Mud, Mountains and Marathons

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Mud, Mountains and Marathons

Summer has gone and autumn is here once again and with it the start of the cross country season. You’ve been out in force at Astley Park in Chorley with some fabulous results. We fielded 4 teams in the Hodgson Mountain Relays in the Lake District showing that our fell running heart is beating as strongly as ever. You’ve also been running in marathons, 10Ks and on challenging trails.



Report from Darren Rushton

Had a crack at the Lakeland Trails race at Coniston fantastic route with mixed abilities some quick lads recommend anyone to have a go its not major fell running but all on runnable trails with fantastic scenery saw another clayton lady 191 ran I finished 67th a lovely day out.

Pos Name Cat Time
67 Darren Rushton MV40 1:21:19


Report from Jane Hylands

A perfect running day in the Lake District for the 10k and 15k events with dry weather and some sunshine. The 15k was split into 2 events with the challenge starting off earlier with a 3 hour cut off and the race starting an hour later with a 2 hour cut off.

Jane Hylands at the Lakeland Trails 15KM Trail Challenge at Coniston

Jane Hylands at the Lakeland Trails 15KM Trail Challenge at Coniston

I found it a tough event with 1386ft of climb and it was a longer trail race than I’ve done before so quite challenging. The majority of the climb was within the first 5k followed by about 5k downhill and then the last 5k along grass and mud along the lake. Finishing with a paddle through a cold deep river to wake you up! A really enjoyable event with some amazing views and waterfalls but if you fancy it you’ll have to wait until 2018 as it’s not on next year or alternatively try one of the other Lakeland trails. There was also the added bonus of a bar at the finish line!

Jane Hyland at the Lakeland Trails Coniston Trail Challenge. Photo by Lakeland Trails

Jane Hyland at the Lakeland Trails Coniston Trail Challenge. Photo by Lakeland Trails

Pos Name Cat Time
236 Jane Hylands LV40 01:48:16

Full Results


Bring it on! It’s Autumn, the leaves are changing colour, the temperature is starting to drop and the mud is getting muddier. Team Clayton was ready to rumble and made a great start in this year’s Mid Lancashire Cross Country League with some great results across the board.U11 Boys, U15 Girls and Senior Men all doing extremely well in this first fixture. It’s looking like it might just turn into another triumphant season for Clayton.

A special mention is needed for our super organised Cross Country Manager, Jason Pier, who makes everything run like clockwork – he has the tent up and waiting for the Clayton family, the numbers ordered and ready to go and words of encouragement for everyone – he even races too! A real superstar.

The team tent ready and waiting. The first one there.

The team tent ready and waiting. The first one there.


As a new cross country season begins, our junior runners are keen to build upon and continue the success they enjoyed last year. However, many of them have shifted to different age groups which can alter the dynamics of the team competition. As it turns out, this year this is no bad thing and we were able to field teams across the majority of the age categories only really struggling with numbers in the older teen age categories.

Clayton Juniors ready to race at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

Clayton Juniors ready to race at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw


Summer Hargreaves was our first finisher in the U11 girls’ race and raced hard to finish in 19th place. Team mates Rachel Stevenson (61st) and Ellisia Smedley (73rd) both ran well to put their team in 9th place. A great start to the season for the U11 Girls with all of them counters for their team.

Summer Hargreaves at the Mid Lancs XC. Photo by David Belshaw

Summer Hargreaves at the Mid Lancs XC. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Time
19 Summer Hargreaves 7:09
61 Rachel Stevenson 8:18
73 Ellisia Smedley 9:01


There were 7 Clayton runners in the U11 Boys’ race. Dexta Thompson was our first finisher and overall winner of the race. Jenson Bentham, Robbie Smedley and Finley Stubbs all had great runs finishing in the top ten. Matthew Jackson, Thomas Ashworth and Finan Holdsworth completed the squad with some real racing effort thrown in. A comfortable 1st place for our U11 Boys promises another great cross country season to come from this strong group of Clayton boys.

