The storm!

ByJim Hickie

The storm!

As always achievements galore this weekend! The cold, rain and snow on Saturday didn’t deter our members from a massive turnout on a busy weekend.

Three Peaks Fell Race

Our first placed finisher, Christopher Holdsworth, in 37th reported on his debut at the Three Peaks:

‘It’s not quite easy to put the 3 Peaks experience into words, which is possibly the best way to describe it..

Although I paced myself up Pen Y Ghent, I felt strong up until Ribblehead. Whernside was tough, but the descent destroyed my legs and turned the bones in my feet to rubble. From 15th at the top of Whernside, I fell to 37th coming off the top of Ingleborough where I had no strength in my legs. All the experienced runners tried to coach me through the pain, and all the spectators helped me round with Jelly Babies and water to a 3:24:21 finish.

I didn’t quite meet the targets I set, but I’m very pleased with my first attempt at the 3 Peaks. Will be back with a more experienced head, more distance in the legs and comfier shoes next year.’

The unmissable Breton Holdsworth at the Three Peaks

The unmissable Breton Holdsworth at the Three Peaks

Kieran Carr broke the M70 course record with a time of 4:44:18; Katy Thompson completed her 21st Three Peaks; and despite a fall in the lane up Pen-y-Ghent and a full length dive in the river President Dave Scott still managed to complete his 48th Three Peaks. A tremendous achievement by all 23 of our members who completed this Club Championship race in very testing conditions.

Pos Name Category Time 
37 Christopher Holdsworth MU25 03:24:21
71 Breton Holdsworth MV40 03:35:18
106 David Bagot MU25 03:42:25
109 Lee Smith M 03:42:39
140 Andrew Orr MV40 03:50:42
174 Neil Hardiman MV40 03:55:38
194 Ryan Wilkinson M 03:57:57
214 Jean Brown FV40 04:01:44
338 Brian Horrocks MV50 04:20:08
364 Richard Briscoe M 04:23:06
378 Alex Braysford MV40 04:24:39
400 Ivan Whigham MV50 04:28:00
496 David Horrocks MV50 04:40:55
505 Dominic Carr MV40 04:42:39
507 Vicky Heys FV40 04:43:22
516 Kieran Carr MV70 04:44:18
539 Martin Brady MV50 04:48:26
561 Wendy Dodds FV60 04:52:06
599 Nigel Hodson MV40 04:57:46
612 Chris Funnell MV40 05:00:00
623 Katy Thompson FV60 05:03:06
699 David Scott MV70 05:45:50
701 Garry Wilkinson MV50 05:56:02

Three Peaks full results.

London Marathon

On Sunday, the weather was rather better as all those long miles of training were put to the test at the London Marathon. First home was Paul Thompson in an excellent 2:43:43. A fantastic achievement for all nine of our members who completed London!

Lynsey Birtwistle smiling at the London Marathon

Lynsey Birtwistle smiling at the London Marathon

Pos Name Category Time 
425 Paul Thompson M40-44 02:43:43
3295 Alex Cran M40-44 03:12:36
3551 Michael Hogan M45-49 03:14:10
5539 Stephen Whittaker M50-54 03:27:01
9595 Alan Clarkson M55-59 03:45:34
14282 Marion Dixon W45-49 04:01:02
16421 Lynsey Birtwistle W18-39 04:09:59
16774 Tanya Bunkham W18-39 04:11:25
26789 Nicola Kay W18-39 05:06:33

London Marathon full results.

Burnley Schools U10s Cross Country

Several of our Junior members competed in the Burnley Schools Cross Country last week. Dexter Thompson won the boys’ race, with Josh McKay also competing. In the girls’ race, Kady Thompson was 17th and Milly McCabe was 66th. Well done everyone!

Dexter Thompson, winner of the U10 Boys Burnley Schools XC

Dexter Thompson, winner of the U10 Boys Burnley Schools XC

The Fellsman

The usual editor of this roundup, our Media Manager Adrienne Olszewska, reports on her weekend – When the going gets tough…

‘The Fellsman is a high level traverse covering more than 60 miles over very hard rugged moorland. The event climbs over 11,000 feet in its path from Ingleton to Threshfield in the Yorkshire Dales. Most of the route is over privately owned land, the use of which is secured by the organisers for the weekend only. This being the case, the route does not follow well defined footpaths, so the entrants’ navigational skills with a map and compass are tested as well as their physical fitness. Because of this, only fit and experienced walkers or runners should enter.

