A quiet week

ByAdrienne Olszewska

A quiet week

It’s been a fairly quiet week. With autumn well and truly upon us, the nights are beginning to draw in and the temperatures are dropping so there’s not a great deal of racing to be had. However, as always you have been out and about nonetheless. There’s been cross country for schools and at the Northerns for our junior runners, and there’s been ultra running success, road marathons and fell races for our seniors.

Runfurther Championship 2016

Congratulations to ultra runner Martin Terry who finished 7th overall in this year’s RunFurther championship and as a club we finished 4th team (Martin Terry, Nicholas Olszewski and Simon Halliday) from 31 teams in total.

Next Year’s races will be announced at the prizegiving on 13 November.

Final Standings

Wednesday 19 October

Burnley Secondary Schools Cross Country

Well done to all of our junior runners that took part in this event.

Saturday 22 October

Great Whernside

Fifteen Clayton-le-Moors Harriers took part in this 4 mile fell race with 1558ft of ascent organised by Wharfedale Harriers. The race starts at the bottom of the fell and the initial ascent is on grass following track and path through the fields uphill to a cottage at Hag Dyke. After passing through a gate the terrain changes dramatically. First a rocky scramble over rough ground followed by a short stretch of peat and bog and then a final steep descent over rocky ground. At the cairn it’s then about turn and anyway back to the start; either across the heather or back down the path.

Matt Perry at the Whernside Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Matt Perry at the Great Whernside Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Matt Perry was our first finisher in 14th place. Wendy Dodds was our first lady runner and also 1st V60 lady.

Wendy Dodds at the Great Whernside Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Wendy Dodds at the Great Whernside Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time
14 Matt Perry M 34:42
26 Dave Motley M 37:53
71 Mark Nutter MV50 44:14
79 Jon Sharples MV60 45:02
108 Darren Rushton MV40 48:18
112 Andrew Firth MV50 48:57
115 Andrew Dugdale MV50 49:12
120 Rick Moore MV50 50:18
121 Mark Taylor M 50:50
125 Peter Dugdale MV60 51:10
127 Wendy Dodds LV60 51:29
130 Simon Stansfield M 51:48
136 Colin Woolford MV40 52:50
138 Linda Lord LV60 53:50
162 Doug Monroe MV70 1:03:07

Full Results

Northern Athletics Cross Country Relays

Report from Chris Thompson

A team of under 13 boys travelled down to Sheffield to compete in the Northern cross country relays. There were three boys in the team, Jackson McKay,  Lennon Jackson and Dexta Thompson. The event took place at Graves Park in Sheffield which is a great course for cross country with some good hills although not too steep and with a  very open area that was great for spectators.

L-R Dexta Thompson, Lennon Jackson and Jackson McKay. Photo by Nicola Thompson

L-R Dexta Thompson, Lennon Jackson and Jackson McKay. Photo by Nicola Thompson

First off was Jackson in leg one; he put in a great race up against some strong competition and finished back in 10th position. He was followed by Lennon who gave it his all and finished back in 22nd. Dexta took the last leg and gave it his all up against not only some tough competition,  but against boys a few years older to finish in 18th. The boys’ team finished in 18th position from 39 teams so not a bad run.

Full Results

Standish Hall Trail Race

Well done to Lee Smith who was our sole representative at this trail race. He finished in 5th place overall and got a free pie and a £20 prize voucher which was not a bad day’s running!

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
5 Lee Smith M (002/027) 00:38:36

Full Results

Sunday 23 October

Abingdon Marathon

Stephen Hartley Reports

I finished 87th out of 800 starters with a time of 3 hours and 1 minute! I did this marathon 15 years ago and as I am on holiday this week, I thought I could stop off and run this on our way to our holiday destination. It’s a lovely flat marathon round the Oxfordshire countryside. I just missed getting under three hours but pleased with my run. Felt strong all the way round.

Pos. Name Cat Time
87 HARTLEY, John V50 03:01:01

Full Results

Parkrun roundup

Bolton parkrun – A total of 265 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
128 Bianca BENNETT 27:40 SW25-29 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 360 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Danny COLLINGE 15:58 SM20-24
3 Jacob WATSON 17:39 SM30-34 New PB!
5 Richard STEVENSON 18:20 VM40-44
6 Jonathan PYE 18:39 SM25-29
9 Curtis Robert HOLT 19:17 JM15-17
13 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:34 JM11-14
17 Gareth BERRY 19:52 VM40-44
19 Kevin DAVIES 19:58 VM50-54
27 Simon WILSHAW 20:22 JM15-17
28 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 20:26 JM15-17
30 Alex CRAN 20:38 VM45-49
42 Andy QUINN 21:31 VM45-49
44 Millie STUBBS 21:38 JW11-14
49 Helana WHITE 21:50 JW10
52 Donna RILEY 22:02 VW50-54
55 Matthew JACKSON 22:06 JM10
56 Colin WHITE 22:09 VM40-44
61 Michelle ABBOTT 22:33 VW35-39 New PB!
72 Ian HARGREAVES 23:11 VM50-54 New PB!
76 David Ian SCOTT 23:14 VM70-74
81 Chris LAWRENCE 23:18 VM50-54 New PB!
85 Nina KEWIN 23:31 VW35-39
97 Aaron LUNDIE 24:17 JM11-14
99 Bethany WHEATCROFT 24:24 JW11-14
100 Julie DAWES 24:29 VW45-49
104 Toby BIRTWISTLE 24:39 JM10
115 Annabel WILCOCK 25:10 JW15-17
116 John WILCOCK 25:10 VM50-54
132 Heidi KEWIN 25:59 JW11-14
149 Sophie ASHWORTH 26:47 JW11-14
159 Helen HARRISON 27:15 VW45-49
170 Robert HIRST 27:55 VM65-69
180 Charlie PLANT 28:17 JW10 New PB!
194 Ron CHAPPELL 29:02 VM65-69
224 Stuart BARKER 30:09 VM50-54
226 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 30:15 VW65-69
246 Adrienne OLSZEWSKA 30:57 VW45-49
267 Christine LEATHLEY 32:22 VW65-69

Burnley Junior parkrun – A total of 54 runners took part

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Nicholas HENNESSEY 7:23 JM11-14
2 Matthew JACKSON 8:09 JM10
5 Natasha OLSZEWSKA 8:46 JW11-14
10 Bethany WHEATCROFT 9:21 JW11-14
13 Kady THOMPSON 9:56 JW10
17 Charlie PLANT 10:22 JW10 New PB!
20 Bronia OLSZEWSKA 10:58 JW11-14 New PB!
31 Jessica MCBRIDE 12:27 JW10
32 Emily JOHNSON 12:36 JW10

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 106 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
85 Robin PRICE 35:12 VM70-74

Heaton parkrun – A total of 580 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
104 Martin BRADY 22:55 VM50-54

Pendle parkrun – A total of 77 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
4 John HARTLEY 20:42 VM55-59
9 Mark WIGHTMAN 21:46 VM55-59 First Timer!
21 Dawn TERRY 25:57 VW50-54

Witton parkrun – A total of 106 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
2 Garry R WILKINSON 19:37 VM50-54
29 Katy THOMPSON 26:25 VW60-64


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