In it to win it!

ByAdrienne Olszewska

In it to win it!

This week has been another action-packed one. There was the Great North Run where Mo Farah decided to enter along with nine of our club members (I bet he’d look good in a Clayton vest!), there have been off road Marathons, mountainous fell races, a hat trick of wins for junior runner, Dexta Thompson, oh and just the small matter of team pride at the battle of the clubs Podium race.


There are a couple of results missing from last week’s roundup.



A great run for Jacob Watson who finished in 18th place at the City of Salford 10K. He was joined in the race by veteran runners Kevin O’Brien and Ron Hill

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
18 Jacob Watson M 35:43
1760 Kevin O’Brien M70 01:02:44
2138 Ron Hill M70 01:03:07

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Three Clayton Harriers took part in this short local fell race around Blacko Tower. Alan Life won the race with James Boult in 3rd and Richard Briscoe in 9th. There were 66 runners in the race.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
1 Alan Life M50 07:58
3 James Boult M 08:04
9 Richard Briscoe M 09:12

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As we are now all up to date it’s time to move onto to this week’s action!


Peter Gilligan Reservoir 5K Trail Race

Jack McGuire and Ron Chappell took part in this midweek, 5K race in a field of 32 runners. Jack McGuire finished in 26th place with Ron Chappell following on his heels in 27th place.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
26 J. McGuire MV60 29:36
27 R. Chappell MV65 29:43

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John Rusius was our sole representative in this 5 mile trail race that forms part of the FallFest festival in Glusburn. It is a 4.9 mile race with 597ft of climb. John finished in 21st place in a field of 43 runners.

John Rusius at the Fallfest 5 race. Photo by Woodentops

John Rusius at the Fallfest 5 race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
21 John Rusius M60 00:52:12

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The Langdale Half Marathon races have the reputation as being amongst the toughest road events in the UK. Exceptionally hilly with some parts of the course climbs being 1:3 this challenging race attracts a both seasoned runners as well a large number of ordinary people looking to challenge themselves.

Hosted in the beautiful Langdale valleys the route takes the runners in an anti clockwise direction from Great Langdale to Little Langdale through to picturesque hamlets of Skelwith bridge, Chapel Style and Dungeon Ghyll

Graham Kissack was our sole representative in this race finishing in 217th place with time of 02:58:51

Full Results


Nine club members took part in this 6.2 mile fell race with 1148ft of climb that is part of this year’s Club Fell Championship.

Team Clayton at Hodder Show Fell Race. Photo by Sarah Helliwell

Team Clayton at Hodder Show Fell Race. Photo by Sarah Helliwell

Carl Helliwell was our first finisher in 7th place overall with Dave Bagot also claiming a top 10 finish in 9th place.

Race Report from Carl Helliwell

It was a new route this year of 6.2 miles and 500m of climbing. We were all counted into the show ring before the race started out of the show ground, across the road and through a field before a sharp right turn onto the first climb. I started fast and got into a good rhythm over the first climb and descent, but Dave Bagot started even faster as I chased him across the fields to the second climb.

I knew I was feeling good and kept a good solid pace up onto Beatrix Fell and went past Dave. I kept pushing all the way to the check point, which was a hard slog right along the top of Beatrix before turning back. I had 3 runners in front of me who kept evading me, but didn’t seem to go any faster than me! I just wish I had tried harder to have stuck with them earlier in the race. I was happy with my descent as we headed back towards the show field, however there was a sting in the tail as we had to come back over the last climb/foothill down to the finish. It was a tough, hard muddy slog all the way round as the day got warmer and the sun came out.

Well done to all those who ran

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
7 Carl Helliwell M40 00:56:51
9 Dave Bagot M 00:58:07
36 Mark Nutter M50 01:09:02
44 James Hickie M50 01:11:01
49 Peter Browning M50 01:12:38
62 Stephen Breckell M60 01:16:15
63 David Naylor M60 01:16:35
69 Peter Dugdale M60 01:19:02
71 Andrew Firth M50 01:20:38


Helana White took part in the Junior Great North Run with her brother Alfie racing against children from all over the UK. Helana finished in an impressive 3rd place in her age category with a time of 00:17:02. The waves were set off a few minutes apart from oldest to youngest and Helana had to battle past walkers and slower runners from older categories until she got a clear path. She caught the 4th place runner at the bridge and kept her position until the finish.

