Racing into the holiday season

ByAlan Dorrington

Racing into the holiday season

Schools out at last and the summer holidays have started in earnest, but there doesn’t appear to be much downtime amongst the Clayton clan, younger or older, as road PBs, tough ultras, Guides racing, crazy scree slope running and general hard racing have continued unabated this week. From 1k to 100 miles, there has been a Clayton runner (or 56) in the mix somewhere this week, so give yourself all a big pat on the back after this weeks efforts.


Padiham Greenway

A balmy summer evening greeted a huge contingent of Clayton runners for the final road round of the Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix. Whilst the adults dominated the Senior race in terms of numbers (with Tom Bradley winning the Junior category too), the Clayton Juniors dominated their races in terms of results, with wins for Finlay Stubbs (U10B), Robbie Smedley (U12B), Ella Dorrington (U12G), Nick Hennessey (U14B), Millie Stubbs (U14G) and Aaron Lundie (U16B).

Marion Wilkinson. Photo: David Bleshaw

Marion Wilkinson. Photo: David Bleshaw

Senior Race:

Pos Name Cat CatPos Time
5 Jonathan Pye M (003/026) 00:17:39
7 Matthew Duckworth M (005/026) 00:17:52
10 Jonathan Cleaver M (006/026) 00:18:14
14 Carl Helliwell M40 (005/015) 00:18:36
17 Alan Dorrington M45 (002/015) 00:18:41
20 Thomas Bradley MJ (001/001) 00:18:48
21 Paul Hesketh M50 (002/017) 00:18:50
22 Paul Brannon M55 (002/009) 00:18:50
26 James Boult M (011/026) 00:19:25
28 John Wilcock M50 (003/017) 00:19:39
30 Stephen Ainsworth M55 (003/009) 00:19:58
33 David McMullan M45 (003/015) 00:20:03
35 Daniel Plant M (013/026) 00:20:15
37 Stephen Green M60 (001/007) 00:20:24
39 Roger Brewster M60 (002/007) 00:20:34
44 Robert Morrison M40 (010/015) 00:20:58
45 Richard Briscoe M (014/026) 00:20:58
46 Andy Quinn M45 (005/015) 00:20:59
49 Mick Hughes M40 (011/015) 00:21:01
52 Elizabeth Mullan F (005/014) 00:21:08
54 Stuart Proctor M (017/026) 00:21:17
58 Andrew Webster M45 (008/015) 00:21:31
64 Donna Airey F35 (001/005) 00:22:18
67 Paul Wale M45 (010/015) 00:22:30
69 David Moynihan M45 (011/015) 00:22:35
73 Carl Carey M45 (012/015) 00:22:46
76 Jean Knightley F55 (001/007) 00:23:09
78 Cassandra Smedley F35 (002/005) 00:23:15
81 Ian J. Hargreaves M50 (011/017) 00:23:28
82 David Scott M70 (001/003) 00:23:35
89 Martin O’Rourke M55 (007/009) 00:24:12
90 Julia Rushton F50 (002/005) 00:24:25
91 Bianca Bennett F (007/014) 00:24:29
92 Tony Pilling M50 (013/017) 00:24:30
93 Barry Mitchell M70 (002/003) 00:24:31
95 Lisa Johnson F40 (003/007) 00:24:46
98 Irene Roche F55 (002/007) 00:24:59
102 Bethany Quinn FJ (002/003) 00:25:29
108 Brian Wildman M50 (016/017) 00:25:53
110 Lisa Ellis F (010/014) 00:26:22
117 Phil Naylor M (026/026) 00:27:23
118 Karen Clarkin F40 (005/007) 00:27:44
119 Mark R. Knowles M40 (015/015) 00:27:45
120 Lucy Stevenson FJ (003/003) 00:27:45
124 Ron Chappell M65 (002/002) 00:28:11
126 Hayley Copeman F45 (005/008) 00:28:19
128 Helen Harrison F45 (006/008) 00:28:42
129 Jack McGuire M60 (006/007) 00:29:08
131 Geraldine Varley F55 (003/007) 00:29:21
138 Marion Wilkinson F70 (001/002) 00:30:45
140 Christine Egerton F65 (001/002) 00:31:44
142 Sharon Wilson F40 (006/007) 00:32:00
143 Judith Carey F35 (005/005) 00:32:09
144 Christine Leathley F65 (002/002) 00:32:29
145 Anita Jones F60 (001/001) 00:32:29
147 Val Lawson F70 (002/002) 00:34:39
Matthew Duckworth on his way to 5th and a new PB. Photo: David Belshaw

