race in the third race of this winter 5K series organised by Cannonball Events. Garry Wilkinson was 6th in 19:12 and Ron Chappell was 40th in 29:07.

Pos Name Cat Time
6 Garry Wilkinson V50 19:12
40 Ron Chappell M65 29:07

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Kirkby Moor Fell Race

This 6.5 mile fell race with 1608ft of ascent is organised by Black Combe Runners and is a fast race over rolling moorland: a mixture of heather, sheep tracks and sometimes the access tracks for the windmills. It’s not that high or steep, so a good race for beginners and road runners, but some parts are still quite hard going and navigation on the moor can be very interesting in the November fog.

Wendy Dodds was our sole representative in a field of 58 runners. She was 46th and 1st FV60 in a time of 01:22:38

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Mid Lancs Cross Country League – Sefton Park

It was a cold and misty morning as the Sefton Park fixture kicked off. Visibility was minimal giving an otherworldly feel to things as the juniors set off and disappeared from view. There were some great performances for all who ran.

Junior racing at the Mid Lancs' Sefton park fixture. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Junior racing at the Mid Lancs’ Sefton park fixture. Photo by Alan Dorrington

U11 Girls

Helana White was our first U11 girl in 11th place overall and completing the team were Summer Hargreaves in 35th place and Kady Thompson in 38th.

Team Position 6th (H White |S Hargreaves | K Thompson)

Pos Name Time
11 Helana White 8:11
35 Summer Hargreaves 9:03
38 Kady Thompson 9:09

U11 Boys

Our U11 boys continue to have a storming season with a win for Dexta Thompson and 7th place for Jenson Bentham. Matthew Jackson had a great run to complete the team and finish in 17th place.

Team Position 1st (D Thompson | J Bentham | M Jackson)

Pos Name Time
1 Dexta Thompson 7:03
7 Jenson Bentham 7:47
17 Matthew Jackson 8:02

U13 Girls

Just a dynamic duo of girls in the U13 category at this race. Ella Dorrington was our first finisher in 25th place and Heidi Kewin was 75th.

Pos Name Time
25 Ella Dorrington-Levy 12:49
75 Heidi Kewin 14:53

U13 Boys

Jackson McKay was our first finisher in the U13 boys race. Team mates Lennon Jackson and William Nicholls were 28th and 37th respectively.

Team position 7th ( J McKay | L Jackson | W Nicholls)

Pos Name Time
5 Jackson McKay 10:59
28 Lennon Jackson 12:45
37 William Nicholls 14:08

U15 Girls

The U15 girls continue their good form with Briony Holt finishing in 5th place. Eleanor Root was 22nd with Liberty Thompson chasing her in 23rd place.

Team position 5th ( B Holt | E Root | L Thompson)

Briony Holt in the U15 Girls race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Briony Holt in the U15 Girls race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Pos Name Time
5 Briony Holt 11:45
22 Eleanor Root 13:51
23 Liberty Thompson 14:03

U17 Men

Curtis Holt and Simon Wilshaw ran in this competitive category with Curtis in 24th place and Simon in 30th.

Pos Name Time
24 Curtis Holt 20:29
30 Simon Wilshaw 22:03

Senior Ladies

Report from Irene Roche

Out of the sunshine and into the fog our cross-country runners turned up to run round the challenging course at Sefton Park.

Michelle Abbot and Irene Roche.

Michelle Abbot and Irene Roche.

The Mid Lancs fixture here at Liverpool is a much bigger event to experience compared to our usual cross-country venues in this League. More than the Mid Lancs takes place within the day which adds to the excitement over the PA system and what you see around you. Clayton Harriers ladies had two teams all together who ran … with lots of support around the course from the ladies who didn’t quite make the start. A good turnout also for the men. The results show some excellent runs achieved by all abilities from our members. Thank you to all who made it to Sefton on Saturday – runners and spectators. Well done to all who ran

Jean Knightley in the Ladies race. photo by David Wood

Jean Knightley in the Ladies race. photo by David Wood

Ladies team position 15th ( M Abbot | I Roche | J Knightley)

Ladies B Team 32nd ( H Burnett | J Carey | S Allen)

Ladies Over 35 7th (M Abbot | I Roche | J Knightley)

Ladies Over 45 5th (I Roche |J Knightley | H Burnett)

Ladies Over 55 1st ( I Roche | J Knightley| S Allen)

Pos Name Cat Time
50 Michelle Abbott L35 38:46
53 Irene Roche L55 38:51
76 Jean Knightley L55 41:28
100 Helen Burnett L45 44:18
133 Judith Carey L35 51:53
139 Susan Allen L55 54:51
140 Christine Leathley L65 54:58

Senior Men

Report from Christopher Holdsworth

After spending 80% of the year injured, in particular, the last three months suffering niggles the stuff nightmares are made of , it’s safe to say I’m chuffed to be back racing. I’ve genuinely hated every second of  not being able to compete and boy do my close family and friends know it!

