True colours shining through

ByAdrienne Olszewska

True colours shining through

After all the epic endurance escapades last weekend, you’d think our members would be taking it easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Business as usual from the tangerine army! Competing, winning and cheering each other on as always! The future’s bright.

Vernons 5k – 28 April

Otherwise known as the Welcome Inn Tuesday night series.  Just one member at this event, Tony Pilling who finished in 53rd place with a time of 23:25.

Full Results

Vera Hirst 5k Cowm Race – 29 April

Irene Roche reports;

A few Clayton members ran at Whitworth, Cowme Res 5k. Andy O’Sullivan has a few of these mid-weekers going and raising good amounts of money for charity. Around 35 to 40 runners took part after a slightly delayed start due to late competitors arriving after traffic problems. But the delayed start was welcome as this was when the sun shone through after a dark cloud threatened to dampen our spirits! Laura Hesketh achieved First Lady and lots of other Clayton winning prizes/age categories. Totally enjoyable midweek event.

Awaiting Results

Cake Race – 2 May

An interesting moorland course with as much cake as you like to eat at the end. Who could ask for more? The course takes in open moorland scenery, industrial heritage, and Pennine farmland all in a hour or so. It is mainly on flagged paths, tracks and trails with the challenge of going over the Pennines and back.

Cake Race

Nerina Gill at the Cake Race. Photo by the Woodentops

The first mile or so is up hill onto the moors, which is very runnable, we call the path boat lane, since it was build to take the horses from the canal barges over the hills. Once up on the Moors you take the flagged path to Brun Cough Reservoir. The course is fast at this point, although care is needed as the flagstones can be slippy. The route splits the reservoirs at Wessenden Head and turns down toward Marsden where you can run fast down towards Marsden. The hardest part is yet to come as runners meet a long flight of stone steps that sweeps them down the side of the dam only to return them up a similar flight on the other side! Save a bit of energy for the climb back up onto the Moors, against the prevailing wind, you will be rewarded with stunning views across Marsden Moor.

The track brings runners back to the top of Boat lane and a good long run into the finish where cakes and tea await all finishers. All Runners are invited to bring a cake which will be entered into the Cake contest. Prizes for best tasting and best decoration. This is a tough race and you’ll really feel like you’ve earned the cake afterwards.

Three Clayton Ladies took part, Vicky Heys, Angela Shian and Nerina Gill.  Interestingly, Nerina has just entered the VLM ballot for next year… I do hope it wasn’t because of all the cake! Well done ladies!

Awaiting full results

Pendle Cloughs – 2 May

Just 30 hardy fell runners finished this tough, local race organised by Barlick Fell Runners. Course record holder Tom Brunt returned for a third time to take on this race. The conditions on the top of Pendle were cold, wet and very windy and were not ideal for record breaking times.  As it turned out, Tom had a comfortable win over Martin Hurst from Pudsey & Bramley who was closely followed home in third place by Max Wainwright from Helsby RC.

Pendle Cloughs

Clayton Harriers on the Pendle Cloughs Fell Race. Photo by Andy Holden

Four Clayton Harriers took part, Pete Booth, Andrew Priory, Ralph Baines, and David Naylor.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
10 Pete Booth MV60 02:40:30
11 Andrew Priory MV40 02:40:50
12 Ralph Baines MV40 02:42:34
27 David Naughton MV50 03:34:11

Full Results

Great Hameldon Hill Race – 3 May

Despite a rather grim start to the day, 27 juniors and 57 senior members took part in the first of the Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix Series, with a fair few of both adults and children running in their first ever fell race.  The weather was kind to us and things cleared up nicely for the first race of the day. The juniors were out in force with many of them cheering and running alongside their siblings and team mates. They also formed an enthusiastic and exuberant cheer squad as they watched the seniors coming in.

Under 8s Race 

15 children took part in the Under 8s running a fast and furious circuit of the Peel Park school playing field incorporating a bit of a hill at the rear just to add a little sting in the tail ( also added to the end of the longer races just to add a little spice!).