Matthew Duckworth on his way to 7th and a new PB. Photo: David Belshaw

Team time trial... Photo: David Belshaw

Team time trial… Photo: David Belshaw

Full results

Junior Races:

Under 8s

Pos Name Cat CatPos Time
3 Toby Birtwistle M8 (003/008) 00:04:21
5 Ellisia Smedley F8 (002/009) 00:04:48
7 Charlie Plant F8 (004/009) 00:04:58
8 Lottie Hesketh F8 (005/009) 00:05:08
14 Emily Johnson F8 (009/009) 00:05:45

Under 10/12s

Pos Name Cat CatPos Time
1 Robbie Smedley M12 (001/007) 00:07:36
2 Finley Stubbs M10 (001/005) 00:07:38
3 Matthew Jackson M12 (002/007) 00:07:54
5 Ella Dorrington F12 (001/008) 00:08:10
6 Charlie Birtwistle M12 (004/007) 00:08:11
9 Summer Hargreaves F12 (002/008) 00:08:18
13 Jake Anforth M10 (003/005) 00:08:38
14 Keira Stevenson F12 (005/008) 00:08:45
15 Thomas Ashworth M10 (004/005) 00:08:48
21 Rachel Stevenson F10 (002/004) 00:10:19
22 Bronia Olszewska F12 (008/008) 00:10:25

Under 14/16s

Pos Name Cat CatPos Time
1 Nick Hennessey M14 (001/004) 00:10:22
2 Lennon Jackson M14 (002/004) 00:10:55
3 Millie Stubbs F14 (001/004) 00:11:06
5 Adam Stevenson M14 (004/004) 00:11:08
7 Natasha Olszewska F14 (003/004) 00:12:12
8 Sophie Ashworth F14 (004/004) 00:12:13
9 Aaron Lundie M16 (001/001) 00:12:53

Nick Hennessey leads out the U14/16 race. Photo: David Belshaw


Clayton to the fore in the U10/12 race with Finlay Stubbs pusing hard. Photo: David Belshaw

Bronia Olszweski and Rachel Stevenson. Photo: David Belshaw

Bronia Olszweska and Rachel Stevenson. Photo: David Belshaw

Full results

Lee Mill Fell Race

Using the same route as the popular Lee Mill Relay race, this summer evening fell race takes in the quarried landscape and moors near Bacup, Rossendale.

Pos Name Cat Time
5 Peter Coates MV40 51:25
10 Chris Snell Sen 52:45
11 Russ Clarke Sen 53:06
14 Alan Life MV50 53:50

Full results


Ambleside Sports

The Lakeland weather wasn’t exactly on its best behaviour for this traditional and popular summer show, drizzle alternating between bouts of heavier rain and visibility fairly minimal to the hills surrounding the showground. In between grass track cycle racing, traditional wrestling and hound trails, there were 2 sets of fell races with the Rydal Round (aka Fairfield Horseshoe) heading off first but on a shortened route round Nab Scar and back, on account of the bad weather. Then the BOFRA sanctioned Guides races kicked off on the traditional short, sharp and very steep format for this type of show.

Heart of the Lakes Rydal Round

No results as yet

BOFRA/Guides races

Pos Name Cat Time
23 Carl Helliwell MV40 17:28
75 Wendy Dodds LV50 22:07
78 Mark Nutter MV50 22:28
83 Andrew Firth MV50 23:10
97 Katy Thompson LV50 25:54
118 Eileen Jones LV50 31:19
Dexta escending at Ambleside. Photo: Geoff Thompson

Dexta descending at Ambleside. Photo: Geoff Thompson

In the Junior races, Dexta Thompson had a great run in a very big U12 field to take 3rd, followed up by Jenson Bentham in 14th, Ella Dorrington in 36th and Kady Thompson in 67th.

Jackson McKay was 10th in the U14 race and Briony Holt 15th and 1st Girl in in U17s.

Full results


Podium 5k

A Race

Pos Name Cat CatPos Time
9 Danny Collinge M (008/020) 00:15:35
20 Jacob Watson M (018/020) 00:16:52

B Race

Pos Name Cat CatPos Time
7 Laura Hesketh F (001/003) 00:17:27
15 Jonathan Cleaver M (007/018) 00:17:55
19 Dave Motley M (009/018) 00:18:14
20 Chris Snell M (010/018) 00:18:21
21 Nick Hennessey M (011/018) 00:18:26
22 Paul Brannon M55 (001/001) 00:18:28
27 Andrew Payne M (015/018) 00:19:39
28 Daniel Plant M (016/018) 00:19:48
33 Reece Lawrence M (018/018) 00:20:57

