It’s a proper Summer Sizzler!

ByAlan Dorrington

It’s a proper Summer Sizzler!

As we approach the Summer Solstice and the country wrestles with whether it should be in or out, as per usual the Clayton athletes have very definitely been out, and about, racing on the fells, roads, trails, in ultras and in sizzling form. There have been plenty of individual and age group wins along the way, but also some great performances behind the winners from our hard working Juniors and Seniors alike, showing dedication, persistence and grit in improving their own performances.

Tuesday 14 June

Worsthorne Trail Race – Clayton Summer Series

Helena White. Photo - David Belshaw.

Helena White. Photo – David Belshaw.

Round 2 of the club’s Summer Series on Tuesday evenings for CLEM and Trawden athletes, this trail race took in the Gorple Track and Pennine Bridleway from Worsthorne, giving around 5 miles of fast running but with nearly 1000ft of climb to hurt the legs. The Juniors ran a shortened version but still started with the Seniors up the track leading to some good battles from the get-go. Chris Holdsworth ran a blistering race to break his own Senior course record by over a minute (35:01) and there were some good hard battles further down the field too.


Chris Holdsworth on his way to breaking the course record. Photo – David Belshaw


Summer Hargreaves descends the Gorple Track. Photo – David Belshaw.


Andrew Holt – full gas! Photo – David Belshaw

Senior Race Results:

Junior Race Results:

Wednesday 15 June

Brown Wardle (and a bit) Fell Race

42 runners for this local 3.3m fell race starting out of Whitworth.

Pos Name Category Time
4 Alan Life V50 00:33:38
29 Steve Fish V60 00:40:55
37 Carol Life WV50 00:47:10

Full Results

Horwich Jubilee Road Race

There was a big field of 248 for Round 2 of this 5 mile road race series, now in its 33rd year.

Pos Name Category CatPos
183 Ted Orrell M75 002/004 42:28

Full results

Thursday 16 June

Aggie’s Staircase Fell Race

Run over Darwen Hill and round the Jubilee Tower, Aggie’s Staircase is a sharp 4 mile fell race with 1150ft climb.

Sarah Helliwell reports:

I did Aggie’s Staircase on Thursday. First time I have ever done it and it is definitely one I will do again. A cracking up, down, up, down, up and finally down again race. 350m of climbing in 4 miles. There were a small number of Harriers who did the event. Peter Coates was the first Claytoneer in 13th place and Alison Dugdale was first Clayton lady. There was a good atmosphere, it was well marshalled and plenty of support around the course. It’s the first race I have done in a long time where I felt things were slowly clicking back into place with my running. Thank you to Katy & George Thompson who organize it. A race I recommend.

Pos Name Category Time
13 Peter Coates M40 00:33:10
37 Ivan Whigham M50 00:36:32
73 Alison Dugdale F40 00:39:49
104 Andrew Firth M50 00:43:32
109 Stephen Fish M60 00:44:58
122 Sarah Helliwell F 00:47:33
125 Michael Frost M60 00:49:01
127 Kath Brady F50 00:49:03

Full results

Friday 17 June

Barrowford Grand Prix 5k

Flat running and fast times were the order of the day at this round of the Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix. Despite the rain that affected the later races, there were PBs galore across the age groups and Clayton wins with Paul Brannon (C Race), Finlay Stubbs (U10B), Dexta Thompson (U12B), Ella Dorrington (U12G) and Millie Stubbs the overall U14 race.

For one of the Junior coaching team, Marion Wilkinson, it was also an important race:

The Barrowford 5k was my first race after seven months of very little running following an operation on my eye to release the pressure which was causing loss of vision. There was definitely a feeling of pressure (albeit a different kind) as I signed up to this race along with my daughter Lisa and granddaughter Emily and all the wonderful Clayton juniors.

My fears were the same as many of the juniors face every time they race – I didn’t want to come last! I even told podium Chris that he may have to delay the start of the B race to give me time to finish.

My granddaughter always tells her granddad that she came last  – this time she didn’t and neither did I. So, to all the juniors who are making great progress but never quite get to the front in a race, keep trying, enjoy your running and never give up.

What’s next for me – well, I will be 75 in November and if I can knock two minutes off my 5k time I will be first in the UK rankings. Hopefully this will encourage all the juniors –  you have lots of years ahead of you to realise your dreams.

Special thanks for the encouragement on my last lap (although at the time I thought I had another lap to do) from Reece Lawrence and young Toby Birtwistle.


Three generations of Clayton – Marion with daughter Lisa and grand-daughter Emily. Photo – David Belshaw.


Dexta Thompson on his way to winning the U12 race. Photo – David Belshaw.