Joshua McKay racing hard at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

Joshua McKay racing hard at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Time
1 Dexta Thompson 5:54
6 Jenson Bentham 6:26
9 Robbie Smedley 6:39
10 Finley Stubbs 6:39
31 Matthew Jackson 7:01
37 Thomas Ashworth 7:12
68 Finan Holdsworth 8:16


There were 6 Clayton girls in the U13 girls’ race. Ella Dorrington appears to be missing from the results so the team position is currently 9th place but this could change once she has been added back in as it’s estimated she was around 13th place overall.

The U13 girls get off to a great start at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

The U13 girls get off to a great start at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

There were plenty of strong performances from this team with a welcome return for Roanna who had a great run and was a counter for the team.

Even with the missing results this is a great start for our U13 girls.

Pos Name Time
?? Ella Dorrington ??
19 Sophie Ashworth 11:26
41 Roanna Holdsworth 12:39
43 Keira Stevenson 12:42
53 Bethany Wheatcroft 13:07
66 Bronia Olszewska 14:38


There were four boys in the U13 squad. Jackson McKay was our first finisher in 5th place overall. Lennon Jackson was next in 37th place and third counter for the team was Christopher Brown still managing 57th despite a nasty fall on the course. William Nicholls was 59th.

Jackson McKay racing hard at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

Jackson McKay racing hard at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Time
5 Jackson McKay 11:39
37 Lennon Jackson 13:57
57 Christopher Brown 14:43
59 William Nicholls 14:46


After a bit of a sparse team last year, we are back on form with a number of our girls moving up an age category this year.

Briony Holt was our first girl and 2nd overall with Millie Stubbs in 6th place. Natasha Olszewska had a great run to finish in 14th place and Claudia Bentham didn’t let a fall stop her from carrying on to finish in 27th place.

Our girls took a comfortable 1st place position for what promises to be a successful team in the U15 girls.

U15 Girls at the start line with the U13 Boys. Photo by David Belshaw

U15 Girls at the start line with the U13 Boys. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Time
2 Briony Holt 12:24
6 Millie Stubbs 13:07
14 Natasha Olszewska 14:33
27 Claudia Bentham 15:43


Again, after a sparse year in this age group last time, we fielded 5 runners in this race. Nick Hennessey was our first finisher with Stanley Grewel and Jay Bowman taking the team to 7th place. Adam Stevenson and Aaron Lundie completed the squad.

Nick Hennessey in the U15 Boys' race. Photo by David Belshaw

Nick Hennessey in the U15 Boys’ race. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Time
22 Nick Hennessey 16:32
27 Stanley Grewel 17:12
32 Jay Bowman 17:57
39 Adam Stevenson 19:23
44 Aaron Lundie 22:59


Lucy Stevenson was our sole runner in this category. She finished in 12th place.


Reece Lawrence was our sole runner in this category. He finished in 18th place.


Another season begins and our senior runners are ready to rumble. There was a good turnout of runners and a few newbies in the mix.


There were 17 Clayton ladies in the senior race. Donna Airey was our first lady in 29th place overall with Elizabeth Mullan not too far behind in 33rd. Irene Roche completed our 11th place ladies team also taking 1st L55 in the race. Cross country newbie Michelle Abbot enjoyed the race and was glad she had decided to get some spikes which she swears saved her from faceplanting in the muddy puddle.

Clayton Ladies ready to rumble! At Astley Park. Photo by Tina Holt

Clayton Ladies ready to rumble! At Astley Park. Photo by Tina Holt

Our ‘A’ Team were 11th (D Airey | E Mullan | I Roche )

Our ‘B’ team were 20th (M Abbott | J Bennett | C Darling-Smedley )

Over 35 Team were 4th (D Airey | I Roche | M Abbott)

Over 45 Team were 4th (I Roche | J Bennett | J Rushton)

Over 55 Team were 1st (I Roche | S Allen | C Leathley)

Irene Roche with Michelle Abbot not far behind. Photo by David Belshaw

Irene Roche with Michelle Abbot not far behind. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Time
29 Donna Airey L35 29:23
33 Elizabeth Mullan L 30:07
55 Irene Roche L55 (1st) 31:39
57 Michelle Abbott L35 31:46
64 Joanne Bennett L45 32:18
65 Cassie Darling-Smedley L35 32:23
71 Julia Rushton L45 33:02
78 Nina Kewin L35 33:49
88 Sarah Helliwell L35 34:29
94 Janine Pollard L45 35:04
110 Rachel Todd L35 36:29
129 Adrienne Olszewska L45 38:37
136 Yvonne Wickham L45 39:21
138 Deborah Greenwood L45 39:31
145 Jane Pier L45 40:18
156 Susan Allen L55 42:21
173 Christine Leathley L65 47:18


Jordan McDonald was 3rd U20 in the race.