C Race

Pos Name Cat CatPos Time
3 Richard Briscoe M (002/005) 00:19:37
11 Lennon Jackson M (003/005) 00:21:14
15 Mick Hughes M40 (002/002) 00:21:53
20 Ian J. Hargreaves M50 (003/003) 00:23:14
21 Sophie Ashworth F (006/008) 00:23:18
25 Lisa Ellis F (007/008) 00:26:09
27 Hayley Copeman F45 (002/002) 00:27:40
28 Ron Chappell M65 (001/001) 00:28:13


Lakeland 50 and 100

There’s been some epic action in the Lakes over the course of the weekend in the Montane Ultra Tour of the Lake District 50 and 100 milers. Richard John ran the 50, and Martin Terry and Adrienne Olszewska the 100 miler.

First up with a report is Richard John:

It seemed like a good idea at the time – combine my (sometime) love for running and for the Lake District and enter the Lakeland 50! That was nearly a year ago and over the past six months I have been trying to turn myself into a trail runner after only road running before. Before this year, anything steeper than the hill from Gt Harwood to Rishton was just not for me. So it was with some trepidation that I lined up at Dalemain for the lunch-time start with 50 miles and almost 10,000ft of climbing ahead of me. The weather conditions were just about perfect – dry but not hot with plenty of cloud cover. For me, the first twenty miles were somehow the hardest as I just couldn’t seem to find a rhythm and all sorts of niggles, real or imagined, were getting into my head. A peanut butter sandwich at Mardale Head, however, sorted me out and the next 20 miles were really enjoyable with the highlight being running through Ambleside at 8pm and getting massive support from the roadside. I had never run in the dark before (poor preparation!) and this was what I was most worried about – but, as it turned out, I quite enjoyed this part. I was going pretty slow by this point anyway and the darkness didn’t seem to slow me down any further for the last 10 miles as I made my way up Great Langdale and then over an endless final climb past Tilberthwaite to the finish at Coniston at just after 1am. The two things I will remember most about the day (and night) were the fantastic support at all the checkpoints, in fact the whole organisation was superb, and – most of all – the inspiration I drew from meeting and passing the Lakeland 100 runners doing twice the distance after setting off from Coniston the evening before. They are quite amazing! Oh and one final memory – being chased by a cow at Elterwater, which taught me that I still have a decent change of pace even after 30 miles of running.

Adrienne Olszweska still managed to find the energy after a slightly strenuous weekend to send this report:

The Ultra Tour of the Lake District offers a 50 mile or 105 mile course to runners. Having completed the 50 mile course in 2014, I was determined to get the 105 mile race done as well.

This event is the most amazingly well organised event I have ever taken part in. Race director Marc Laithwaite gives an inspirational runners brief which is a mix of comedy and good advice. The dropout rate on this race is quite high and around 30% of runners don’t finish.

The race starts and finishes in Coniston. There are 14 checkpoints on the 100 and 3 compulsory unmanned checkpoints as well. The runners set off at 6:00pm and the run through Coniston at the start is fabulous with everyone cheering you on as you head up the Miners Track for the long slog up the Walna Scar Road. There are some big climbs in the first 30 miles and the introduction of additional cut-off times added some pressure.  The climb out of Wasdale up and over the Black Sail pass followed by another climb to Scarth Gap was my biggest worry but was nowhere near as horrendous as I’d anticipated despite a couple of falls. Got to Buttermere checkpoint in good time where I knew some of the marshals and had the best chocolate milkshake in the world – ever!

Up and over to Braithwaite via Sail Pass, another tough climb. It was beginning to get light here so the downhill section to the checkpoint wasn’t too bad. The next section is much kinder and there’s a longish road section before contouring around the base of Blencathra and sampling the legendary chocolate cake at Checkpoint 6.

There’s an alteration to the course after this checkpoint as some of the bridges on the old railway track were washed away in the December floods so there’s an unmanned checkpoint to ensure runners stick to the route. Then another climb up to the Old Coach Road – aka the road to nowhere. It’s around 5 miles along here and, very frustratingly, you can see the plantation of trees at the end all the way and they never seem to get any nearer. After some serious jogglin’, checkpoint 7 at Dockray was almost in sight. This checkpoint is run by Newburgh Nomads so it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and, quite frankly, be rather pampered by them!