Helana White at the Junior Great North Run.

Helana White at the Junior Great North Run.

Helana and Alfie met Colin Jackson and watched a masterclass in long jump given by Olympian Greg Rutherford.

But that wasn’t the end of things, as Helana and Alfie had been chosen to “test” the elite tape on the following day as a crowd warm up whilst waiting for the wheelchair athletes to come in. They were introduced to the crowd and their achievements were read out to lots of applause. They then went to the 200m mark and raced to the finish line with plenty of high fiving and cheering from the cloud before hitting the winners tape together. They were allowed to stay in the finishing area and met lots of elite athletes, saw Mo Farah and got given some race mementos from the finishers.

What a weekend to remember!


The Mountain Trial is a severe test of fellrunners’ mountaineering ability and stamina. Competitors are required to traverse difficult and often dangerous terrain, rapidly but safely. Navigational skills and route choice have a direct bearing on each competitor’s safety. Evolving from a race organised by the YHA in 1952, it is run on orienteering principles and is the longest established event of its kind in Great Britain. There are three courses available to runners; the Classic, the Medium and the short.

Wendy Dodds took part in the Classic Trial and finished in 43rd place with a time of 07:30:07 and 1st FV60. The Classic Trial is around 18 miles and 7500ft climb (29 km and 2300m). Estimated winning time = 4.5hrs.

Katy Thompson took part in the Medium Trial finishing in 22nd place with a time of 05:36:47 and also 1st FV60. The Medium Trial is around 13 miles and 5000ft climb (21 km and 1500m). Estimated winning time = 3.5hrs.

We had no entries in the short trial which is a shame as fell legend Joss Naylor was taking part (maybe it’s time for a V80 category!). The Short Trial is around 9 miles and 3500ft climb (15 km and 1100m). Estimated winning time = 3hrs.

The distances shown above are as the crow flies. Actual distances covered may be up to 50% further.

Report from Katy Thompson

Wendy and I did the Lake District Mountain Trial from Seathwaite in the Duddon Valley. I did the Medium Class which was about 17 miles/5000′. The weather was fine with good visibility and for once I didn’t make any stupid route choices or navigation errors so was pleased to come 22nd of 49 runners, and first LV60.

Wendy has done 30 Mountain Trials and this year tackled the Classic Class which was a very testing course with the winner taking 5 hours. Only three women tackled this course and Wendy was 2nd. She was also second of the three over 60’s (male and female) running. An excellent achievement!


Full Results


Report from Ralph Baines

Saturday promised to be another sunny day, even on top of Snowdon. Andrew Priory agreed to join me to do the Nant Peris Horseshoe in North Wales, a tough 18.5 mile 8500ft race. I had done it before 20 years ago or more but couldn’t remember too much about it.

Andrew Priory and Ralph Baines at the Nant Peris race

Andrew Priory and Ralph Baines at the Nant Peris race

At the start with only about 60 others they were nearly all Eryri runners as this is their local patch with other teams from Dark Peak, Mercia, Borrowdale, Rossendale and Barlick. There were 3 decent climbs on the first half including Glyder Fawr before descending down to half way at Pen Y Pass where we got drinks and a bite to eat and the runners doing the half Peris finished. Andrew was very strong on both the climbing and the descents on the longest race he had entered so far. It was off up the miners track and a big climb up Lliwedd, it was a very technical descent off there before picking up the long steep slog up the Watkin path to the top of Snowdon.