Chris Holdsworth with a welcome return to racing at Sefton Park. Photo by David Wood

Chris Holdsworth with a welcome return to racing at Sefton Park. Photo by David Wood

A word of warning to all Clayton Harriers; look after your body and enjoy every second of running – you never know when a lengthy spell on the sidelines is on the cards.

As for the race, hamstrings screamed, lungs burned, but the hip held firm and I loved every second of it. Felt a little rusty but it’s great to be  back racing with Clayton again.

Robert Aspinall in the senior men's race. Photo by David Wood

Robert Aspinall in the senior men’s race. Photo by David Wood

Mens team position 13th ( C Holdsworth | R Aspinall | M Duckworth | A Holt | A Cran | K Davies)

Mens B Team 33rd (A Dorrington | B Horrocks | J Wilcock | J Hickie | C Lawrence | A Quinn)

Men Over 40 6th (R Aspinall | A Holt | A Cran | K Davies)

Men Over 50 3rd (R Aspinall | K Davies | B Horrocks)

Pos Name Cat Time
16 Christopher Holdsworth M 32:46
60 Robert Aspinall V50 (1st) 36:30
97 Matthew Duckworth M 38:47
123 Andrew Holt V40 40:18
126 Alex Cran V40 40:22
140 Kevin Davies V50 40:42
151 Alan Dorrington V40 41:18
166 Brian Horrocks V50 41:50
172 John Wilcock V50 41:58
236 James Hickie V50 44:56
261 Christopher Lawrence V50 47:36
272 Andy Quinn V40 48:47
273 Craig Nicholls M 48:55
277 Peter Browning V50 49:26
285 Carl Carey V40 50:11

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Report from John Hartley

On a very cold Saturday morning, several of us made the journey over to the Wesham 10K race. Conditions were tricky in places on the course after a very hard overnight frost. Danny Collinge pushed eventual winner Rob Danson to claim second place overall.

Danny Collinge (Lancashire Vest) at the Wesham 10K. Photo by David Wood

Danny Collinge (Lancashire Vest) at the Wesham 10K. Photo by David Wood

Laura Hesketh was our second finisher and claimed 1st lady position in the race. This was my first race in the V60 and I won my category; hope there is more to come

John Hartley at the Wesham 10K. Photo by David Wood

John Hartley at the Wesham 10K. Photo by David Wood

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
2 Danny Collinge M (002/089) 00:32:50
18 Laura Hesketh F (001/039) 00:36:37
39 John Hartley M60 (001/017) 00:38:38
76 Michael Hogan M45 (009/048) 00:41:57
98 Stephen Biscomb M60 (004/017) 00:43:23
152 Martin Brady M50 (021/048) 00:47:24
192 Kath Brady F50 (003/025) 00:49:48
437 Graham Kissack M65 (011/012) 01:12:19

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101 runners took part in this fell race organised by Darwen Dashers. Richard Briscoe was the first Clayton finisher in 54th place and Julia Rushton was our first lady finisher.

Julia Rushton at the David Staff Memorial Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Julia Rushton at the David Staff Memorial Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
54 Richard Briscoe M (006/010) 00:38:05
64 Andrew Dugdale M50 (021/025) 00:40:31
76 Peter Dugdale M60 (005/016) 00:41:42
77 Stephen Fish M60 (006/016) 00:42:02
79 Andrew Walmsley M60 (008/016) 00:42:40
89 Michael Frost M60 (011/016) 00:46:18
92 Julia Rushton F50 (007/008) 00:47:27
98 Robert Hirst M60 (016/016) 00:53:33

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 Report from Angela Shian


Paul Wale at the Lee Mills Fell Relay

Ladies Lee Mill fell relays – we had 2 teams competing in the 10k (survival fell race) the route never fails to have a terrain that assures you cross the finishing line covered, head to toe in some cases, in mud! Ladies A team finished 72nd , Ladies B finished 81st position. Laura Hesketh on leg 1 gave us a great start, Elizabeth Mullan had a fantastic first ever fell race (many more to come Liz!!!). Ever strong Alison Dugdale on third leg, then Barbara Savage braved the cold after waiting all day for leg 4. Team B was started off by myself, there wasn’t one bog that I didn’t get acquainted with….!! Vicky Heys was our second legger, she set off smiling and came back still smiling, just a bit muddier..! A special thanks goes to Linda Lord on stepping in only the day before to run leg 3, who ran in well before mass start, and finally Katy Thompson showed her true fell running experience to finish us on leg 4. We all had a great day, excellent event, and a lot of laughs…!! Mainly at Paul Wales expense!!