The leg to Dalemain is the longest leg at just over 10 miles. The first half is a very enjoyable run around Aira Force and around Gowbarrow with stunning views of Ullswater. Then after a tedious road section, you reach the checkpoint at Dalemain and at 60 miles you are over halfway. It’s an important checkpoint where you can have your drop bag. I had a change of shoes and clothes here. Nick was marshalling and it was running like clockwork so a big cheer for Nick ‘Bagman’ Olszewski! It was great to see him – not much pampering though as he kicked me out and sent me on my way.

Nic O (far left) as the 'bagman'

Nic Olszweski (far left) as the ‘bagman’ at the MASH themed Dalemain checkpoint.

The next two sections were tough. The section from Howtown to Mardale Head has the highest climb up the Fusedale Valley and up to High Kop. It’s a long slog and then after a drop down to Haweswater it’s another slog right around the valley to Mardale Head. Tiredness was beginning to take hold and I knew it would be dark again before I got to Kentmere. After a slow climb up Gatesgarth pass I was really slowing down and feeling weary. At the checkpoint I was served fruit smoothies by famous ultra-runner Marcus Scotney who was dressed up as a wizard; obviously a Harry Potter theme this year.

After leaving the checkpoint and climbing up Garburn Pass, I hit a real low point. I was so tired I could barely walk in a straight line and was feeling very down. I told the person I’d spent the whole course with to go on without me and she did! So there I was on my own thinking it was all over. I spent a while pondering on whether to go back to Kentmere which was nearer or press on to Ambleside. Fortunately, what little common sense I had left prevailed and I decided to go on to Ambleside. Not long after this a few runners caught up with me. They were all pushing hard to hit the cut off time. It was just the wakeup call I needed and before I knew it, I was trotting down into Ambleside checkpoint and straight back out to Chapel Stile determined to finish.

The second dawn as I was alongside Elterwater was just stunning and I knew I would get to Chapel Stile checkpoint in time. I was going to finish this thing. There’s a climb out of the Langdale Valley up and over to Tilberthwaite checkpoint where they push you onward up the steps to the finish at Coniston. It’s about the same distance as a parkrun to the finish but probably the toughest parkrun in the world. Nick had finished his marshalling and met me on the way over which was good and bad in equal parts. Good to have the support but annoying to see him skipping along the track like a gazelle when I was trudging along!

I hit the Miner’s track and started running. I kept running right to the end with such fantastic support from all the people in Coniston and made it to the finish with just a few minutes to spare feeling completely epic.

Adrienne O - Lakeland 100 finisher!

Adrienne Olszweska – Lakeland 100 finisher!

Congratulations also to Martin Terry who had an absolutely superb run finishing in 25th place in 26:47:31. Also Richard John who ran the 50 course in 13:39:20.

Turnslack Fell Race

Pos Name Cat Time
41 Richard Bellaries MV60 1:28:53
72 Katy Thompson LV60 1:45:38
84 Michael Frost MV60 2:02:24

Full results

Cowling Gala Fell Race

Richard Briscoe went solo to this race and came away with 20th place in 24:45.

Full results


Farleton Knott BOFRA

More Junior action again, with the usual suspects returning up the M6 to that limestone lump you always drive past on the way to the Lakes.

Josh McKay and Felix Thompson were 4th and 6th respectively in the U9 race whilst Dexta Thompson got his first BOFRA win in the U12. Jenson Bentham was 9th in that race with Ella Dorrington 10th (3rd Girl) and Kady Thompson 28th. Jackson McKay was the sole Clayton representative in the U14s, coming in 7th.

A (as always) focussed Dexta Thompson. Photo: Alan Dorrington

A (as always) focussed Dexta Thompson. Photo: Alan Dorrington

The Under 14s leave the field at the start with Jackson McKay pushing on. Photo: Alan Dorrington

The Under 14s leave the field at the start with Jackson McKay pushing on. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Special mention too for Briony Holt who hard on the heels of her 2nd place U14 Girls Junior FRA Champs result, continued her unbeaten run in BOFRA races to sow up the U17 Girls Championship in that series, winning 8 out of the 8 races she has started this season. And she’s still only 14!

Winning ways from Briony Holt. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Winning ways from Briony Holt. Photo: Alan Dorrington

Richard Briscoe once again took on sole responsibility of representing the club in the Seniors race, finishing a very tough 4.5 miles in 46th and 52:42.

