Parks, pikes, poles and proms

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Parks, pikes, poles and proms

Another action-packed week.  Plenty of our members taking part in all kinds of events from 5ks to Ultras. We’ve won parkrun awards, ultra distance events and super steep fell races. Phew! I am feeling quite exhausted just from writing it all down!

Paddy’s Pole Fell Race – Tuesday 2 June

There was a great turnout of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers for this midweek, 3.7 mile race with 1102ft of ascent at Fell Foot near Chipping. With 20 members running we were able to field both a men’s and a women’s team. The men finished as third team overall but the ladies were in first place. Well done ladies. Linda Lord was also first FV60.

Darren Rushton reports:

It’s 17 years since I last did this race and it’s only 18 miles down the road. There’s no official venue, just the road at the bottom of the fell. It’s easy enough to find with sat navs, and directions on paper. We got to Chipping in good time but where is the road we go up? We pass a few cars with runners in them and we turn straight onto a private farm – big iron gates – oh dear! Quick U-turn on the grass and try again. Finally we find a marshal who directs us to the right place. It’s 7.00pm and we make a makeshift toilet with car doors and then it’s off to the start with 2 minutes to spare, everyone ready to get cracking.

Next minute a loud start rings out and we are off. 20 yards up tarmac, lung busting oxygen debt kicks in and I begin to ask myself what the hell I am doing here along with my friends from the club as this was our warm up. Kicks right onto fell with a nice scramble to the top, a free for all to the top and then it levels off. Ah, nice. I can see runners ahead going up the side of the wall to another massive fell in the distance. I’m thinking I should have stopped at home. Luckily after the wall the route switches back with tremendous views all the way to the Irish Sea and beyond. Not one club mate in sight at this stage so I keep going having never recovered from the lung busting start. The track drops down then a steady climb out to the final descent where you can test your legs.

I spot a few Clayton members, but I have no answer, my ass has been kicked! A pint of coke at the longest presentation followed by a pleasant drive home with my buddies. A cracking little race.

Pos Name Cat Time
17 Andrew Priory MV40 00:34:35
24 Richard Briscoe M 00:36:08
28 Alex Braysford MV40 00:36:33
31 Chris Funnell MV40 00:36:47
33 Ivan Whigham MV50 00:37:17
35 Ralph Baines MV40 00:37:36
49 Mark Nutter MV50 00:39:47
50 Nigel Weaver MV50 00:39:51
57 Dugald Mccallum MV60 00:40:46
63 Angela Shian F 00:41:56
64 Vicky Heys FV40 00:41:58
65 Darren Rushton MV40 00:42:16
78 Linda Lord FV60 00:43:58
79 Stephen Fish MV60 00:43:59
80 Colin Woolford M 00:44:01
84 Andrew Walmsley MV60 00:44:57
85 Robin Nicolson MV40 00:45:28
86 Peter Dugdale MV50 00:45:40
92 Katy Thompson FV60 00:47:19
94 George Thompson MV60 00:47:50
102 Robert Hirst MV60 00:49:20

Full Results

Astley Park Trail Series – Wednesday 3 June

This was the second race in this popular series held in Astley Park, Chorley. A number of our junior members attended the first race in May but with this race being one of their club summer race series, there was a very good turnout of 20 junior members.


The start of this race is a bit of a squeeze and there was a little bit of shuffling around as everyone jostled to get into a good starting position. This is a fast and furious race and with ages ranging from U7s to teens, there can be a fair bit of tussling and rough stuff at times.


Curtis was our first finisher finishing in second place overall. Top twenty positions followed quickly for Thomas Bradley, Jackson McKay, Briony Holt and Simon Wilshaw. Briony was also the first girl, so very well done to her. Jenson Bentham was the first finisher in his age group.


There were some great performances all round. A special mention for Natasha who fell, and despite being trampled by the other runners, got up and finished the race.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
2 Curtis Holt M15 (002/013) 00:05:03
14 Thomas Bradley M15 (008/013) 00:05:32
15 Jackson McKay M13 (005/026) 00:05:34
16 Briony Holt F15 (001/008) 00:05:37
17 Simon Wilshaw M15 (009/013) 00:05:39
32 Dexta Thompson M11 (003/016) 00:06:08
36 Millie Stubbs F13 (003/022) 00:06:12
42 Liberty Thompson F13 (005/022) 00:06:22
45 Daniel Bradley M15 (013/013) 00:06:27
46 Jenson Bentham M9 (001/009) 00:06:28
47 Lennon Jackson M13 (018/026) 00:06:29
50 Ella Dorrington F11 (002/023) 00:06:33
56 Sophie Ashworth F13 (009/022) 00:06:39
72 Natasha Olszewska F13 (012/022) 00:06:55
104 Imogen Ferguson F9 (003/011) 00:07:47
109 Tillie Ferguson F9 (006/011) 00:07:52
111 Kady Thompson F9 (007/011) 00:07:53
123 Felix Thompson M7 (002/006) 00:08:12
134 Mille McCabe F9 (009/011) 00:09:05
135 Bronia Olszewska F11 (023/023) 00:09:09

