Golf Balls, Mini Triathlons and 3 Peaks

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Golf Balls, Mini Triathlons and 3 Peaks

Summer is beginning to come to a close and we will soon be turning our attention to long sleeves, long tights and dusting off the cross country spikes. But for now you are all still out and about racing hard and tackling new challenges. This week you’ve been running on the fells, competing with the best at the English Fell Championships, taking on 10K and half marathon road racing and taking part in international triathlons.


Tour of the Hameldons Fell Race

The Clayton-le-Moors Harriers’ Summer Series consists of five Tuesday evening races for all members of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers and Trawden AC only. As well as the usual prizes, in each race prizes are given for the closest pre-race predicted time to the actual time. No watches allowed during each race! A runner’s best three races count for overall series prizes.

The Tour of the Hameldons is a 5.1 mile race with 940ft of ascent. 22 Clayton runners and one Trawden runner took part in this race.

Racing to the finish at the Tour of the Hameldons. Photo by David Belshaw

Racing to the finish at the Tour of the Hameldons. Photo by David Belshaw

The race was won by Dave Motley but the best estimated time went to Carl Helliwell who was only 14 seconds out on his estimated time.

Alison Dugdale at the Tour of the Hameldons . Photo by David Belshaw

Alison Dugdale at the Tour of the Hameldons . Photo by David Belshaw

Alison Dugdale was the first lady finisher.Dave Motley takes the overall series title with wins in the three races he ran. Andrew Howarth took the title for estimated finish times.

Race Results | Series Results


Golf Ball Fell Race

8 Clayton Harriers took part in the Golf Ball fell race. It’s a 5-mile race with 900ft of ascent organised by Rossendale Harriers. 151 runners took part. Alan Life was our first Clayton finisher in 32nd place and 1st V50. Sarah Helliwell was our sole lady runner and she finished in 127th place.

Pos Name Cat Time
32 Alan Life MV50 00:47:26
68 Andy Bradley MV50 00:52:32
87 Robert Morrison MV40 00:54:54
90 Darren Rushton MV45 00:55:30
106 Peter Dugdale MV60 00:58:34
124 Stephen Fish MV60 01:02:57
127 Sarah Helliwell LSEN 01:03:44
148 Michael Frost MV60 01:15:59

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Kalmar Mini Triathlon

Report from Andrew Webster

I ended up doing my first mini triathlon in Kalmar Sweden as it had been set up by work to bring people from across the European branches of our firm together for teamwork etc. The UK party arrived there early hours Tuesday morning and sorted our accommodation then a few hours’ sleep before we met up with the other groups from Austria, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Ireland and Sweden for a spot of open water swimming practice on the “bracing” Baltic sea! I needed this as I had done approximately zero swim training relying on old fashioned British stiff upper lip to see me through that bit! Having borrowed a wetsuit as it was going to help me float we then went to get the bikes from the hire place and left them strategically near the town centre before retreating back to accommodation for a planning session (beers).

Andrew Webster at the

Andrew Webster at the Kalmar Mini Triathlon

The event registration was from 1400 on the Wednesday so sorted that and found a space to get changed into cycle shorts and wet suit before cunningly coating my transition socks and trainers with talc (more later). Then down to the pens with a yellow swimming cap on rather like a huge minion. 2 minutes before wave off into the water to get ready then counted down and swim started to huge cheers from the massive crowds not having practiced much I stayed at the back and finished it in 19 minutes then the joys of getting the wetsuit off by doing a dance like an angry farmer as seasoned tri people looked on in wonder!

Helmet on shoes, socks and t-shirt and off for the cycle gain massive support from huge crowds on the closed streets and it was great to get speed up only to be disconcertingly passed briefly at 1 stage by a woman pedalling furiously on a call the midwife type cycle complete with basket but pride made me pass her. The transition to run was much easier and I could really get going now unfortunately leaving huge clouds of talc dust behind in my wake from my too eager efforts to not have to towel. A lovely run round the lake and football ground into town back out and then back in under a medieval tower and speeding up slightly to pass people on the home sprint into the finish line for a finish of 1 hrs 17 minutes and some change. Probably not a good enough time to threaten the Brownlee brothers, but I was happy with it and the whole experience was tremendous. Already sorting to go again next year the support all around during was amazing and uplifting and so well organised.  Now where did I leave that spare talc?