Ralph Baines at the

Ralph Baines at the Nant Peris Fell Race

There had been quite a few people about all day which is not surprising for such a sunny in Snowdonia but as we dropped off Snowdon we were fighting through the hordes flocking around the cafe and railways summit. There was one more climb to go and the first grassy path we had been on virtually all day, we were both getting a tired on this one but Llanberis was in sight and a lovely run in to the finish with a nice deep ford which was too tempting as an alternative to the bridge.

Andrew Priory at the Nant Peris Fell Race

Andrew Priory at the Nant Peris Fell Race

All in all a superb low key race which we were made very welcome at.


Report from Chris Thompson

We took two junior teams down to Delamere Forest in Cheshire for the North West Counties Road Relays, however, being set inside a forest, it was definitely more like trail than road which is no problem for our juniors. First up we had the U11 Boy’s team of Finley Stubbs, Robbie Smedley and Dexta Thompson who ran in that order.

Finlay Stubbs in the U11 race

Finlay Stubbs in the U11 race

The boys set off at a fantastic pace and Finley kept up towards the front as did Robbie who went second and came in strong leaving Dexta to finish off and get a brilliant finish with the fastest leg overall by 20 seconds. Not only were the boys the Lancashire team winners but were the overall winners as well.

U11 Boys Race

Winning U11 Boys. L-R Robbie Smedley, Dexta Thompson and Finlay Stubbs

Pos    Name    Time   
6 Finley Stubbs 6:23
3 Robbie Smedley 6:35
1 Dexta Thompson 5:44

There was then a 2 hour wait for the U15 Girls team to run. This was an extremely tough category for the girls; not only were they up against high ranking competition, they also had to run with the U17 girls.

Millie Stubbs in the U15 Race

Millie Stubbs in the U15 Race

We had Millie Stubbs, Liberty Thompson and Briony Holt, running in that order. The girls put in a great run with Briony powering round at the end and picking off loads to make the girls finish 3rd for Lancashire.

U15 Girls Race

U15 Girls. L-R Millie Stubbs, Liberty Thompson and Briony Holt

U15 Girls. L-R Millie Stubbs, Liberty Thompson and Briony Holt

Pos    Name    Time   
18 Millie Stubbs 14:59
22 Liberty Thompson 16:23
17 Briony Holt 14:25

It was a great day and both teams made us proud and it was also a little taster of the cross country racing to come. Many thanks to Jason Pier for entering the teams.

Full Results


A race for the bragging rights.  3 races with JUST Clayton and Trawden members invited.

Clayton V Trawden. Which team would win the battle of the clubs? Photo by David Belshaw

Race 1 –  U10 1K, race 2 – U14 3K and Race 3 – Seniors 5K. Who would be victorious and walk away heads held high?

Team Clayton

Team Clayton seniors ready to rumble! Photo by David Belshaw

1K Race– (U8 & U10)

In both the 1K and 3K races there were points available for the first 35 male and 35 female runners. So, first male got 35 points, second male got 34 points, and so on. The same system applied for the female runners with first female getting 35 points, second female getting 34, and so on.

Charlie Plant in the 1K race. Photo by David Belshaw

Charlie Plant in the 1K race. Photo by David Belshaw

35 young runners took part in this race. With only 10 runners for Clayton the pressure was on and they needed to really pull the stops out to give the club a good start to the challenge. There were some outstanding runs from our youngest members, especially Dexta Thompson and Robbie Smedley who had already raced and won the North West Regional Road Relays earlier in the day! Dexta Thompson won the race, Robbie Smedley was 3rd, and there were some great performances all round earning us 178 points. A good start but Trawden AC took the lead due to much greater numbers in this race – 25 runners for them and only 10 for us.