Senior Race


Our sole representative in the senior race was Jonathan Pye. He finished in 10th place with a time of 27:21, loudly cheered on by lots of our juniors!

Full Results

Littleborough 5k Series – Wednesday 5 June

153 runners took part in the final race of this series put on by Cannonball events. 5 club members took part in this fast 5k. George Pier finished in 8th place overall with at time of 18:08 and Laura Hesketh was the first female finisher for us and also in the race. Alice Pier was the 2nd U18 female in the race and 15th female overall.

Pos Name Num Time Cat Cat Pos
8 George Pier A00245 00:18:08 MU18 1
27 Laura Hesketh A00232 00:19:29 Female 1
54 Jason Pier A00243 00:21:23 M45 9
61 Alan Clarkson A00236 00:21:37 M55 4
86 Alice Pier A00244 00:22:35 FU18 2

Full Results

Badger 10K Race – Thursday 4 June

This race takes place in the Cuerden Valley Country Park and is described as undulating within the confines of the park with one crossing of a road out and back.

Five Harriers took part. Nick Roscoe was our first finisher in 29th place with a time of 46:43. Ron Chappell was the first V65.

Martin Brady reports; “I had not run the Badger 10K trail race at Cuerden Valley Country Park since 2007 and I had forgotten what a good race it is. There are a few little hills in it (none steep) and some long flat stretches. There were five Clayton runners and it would be great to see some more at the next race on Thursday 2nd July.”

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
29 Nick Roscoe M45 (006/021) 00:43:43
47 John Wilcock M50 (006/018) 00:45:59
73 Martin Brady M50 (011/018) 00:49:14
135 Ron Chappell M65 (001/006) 00:56:28
167 Julie Toman F45 (015/019) 01:01:24

Full Results

Hebden Bridge Fell Race – Thursday 4 June

The Hebden Bridge Fell Race takes place on the first Thursday evening in June. Starting on Hebden Bridge Park, this race goes to Stoodley Pike and back via Erringden Moor, thereby adding a different twist to the climb up to the Pike compared to other races. The final run-in is along densely wooded paths and tracks.

Four Clayton-le-Moors Harriers took part in this race in a field of 104 runners. Alan Life was our first man over the finish line in 15th place and 1st V50.

Pos Name Cat Club Time
15 Alan Life M50 Clayton-Le-Moors 0:54:26
32 Chris Whiteoak M Clayton-Le-Moors 0:57:41
64 Andrew Howarth M55 Clayton-Le-Moors 1:07:26
93 Robert Hirst M60 Clayton-Le-Moors 1:20:41

Full Results

Calderdale Way Ultra – Saturday 6 June

Congratulations to Christopher Holdsworth for his win at the 28 mile Calderdale Way Ultra organised by Cannonball Events.  Christopher ran for the Run4Nepal charity to help raise money for the victims of the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

Report From Christopher Holdsworth

Originally I was supposed to be racing the event with Breton, but a dodgy knee ruled a first ever Holdsworth pairing out until another day. I decided to change to a solo entry though I was relying on Breton for the first 10 miles of the route, as he knew it well from racing in the Calderdale Way Relays.

With this in mind, I decided to keep close to the front runner to guide me round. Myself and the eventual 2nd place runner, Ed Hyland, kept each other going through the whole race and with enough energy still in my legs, I just managed to push ahead with a mile to go, finishing 1st in 3 hours 54 minutes.

It really is one of the best routes for running, squeezing in all the possible sights, hills and terrain you could fit into 28 miles. Cannonball Events put on a great race, though with how my legs are feeling, I don’t think I’ll be graduating to their 50 mile option any time soon!


Chris Holdsworth and Ed Hyland neck and neck at the Calderdale Way Ultra.

Full Results

Ennerdale Horseshoe – Saturday 6 June

Paul Thompson was 7th at a shortened and flattened Ennerdale (even more than last year). They ran over to Buttermere, back into Ennerdale over Scarth Gap then back down the forest road and along the lake to the finish. About 17 miles. Wendy Dodds also took part.  Further details when the results are published.