Millies Stubbs winning the U14 race overall.


Action from the C race at Barrowford Grand Prix 5k. Photo – David Belshaw.


Cassandra Smedley concentrates. Photo – David Belshaw.

A Race:

Pos Name Category CatPos
10 Danny Collinge M (010/028) 00:15:41
29 Jacob Watson M (024/028) 00:16:59

B race:

Pos Name Category CatPos
8 Matthew Duckworth M (006/031) 00:17:37
12 Richard Stevenson M40 (001/011) 00:17:44
19 Chris Snell M (014/031) 00:18:11
21 Carl Helliwell M40 (004/011) 00:18:13
23 Jackson McKay M (015/031) 00:18:27
29 James Boult M (018/031) 00:18:52
30 Michael Clarke M40 (006/011) 00:18:54
31 Chris Funnell M45 (003/005) 00:18:57
32 Gareth Berry M40 (007/011) 00:19:00
33 Stephen Ainsworth M55 (001/002) 00:19:00
35 Richard Briscoe M (020/031) 00:19:04
38 John Wilcock M50 (002/004) 00:19:10
43 Alan Life M50 (004/004) 00:19:24
47 Daniel Plant M (025/031) 00:19:42
54 Lennon Jackson M (028/031) 00:20:00
55 Reece Lawrence M (029/031) 00:20:02
59 Stuart Proctor M (030/031) 00:20:42
62 Andy Quinn M45 (005/005) 00:20:57

C Race:

Pos Name Category CatPos
1 Paul Brannon M55 (001/006) 00:18:26
2 Paul Hesketh M50 (001/010) 00:18:36
4 Nicholas Hennessey M (001/012) 00:18:39
5 Stanley Grewal M (002/012) 00:19:16
6 Roger Brewster M60 (001/004) 00:19:59
10 John Roche M55 (002/006) 00:20:22
14 Orlaith O’Mahoney F (002/023) 00:20:33
19 Robert Morrison M40 (001/006) 00:20:53
22 Andrew Webster M45 (004/008) 00:20:56
23 Elizabeth Mullan F (004/023) 00:20:59
24 David Moynihan M45 (005/008) 00:21:05
28 Amanda Duffy F (005/023) 00:21:38
37 Julie Dawes F45 (002/008) 00:22:07
38 Donna Airey F (007/023) 00:22:10
39 Irene Roche F55 (001/003) 00:22:11
40 Carl Carey M45 (007/008) 00:22:31
42 Barry Mitchell M70 (001/003) 00:22:39
45 Lynsey Birtwistle F35 (001/002) 00:22:48
49 Cassandra Smedley F35 (002/002) 00:23:02
51 Jean Knightley F55 (002/003) 00:23:15
53 Ian John Hargreaves M50 (007/010) 00:23:21
54 Bianca Bennett F (012/023) 00:23:23
56 Julia Rushton F50 (002/005) 00:23:27
62 David Scott M70 (002/003) 00:23:55
63 Linda Bostock F60 (001/002) 00:24:03
64 Carol Life F50 (004/005) 00:24:03
67 Helen Burnett F45 (004/008) 00:24:17
68 Lisa Johnson F40 (003/010) 00:24:19
69 Justin Birtwistle M40 (004/006) 00:24:21
70 Rachel Todd F40 (004/010) 00:24:23
72 Paul L. Walsh M60 (003/004) 00:24:38
75 Beth Quinn F (016/023) 00:25:03
76 Lisa Ellis F (017/023) 00:25:05
78 Michelle Butschok F40 (006/010) 00:25:17
82 Deborah Greenwood F45 (006/008) 00:26:12
84 Lucy Stevenson F (019/023) 00:26:48
85 Phil Naylor M (012/012) 00:26:56
86 Helen Harrison F45 (007/008) 00:26:58
88 Mark Knowles M40 (005/006) 00:27:18
91 Ron Chappell M65 (002/003) 00:27:36
94 Danny Pilkington M40 (006/006) 00:27:42
95 Robert Hirst M65 (003/003) 00:27:45
96 Karen Clarkin F40 (009/010) 00:28:14
97 Doug Munroe M70 (003/003) 00:28:29
98 Jack McGuire M60 (004/004) 00:28:43
99 Hayley Copeman F45 (008/008) 00:29:09
101 Anita Jones F60 (002/002) 00:29:44
102 Sharon Wilson F40 (010/010) 00:29:58
103 Judith Carey F (021/023) 00:29:59
104 Marian Wilkinson F70 (001/001) 00:30:37
105 Christine Leathley F65 (001/001) 00:32:10