James Herriot Country Trail Race

Pete Browning and Chris Paul made their way over to Famous Vet country for this one and Pete reports back from their race:

I’m usually quite hard line about the fell races I do. 3 basic rules: No fun runs, No races with silly names, No C grade races. However, after a good two days at Thirsk races where I managed to secure a creditable score draw with the bookies, I was ready for a race and the James Herriott Country race was close by. Yes it broke all my 3 rules, but it was in the FRA calendar, so it must be a reasonable race, must’nt it?
The race starts and finishes at Bolton Castle near Leyburn in the Dales, and fell running super star Carl Bell from Keswick was present. As I climbed up through the start fields thinking I was the only Clayton runner, an unknown Clayton vest surged past me. No idea who it was, a lot younger than me, tattoos on the right arm. Anyway, as we reached Lord Bolton’ s grouse moor, the course levelled out and we spent the next five or so miles running on stoney land rover tracks. The last couple of miles were more grassy, but we finished with a final mile of land rover track. Very fast going throughout and sore feet all round. At the finish I sought out the unknown Clayton vest and was pleased to meet Chris Paul for the first time. Definitely a trail race, but a good workout.

No results yet but approximate timings are
Chris Paul         1 hour 12 minutes
Peter Browning 1 hour 20 minutes


Burnley Parkrun –  a total of 288 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
1 Matthew DUCKWORTH 18:19 SM25-29 New PB!
6 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:28 JM11-14
7 Richard STEVENSON 19:31 VM40-44
12 Gareth BERRY 20:13 VM40-44
13 Kevin DAVIES 20:21 VM50-54
14 Nick ROSCOE 20:22 VM45-49
15 Michael HOGAN 20:26 VM45-49
18 Adam QUINN 20:47 JM11-14 New PB!
19 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 21:04 JM15-17
24 Robert MORRISON 21:58 VM40-44
28 Finley STUBBS 22:17 JM10
29 Matthew JACKSON 22:18 JM10
30 Millie STUBBS 22:20 JW11-14
37 Donna RILEY 22:41 VW50-54
48 David Ian SCOTT 23:10 VM70-74
70 Jake ANFORTH 24:40:00 JM10
71 Nathan KEWIN 24:42:00 JM11-14
72 Dawn TERRY 24:43:00 VW50-54
87 Bethany WHEATCROFT 25:40:00 JW11-14
90 Beth QUINN 25:43:00 SW18-19
91 Sophie ASHWORTH 25:45:00 JW11-14
117 Aaron LUNDIE 27:04:00 JM11-14
129 Andy QUINN 27:49:00 VM45-49
137 Philip NAYLOR 28:14:00 VM35-39
147 Liberty THOMPSON 28:32:00 JW11-14
149 Heidi KEWIN 28:35:00 JW11-14
150 Robert HIRST 28:36:00 VM65-69
192 Helen HARRISON 30:33:00 VW45-49
215 Marion WILKINSON 31:50:00 VW70-74

Burnley Junior Parkrun

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
1 Nicholas HENNESSEY 7:18:00 JM11-14
2 Lennon JACKSON 07:47:00 JM11-14
4 Matthew JACKSON 08:16:00 JM10
5 Nathan KEWIN 08:44:00 JM11-14
7 Heidi KEWIN 09:10:00 JW11-14
10 Bethany WHEATCROFT 09:37:00 JW11-14
11 Imogen FERGUSON 09:47:00 JW11-14
36 Millie HESKETH 12:31:00 JW10
37 Erin HESKETH 12:33:00 JW10 New PB!
40 Emily JOHNSON 12:57:00 JW10
43 Milly MACCABE 13:46:00 JW10
56 Liberty THOMPSON 15:55:00 JW11-14
Junior Parkrunners. Photo: David Belshaw

Junior Parkrunners. Photo: David Belshaw

Woodbank Parkrun – a total of 135 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
89 Ron HILL 33:28 VM75-79

Preston Parkrun – a total of 312 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
97 Katy THOMPSON 25:08 VW60-64

Bolton Parkrun – a total of 322 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
41 David MOYNIHAN 23:17 VM45-49

Dewsbury Parkrun – a total of 91 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
74 Robin PRICE 33:55 VM70-74

Wimpole Estate Parkrun – a total of 314 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
75 Martin BRADY 24:23 VM50-54

Pendle Parkrun – a total of 91 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
3 Paul BRANNON 20:14 VM55-59
4 John HARTLEY 20:46 VM55-59
65 Christine LEATHLEY 34:01 VW65-69

Fell Foot Parkrun – a total of 266 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
186 Eileen JONES 30:40 VW60-64

Witton Parkrun – a total of 59 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
59 Julia RUSHTON 1:00:13 VW50-54

Lytham Hall Parkrun – a total of 198 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
7 Alan LIFE 19:36 VM50-54
71 Carol LIFE 24:27 VW50-54

Lancaster Parkrun – a total of 197 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
115 Doug MUNROE 30:23:00 VM70-74



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