Awaiting Results

Kelbrook FR – Saturday 6 June

There was another large turnout of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers for the 5th race in the Pendle and Burnley Grand Prix series.


Clayton-le-Moors Harriers at the Kelbrook Fell Race. Photo by Andy Holden

This race was first organised by Rev Andrew Proctor, the vicar of Kelbrook Parish Church in conjunction with a garden party held in the grounds of the vicarage, with the profits going towards church finances. Later, the race became part of the Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix with a consequential increase in the numbers taking part and the vicarage garden party gave way to Kelbrook Gala.  The original race route went up Waterloo Road and on to Cob Lane before heading out on to the fells, but a new route was introduced in 2003 which took out the road sections and made the race trail and fell only. Part of the race is over private land, so cannot be reccied before the race.

Kelbrook Fell Race

Jordan McDonald at the Kelbrook Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

First Clayton Harrier home was Jordan McDonald who ran an excellent race finishing in 5th place. Top twenty positions followed for Carl Helliwell, Russ Clarke, Paul Hesketh (1st M50), David Naughton (1st M55) and Matthew Duckworth. Jeffrey Pickup was 1st M60 and Barry Mitchell was 1st M65. Our first lady, and first lady finisher of the race, Clayton Harrier was Claire Vincent.  Irene Roche was 1st W55 and Karin Goss was 1st W65.

Kelbrook Fell Race

Claire Vincent at the Kelbrook Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat Time
5 Jordan McDonald MU18 00:23:46
12 Carl Helliwell MSEN 00:25:16
13 Russ Clarke MSEN 00:25:29
15 Paul Hesketh M50 00:25:48
17 David Naughton M55 00:25:57
20 Matthew Duckworth MSEN 00:26:14
25 Dave Motley MSEN 00:26:53
26 Chris Whiteoak MSEN 00:26:54
28 Chris Snell MSEN 00:27:10
29 Chris Funnell M45 00:27:20
33 John Roche M55 00:27:29
34 Alex Braysford M40 00:27:37
35 Nick Roscoe M45 00:27:39
39 Richard Briscoe MSEN 00:27:59
43 John WIlcock M50 00:28:08
47 Claire Vincent WSEN 00:28:14
48 Andy Bradley M45 00:28:15
49 Jeffrey Pickup M60 00:28:17
52 Gary Balmer M45 00:28:40
53 Stephen Ainsworth M55 00:28:44
56 Stephen Biscomb M60 00:29:19
63 Stephen Breckell M60 00:30:03
66 Andy Quinn M40 00:30:18
72 Stephen White M60 00:30:59
74 Martin Brady M50 00:31:10
76 Irene Roche W55 00:31:23
79 Martin Griffin M50 00:31:52
80 Stephen Bury M55 00:32:02
82 Barry Mitchell M65 00:32:25
88 Joanne Bennett W45 00:33:05
91 Andrew Taylor M55 00:33:15
97 Helen Burnett W40 00:33:37
99 Robert Hirst M60 00:33:56
101 Andrew Walmsley M60 00:34:24
103 Martin O’Rourke M50 00:34:29
114 Karin Goss W65 00:38:12
115 Ron Chappell M65 00:38:15
116 Michelle Butschock W40 00:39:03
122 Stuart Barker M45 00:40:09

Full Results

Series Standings after 5 Races Congratulations to Jordan McDonald and Claire Vincent who are both currently second in the men’s and ladies’ standings. Can they push on to victory?  With 8 races left to go, it’s definitely a possibility!

Pen-y-ghent Fell Race – Saturday 6 June

Seven club members took part in the Pen-y-ghent fell race in the Yorkshire Dales.  Settle Harriers organise the annual Pen-y-ghent fell race (AS, 5.5m, 1650ft)  in the first week in June in association with the Horton-in-Ribblesdale gala. This is an ideal venue for families to attend a race before midsummer Gala fatigue sets in.

Katy Thompson Reports;

With forecasts of gale force winds I wasn’t sure Pen-y-ghent was a good idea, but George seemed keen to cycle up – with a tail wind – so off I set. The wind didn’t seem too bad as we ran through the village, and it blew us up towards the summit, getting stronger and stronger as we climbed. It was hard to keep on my feet at the top and I was hoping that the wind would be behind again as we ran off the top – but no such luck. With the wind trying to blow me back up the hill and the dust in my eyes it was a relief to reach the comparative calm of the Finger Post. I was glad the route to Hull Pot was flagged as the runners were well spaced out (in more ways than one!) and the rest of the race was a battle into the wind. There was slight respite on the climb to Whitber Hill then it was downhill on grass, track and road back to the gala field. Thanks to the marshals and well done to everyone who ran.