Scores in this race: Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 178 – Trawden AC 452

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time Points
1 Dexta Thompson M (1/21) 00:03:23 35
3 Robbie Smedley M (3/21) 00:03:40 33
6 Matthew Jackson M (6/21) 00:03:52 30
15 Kady Thompson F (2/14) 00:04:23 21
20 Rachel Stevenson F (5/14) 00:04:43 16
23 Charlie Plant F (7/14) 00:05:05 13
24 Ellisia Smedley F (8/14) 00:05:08 12
26 Finan Holdsworth M (17/21) 00:05:19 10
31 Emily Johnson F (12/14) 00:06:01 5
33 Olly Plant M (20/21) 00:06:19 3

3K RACE (U12 & U14)

With 12 Clayton runners and 10 Trawden runners in this race, there was a bit of an advantage for us and a chance to claw back some much needed points for the club.fb_img_1473689175887

Our older juniors really went for it with the top four slots going to Clayton runners including first male and female in the race. Briony Holt was our first girl; a great result as she had also raced earlier in the day at the Northern Counties Road Relay Championships. Yet again, we saw some great running from all of the juniors.fb_img_1473689213049

Scores in this race: Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 294 – Trawden AC 245

Total after 2 races Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 472 – Trawden AC 697

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time Points
1 Nicholas Hennessey M (1/8) 00:11:39 35
2 Lennon Jackson M (2/8) 00:11:43 34
3 Stanley Grewal M (3/8) 00:11:44 33
4 Briony Holt F (1/14) 00:11:48 32
7 Sophie Ashworth F (3/14) 00:12:33 29
12 Natasha Olszewska F (6/14) 00:13:05 24
13 William Nicholls M (7/8) 00:13:05 23
16 Keira Stevenson F (9/14) 00:13:27 20
18 Bethany Wheatcroft F (11/14) 00:14:15 18
19 Roanna Holdsworth F (12/14) 00:14:35 17
21 Bronia Olszewska F (13/14) 00:16:54 15
22 Emily Nichols F (14/14) 00:17:00 14


Finally, it was time for the seniors and with a 225 point advantage, it was looking like it might be in the bag for Trawden AC. The scores at this point were not yet known which was probably a good thing. fb_img_1473689261291

Scoring in this race was slightly different. The first twenty senior male and female runners got scores with first male and female earning 20 points, second male and female earning 19 points, and so on.For the Vets, the first 10 male and female runners got points for each age category.

Danny Collinge

Danny Collinge winner of the race. Photo by David Belshaw


Louisa Powell- Smith, first lady. Photo by David Belshaw

With 40 Clayton runners vs 26 Trawden runners it looked like there might be an opportunity for us to claw back some much needed points.

Small but mighty Orlaith OMahoney powering past Trawden runner Andrew Mullen. Photo by David Belshaw

Small but mighty Orlaith OMahoney powering past Trawden runner Andrew Mullen. Photo by David Belshaw

With a greater proportion of women and our amazing super vets in the V65 and V70 categories who earned a massive 39 points between them, we scored well.

Top L-R Val Lawson (LV70), Christine Leathley(LV65) Richard Lawson (V70) seen in between Daniel Plant and Reece Lawrence. Photos by David Belshaw

Top L-R Val Lawson (LV70), Christine Leathley(LV65)
Richard Lawson (V70) seen in between Daniel Plant and Reece Lawrence. Photos by David Belshaw

Trawden AC were dominant in the M40 & M45 age categories but with equal or greater numbers in all other categories the points were stacking up in our favour!


Breton Holdsworth racing hard in the hotly contested V40 category. Photo by David Belshaw

With top ten finishes for 7 of our male runners and first three female finishers we were running well. The M40 category was the only one to have more runners than available points but only two of our runners did not score whereas 4 Trawden runners missed out in this category. All other runners earned points for the club.

