Hendon Brook and Lingmell Dash!

ByJim Hickie

Hendon Brook and Lingmell Dash!

‘Not every day you can say you’ve run the country’s hardest half marathon….!!! Feeling so so sore but so so proud!!!’ Clare Wilson

The march continues. Another busy week for Team Clayton, so read on!

Hendon Brook Half Marathon – Sunday 26th July

An amazing 61 members completed the 30th running of this so tough Half Marathon. A tremendous 4th place for Christopher Holdsworth, 2nd lady for Laura Hesketh, as well as the Ladies Vet 55 category win for Irene Roche who broke a record that was set in 2007.

Paul Hesketh, Matt Duckworth. Jonathan Pye, Carl Helliwell and Laura Hesketh at the finish of Hendon Brook. Photo David Belshaw

Paul Hesketh, Matt Duckworth. Jonathan Pye, Carl Helliwell and Laura Hesketh at the finish of Hendon Brook. Photo David Belshaw

To complete this race is an achievement in itself!

‘So proud to have completed the Hendon Brook race today, arguably the toughest road half marathon in the UK, and I will wear the t-shirt with pride. Lenches really was a a bit nasty. Thanks to all the marshals, without which we wouldn’t have a race, all the supporters along the way, but most of all fellow runners, who support and encourage each other up and down the hills to make it a thoroughly enjoyable event. This is what running is all about. Can’t wait for next year….’ Andy Quinn

‘For my first Half Marathon I decided I would pick something special. And boy it was. Some serious hills. My kind of race. Went out steady. Just wanted to do the 13.5. Even the down hill beasts your legs. Big thanks to Big Mac and Dave Burnett for the support. Thank you John Roche for a great race.’ Brian Searby

Pos Runner Cat Time
1 David Rigby (Preston H) M 01:16:21
4 Christopher Holdsworth M 01:19:49
11 Jacob Watson M 01:34:38
13 John Hartley M55 01:35:48
15 David Bagot M 01:36:12
21 Russ Clarke M 01:37:25
23 Alex Cran M40 01:37:41
26 Michael O’Donnell M40 01:38:12
31 Danny Collinge M 01:39:21
33 Paul Shackleton M50 01:39:45
34 Chris Funnell M45 01:39:48
36 Carl Helliwell M40 01:39:58
38 Martin Terry M55 01:40:09
39 Jonathan Pye M 01:40:36
40 Matthew Duckworth M 01:40:41
42 Paul Hesketh M50 01:41:15
44 Laura Hesketh F 01:41:44
48 Nick Roscoe M45 01:44:30
54 Richard Briscoe M 01:45:56
64 Pete Booth M65 01:47:50
66 John Wilcock M50 01:48:40
68 Jeffrey Pickup M60 01:49:46
71 Stephen Hall M40 01:50:22
75 Sean Clare M50 01:51:19
77 Fabienne Richmond F35 01:51:46
78 Stuart Proctor M 01:51:54
79 Stephen White M60 01:52:36
89 Irene Roche F55 01:53:56
96 Andy Quinn M40 01:56:24
97 Rachel Robinson F 01:56:25
98 Alan Clarkson M55 01:56:33
103 Martin Brady M50 01:57:45
109 Angela Shian F35 02:00:01
110 Darren Rushton M45 02:00:08
111 Stephen Ainsworth M55 02:00:18
118 Paul Wale M45 02:02:11
119 Dawn Terry F50 02:02:45
120 Amanda Duffy F35 02:02:46
122 Elizabeth Mullan F 02:03:56
123 Brian Wildman M45 02:04:03
126 Vicky Heys F40 02:04:59
133 Andrew Taylor M55 02:07:18
140 Leanne Cottam F35 02:09:03
143 Joanne Bennett F45 02:09:49
145 Jean Knightley F55 02:10:42
146 Bianca Bennett F 02:11:18
149 Rachel Todd F40 02:11:34
153 Lee Moore M 02:12:23
155 Helen Burnett F40 02:13:45
156 Bryan Searby M40 02:14:13
158 Kath Brady F50 02:16:13
162 Julia Rushton F50 02:17:01
168 Steph Hawke F35 02:22:58
169 Clare Wilson F35 02:23:01
170 Stuart Barker M45 02:23:18
174 Elouise Pemberton F 02:25:44
175 Joanne Motley F 02:25:45
180 Michelle Butschok F40 02:29:49
185 Philip Naylor M 02:42:31
186 Nicola Kay F 02:43:27
187 Christine Leathley F65 02:46:28
188 Sue Allen F55 02:51:19

188 finished, including 50 ladies. Full results.

Lingmell Dash – Saturday 25th July

Peter Browning was one of six members who travelled to the Lakes for the third counter in the British Fell Championship, and fifth counter in the English.