We had 31 runners in the senior mens’ race. Unfortunately, Danny Collinge was forced to retire due to illness and we were missing Chris Holdsworth as well. This meant that, as well as 3rd in the U20 category, Jordan McDonald was our first Clayton finisher in the senior men’s’ race in 29th place overall. David Scott was 1st V70. There were 232 runners in this race. Our ‘A’ team was still 3rd even with a few of our fast lads missing from this race. A very promising start for our men.

Clayton Men at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

Clayton Men at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

’A’ team 3rd (J McDonald | A Stubbs | L Smith| R Stevenson | J Watson | C Snell)

‘B’ Team 10th (B Holdsworth | D Horrocks | A Holt | G Berry | A Orr | A Life)

Vet 40 Team 3rd ( A Stubbs | R Stevenson | B Holdsworth | D Horrocks)

Vet 50 Team 3rd (D Horrocks | A Life | J Wilcock)


Breton outdoing the autumn foliage for colour at Astley Park. Photo by David Belshaw

Pos Name Cat Time
29 Jordan McDonald U20 39:53
33 Andy Stubbs V40 40:11
36 Lee Smith M 40:20
41 Richard Stevenson V40 40:51
46 Jacob Watson M 41:19
48 Chris Snell M 41:25
52 Breton Holdsworth V40 42:06
56 David Horrocks V50 42:28
74 Andrew Holt V40 43:42
88 Gareth Berry V40 44:34
91 Andrew Orr V40 44:56
98 Alan Life V50 45:31
109 John Wilcock V50 45:31
115 Andrew Payne M 46:30
117 Brian Horrocks V50 46:32
118 Alan Dorrington V40 46:34
121 John Roche V50 46:39
148 Nick Roscoe V40 48:19
158 Andy Quinn V40 48:50
162 Mark Wightman V50 49:05
178 James Hickie V50 50:15
198 Jason Pier V40 51:30
208 Mick Hughes V40 52:19
215 Matthew Duckworth M 53:01
223 Peter Browning M50 54:29
229 Geoff Smith V40 54:53
230 Craig Nicholls V40 54:56
235 David Scott V70 (1st) 55:24
236 David Moynihan V40 55:49
241 Ian Hargreaves V50 56:32

Full Results



Fourteen Clayton Harriers took to familiar ground on this year’s Burnley Fire 10K road race. The route starts and finishes at Burnley Fire station, climbs up and around Towneley Park and, after a bit of respite as you descend on the road to Cliviger, takes in the beast of a climb that is Mount Lane before a fast downhill gallop back to the Fire Station. 216 runners took part.

Jacob Watson at the Burnley Fire 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

Jacob Watson at the Burnley Fire 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

Jacob Watson was our first finisher and 3rd overall in the race with a time of 37:12. He was swiftly followed by Jonathan Pye in 6th and Matthew Duckworth in 10th. Terry O’Leary joined them in the top twenty finisher in 13th place. Donna Airey was the first Clayton Lady finisher in 35th place overall and 3rd female in the race. Michelle Abbot was 77th and 1st F35.

Donna Airey at the Burnley Fire 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

Donna Airey at the Burnley Fire 10K. Photo by David Belshaw

Report from Deborah Greenwood

A beautiful sunny October morning at this very friendly, well marshalled race. It’s my third year in a row of running this race and I am progressively getting slower! In 2015 I had a time of 57:04 on Sunday I only managed 1:00.32! Yes .32 seconds over the hour, I was gutted.

Donna Airey smashed it, coming in 3rd lady overall with an amazing time of 44.56. A stunning performance after being our first lady at Cross country the day before. Jacob Watson also came in 3rd male overall with a brilliant time of 37:12, with the overall winner being a Blackburn Harriers runner. Exactly 200 runners finished the race and swelled the coffers of the Pendleside hospice and Firefighter funds.