Five Clayton Harriers took part in this epic and gruelling event; Martin Terry, Simon Halliday, Andy Armstrong, Nicholas Olszewski and Adrienne Olszewska. After a period of dry and warm weather any expectations of an “easy” run went out the window when the forecast was for sleet with snow on the hilltops and sub zero temperatures, and, we were all advised to ensure our mandatory kit was going to be warm enough. In fact, quite a number of competitors were retired because of the weather. There was heavy rain, hail, snow and the temperature fell to around minus five on the tops overnight. It was harsh. The terrain is rugged and you are really put through your paces traversing the unremitting bogginess of the moorlands. It is a seriously tough event.

Adrienne Olszewska at The Fellsman

Adrienne Olszewska at The Fellsman

Nicholas and Adrienne were taking part for the first time. Nick was aiming to complete the course on the same day and Adrienne was aiming for around 24 hours. Both of us just missed our targets as the weather gave us a battering and the bogs were the stuff of nightmares! Having said that, the mind is a funny thing and mere hours later, despite hating the event for much of the time you are doing it, you find yourself thinking about how you can do things better or differently next time! Simon Halliday and Martin Terry completed in around 14 hours, Andy Armstrong in 14 hours 50, Nick in 15 hours 54, and Adrienne 24.5 hours.’

Fellsman full results

Bolton One Mile Fun Run

Team Thompson were out in force at this event held with the Bolton 10K, with Dexter taking third place!

Pos Name Age Time
3 Dexta THONPSON 9 6:03
24 Kady THOMPSON 8 8:00
26 Felix THOMPSON 5 8:02
28 Jack MCGUIRE 59 8:14

Bolton 10K

A very happy Jake Watson reported: ‘Successful day at Bolton 10K. First time I’ve ever made a profit from entering a race and first ever trophy! 8th out of 677 and got £25 Sweatshop voucher. Shaved 4 mins off last year’s time too.’ Well done to all our six members who completed the Bolton 10K.

Jacob Watson with his winnings from the Bolton 10K

Jacob Watson with his winnings from the Bolton 10K

Pos Name Cat Gun time Chip time
8 JAKE WATSON MS 37:35 37:34
65 GEORGE PIER MJ 43:19 43:18
95 RYAN CLARKE MJ 44:58 44:31
150 JASON PIER M45 47:50 47:24
279 ALICE PIER FJ 53:17 52:50
465 ELOUISE PEMBERTON FS 60:55 60:35

Bolton 10K full results.

Blackpool Marathon & Half Marathon

Sarah Angelone successfully completed the marathon in 3:44:32 and commented ‘I am over the moon with my marathon effort today…..rough time of 3 hrs 44/45 in hot and windy conditions. A massive thanks to everyone who came to support me…..your cheers kept me going xxx.’ And Leanne Cottam completed the Half Marathon in 1:55:46. Well done both of you!

Sarah Angelone Blackpool Marathon

Sarah Angelone Blackpool Marathon

Blackpool Marathon & Half Marathon full results.

Parkrun roundup

Burnley parkrun – 233 runners took part

We turned out in force as always at Burnley Parkrun. Congratulations to new recruit Danny Collinge who achieved 1st position from Blackburn’s Josh Boyle as well as a PB in his Clayton vest.

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
1 Danny COLLINGE 17:03 SM20-24 New PB!
4 Jonathan PYE 18:31 SM25-29
5 Richard STEVENSON 18:44 VM35-39
10 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:36 SM25-29
17 Simon WILSHAW 21:16 JM15-17 New PB!
18 Andy QUINN 21:19 VM40-44
19 Andrew WEBSTER 21:32 VM45-49
38 Lennon JACKSON 23:28 JM11-14
39 Sophie ASHWORTH 23:29 JW11-14
53 Julia RUSHTON 24:15 VW50-54
55 Daniel BRADLEY 24:23 JM11-14
76 Donna SCOTT 25:17 VW45-49
110 Annabel WILCOCK 26:55 JW11-14
121 Stuart BARKER 27:37 VM45-49
130 Heidi KEWIN 28:11 JW11-14
132 Elouise Sylkie PEMBERTON 28:14 SW25-29
193 Judith CAREY 33:30 VW35-39
225 Milly MACCABE 40:12 JW10

Dewsbury parkrun – 88 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
83 Robin PRICE 38:29 VM70-74

Cuerden Valley Parkrun – 166 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
47 Bryan SEARBY 26:03 VM40-44

Keswick Parkrun – 71 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
48 Eileen JONES 29:59 VW60-64 New PB!

Pendle Parkrun – 49 runners took part

Pos Parkrunner Time Cat Note
3 John HARTLEY 20:31 VM55-59
4 Paul BRANNON 20:39 VM55-59
13 Pete BOOTH 22:29 VM60-64
18 Barry MITCHELL 24:14 VM65-69
28 Robert HIRST 27:10 VM60-64 New PB!
33 Christine Jennifer EGERTON 31:52 VW65-69
39 Christine LEATHLEY 34:17 VW65-69

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