Under 8 race – 1km

Pos            Name Category CatPos
2 Toby Birtwistle M (002/009) 00:03:58
7 Felix Thompson M (006/009) 00:04:29
11 Ellisia Smedley F (004/012) 00:04:51
13 Charlie Plant F (006/012) 00:05:04
19 Emily Johnson F (010/012) 00:05:40

Under 10 race – 1km

Pos Name Category CatPos
1 Finley Stubbs M (001/008) 00:03:37
2 Matthew Jackson M (002/008) 00:03:42
7 Joshua McKay M (007/008) 00:04:13
8 Jenson Bertram M (008/008) 00:04:14
12 Kady Thompson F (004/007) 00:04:22
13 Rachel Stevenson F (005/007) 00:04:35

Under 12 race – 2km

Pos Name Category CatPos
1 Dexta Thompson M (001/010) 00:07:14
4 Ella Dorrington F (001/008) 00:07:51
5 Robbie Smedley M (004/010) 00:07:54
6 Charlie Birtwistle M (005/010) 00:07:59
13 Jake Anforth M (009/010) 00:08:39
14 Keira Stevenson F (005/008) 00:08:42
18 Bronia Olszewska F (008/008) 00:10:51

Under 14 race – 2km

Pos Name Category CatPos
1 Millie Stubbs F (001/004) 00:07:23
4 Adam Stevenson M (003/003) 00:07:57
5 Claudia Bentham F (002/004) 00:07:59
6 Natasha Olszewska F (003/004) 00:08:47

Full Senior results

Full Junior results

Saturday 18 June

Buckden Pike

This Cat A race has been running since 1981 and packs a real climbing punch.

Pos Name Category Time
24 Geoffrey Gough M55 00:44:52
32 Jack Holt M65 00:46:00
38 Chris Funnell M45 00:46:53
39 Ivan Whigham M50 00:47:09
74 Peter Dugdale M55 00:52:50
81 Andrew Firth M55 00:55:19
84 Linda Lord W65 00:56:07
88 Andrew Dugdale M50 00:56:53
96 Nicola Dugdale W55 01:02:33

3 Lakes Classic

Breton Holdsworth made his (now) annual trip across to this challenging 15 mile trail race in South Yorkshire. He came home14th overall and 6th Vet.

Muckle Toon Adventure Festival (MTAF)

Dave Motley reports:

This weekend a few of us decided to travel across the border to Scotland to go to MTAF 2016 on recommendation from Team Perry. This is a low key outdoors festival with something for everybody from activities for the kids to road and MTB cycling events and a variety of trail running events from 5k to half marathon. On Saturday the lads took part in the MTAF Half which was a really tough, hilly 13mile route around the village of Langholm with pipers playing as you run through the village, a fantastic event with a little of everything. Mr Perry was first home in 2nd place, myself in 5th and Russell Clarke finishing in 25th. At the same time as the boys were running it was Mrs Perry turn to run, completing the tough 10k trail race in 59:57 (7th female). On the Sunday it was Mrs Motleys turn to do her thing on the 5k trail race, finishing the race in the mid 26mins. If anybody wants an event for the whole family this is the one for you, a definite recommendation for 2017.

Details and results

Clougha Pike FRA

Junior races

Five Clayton Juniors ran at Clougha Pike as part of the Junior FRA series. Felix Thompson was 12th in U8B and Josh McKay 30th in U10B. Dexta Thompson had his best FRA series race to date coming 3rd in U12B with Jackson McKay in 9th. Briony Holt also finished 3rd in U14G.


Jackson McKay and Dexta Thompson at Clougha Pike Junior FRA. Photo – Woodentops.


Sunday 19 June

Race the Train

Report to follow

Full results

Freckleton Half Marathon

Situated in the heart of the Fylde Coast, this is the countries oldest Half Marathon. Run since 1965, the flat fast course always attracts a bumper field. Consequently, fast runs were produced by Andrew Stubbs and Jacob Watson, backed up by Daniel Plant.

Pos Name Category
12 Andrew Stubbs M45 to 49 01:17:50
15 Jacob Watson M21 to 34 01:18:41
61 Daniel Plant M21 to 34 01:30:56

Full results

Helm Hill BOFRA races

The BOFRA camp moved to Cumbria for this round of the series, held on Helm Hill just outside Kendal. The summer days of the previous few rounds were replaced by overcast skies and then pouring rain, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the Thompson family, at their 4th race of the weekend. Dexta came in 4th in the U12B whilst Felix, Kady and Liberty all ran well in their age categories. Ella Dorrington led the U12G at the top of the final descent but was overtaken on the fast run to the finish ending up 2nd.