Pos. Name Category Time Comments
59 Ivan Whigham MV50 01:01:34
82 Mark Nutter MV50 01:05:15
100 Mark Taylor Man 01:10:55
109 Linda Lord LV60 01:12:08 1st LV60
111 Stephen Fish MV60 01:12:28
125 Katy Thompson LV60 01:17:18
139 John Francis MV70 01:47:03

Full Results

Wharfedale Half Marathon – Saturday 6 June

Well done Vicky Heys and Angela Shian who took part in the Wharfedale half marathon which is described as a great day out in some of Wharfedale’s finest scenery with over 2,000 feet of ascents the route follows well established footpaths, including the Dalesway and Mastiles Lane taking in the fabulous scenery.


Angela Shian reported; “A total of just 2 Clayton Hariers raced this one, myself and Vicky Heys. We had a fine day but battled against super strong winds for probaby 10 miles of it! Taking our breath away and our conversation at times (hard to believe) it was a lovely runnable route, a lot of gradual hill climbing along the way. Hardest part was 1 mile of tarmac finish!!! Would recommend this trail race, but just check weather forecast for wind strength next time!”

Wharfedale Half Mara

Vicky Heys and Angela Shian at the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon looking windswept but still smiling. Photo by Woodentops

Pos Name Cat TIme
208th Vicky Heys FV40 02:14:31
209th Angela Shian FV35 02:14:33

Full Results

Kettlewell Fell Races – Sunday 7 June

A small group of juniors took part in these BOFRA championship fell races in Kettlewell. Kady Thompson bravely tacked the steep terrain to finish 29th in the U9s race. Jackson McKay had an excellent race in the U12s, finishing in 4th position with Dexta Thompson not far behind in 11th place. Briony Holt took part in the U14s race with Liberty Thompson, finishing 6th overall and first girl. Well done everyone!

Clayton Juniors

Clayton Juniors at the BOFRA Kettlewell Fell Race. Photo Nicola Thompson

Vicky McKay (Jackson’s Mum) reports;  “The juniors did great today. Briony comfortably got top spot. While Liberty must have overtaken a few across the top to get a better position. Jaxx and Dexter ran brilliantly both their uphills were really steady picking off people. The descent was really hard and rocky underfoot. Jaxx got 4th boy. Kady put in a really strong performance. Great race in beautiful spot. Well done guys”

U9s (47 Runners)
29 Kady Thompson 05:23

U12s ( 57 Runners)
4 Jackson McKay 5:03
11 Dexta Thompson 5:32

U14s ( 27 Runners)
6 Briony Holt 8:32
24 Liberty Thompson 11:30

Senior Race

105 runners took part in the senior race with three Clayton Harriers amongst them.  First Clayton man home was Jack Holt ( also 1st V60). Richard Briscoe was 67th and Andrew Firth was 73rd

43 Jack Holt              MV60  14:38
67 Richard Briscoe    M        16:49
73 Andrew Firth         MV50  17:07

Full Results

Morecambe 10k – Sunday 7 June

218 runners took part in the Superbowl Morecambe 10k race.  Starting and finishing on the Promenade this seaside race provides a good course coupled with lovely views across the famous Bay.A fast opening section follows the promenade towards Heysham taking a slip way into and around Heysham Village before looping back onto Morecambe Promenade for a fast finish.

Three of our club members took part.

Amanda Duffy reports;

When we arrived in Morecambe we had a little drive around the course. I thought it would be flat but there was a couple of hills at the Heysham end and there was a bit of a headwind! So I decided instead of going out too fast to take it easy for the first few k, then pick it up on the way back. Think I will stick to this tactic as I surprised myself and came home with a PB nearly one minute faster! Overall a great race and a nice medal to finish.

Pos Time Name Category
27 00:40:58 Michael Hogan MV45
71 00:47:18 Amanda Duffy FV35
172 01:00:49 Kevin O’Brien MV70

Full Results

Morecambe Fun Run – Sunday 7 June

Well done to Jack McGuire who came 3rd with a time of 07:26

Parkrun roundup

Burnley parkrun celebrated it’s 3 year anniversary with a very well attended event with many runners wearing fancy dress for the occasion. As usual there was a very big attendance from many of our club members and a handful of PBs as well.