Mount lane proved as challenging as ever, lots of people around me walked this part of the course, I of course ran every step as this is how we have been trained. A lovely resident half way up the hill had set up a water station to revive those that needed. The fires crews and marshals’ were brilliant, shouting and cheering everyone on.

I must do better next time!

Pos Name Category Time
3 Jacob Watson M 37:12.4
6 Jonathan Pye M 38:29.0
10 Matthew Duckworth M 39:19.1
13 Terry O’Leary M 40:21.9
35 Robert Morrison M40 44:48.1
37 Donna Airey F35 44:56.4
44 Colin White M40 45:45.9
48 Stuart Proctor M 46:02.5
55 Andrew Webster M45 47:06.1
77 Michelle Abbott F35 49:13.8
139 Hayley Copeman F45 57:07.8
141 Helen Harrison F45 27:10.4
142 Robert Hirst M65 58:27.8
156 Deborah Greenwood F45 1:00:32.6

Full Results


Well done to all of our junior runners that took part in this fun run. Results are not available but Nick Hennessey was the overall winner with Helana White taking first girl which is fantastic considering she was in hospital with appendicitis only a couple of weeks ago.

Clayton Juniors racing ahead at the Burnley Fire fun run.

Clayton Juniors racing ahead at the Burnley Fire fun run.


Daniel Plant was our sole representative at the Chester Marathon. He finished in 303rd place with a time of 03:22:22.

Report from Dan Plant

Arrived at Chester and conditions were perfect. We went and registered Tracy and the kids for the mini marathon then the Chester town crier got us under way. The plan was to stick with the 3:15 pacer but I got a bit carried away so pulled away


Clayton Junior, Charlie Plant (R)at the Chester Mini Marathon

Once you leave the city centre, it’s a very scenic route with the occasional up and down. At 19ish miles I hit the good old wall but by 24 I was moving well again just on time for the main Hill of the route. I did manage a strong finish marathon number 4 of the year and the quickest can’t believe I’ve got to wait till April for another… what will I do with my Sunday mornings!


Dan Plant ready to go at the Chester Marathon

Full Results


This off-road marathon is an epic trail run that ascends a total of 1,608 metres through the heart of Glencoe and into the foothills of Ben Nevis.  The route snakes through the pass of Glencoe, surrounded by the towering remains of this ancient super volcano, before climbing 500 metres up the fearsome Devil’s Staircase. From the eastern edge of the Aonach Eagach Ridge you look straight onto the mighty Buachaille Etive Mor (the great herdsman) before dropping back to sea level at Kinlochleven where the Mamores Half Marathon starts. Climbing up through the Mamores the route undulates until the descent into Glen Nevis and the base of the mighty Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest peak.

Congratulations to Avril Duckworth who took part and finished in 56th place overall. She was the 6th lady finisher and 1st Vet 50 lady in a time of 4 hours and 29 minutes.

Full Results



The ‘Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay’ is a fell running relay race that started life as the ‘Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay’. It is set in the heart of the Lake District Fells, takes place every year on the first Sunday in October, and is competed by teams from across the country, but mainly the North of England. It is the longest-running mountain relay in the country.

Dave Motley and David Walker - leg 2 of the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay

Dave Motley and David Walker  on leg 2 of the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay. Photo by Steve Razzetti

The race is a tough one, with 4 legs each throwing up their separate challenges, including hard climbs and steep descents on difficult terrain. The route requires careful navigation, especially in bad weather. Each leg is run in pairs (so 8 runners per team) and teams compete for a number of prizes across different categories including Open, Ladies, Mixed and Vets teams.

We were one of the few clubs to field 4 teams in this event.

Men’s Team Report from Captain Ryan Wilkinson

My Sunday morning started @ 5:30am as I may have been a little excited because this is one of the best days out of the year…

After a bit of a shuffle around with the team over the weekend we were ready to go. First up was Jonny & the super sub Bretton who stepped in at the last minute after racing on Saturday at the XC, can’t thank the guy enough! We got off to a good start and came in 14th overall, a swift handover to out leg 2 runners Dave Motley & Dave Walker who set off up the long drag up to the trig then the long, fast run off on a few rocky paths & a steep rough descent to Kirkstone Pass. They had a good run together finished the leg still in a good position.