Clayton Juniors

Isaac Smith, proud winner of the U-8s race and first timer for Clayton Harriers. Photo by Lee Smith

We had some fantastic runs from our juniors with first and third positions for Isaac Smith and Joshua McKay. A Masie Howarth and Jessica Bradley were are two girls in the race and both of them had great runs. Very well done!

Pos Name Cat Cat/Pos Time
1 Isaac Smith M7 (1/5) 00:01:30
3 Joshua McKay M7 (3/5) 00:01:34
8 Maisie Howarth F7 (3/5) 00:01:46
12 Jessica Bradley F7 (5/5) 00:01:58

Under 10s Race

22 children took part in the next age group race with two laps of the playing field to undertake.  Dexta Thompson took the lead and held onto it with great great and determination, managing to save a bit extra for a sprint to the finish to secure his win.

Clayton Juniors

Dexta Thompson storming to the finish and first place in the U-10s Race. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

Imogen Ferguson was our first Clayton girl in the race and second girl overall. Another great set of runs from our juniors.

Clayton Juniors

Imogen Ferguson, first Clayton girl in the U-10s Race. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

Pos    Name    Cat    Cat/Pos    Time   
1 Dexta Thompson M9 (1/7) 00:02:53
3 Nathan Kewin M9 (1/2) 00:03:07
5 Joe Czapowski M9 (3/7) 00:03:11
6 Finley Stubbs M8 (2/6) 00:03:12
11 Jenson Bentham M8 (4/6) 00:03:18
13 Imogen Ferguson F9 (2/5) 00:03:24
15 Alexander Thompson M9 (5/7) 00:03:31
18 Matthew Armstrong M8 (6/6) 00:03:50
19 Rachel Stevenson F8 (1/2) 00:04:05
22 Milly McCabe F8 (2/2) 00:04:30

Under 16s Race

U16 Race

On the start line of the U-16 Race. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski


This is a tough race for the under 16 group, leaving the playing fields and heading out and up the Coppice Hill that overlooks the school. Jackson Mckay ran a superb race finishing comfortably ahead of the rest of the pack.  26 runners took part.

Clayton Juniors

Jackson McKay winner of the U16 race. Photo by David Belshaw

Ella Dorrington was our first girl finisher, just passing team mate Millie Stubbs at the end to secure 8th place overall and first girl. Hot on her heels, Millie finished in 9th place and second girl.

Pos    Name    Cat    Cat/Pos    Time   
1 Jackson L. McKay M11 (1/9) 00:11:23
8 Ella Dorrington F10 (1/4) 00:13:09
9 Millie Stubbs F12 (1/3) 00:13:13
10 William M. Nicholls M10 (2/2) 00:13:13
11 Adam Stevenson M11 (4/9) 00:13:17
12 Lennon Jackson M11 (5/9) 00:13:24
17 Liberty Thompson F12 (2/3) 00:14:07
18 Sophie Ashworth F11 (3/4) 00:14:08
19 Harry Mason M12 (2/2) 00:14:53
20 Natasha Olszewska F12 (3/3) 00:15:50
21 Keira Stevenson F10 (2/4) 00:16:23
22 Heidi Kewin F11 (4/4) 00:16:42
25 Bronia Olszewska F10 (3/4) 00:20:06

Senior Race

An impressive turnout of 57 Clayton Harriers in this race; the first race of the Burnley and Pendle Grand Prix Series. Christopher Holdsworth was our first Clayton man finishing in 2nd  place and Claire Vincent was our first Clayton Lady finishing in 72nd place and 4th lady in the race. Jordan McDonald ran very well finishing in 4th place overall and first Male Junior. Irene Roche was 1st L55 and Karin Goss was 1st L65.