Dave Bagot at the Lingmell Dash

Dave Bagot at the Lingmell Dash

Peter reports: ‘Fell running at its simplest. Wasdale Head Inn to the top of Lingmell and back. Four and a half miles with 2500 feet of climbing. A bit like a BOFRA race on mega-steroids.

Separate male and female races. Six Harriers present, three girls and three boys. No race results published yet. Serial award winners Wendy Dodds, Linda Lord and Katy Thompson for the girls. Perennial tryers Dave Bagot, Peter Browning and champion Kieran Carr for the boys.

Stunning views at the summit but no time to enjoy them. Kieran (DNF) last seen on his way to the knacker’s yard with a torn hamstring. Peter would have done better if his shoe hadn’t fallen apart on the descent. Thirteen and a half stone hurtling downhill proved too much for Inov-8. Dave improving all the time. Happy days!’

Linda Lord, Wendy Dodds and Katy Thompson

Linda Lord, Wendy Dodds and Katy Thompson

Katy Thompson adds: ‘After the first dash across the fields and over the stream, it was more of a Lingmell Plod to the summit. Linda Lord gradually pulled away from me and I arrived at the summit in 50 minutes – about the same time as first lady Vic Wilkinson arrived at the finish. After the run back down to the stile on Lingmell Nose there was a choice of routes down the very steep grass to the path. Wendy took full advantage of this to sneak past the two LV60s who had beaten her to the top, giving her her first V60 win in this year’s English Champs. Unfortunately there is not yet a LV60 category in the British Champs. Linda was 2nd LV65 and after managing to pass one person on the way down I finished in 75 minutes, 6th LV60.

After the severe descent, my quads are so sore I can hardly walk, so I am very impressed to see that Dave Bagot managed to run the Hendon Brook the day after! Well done, Dave.’

Worston Junior Races, Uphill and Downhill – Tuesday 21st July

Our Summer Series races took place at Worston on Tuesday evening. Finley Stubbs won the U8/U10 race, Dexta Thompson won the U12/U14 race, and Jacob Boyle won both the Uphill and Downhill races. Some didn’t choose the quickest way down, but everyone had a good time!

The wanderers return! Tom Bradley, Ryan Clarke and Jordan Mcdonald finish the Downhill race. Photo David Belshaw

The wanderers return! Tom Bradley, Ryan Clarke and Jordan Mcdonald finish the Downhill race. Photo David Belshaw

Full results.

Todmorden 5k – Thursday 23rd July

10 Age Category winners for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers!

Pos Name Time
1 Jason Parker (Preston H) 16:29,422
2 Jacob Boyle 16:30,580
4 Dan Balshaw 17:18,801
5 Jacob Watson 17:19,743
10 Jonathan Pye 17:58,693
11 Jordan Mcdonald 18:06,509
17 Kenan Eti 18:42,737
19 Laura Hesketh 18:52,778
21 Richard Briscoe 19:07,388
23 Jackson Mckay 19:08,610
41 Lennon Jackson 21:28,071
47 Amanda Duffy 22:23,257
48 Sophie Ashworth 22:23,612
56 Carl Carey 23:24,205
59 Lee Moore 23:36,295
61 Tony Pilling 23:44,605
62 Julie Dawes 23:47,746
70 Lisa Johnson 24:14,571
72 Richard Lawson 24:24,915
76 Ian Hargreaves 25:07,553
77 Paul Walsh 25:19,068
80 Elouise Sylkie Pemberton 25:44,036
84 Robert Hirst 26:01,702
87 Ron Chappell 26:31,125
90 Nicola Kay 27:57,287
94 Jack McGuire 30:48,437
97 Val Lawson 32:09,191
99 Judith Carey 34:37,572

100 finished. Full results.

Lancaster 5k – Saturday 25th July

After racing Uphill and Downhill on Tuesday, the Tod 5k on Thursday, Jacob Boyle finished 3rd and 1st Under 20 in a time of 16:04! Full results.

Turnslack Fell Race – Saturday 25th July

Three members – Chris Snell, Marion Dixon and Bob Hurst – completed this race. Full results.

Tenby 10k – Sunday 26th July

Richard Stevenson finished 15th in a time of 38:12. Full results.

Lakeland 100 

Nick Olszewski had a fantastic run and smashed his 30 hour target by almost an hour! Here’s Nick’s report:

‘Having completed the 50 mile route of the Ultra Tour of the Lake District last year, I felt the need to do the big one this this year, 105 miles with 22,500ft of climbing. Starting from Coniston at 18:00hrs on Friday you have 40 hours to complete the gruelling route and as I was climbing out of Coniston towards Walna Scar Road I did wonder what lay ahead as this would be the furthest I had ever run in one go.