It was my turn to run leg 3 with Dave Bagot, he’s a bit quicker than me so I knew I had a big job on my hands. Off up Red Screes we went and started to catch a few teams up. We felt good & had a good climb. We dug in & ran our socks off to make up 3 positions and bridging a good gap on our local rivals, handing over to Mr Perry and Andy Laycock who had a cracker of a run putting more time between Barlick and ourselves who were set on catching us. Senior men finished 16th overall which is the best we have finished in a long time. Making it brilliant day as always. Thanks guys for all your effort. Roll on Scotland #TEAMCLAYTON

Our first team to finish were in 16th place overall.

Leg Runners Time
1 J McKenna & B Holdsworth 00:42:55
2 D Motley & D Walker 01:19:11
3 D Bagot & R Wilkinson 00:58:20
4 M Perry & A Laycock 01:18:33

They were followed by the Vets team who finished in 30th place

Vets Team Report

This year the vets were out in force with a really strong team put together by the new vet team manager Garry Wilkinson. First up was Andrew Stubbs & Mark Aspinall with a good solid run and coming in a respectable 22nd position. They then handed over to Carl Haliwell & Peter Coats who are both on great form picking off 4 other pairs on their dash to hand over to Paul Shackleton and Andrew McFarlane who did not waste any time climbing up Red Screes and putting a good shift in across what can only be described as a rugged 5 miles. Then it was time for Garry Wilkinson & Paul Hesketh to finish off the route with last dash for the finish line. All in all it was a good day out for all our teams

Peter Coates and Carl Helliwell. Leg 2 of the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay. Photo by Steve Razzetti

Peter Coates and Carl Helliwell. Leg 2 of the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay. Photo by Steve Razzetti

Leg Runners Time
1 M Aspinall & A Stubbs 00:45:43
2 C Helliwell & P Coates 01:15:22
3 P Shackleton & A McFarlane 01:09:37
4 G Wilkinson & P Hesketh 01:31:15

Clayton ‘Z’ Team were 55th

Report from Chris Funnell – If Carlsberg did Fell Races

Nothing short of perfect is the way to describe the Hodgson Brothers Mountain relay on Sunday. Despite a very cool (4deg C start leaving home at 0630) and some spectacular cloud inversions, these eventually gave way to perfect blue skies and fantastic running conditions.

I felt very privileged to be running for the second year for the now “infamous Clayton Z Team” on leg 2 with Mark Nutter (a seasoned Z teamer).

We watched all the leg 1-ers get underway from Patterdale and then made our way across to Hartsop for the start of our leg (7.5 mile and 2900 feet of ascent). Andy Howarth and Keith Thompson were on leg 1 and Mark and I waited on the start line to try and catch an early glimpse of Andy and Keith sporting the new Z team colours (which team coach Andrew Walmsley has had his top R&D people develop). Angela Shian and Anna Kelly ran a great first leg and added to the pressure as Wendy Dodds and Tracy Mitchell set off into the morning sunshine. A minute or so later and Andy and Keith came in both looking like they’d run a race. As Mark grabbed the dibber he said “we’ve got some work to do”. Despite our pre-race pact not to set off too fast, we set off (too) fast up the long climb up towards High Street. Wendy and Tracy soon came into sight and we did our best to mask our heavy breathing as we inched alongside.

After a couple more scalps, we rolled the dice on a couple of alternative race lines which Mark had picked up studying the map prior to the start. Both route choices paid off and as we reached High Street we were at least 6 places up. A blast along High Street and a good scramble up Thornthwaite gained another 2 places. A final tricky descent down to Kirkstone and job done we passed the dibber into the capable hands of demon descenders Richard Bellaries and Andy Firth. The final leg was run by Ivan Wigham and Ralph Baines who had a blistering run in claiming a Lonsdale scalp in the final descent to the finish line at Patterdale.

At the customary post race debrief in the White Lion (attended by groupies and mascots) it became evident that Andy and Keith had opted to take in a bit more scenery (who could blame them) by missing an exit route, however with times and places up on last year it was clear the day had been a resounding success with the reputation and infamy of the Z Team intact.