Team Clayton celebrating at Burnley parkrun’s 3rd anniversary. Photo by David Belshaw

Congratulations to Jonathon Pye who is the 2014/2015 Burnley parkrun champion and our junior member Sophie Ashworth for taking the junior award. Every Saturday morning come rain, wind or hail they have turned up to parkrun and their dedication has been rewarded.


Burnley parkrun champions Jonathan Pye and Sophie Ashworth

Jonathon Pye reports;

“People should never underestimate the power of this wonderful, entirely volunteer led event every Saturday morning. Starting out 4 years ago after being dragged down to my first one, I never really aimed to be more than a reliably average runner, running with a smile on my face and enjoying the fun and fitness.

4 years later, I’ve joined a club, won three events, two trophies and love every second. Parkrun has given me confidence, introduced me to some amazing people and been a great event to become part of. It’s seen me develop an epic duel with Jacob Watson and been cheered along by Team Stevenson, a family who embody the spirit of running. It isn’t always about the fast lads at the front, but the people who turn out every weekend, sometimes having never run before and who put in the dedication to see their PBs tumble. It’s about the fabulous volunteers who are always there and, whatever the weather, make sure it happens. It’s about the amazing David Belshaw who takes photos week in week out. Most importantly for me, it’s about the juniors who make up a sea of smiling face every Saturday and who see running as a massive part of their lives. Teaching isn’t and shouldn’t always be about academia but about helping children who have a genuine talent thrive in something, and that’s what Parkrun does.

Here’s to another year Parkrun. I bloody love you!”

Burnley parkrun – a total of 317 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
4 Jacob WATSON 18:10 SM30-34
5 Jonathan PYE 18:47 SM25-29
10 Jon HANSON 20:22 VM35-39
27 Alan CLARKSON 22:20 VM55-59
29 Simon WILSHAW 22:40 JM15-17
31 Martin BRADY 22:52 VM50-54
37 Sophie ASHWORTH 23:04 JW11-14
49 Daniel BRADLEY 23:34 JM11-14
50 Andy BRADLEY 23:34 VM45-49
53 Natasha OLSZEWSKA 23:37 JW11-14 New PB!
54 Lennon JACKSON 23:39 JM11-14
72 Adam STEVENSON 24:37 JM11-14
80 David Ian SCOTT 24:55 VM70-74
87 Lee MOORE 25:15 VM35-39
91 Liberty THOMPSON 25:32 JW11-14
97 Ian HARGREAVES 25:39 VM50-54
100 Annabel WILCOCK 25:43 JW11-14
101 John WILCOCK 25:45 VM50-54
102 Elouise Sylkie PEMBERTON 25:49 SW25-29
107 Andrew WEBSTER 26:12 VM45-49
119 Keira STEVENSON 26:40 JW10
130 Kian ADAMS 27:06 JM10
136 Imogen FERGUSON 27:25 JW10
138 Heidi KEWIN 27:37 JW11-14
152 Nick ROSCOE 28:30 VM45-49
187 Lucy STEVENSON 29:57 JW11-14
211 Nicola KAY 30:56 SW30-34
213 Bronia OLSZEWSKA 31:06 JW10 New PB!
220 Rachel STEVENSON 31:24 JW10
221 Richard STEVENSON 31:25 VM35-39
247 Christine LEATHLEY 33:05 VW65-69
272 Valerie LAWSON 35:12 VW70-74 New PB!
285 Judith CAREY 36:10 VW35-39
290 Stephen BURY 37:13 VM55-59 First Timer!

Pendle parkrun – A total of 67 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
5 John HARTLEY 20:52 VM55-59
9 Pete BOOTH 22:13 VM60-64 New PB!
21 Stephen WHITE 24:53 VM60-64
29 Robert HIRST 27:36 VM60-64
53 Molly HESKETH 34:44 JW11-14

Bolton parkrun – A total of 317 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
95 Katy THOMPSON 25:10 VW60-64
113 Nerina GILL 25:45 VW45-49
147 Julia RUSHTON 27:05 VW50-54

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 91 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
89 Robin PRICE 38:47 VM70-74

Gunnersbury parkrun – A total of 348 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
254 Eileen JONES 28:48 VW60-64 New PB!

Woodbank parkrun – A total of 132 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
85 Ron HILL 28:29 VM75-79

Woodhouse Moor parkrun – A total of 462 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
8 David BAGOT 18:01 SM20-24 New PB!

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