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time Clayton
1 Danny Collinge M (1/15) 00:15:54 20
2 Jacob Watson M (2/15) 00:16:47 19
4 Jordan McDonald M (3/15) 00:17:01 18
5 Richard Stevenson M40 (1/15) 00:17:35 10
7 Matthew Duckworth M (4/15) 00:17:48 17
8 Breton Holdsworth M40 (3/15) 00:17:53 8
9 Chris Snell M (5/15) 00:17:54 16
12 Louisa Powell-Smith F (1/8) 00:18:20 20
14 Dave Motley M (6/15) 00:18:37 15
17 Paul Hesketh M50 (1/4) 00:18:54 10
21 Gareth Berry M40 (11/15) 00:19:40 0
22 George Pier M (7/15) 00:19:42 14
23 Daniel Plant M (8/15) 00:19:43 13
24 Reece A. Lawrence M (9/15) 00:19:51 12
27 John Wilcock M50 (2/4) 00:20:03 9
29 Neil Garnett M55 (1/2) 00:20:26 10
31 Adam Stephenson M (11/15) 00:20:35 10
32 Elizabeth Mullan F (2/8) 00:20:38 19
33 Andy Quinn M45 (4/7) 00:20:51 7
34 Robert Morrison M40 (13/15) 00:21:07 0
35 Jason Pier M45 (5/7) 00:21:07 6
36 Orlaith O’Mahoney F (3/8) 00:21:25 18
39 Paul Wale M45 (6/7) 00:21:59 5
41 Carl Carey M45 (7/7) 00:22:32 4
43 Craig Nicholls M (13/15) 00:22:51 8
44 Cassandra Smedley F35 (1/2) 00:23:12 10
45 Michelle Abbott F35 (2/2) 00:23:22 9
47 Lisa Johnson F40 (2/3) 00:24:34 9
50 Beth Quinn F (4/8) 00:24:54 17
51 Chris Lawrence M50 (4/4) 00:25:07 7
52 Simon Wilshaw M (15/15) 00:25:09 6
56 Jane Hylands F45 (2/4) 00:26:20 9
57 Lucy Stevenson F (6/8) 00:27:38 15
59 Adrienne Olszewska F45 (3/4) 00:28:22 8
61 Richard Lawson M70 (1/1) 00:29:31 10
62 Marion Wilkinson F70 (1/2) 00:29:36 10
63 Jane Pier F45 (4/4) 00:29:40 7
64 Judith Carey F (8/8) 00:30:09 13
65 Christine Leathley F65 (1/1) 00:31:58 10
66 Val Lawson F70 (2/2) 00:32:41 9

Scores in this race: Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 437 – Trawden AC 186

Final Scores after 3 races Clayton-le-Moors Harriers 909 – Trawden AC 883

A victory for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers by a margin of 26 points. This was an excellent event, organised by Chris Barnes of Podium Races that really made the most of the friendly rivalry between the two clubs whilst managing to be one of the most inclusive events around. fb_img_1473689524287There was a role for ALL runners and it was wonderful to see such a great turnout of runners from 5 or 6 years old right through to runners in their 70s.

Roll on the next one!

Full Results



Senior Race

Richard Briscoe and Stephen Fish ran in this BOFRA race in Burnsall Village in Wharfedale. Richard was the first Clayton finisher in 49th place and Stephen was 62nd. There were 74 finishers in the race.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
49 Richard Briscoe M 22:38
62 Stephen Fish M60 25:28

U12 Race

Another win for Dexta giving him a hat trick of wins this weekend. Chris Brown was our next finisher in 8th place and Jenson Bentham was 15th. Ella Dorrington was our sole girl runner and finished in 22nd place.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
1 Dexta Thompson M 06:09
8 Chris Brown M 06:48
15 Jenson Bentham M 07:09
22 Ella Dorrington F 07:22

U9 Race

Felix Thompson was our only runner in the U9 race finishing in 20th place in a field of 45 runners

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
20 Felix Thompson M 04:44

 Full Results


Nine Clayton-le-Moors Harriers joined Mo Farah to run in this year’s Great North Run. Our first finisher was Colin Shuttleworth in 1042nd place and with a time of 01:32:42. Our two lady runners finished at the same time but Hayley Copeman was given the higher position at the finish line. Colin White was running the race for the 5th time and smashed his previous half marathon PB by over 3½ minutes. Mick Hughes was pleased with his sub 2 hour time even though he described his run as hot and hurting plenty.

MicK Hughes at the Great North Run

MicK Hughes at the Great North Run

Well done to our runners who raised lots of money for deserving causes.