Stan Curran Cowm Reservoir 5K

Pos Name Cat Time
104 Jack McGuire M60 29:22
106 Bob Hirst M65 30:20
110 Val Lawson W70 34:08


Burnsall Junior Fell Races

Helana White was our sole junior runner at the Burnsall Junior races where she finished in 7th place in the Under 12 race and 2nd girl.

Helana White at the Burnsall Junior Fell Races. Photo by Woodentops

Helana White at the Burnsall Junior Fell Races. Photo by Woodentops

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Darwen Gala Catherine Dowdall Memorial Race

Report by Peter Browning

Darwen Gala – Funfair, rides, stalls, burgers, ice creams, rain, wind and more rain – what a shame. Never mind, there was a fell race to be done, and the runners were sent on their way by David Dunn (you know who he is John Roche).

The route complied with the local by-law that all Darwen fell races must visit Darwen Tower, and up there on the top was a very windswept Maureen Laney, with a quick shout for the three Clayton runners.

The footpaths up there have been greatly improved in recent times so the going was fast despite the wind in our faces. A mucky descent down Jacobs Ladder sorted out the road runners in the field, and a fast run back to the finish in the park where a free beer and hotdog was waiting for every finisher. Did you get that at Pendle 3 Peaks? Enjoying it crouched under an awning wasn’t great but never mind.

62 completed the course and the Clayton runners were Peter Browning, Steve Fish and Jude Ashworth.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
30 Peter Browning M55 (004/006) 00:47:23
35 Stephen Fish M60 (002/003) 00:51:45
43 Jude Ashworth F55 (003/008) 00:54:13

Full Results

Pendle 3 Peaks Fell Race

Men’s Race

227 men completed the course in this counter race for the English Fell Running Championships. The weather was grim and feeling a tad wintery at times.

Two Daves. David Motley followed by David Bagot at the Pendle 3 Peaks Race. Photo by Holmfirth Harriers

Matt Perry was our first Clayton finisher in 38th place overall. Danny Collinge was 48th and 3rd MU23, and absolutely buzzing at the end of the race – is this a definite end to his fell running – we shall see!

Danny Collinge looking happy heading to the finish at the Pendle 3 Peaks Race. Photo by David Belshaw

Danny Collinge looking happy heading to the finish at the Pendle 3 Peaks Race. Photo by David Belshaw

At the other end of the age categories, Kieran Carr was 1st V70 and 161st overall.

Pos Name Class Time
38th Matt Perry M 01:26:10
48th Danny Collinge MU23 01:28:08
60th Andy Laycock M 01:31:11
68th David Bagot M 01:32:45
70th Jonny McKenna M 01:32:51
73rd Dave Motley M 01:33:16
81st Carl Helliwell MV40 01:34:43
89th Ryan Belshaw M 01:35:52
96th Ryan Wilkinson M 01:37:12
100th Peter Coates MV40 01:37:34
101st Matthew Duckworth M 01:37:37
104th Paul Hesketh MV50 01:38:56
107th Chris Snell M 01:39:36
117th Geoff Gough MV55 01:41:15
119th Richard Stevenson MV40 01:41:45
126th Neil Hardiman MV45 01:44:45
131st Paul Shackleton MV50 01:45:40
135th Jonathan Cleaver M 01:47:04
139th Ivan Whigham MV50 01:48:57
152nd Nicholas Olszewski MV55 01:51:10
160th Richard Briscoe M 01:52:59
161st Kieran Carr MV70 01:53:13
169th Jon Sharples MV60 01:55:27
170th Richard Bellaries MV60 01:55:34
171st Andrew Bradley MV50 01:55:40
178th Michael O’Donnell MV40 01:58:17
206th David Naylor MV60 02:10:42
207th Martin Brady MV50 02:10:54
210th Peter Dugdale MV60 02:12:50

Ladies Race

75 Ladies raced and they set off 15 minutes before the men. This meant that lead runners would be finishing around the same time. Four Clayton ladies took part with Wendy Dodds finishing first in 40th place overall and 1st V65. Barbara Savage, Katy Thompson and Sarah Helliwell were 52nd, 59th and 65th respectively.