Report by Christopher Holdsworth

Great Hameldon Hill Race

Chris Holdsworth and Richard Burney battling it out at the Great Hameldon Hill Race. Photo by Neil Broadhurst

I’d hoped for a weekend off from racing after the Three Peaks, but couldn’t resist competing at one of the best races in the P&B calendar. With the Peaks still in my legs, and a full week of comfort eating, I decided to ease myself into the race and ran with the Liverpool runner, Richard Burney for the majority of the way up Hameldon Hill. I held back until the summit, hoping to pull away on the way back down… As it turns out, Richard is a 15 minute 5K runner. I ended the race in 2nd place with a time of 38:45 – almost 2 minutes quicker than last years time. So very happy with the result! We had a great turn out, and had some great performances from the younger members in Jordan McDonald, and some impressive junior displays too. A top event to kick of the Summer racing calendar!

Report by Claire Vincent

Great Hameldon Hill Race

Claire Vincent – 1st Clayton Lady at the Great Hameldon Hill Race. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

After suffering from a stress fracture since before Christmas, I’ve just started to get back into running in the past month or so. I know the Hameldon route well so felt ok and reached the summit with a lady from Trawden in sight. On the descent however she pulled away and I was over taken by a lady from Accrington road runners. I thought I might have been able to catch them but I’m not too good on the downhill so they stayed out of reach! I also finished 2 minutes quicker than last year and enjoyed being cheered on by a group of Clayton juniors at the end! Look forward to more races this summer and being part of the relay team for my first time in the Calderdale Way.

Our Ladies ‘A’ team were 2nd and our Mens ‘A’ Team were 1st.  Well done everyone.

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
2 Chris. Holdsworth M (002/042) 00:38:45
4 Jordan McDonald MJ (001/005) 00:42:45
6 Andrew Stubbs M45 (001/028) 00:43:21
8 Russ Clarke M (006/042) 00:44:02
14 Kevin Davies M50 (003/023) 00:45:21
15 Richard Stevenson M (008/042) 00:45:26
16 Carl Helliwell M (009/042) 00:45:46
17 Matthew Duckworth M (010/042) 00:45:51
18 Andrew Orr M40 (003/021) 00:45:53
25 Michael J. O’Donnell M40 (006/021) 00:46:32
26 Jonathan Pye M (012/042) 00:46:50
29 Alan Dorrington M45 (003/028) 00:47:24
35 Richard Briscoe M (015/042) 00:48:07
40 Chris Funnell M45 (006/028) 00:48:40
42 Andrew McFarlane M45 (007/028) 00:48:54
43 John Roche M55 (003/014) 00:48:58
45 Alex Braysford M40 (008/021) 00:49:12
46 Jon Hanson M (017/042) 00:49:22
59 John Wilcock M50 (011/023) 00:50:20
60 Jeffrey Pickup M60 (003/012) 00:50:25
62 Andy Bradley M45 (010/028) 00:50:34
63 Nick Roscoe M45 (011/028) 00:50:53
72 Claire Vincent F (003/010) 00:51:55
76 Gary Balmer M45 (013/028) 00:52:27
81 Stephen Ainsworth M55 (006/014) 00:53:10
83 Adam Shaw M (026/042) 00:53:27
86 Martin Brady M50 (014/023) 00:53:56
90 Andy Quinn M40 (015/021) 00:54:37
91 Richard Bellaries M60 (005/012) 00:54:37
94 Geoff Smith M40 (016/021) 00:55:00
96 Andrew M. Dugdale M50 (016/023) 00:55:12
101 Stephen Breakell M60 (006/012) 00:55:35
103 Andrew J. Webster M45 (018/028) 00:55:47
104 Rick Moore M50 (018/023) 00:55:58
105 Stephen White M60 (007/012) 00:56:10
108 Stuart Proctor M (029/042) 00:56:18
112 Paul Wale M45 (019/028) 00:57:05
114 Irene Roche F55 (001/004) 00:57:08
121 Stephen Fish M60 (008/012) 00:58:18
127 Helen Burnett F40 (005/007) 00:58:49
130 Martin Griffin M50 (019/023) 00:59:27
131 Colin Woolford M (036/042) 00:59:57
135 Dawn Terry F50 (002/005) 01:00:38
136 Robin Nicholson M45 (024/028) 01:01:23
143 Joanne Bennett F45 (003/006) 01:02:56
149 Jean Knightley F55 (002/004) 01:03:53
151 Kath Brady F50 (004/005) 01:04:34
152 Nichola Horsfall F55 (003/004) 01:04:55
157 Martin O’Rourke M50 (021/023) 01:05:46
161 Geoff Laycock M60 (010/012) 01:06:42
165 Sarah Angelone F (007/010) 01:08:01
167 Leanne Cottam F (008/010) 01:08:26
168 Ron Chappell M65 (002/003) 01:08:39
169 Karin Goss F65 (001/001) 01:08:44
175 Michelle Butschok F40 (007/007) 01:15:01
180 Stuart Barker M45 (028/028) 01:21:35
181 Phillip Thornber M60 (012/012) 01:22:34