Ella Dorrington on her way to 2nd place in the U12G race. Photo – Alan Dorrington

Settle Hills Fell Race

Carl Helliwell and Chris Whiteoak popped up to Settle for this scenic race round some of Europe’s finest Karst geomorphology (limestone bits).

13 87 Carl Helliwell Clayton-le-Moors MV40 58:19
45 66 Chris Whiteoak Clayton-le-Moors Man 1:08:10
Carl Helliwell. Photo - Sarah Helliwell.

Carl Helliwell. Photo – Sarah Helliwell.

Carl Helliwell reports:

Settle Hills is a 7 mile fell race that takes in the hills behind the back of Settle and has over 500m of climbing. It starts right in the middle of Settle from the town square with a good uphill start up Constructional Hill and then up the side of Castlebergh onto the fells.
It was a fast start as some of the front runners went for it straight away, I started steady as I could feel my legs still from Friday nights Podium 5k. My legs soon got into it and started catching a few people as it got more rugged. The race has everything grass, rocks, track and plenty of up and down. Thankfully it is one of the few races with a very small section of road, right at the start and end!
The toughest bit of the race was the long decent off High Hill and then back down the track and through the fields to Settle. My legs started to feel tired and aced from Fridays 5k as I was passed by a couple of runners and couldn’t respond. (I’ve decided my legs don’t like flat fast road running!!) I was glad to see the rugby club as I made my way across the pitch to the finish line and was greeted by Eva offering me some of her birthday chocolate cookie and fizzy water (we know how to spoil our children!)
I was happy with my 13th place and time of 58.16 and even won a running arm band in the raffle! It was then my turn to take the kids off Sarah so she could ride home.

Full results


Held in the confines of Towneley Park, Burnley this compact event offers 12 or 6 hour ultra events for soloists, pairs or teams.

Julia Rushton braved the Solo Female 12 hour event and claimed 8th spot with 10 laps in 6:18:11 whilst Donna Airey smiled her way around the Solo 6 Female hour event coming in 2nd with 11 laps in 5:37:40.

Donna Airey at Trailblaster

Donna Airey at Trailblaster. Photo – David Belshaw.


***Final call for the Clayton Navigation Workshop – 23rd July 2016***

The club is holding a Navigation Workshop to help you increase your confidence on the hill. A few final places are left, on a first come, first served basis.

Full details here



Burnley Parkun – a total of 356 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
2 Jonathan PYE 17:33 SM25-29 New PB!
8 Richard STEVENSON 19:15 VM40-44
17 Nicholas HENNESSEY 20:01 JM11-14
18 Nick ROSCOE 20:02 VM45-49
25 Simon WILSHAW 20:49 JM15-17
26 Matthew JACKSON 20:52 JM10 New PB!
27 Helana WHITE 20:55 JW10
30 Reece Adam LAWRENCE 21:01 JM15-17
36 Charlie BIRTWISTLE 21:42 JM10
38 Gordon BARRETT 21:49 VM50-54
42 Colin WHITE 21:57 VM40-44 New PB!
59 Julie DAWES 22:50 VW45-49
64 Carl CAREY 23:04 VM45-49 New PB!
78 Jake ANFORTH 23:51 JM10 New PB!
84 David Ian SCOTT 24:03:00 VM70-74
88 Martin BRADY 24:15:00 VM50-54
99 Justin BIRTWISTLE 24:48:00 VM40-44
105 Annabel WILCOCK 25:04:00 JW15-17
106 John WILCOCK 25:06:00 VM50-54
117 Lisa JOHNSON 25:24:00 VW40-44
125 Toby BIRTWISTLE 25:36:00 JM10
131 Bethany WHEATCROFT 25:40:00 JW11-14
134 Aaron LUNDIE 25:43:00 JM11-14
184 Robert HIRST 27:45:00 VM65-69
240 Daniel PLANT 30:14:00 SM30-34
265 Judith CAREY 31:24:00 VW35-39
271 Alan DORRINGTON 32:03:00 VM45-49

Woodhouse Moor Parkrun – a total of 355 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
5 David BAGOT 17:26 SM20-24

Dewsbury Parkrun – a total of 103 runners took part

Position Parkrunner      Time Age Cat Note
94 Robin PRICE 38:10 VM70-74

Pendle Parkrun – a total of 94 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
2 John HARTLEY 20:15 VM55-59
6 Paul BRANNON 21:12 VM55-59

Witton Parkrun – a total of 103 runners took part

Position Parkrunner Time Age Cat Note
33 Natasha OLSZEWSKA 26:24 JW11-14
84 Bronia OLSZEWSKA 36:35 JW11-14
85 Adrienne OLSZEWSKA 36:38 VW45-49


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