Report from Hayley Copeman

Helen Harrison and I travelled up with Nick Roscoe to take part in the Great North Run. Helen and I started the race together and ended it together which wasn’t easy with the amount of people running. I was stronger earlier on and would lose Helen then struggle to find her. Helen was stronger in the second half, so sometimes struggled to find me. It was hot and the water stations were well needed. The whole atmosphere was fantastic and the organisation was second to none. The support was terrific – bands en-route, people offering oranges, jelly babies and ice pops, and high-fiving all the kids was real fun.

Hayley Copeman (L) and Helen Harrison with their Great North Run Medals

Hayley Copeman (L) and Helen Harrison with their Great North Run Medals

I struggled at mile 11 but got a second wind on the last mile along the front. I’ve never been so happy to see a finish line! Unfortunately, it was so congested by the time we got there it was impossible to do a fast finish. Helen and I crossed the line together. We loved it, raised lots of money for Pendleside Hospice and ticked off another of our 50 2 50 challenges.

Pos Name BIB Finish Time
1042 Colin Shuttleworth 2121 01:32:42
2428 Nick Roscoe 3091 01:40:20
2831 Colin White 8834 01:41:56
4101 Alun Hall 1083 01:45:58
7213 Mick Hughes 25716 01:53:22
12448 Ian Hargreaves 19124 02:02:28
22486 Hayley Copeman 33512 02:20:45
22486 Helen Harrison 25159 02:20:45
24566 Mark Knowles 20253 02:24:41


Jonny McKenna ran as half of a pair with Chris Williams and finished first in the pairs race with a time of 03:48:41

Jonny McKenna winner of the pairs with Chris of Queensbury Running Club. Photo by Woodentops

Jonny McKenna winner of the pairs with Chris Williams of Queensbury Running Club. Photo by Woodentops

Six Clayton-le-Moors Harriers took part in the off-road half marathon. Richard Stevenson was our first male finisher in 7th place with a time of 01:59:01. Jeffrey Pickup was our second finisher in 32nd and 02:15:29. Vicky Heys was our first lady finisher in 88th overall with atime of 02:31:29. Angela Shian and Barbara Savage were 106th and 107th. Dawn Terry is missing from the results. There were 203 finishers.

Report from Richard Stevenson

Sunday saw me tackle the Yorkshireman off road half marathon in Haworth organised by Keighley & Craven AC. From the few people I’d asked they said it was a tough course that could be tricky to navigate and with me being unable to reccy any part of it I was a little apprehensive about the race.

Richard Stevenson on the Yorkshireman Off Road Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Richard Stevenson on the Yorkshireman Off Road Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

After waving off the full marathon runners and then then getting some advice and tips from the Clayton runners Angela, Vicky, Dawn and Jeffrey who were also do the half we were ready to go. With my concerns on the route and with the 5K from the night before in my legs my head told me to take it slowly and see how it went but that was not really going to happen. The first 4 miles were steady away with a lot climbing and we soon started to spread out and found myself running pretty much on my own, after a couple of more miles I started to catch up with the marathon runners who has started earlier and eased any fears as I knew I was on the right track.

Through checkpoint 1 and onto the road, this was where the full and half routes split and once again I found myself all alone. Luckily the route was fairly easy to follow and I was soon heading down to Oxenhope but by now I’d been caught by a runner from Stainland. This did lead to some confusion as we came to one junction and the official YORM sign said to go right but he’d been on one of the reccy runs and it is was left, we ended up going with the sign and went wrong thankfully it took onto the road and down the wrong side of reservoir and we were soon back on track.

We hit checkpoint 2 and I was beginning to tire and knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep with the Stainland runner; I pushed on for last couple of miles back into Howarth and then had the ridiculous climb up the cobbled street to the finish at the school.

On finishing I was informed of my official time and position and was very chuffed to see that I’d finished 7th overall, I’d thought I was possibly around the top ten but wasn’t sure.

Really enjoyed the race, great route and I didn’t need to worry about the route as apart from my one error it was easy to navigate. There was plenty of homemade food and cakes at the finish and I even picked up a bottle of wine as a prize.