Full Results

Coniston Fell Racer – 3 May

Report by Peter Browning

Coniston Fell Race

Coniston Fell Race – a return to wintery conditions. Photo by Coniston Fell Runners

Five Clayton Harriers made the journey north to the southern Lakes for the annual Coniston Fell Race, the first of the truly classic Lakeland races. The race is traditionally held under blue skies and lovely spring sunshine, but not this year. We were well and truly back in winter conditions, with snow falling on the tops, high winds and poor visibility. Following recent comments from some quarters, if ever there was a reminder of the need to carry full kit in all fell races as outlined by the FRA, this was it. Former top ten Coniston finisher Tim Edward led the Clayton contingent home, followed by Peter Browning, Andrew Firth, Mark Taylor and Peter Dugdale. Full results have still not been published, but finishing safely was the simple aim of most competitors.

Awaiting Results

North West Junior Traithlon Series 2015 – Warrington – 3 May

Clayton Juniors

Ellie and Grace Root competing in the North West Junior Triathlon Series.

Congratulations to the Root sisters Ellie and Grace who both took part in the Northwich Aquathlon, Grace in the T1 and Ellie in the T3, they are now looking forward to the start of the triathlons later this month.

Also Ellie has been awarded a Talented Athlete Grant from Pendle Leisure Trust, to help with triathlon training. Another member of Clayton Juniors being recognised for their commitment to sport and well deserved!

Well done girls, flying the tangerine flag for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers and a credit to our junior coaching team.

Bluebell Trail 10k – 3 May

A scenic one lap race in and around woodland, following the River Yarrow, starting and finishing in the Yarrow Country Park, Chorley. This course will take in the crossing of the River Yarrow.

Bryan Searby and Steve Biscombe took part in this trail race.Bryan described the course as  full of lovely scenery. We ran through the bluebells and had great fun in the river. Hilly and muddy.

No results as yet.

Coiners Junior Fell Races – 4 May

A group of our juniors competed in the FRA English championship races organised by Calder Valley Fell Runners.  Liberty and Dexta Thompson, Jackson McKay and Joshua McKay and Briony Holt.

Clayton Juniors

Clayton Juniors at the Coiners ( English Junior Fell Championships). Photo by Nicola Thompson

Tina Holt reported; ” What a fab day today at Coiners. Mytholmroyd, for the 4th FRA race of the season. The Clayton Le Moors Harriers orange army were out in force once again! Not completely sure on results as yet, but they all gave 100% . Well done juniors. Dexta ran halfway round with only one shoe, and Sophie ran down the hillshouting “I’m gonna fall!” but had an amazing upright finish. Curtis didn’t run after yesterdays track meet in Preston but Briony did and secured another 1st position. Well done everyone!

In fact, Briony won her fourth championship race in a row making her the 2015 English FRA champion with two races still to go to further consolidate her victory.  Congratulations to a brilliant runner and absolute credit to our club!

Full Results

Coiners Senior Fell Races – 4 May

Well done to Jacob Boyle and Mark Aspinall who took part in the ‘short’ race. the Coiners is described by the organisers as a fast tour of Coiner’s country on paths, tracks and moorland, taking in Erringden Moor, Stoodley Pike and Bell House Moor. The route offers spectacular views of Cragg Vale and passes by the old coiners cottages of Bell House and Keelam.