Sarah Helliwell followed by Katy Thompson at the Pendle 3 Peaks Race. Photo by Holmfirth Harriers

Sarah Helliwell followed by Katy Thompson at the Pendle 3 Peaks Race. Photo by Holmfirth Harriers

Pos Name Class Time Taken
40th Wendy Dodds FV65 01:56:56
52nd Barbara Savage FV50 02:04:11
59th Katy Thompson FV60 02:11:09
65th Sarah Helliwell F 02:17:54

Full Results

Pilling 10K

There were 66 runners in the Pilling 10K which is the 3 race of the series and is run on flat and quiet road in the pretty village of Pilling. 3 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers took part. Laura Hesketh was our first finisher in 6th place overall and first lady in the race with a time of 37:37. Daniel Isherwood was our first man in 10th place and a time of 39:33. Tony Pilling was 48th with a time of 51:59.

Pos Name Cat Time
6 Laura Hesketh F 00:37:37
10 Daniel Isherwood M 00:39:33
48 Tony Pilling V50 00:51:59

Full Results


Fleetwood Half Marathon

The Race starts behind the Marine Hall Gardens and runs along Fleetwood’s Outer Promenade and Esplanade with great views over Morecambe Bay for the runners (weather permitting!).

Geoff Smith was our sole representative at this half marathon. He finished in 145th place with a time of 1:48:25 in a field of 399 runners.

Pos Name Category Time
145 Geoff Smith Male Vet 40-44 1:48:25.19

Full Results

Parkrun roundup

Burnley parkrun – A total of 264 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
2 Jacob WATSON 18:10 SM30-34
5 Jonathan PYE 19:01 SM25-29
7 Nicholas HENNESSEY 19:38 JM11-14
9 Kevin DAVIES 19:49 VM50-54
15 Gareth BERRY 20:41 VM40-44
25 Matthew JACKSON 22:19 JM10
28 Jason PIER 22:29 VM45-49
41 Simon WILSHAW 23:21 JM15-17
48 David Ian SCOTT 23:52 VM70-74
52 Michelle ABBOTT 24:03 VW35-39
59 Andrew WEBSTER 24:57 VM45-49
60 Colin WHITE 25:00 VM40-44
61 Annabel WILCOCK 25:01 JW15-17
62 John WILCOCK 25:02 VM50-54
74 Diane ORRELL 25:39 SW30-34 New PB!
82 Lennon JACKSON 26:04 JM11-14
84 Sophie ASHWORTH 26:07 JW11-14
89 Bethany WHEATCROFT 26:24 JW11-14
143 Aaron LUNDIE 28:53 JM11-14
153 Ron CHAPPELL 29:36 VM65-69
168 Keira STEVENSON 31:03 JW11-14
170 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 31:05 VW65-69
171 Robert HIRST 31:08 VM65-69
175 Jane PIER 31:17 VW45-49 New PB!
195 Lucy STEVENSON 32:53 JW15-17
196 Christine LEATHLEY 32:54 VW65-69
197 Rachel STEVENSON 32:55 JW10
222 Valerie LAWSON 35:03 VW70-74

Burnley junior parkrun – A total of 44 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
1 Nicholas HENNESSEY 7:10 JM11-14
2 Jackson MCKAY 7:13 JM11-14
3 Matthew JACKSON 8:14 JM10
4 Helana WHITE 8:27 JW10
19 Charlie PLANT 11:40 JW10
32 Milly MACCABE 12:52 JW10 New PB!
33 Jessica MCBRIDE 13:12 JW10 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 94 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
84 Robin PRICE 33:20 VM70-74

Marple parkrun – A total of 134 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
116 Ron HILL 32:21 VM75-79

Pendle parkrun – A total of 74 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
5 Paul BRANNON 20:04 VM55-59
9 John HARTLEY 21:22 VM55-59
64 Harry WALKER 34:35 VM65-69

Tooting Common parkrun – A total of 378 runners took part.

Pos   parkrunner   Time   Age Cat   Note  
124 Dawn TERRY 25:24 VW50-54 First Timer!


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