Jeffrey Pickup at the Yorkshireman Off Road Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Jeffrey Pickup at the Yorkshireman Off Road Half Marathon. Photo by Woodentops

Well done to all the Clayton runners who took part, especially Jeffrey for his V60 prize and Jonny McKenna who did the full marathon and was one half of the first pair home.

Report from Angela Shian

Myself, Vicky Heys, Barbara Savage and Dawn Terry ran in the Yorkshireman Half (15 miles not 13!!!!).

L-R Angela Shian, Vicky Heys, Barbara Savage and Dawn Terry

L-R Angela Shian, Vicky Heys, Barbara Savage and Dawn Terry

We had lovely weather, it’s a great trail route through parts of the bBonte way and the hills of Haworth. The race organisers always put on a well organised event! Best bit is broth, bread, cakes and biscuits after! Richard Stevenson was our prize winner.

Pos Name Cat Time
7 Richard Stevenson MV40 01:59:01
32 Jeffrey Pickup MV60 02:15:32
88 Vicky Heys FV40 02:31:29
106 Angela Shian F 02:38:53
107 Barbara Savage FV50 02:40:24

Full Results


Bedford parkrun – A total of 302 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
170 Eileen JONES 28:35 VW60-64 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 341 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Danny COLLINGE 17:21 SM20-24
4 Jonathan PYE 18:30 SM25-29
11 Kevin DAVIES 19:26 VM50-54
12 Jackson MCKAY 19:26 JM11-14
14 John HARTLEY 20:05 VM55-59
26 Gareth BERRY 20:46 VM40-44
40 Stuart PROCTOR 22:02 VM35-39
44 Martin BRADY 22:24 VM50-54
47 Andy QUINN 22:43 VM45-49
57 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 23:45 JM15-17
65 Nina KEWIN 23:56 VW35-39
75 Toby BIRTWISTLE 24:28 JM10
76 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 24:30 JM10
87 Carl CAREY 24:55 VM45-49
92 Donna SCOTT 25:08 VW50-54
95 Annabel WILCOCK 25:13 JW15-17
96 John WILCOCK 25:13 VM50-54
98 Donna AIREY 25:20 VW35-39
100 Nicholas HENNESSEY 25:22 JM11-14
103 Sophie ASHWORTH 25:27 JW11-14
106 Bethany WHEATCROFT 25:31 JW11-14
110 Lisa JOHNSON 25:38 VW40-44
112 Andrew TAYLOR 25:40 VM55-59
114 Aaron LUNDIE 25:43 JM11-14
137 Bianca BENNETT 26:38 SW25-29
173 Robert HIRST 27:38 VM65-69
180 Ron CHAPPELL 28:02 VM65-69
216 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 30:08 VW65-69
271 Christine LEATHLEY 32:42 VW65-69

Burnley Junior parkrun – A total of 75 runners took part

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
1 Nicholas HENNESSEY 7:47 JM11-14
2 Lennon JACKSON 7:56 JM11-14
4 Matthew JACKSON 8:41 JM10
5 Natasha OLSZEWSKA 8:45 JW11-14 New PB!
11 Bethany WHEATCROFT 9:06 JW11-14
13 Joshua MCKAY 9:16 JM10 First Timer!
15 Kady THOMPSON 9:35 JW10
18 Imogen FERGUSON 10:06 JW11-14
28 Bronia OLSZEWSKA 11:00 JW11-14 New PB!
38 Charlie PLANT 11:45 JW10
41 Jessica MCBRIDE 12:01 JW10 New PB!

Delamere parkrun – A total of 248 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
13 Ivan WHIGHAM 20:49 VM50-54 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 96 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
83 Robin PRICE 34:49 VM70-74

Marple parkrun – A total of 182 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
153 Ron HILL 32:04 VM75-79

Pendle parkrun – A total of 82 runners took part.

Pos  parkrunner  Time  Age Cat  Note 
4 Paul BRANNON 20:20 VM55-59
54 Harry WALKER 33:24 VM65-69


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