9 Jacob Boyle MU23 0:54:09

10 Mark Aspinall  M55 0:54:22

Full Results

parkrun roundup

It was the 150th run at Burnley, our unofficial club parkrun, and both seniors and juniors were out in force, many of them warming up for other events over the weekend.  King of the parkrun, Mr Jonathan Pye, was spotted taking to the fells the following day at the Great Hameldon Hill Race. Rumours that he presented a bemused race official with a carefully laminated barcode at the finish line are greatly exaggerated! It was a paced event so lots of PBs and it was also great to see Danny Collinge & Jonathon Pye giving Clayton Juniors one to one coaching to help them improve!

Burnley parkrun

Jonathon Pye pacing some of the juniors at the 150th Burnley parkrun. Photo by David Belshaw

All of the people who had competed in Marathons, 3 Peaks or Fellsman events were called out for a round of applause in a fairly understated 150th celebration event.

Burnley parkrun – A total of 267 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
2 Jacob BOYLE 17:34 SM18-19 New PB!
4 Mark ASPINALL 18:22 VM55-59
7 Laura HESKETH 19:48 SW30-34
11 Dexta THOMPSON 20:31 JM10 New PB!
12 Dave MOTLEY 20:32 SM30-34
13 Nick ROSCOE 20:33 VM45-49
25 Simon WILSHAW 21:42 JM15-17
28 John WILCOCK 21:57 VM50-54
30 Ryan Andrew CLARKE 22:03 JM15-17
33 Alan CLARKSON 22:10 VM55-59
34 Lennon JACKSON 22:25 JM11-14
41 Sophie ASHWORTH 22:57 JW11-14
42 Jonathan PYE 23:08 SM25-29
58 Daniel BRADLEY 24:11 JM11-14 New PB!
79 Robert HIRST 25:41 VM60-64
93 Andrew WEBSTER 26:01 VM45-49
94 Natasha OLSZEWSKA 26:08 JW11-14
95 Paul Laurence WALSH 26:20 VM60-64 New PB!
105 Ron CHAPPELL 27:04 VM65-69
113 Elouise Sylkie PEMBERTON 27:20 SW25-29
114 Jackie KERSHAW 27:32 VW40-44
153 Richard LAWSON 28:58 VM70-74
164 Adrienne OLSZEWSKA 29:16 VW45-49
184 Marion WILKINSON 30:25 VW70-74
193 Nicola KAY 31:30 SW30-34
201 Bronia OLSZEWSKA 32:00 JW10 New PB!
237 Valerie LAWSON 36:43 VW70-74 New PB!
247 Milly MACCABE 40:39 JW10


Pendle parkrun – A total of 71 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
5 John HARTLEY 20:48 VM55-59
15 Martin BRADY 23:22 VM50-54 New PB!
17 Stephen WHITE 23:56 VM60-64
28 Dawn TERRY 25:35 VW50-54
52 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 31:06 VW65-69
62 Christine LEATHLEY 33:04 VW65-69
65 Susan ALLEN 34:06 VW55-59 New PB!

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 164 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
105 Eileen JONES 29:02 VW60-64 New PB!

Heaton parkrun – A total of 581 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
80 Bryan SEARBY 22:36 VM40-44 New PB!

Skipton parkrun – A total of 164 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
6 Paul BRANNON 19:00 VM55-59 First Timer!

St Albans parkrun – A total of 361 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
119 George THOMPSON 23:21 VM65-69 New PB!
129 Katy THOMPSON 23:37 VW60-64

Woodhouse Moor parkrun – A total of 451 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
4 Jonny MCKENNA 16:46 SM25-29

Coming up

For all club members taking part in the British Masters Road Relay Championships on 16th May, coach arrangements are as follows;

Coach travel £5 per head.

Depart Seedhill 6.45am
Network 65 at 7.00am
Dunkenhalgh at 7.15am

Also coming up on the same weekend, the Calderdale Relays.  Make sure you have reccied, or plan to reccy, your leg of the race soon as it’s only a couple of weeks away.

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