Leg Runners Time
1 A Howarth & K Thompson 00:57:20
2 M Nutter & C Funnell 01:33:51
3 A Firth & R Bellaries 01:09:40
4 I Whigham & R Baines 01:40:59

And finally, our open mixed team finished in 64th place

Report from Kath Brady

After illness/injury calls days before the event, the available experienced ladies had run out so had to swap our Ladies team to Open and run with 2 men. We finished 64th out of 70 in a time of 5:48.This event is just as tough and competitive as the British relays. Leg 1 Anna Kelly & Angela Shian (in her first Lakeland relay) started us off. Leg 2 legend Wendy Dodds ran with Tracey Mitchell (who’d moved from leg 3 on Thursday). Leg 3 A bit of childcare from me and Kieron Mitchell (who’d been over the route with Tracy) ran with an even later replacement and always smiling Paul Wale. Leg 4 Jean Brown guided Barbara Savage round having been moved from leg 2

Leg Runners Time
1 A Kelly & A Shian 0:56:11
2 W Dodds & T Mitchell 01:45:36
3 K Mitchell & P Wale 01:20:25
4 J Brown & B Savage 01:46:43

Full Results


Two club members took part in this 10K road race organised by Cannonball Events. Stephen Biscomb was our first finisher in 55th place overall and with a time of 44:13 and also taking the 1st V60 position. Joining him was Amanda Duffy who finished in 70th place with a time of 45:37. A total of 239 runners took part.

Report from Amanda Duffy

I decided to try the Littleborough 10K on Sunday. The race started opposite the station with the first part being a climb up Hollingworth Road to the lakeside. The course took up around the lake and then on a few farm tracks and trail. It was a lovely day for it and a nice scenic route

Myself and Steve Biscomb were the only runners from Clayton

Pos Name Cat Time
55 Stephen Biscomb M60 44:13.1
70 Amanda Duffy W35 45:37.0

Full Results


Kevin Davies (minus the tiger this week!) was our sole representative in the inaugural running of this race. It’s proposed to run the event twice annually in the Spring and Autumn. He finished in 5th place overall with a time of 30:51 and was 1st V50 as well.

Pos Name Cat Time
5 Kevin Davies M50 30:51

Full Results


Brighouse parkrun – A total of 378 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
271 Robin PRICE 32:54 VM70-74 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 291 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Jacob WATSON 17:54 SM30-34
2 Jonathan PYE 17:56 SM25-29
5 Jonathan CLEAVER 18:31 VM35-39
14 Nicholas HENNESSEY 20:47 JM11-14
17 Kevin DAVIES 21:09 VM50-54
20 Stephen AINSWORTH 21:16 VM55-59
24 Adam STEPHENSON 21:36 SM30-34 New PB!
26 Gordon BARRETT 21:46 VM50-54
27 Terry O’LEARY 21:59 VM35-39
38 Colin WHITE 22:58 VM40-44
58 Michelle ABBOTT 23:51 VW35-39
68 Nina KEWIN 24:10 VW35-39
69 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 24:13 JM15-17
73 Chris LAWRENCE 24:32 VM50-54
75 Julie DAWES 24:35 VW45-49
87 Andy QUINN 25:10 VM45-49
89 Andrew TAYLOR 25:13 VM55-59
94 Annabel WILCOCK 25:22 JW15-17
95 John WILCOCK 25:24 VM50-54
104 Donna SCOTT 25:46 VW50-54
139 Hayley COPEMAN 27:23 VW45-49
140 Yvonne WICKHAM 27:23 VW50-54
149 Ron CHAPPELL 27:47 VM65-69
182 Carl CAREY 29:35 VM45-49
185 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 29:41 VW65-69
186 Robert HIRST 29:42 VM65-69
257 Helen HARRISON 34:43 VW45-49

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 189 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
47 Martin BRADY 23:53 VM50-54
103 Eileen JONES 28:51 VW60-64 New PB!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 92 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Paul BRANNON 19:54 VM55-59
4 John HARTLEY 20:56 VM55-59
25 Dawn TERRY 26:18 VW50-54
65 Harry WALKER 33:47 VM65-69

Witton parkrun – A total of 103 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
37 Stephen FISH 27:40 VM60-64


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