Final Position 5 12 34 72 81
Team Name Mens A Vet 50 Vet 40 Ladies A Ladies B
Runner A Carl Helliwell Paul Shackleton Richard Stevenson Laura Hesketh Angela Shian
Leg 1 00:53:32 00:58:58 00:56:47 01:00:35 01:15:01
Runner B Russell Clarke Phil Hall Neil Hardiman Elizabeth Mullen Vicky Heys
Leg 2 00:58:10 00:58:20 00:57:30 00:54:54 01:14:31
Runner C Chris Snell Alan Life Andy Orr Alison Dugdale Linda Lord
Leg 3 00:55:30 00:56:52 00:58:39 01:32:31 01:17:39
Runner D Danny Collinge Tim Edward Paul Wale Barbara Savage Katy Thompson
Leg 4 00:48:41 00:53:42 01:14:33 01:16:11 01:16:07
Total 03:35:53 03:47:52 04:07:29 04:44:11 05:03:18

Full Results

RAB mini Mountain Marathon, Peak District.

Report from Alan Dorrington

I hadn’t done a score type navigation event since the mid-1980s when I was a keen teenage orienteer in London, but when a friend suggested we enter the pairs for the last of the season long Rab Mini Mountain Marathon series, I jumped at the chance to get back to brushing up old nav skills. Surely, it’s like riding a bike – once you know how to do it, you never forget? Maybe.

Rab Mini Mountain Marathon. Photo by Greg May

Rab Mini Mountain Marathon. Photo by Greg May

With the previous 3 rounds of the Rab series taking place in the Peaks and then the Lakes, the final round saw a return to the Peaks, being held on Tintwistle Moor, not far from Glossop. The events have a lovely relaxed feel to them, though the late calendar date and exposed nature of the terrain meant that full FRA kit plus food and survival bag were mandatory to pass the kit check. The events are 4 hour score events with the usual variety of higher and lower value controls and penalties for being over the time limit.

Myself and running partner Greg formed a plan for our 4 hours to head north to some of the edges near Dovestones Reservoir and the highest value controls, before sweeping back through Laddow Rocks and Lads Leap to hoover up the final controls near the finish. We didn’t start well, drifting slightly to the west of where we should have been for the first control, running as we were on featureless ground and finding ourselves just off the edge of the map. We got back on track fairly quickly, noticing that a few others behind us had made the same mistake. It was then that we had to alter the plan to head north as the ground was extremely boggy, brutally tussocky in places and even the paths hard to run on in the wet conditions. We got back into a rhythm and picked off some high value controls before deciding to swing back over East to Laddow. Good route choice and trod finding from Greg saw us cover some really rough ground in quick time and we hit all the planned controls without difficulty to begin the homeward leg and pick off all available controls on the way in to the finish.

We finished with 6 mins to spare so no penalties and a score of 370 which was good enough to place us as 2nd MV40 pair. Courgette and coconut soup, unlimited coffee and great cake were the perfect end to an ace run out on the Peak District moors. As we didn’t fall out or get horribly lost, we’re now hatching plans for a proper attempt on the Saunders and other 2 day mountain marathons next year…

Full Results

parkrun roundup

Bolton parkrun – A total of 235 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
78 Katy THOMPSON 25:40 VW60-64

Burnley parkrun – A total of 244 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
4 Jonathan PYE 18:53 SM25-29
5 Jonathan CLEAVER 19:00 VM35-39
7 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:22 JM11-14
22 Stephen AINSWORTH 21:24 VM60-64
27 James BOULT 22:01 SM20-24
28 Robbie SMEDLEY 22:01 JM10
29 Mick HUGHES 22:08 VM40-44 New PB!
35 Cassandra Darling SMEDLEY 22:47 VW35-39 New PB!
39 Aaron LUNDIE 22:53 JM11-14 New PB!
55 Heidi KEWIN 23:22 JW11-14 New PB!
83 Donna SCOTT 24:49 VW50-54
87 Brian WILDMAN 24:57 VM50-54
99 Annabel WILCOCK 25:41 JW15-17
101 John WILCOCK 25:44 VM50-54
102 Jake ANFORTH 25:45 JM10
114 Lisa ELLIS 26:19 SW30-34
133 Helen HARRISON 27:29 VW45-49
144 Stuart BARKER 27:58 VM50-54
169 Ron CHAPPELL 29:45 VM65-69
191 Marion WILKINSON 30:59 VW75-79

Burnley junior parkrun – A total of 46 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
1 Nicholas HENNESSEY 7:20 JM11-14
2 Aaron LUNDIE 8:06 JM11-14 New PB!
4 Matthew JACKSON 8:20 JM10
10 Heidi KEWIN 9:06 JW11-14
15 Imogen FERGUSON 10:01 JW11-14
18 Charlie PLANT 10:53 JW10

 Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 108 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
97 Robin PRICE 34:11 VM70-74

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 156 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
93 Eileen JONES 28:51 VW60-64

Pendle parkrun – A total of 55 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
1 Richard STEVENSON 19:35 VM40-44 New PB!
4 Paul BRANNON 21:29 VM55-59

Witton parkrun – A total of 61 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
18 Nerina GILL 26:22 VW45-49


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