By the time I’d reached Wasdale Head, 4.00hrs into the event I felt good, before leaving Coniston I spotted and spoken to Andy Armstrong who was also up for the weekend doing a spot of wild camping and had mentioned that he was camping up Black Sail. As I left Wasdale and began climbing Black Sail with a snaking line of head torches behind me I could hear the ringing of a cowbell in the distance. As I progressed up the pass the ringing became louder until I finally came across Andy sat on the mountainside cheering on the runners, great to see a familiar face.

Nick Olszewski at the Dalemain checkpoint

Nick Olszewski at the Dalemain checkpoint

The run was going well, I had a schedule and I was managing to run to it with half an hour to spare which was great. I ticked off checkpoints until I arrived at Dalemain, this is the start of the 50 race and just over half way for me, still feeling remarkably fresh, I had a complete change of gear and new shoes here, looked after by Adrienne who was marshalling on this checkpoint. And after a quick snack of soup I was on my way again for the last 45 miles.

By now I had developed a nice steady walk the up hills and trot the rest pattern which was conserving my ever depleting energy supply. Before too long I found myself climbing Fusedale heading towards Mardale Head and with just two major climbs left, Gatescarth and Garburn , I started to feel excited about completing.

Everything was still going to plan and by the time I reached Tilberthwaite, the final checkpoint, I was still up on my predicted finish time, spurring on over Crook Beck heading towards Coniston and the last drop off, which isn’t the easiest descent especially after covering 104 miles. I hit that road and shot off as fast as I could back down to Coniston. Waiting along the road were Andy and Adrienne, cheering me on, but the next thing I knew was Adrienne spreadeagled in the middle of the road shouting “I’m ok, just go” with fits of laughter coming from Andy, all that was going through my head was that I was on a roll, so close to the end and I sorry I cant stop, very surreal.

Throughout the whole event, mentally, I felt great and managed to complete without any blisters, just a damaged large toe from booting a rock. Would I do it again, that would be a big fat yes and I wouldn’t change a thing, apart from Adrienne face planting the road. I would also like to thank Andy for his support up Black Sail and Ambleside and also for picking up and dusting off Adrienne.’ Results to follow.

Parkrun Roundup – Saturday 25th July

Burnley Parkrun – a total of 244 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
3 Jonathan PYE 18:21 SM25-29
7 Laura HESKETH 19:30 SW30-34
23 Lennon JACKSON 22:12 JM11-14
24 Martin BRADY 22:13 VM50-54
29 David Ian SCOTT 22:29 VM70-74
37 Nick ROSCOE 23:04 VM45-49
46 Julie DAWES 23:33 VW45-49 New PB!
47 Stephen GREEN 23:33 VM60-64
50 Carl CAREY 23:40 VM45-49 New PB!
58 Ella DORRINGTON-LEVY 24:05 JW10
68 Simon WILSHAW 24:48 JM15-17
70 Lisa JOHNSON 24:58 VW40-44
89 Annabel WILCOCK 25:43 JW11-14
90 John WILCOCK 25:45 VM50-54
93 Robert HIRST 25:58 VM60-64
119 Ron CHAPPELL 27:01 VM65-69
127 Richard LAWSON 27:44 VM70-74
130 Elouise Sylkie PEMBERTON 27:51 SW25-29
132 Yvonne WICKHAM 27:55 VW50-54
164 Sophie MCINTOSH 29:48 SW20-24 New PB!
210 Valerie LAWSON 35:20 VW70-74
212 Judith CAREY 35:25 VW35-39
232 Kathleen GARNETT 39:30 VW75-79

Pendle Parkrun – a total of 66 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time
3 John HARTLEY 20:21
4 Richard BRISCOE 20:24
19 Eleanor Betty ROOT 24:25
25 Grace Georgina ROOT 26:23

Parkrunning in London and elsewhere!

Venue Pos Parkrunner Time
Heaton 235 Julie TOMAN 27:28
Bolton 114 George THOMPSON 26:13
Bolton 342 Julia RUSHTON 49:11
Abingdon 84 Samuel Spencer HARDISTY 26:57
Horsham 166 Eileen JONES 29:22
Mile End 42 Dexta THOMPSON 21:04
Mile End 104 Liberty THOMPSON 24:45
Dewsbury 82 Robin PRICE 36:59

Cross Country News

Cross Country will soon be here! The committee has appointed Jason Pier as Cross Country Manager and Cross Country Statistician. As Cross Country Manager, Jason will be registering our Junior and Senior members with the Red Rose and Mid Lancs Leagues before the season commences, and will be issuing numbers on race day. Thanks Jason for taking on these two important roles!

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