Tiptoe through the tulips…

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Tiptoe through the tulips…

Well, it may be a tad early for the tulips but this week you have been fell running at Flower Scar, touring Pendle on the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round, Doddling with Daffodils, Rolling at Roddlesworth, finishing the cross country season in Lancaster, road racing in Trafford and PB-ing at parkrun.

Mid Lancs Cross Country League – Lancaster 7 March

U-11 Girls

Our U-11 girls put in some solid performances in the last race of the cross country season.

Clayton Juniors

U-11 Girls Keira Stevenson and Millie Mccabe at the start line. Photo by Richard Stevenson

Pos Name Time
38 Keira Stevenson 08:54
40 Kady Thompson 09:55
46 Millie Mccabe 11:34

 U-11 Boys

Our U-11 boys ran really well in their last fixture.  Jackson McKay continues to shine and finished in 2nd place closely followed by his team mates Dexta Thompson and Finlay Stubbs.  Well done for a trio of top twenty finishes!

Clayton Juniors

Looking determined and focused. L-R Dexta Thompson, Jackson McKay and Finlay Stubbs. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

Pos Name Time
2 Jackson McKay 06:31
10 Dexta Thompson 07:03
18 Finlay Stubbs 07:33

U-13 Girls

Running without Briony Holt, the U13 girls were keen to perform well for a team medal. Excellent team spirit prevailed and all four girls ran their socks off with top ten finishes for Ellie Root and Millie Stubbs. Not too far behind them team-mates Liberty Thompson and Natasha Olszewska finished in the top 20. Their team finished in second place. Well done girls!

Clayton Juniors

U-11 Girls Liberty Thompson, Ellie Root, Natasha Olszewska and Millie Stubbs. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

Pos Name Time
6 Eleanor Root 08:47
10 Millie Stubbs 09:00
15 Liberty Thompson 09:24
17 Natasha Olszewska 09:40

Girls Team Position – 2nd place E Root | M Stubbs | L Thompson

 U-15 Girls

An excellent second place finish for Alice Pier and a steady run from Lucy Stevenson earned her seventh place.

Clayton Juniors

Alice Pier and Lucy Stevenson looking cool and collected on the start line. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

Pos Name Time
2 Alice Pier 12:05
7 Lucy Stevenson 16:41

U-15 Boys

Thomas Bradley was the sole representative for the club in this age group, as was Beth Quinn in the U-17 Women’s race.

Clayton Juniors

U15 Boy,Tom Bradley and U17 Lady Beth Quinn. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

Pos Name Time
12 Thomas Bradley 14:04

 U-17 Women

Pos Name Time
3 Bethany Quinn 17:21

 U-17 Men

Clayton Juniors

Jordan McDonald. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

A very close call for Jordan McDonald with eventual winner Thomas Marchant literally frothing at the mouth from the effort of keeping in front of Jordan at the finish line.

Pos Name Time
2 Jordan McDonald 19:14

 Senior Men U-20

George continues to put in great performances with the senior men and was the second counter in the ‘A’ team place.

Pos Name Time
4 George Pier 33:39

 Ladies Race

With many of our usual runners taking on the Flower Scar Fell Race, 8 Clayton ladies took part in this final fixture. Our Vet 45 team were in second place and our Vet55  team were first place. Well done ladies!

Clayton Ladies

Dawn Richardson and Jean Knightley. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

Pos Name Cat Time
44 Irene Roche L55 25:28
55 Jean Knightley L55 26:47
60 Dawn Richardson L45 26:58
71 Helen Burnett L35 28:06
83 Yvonne Wickham L45 29:45
111 Christine Leathley L65 36:16
112 Susan Allen L45 36:31

Kath Brady missing from results

Ladies Team Positions

Team ‘A’ – 14th Place I Roche | J Knightley | D Richardson

Team ‘B’ – 23rd Place H Burnett | Y Wickham | C Leathley

Over 35 ‘A’ – 6th Place I Roche | J Knightley | D Richardson

Over 35 ‘B’ – 14th Place H Burnett | Y Wickham | C Leathley

Over 45 ‘A’– 2nd Place I Roche | J Knightley | D Richardson

Over 45 ‘B’- 8th Place Y Wickham | C Leathley | S Allen

Over 55 – 1st Place – I Roche | J Knightley | C Leathley

 Men’s Race

As with the ladies, numbers were a little down as some of our usual XC competitors were at the Flower Scar Fell Race or the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round. 14 Clayton men ran in the final fixture.  Well done to Kevin Davies for his 1st Vet 50. Our Vet 50 A team finished in 3rd place and our Vet 60 team were first.  Well Done!

Pos Name Cat Time
27 Kevin Davies V50 (1St) 33:05
32 George Pier U20 33:39
44 Richard Stevenson M 34:11
64 John Roche V50 35:22
69 Michael Hogan V40 35:48
105 John Wilcock V50 37:39
110 Jeffrey Pickup V60 37:59
116 Peter Booth V60 38:21
131 Andy Quinn V40 39:35
140 Jason Pier V40 40:42
143 David Scott V70 41:10
146 Andrew Howarth V50 42:02
149 Dugald McCallum V60 42:25
169 Richard Lawson V70 46:28

Men’s Team Positions

Team ‘A’ – 9th Place KDavies | G Pier | R Stevenson | J Roche | M Hogan | J Wilcock

Team ‘B” – 14th Place J Pickup | P Booth | A Quinn | J Pier | D Scott | A Howarth Over 40 ‘A’ – 5th Place K Davies | J Roche | M Hogan | J Wilcock

Over 40 ‘B’ – 14th Place J Pickup | P Booth| A Quinn| J Pier

Over 50 ‘A’ – 3rd Place K Davies | J Roche | J Wilcock

Over 50 ‘B’ – 9th Place J Pickup | P Booth | D Scott

Over 60 – 1st Place J Pickup | P Booth | D Scott

Full Results

Cross-Country Inter-Counties Championships – 7 March

Congratulations to Briony Holt who was selected for the Lancashire team that competed at the Inter-Counties Championships held in Birmingham.  Running perfect weather conditions in the U13 girls team she came 50th out of 305 people and was the second Lancashire finisher.  The Lancashire U13 girls team finished in 13th place (41 teams took part).

Clayton Juniors

Clayton Junior runner Briony Holt representing Lancashire at the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships in Birmingham. Photo by Tina Holt

Well done Briony, a credit to the club!

Full Results

Flower Scar Fell Race – 7 March

Men’s Race – 325 Runners

17 Clayton Harriers took part in the Flower Scar Fell Race, a counter for the FRA English Championships. It is described as a gem of a race with steep climbs, rough moor and fast paths, typifying all that’s best about South Pennine fell running. Starting close to Todmorden town centre, this race takes you to the parts of Todmorden that other races don’t reach, for this year the route will be partially flagged. Breton Holdsworth was the first (and most noticeable) Harrier home crossing the finish in 74th place with at time of 46:06.

Fell Running

Unmissable Breton Holdsworth at the Flower Scar Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops.org.uk

A special mention for Kieran Carr who was the first Vet70 finisher at this event.

Kieran Carr

Kieran Carr at the Flower Scar Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops.org.uk

Fell Captain Dave Motley reported, “Well this was first English Championship Fell Race and what a cracking day for it. The course had been altered slightly to cope with the number of competitors but in essence it was very similar to the usual route.  After a lung bursting start across the park and up through the woods the field was strung out and this continued as the route became steeper to Flower Scar summit. The descent back to the road was welcome as oxygen debt was on me before having to tackle a 2nd climb, then back through the farms and down the forestry path to the start.

Clayton Harriers

Dave Motley at the Flower Scar Fell Race. Photo by Woodentops.org.uk

We had a really good turn out from the lads and some great runs and the race was reflected afterwards with a pint or 2 in the Hare & Hounds. For me this race is what running is about, testing yourself against the elite in the sport, great banter and a pint to finish”

Pos Name Cat Time
74 Breton Holdsworth MV40 46:08
113 Dave Motley M 47:59
141 Garry Wilkinson MV50 49:19
149 Lee Smith M 49:33
163 Paul Shackleton MV50 50:29
167 Dave Bagot M 50:44
175 Ryan Wilkinson M 51:27
191 Michael O’Donnell MV40 52:49
210 Paul Hesketh MV50 53:51
225 Mark Aspinall MV55 55:20
247 Kieran Carr MV70 1st 58:20
251 Jon Sharples MV60 58:38
260 Peter Browning MV55 59:29
287 Adam Shaw M 63:13
289 John Rusius MV60 63:17
306 Stephen Fish MV60 69:27

Women’s Race – 148 Runners

Ladies Captain, Jean Brown, reported, “We had a recent record of nine ladies out racing at the Flower Scar race which is the first of the English Championship races for 2015.  Although one of the short races, it was tough – a lot of runnable terrain with the odd steeper section, a wonderful descent off Flower Scar itself then a sting in the tail with a final climb before the run down to the finish. Very muddy in places but could have been worse. Next up is Club fell champs counter, Black Combe, next weekend – then the Welsh British Champs race on 18 April.”

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies at the Flower Scar Fell Race. L-R Natalie Harrison, Angela Shian, Jean Brown, Vicky Heys, Katy Thompson, Barbara Savage. Photo by Nat Harrison

Pos Name Cat Time
54 Jean Brown FV45 58:29
61 Vicky Heys FV40 59:21
83 Natalie Harrison F 61:45
104 Angela Shian F 65:52
105 Nerina Gill FV45 65:58
108 Linda Lord FV65 66:21
114 Katy Thompson FV60 67:00
118 Barbara Savage FV50 68:03
130 Julia Rushton FV50 74:13

Full Results

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round – 8 March

188 runners took part in this iconic local race.

Pos    Num    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
23 293 Andrew Mcfarlane M40 (008/046) 01:20:31
30 251 Ian Greenwood M50 (007/051) 01:22:25
39 402 Chris Whitecah M (017/040) 01:24:13
41 203 Ralph Baines M40 (014/046) 01:25:11
50 380 Jack Holt M60 (002/014) 01:26:22
56 315 Nick Roscoe M40 (020/046) 01:28:13
64 396 Sean Clare M40 (023/046) 01:29:59
67 211 Richard Briscoe M (024/040) 01:30:24
79 306 Mark Nutter M50 (022/051) 01:32:18
93 268 Nigel Hodson M40 (031/046) 01:34:29
98 316 Darren Rushton M40 (033/046) 01:35:22
110 364 Stephen White M50 (032/051) 01:36:34
114 235 Andrew Dugdale M50 (033/051) 01:37:35
115 303 David Naylor M50 (034/051) 01:38:30
120 336 Mark Taylor M (034/040) 01:40:07
121 403 Gary Balmer M40 (037/046) 01:40:15
122 236 Peter Dugdale M50 (035/051) 01:40:33
129 240 Andrew Firth M50 (039/051) 01:42:28
130 208 Martin Brady M50 (040/051) 01:42:33
131 252 Martin Griffin M50 (041/051) 01:42:46
136 213 Stephen Bury M50 (043/051) 01:43:14
137 371 Colin Woolford M (037/040) 01:43:45
152 304 Robin Nicolson M40 (044/046) 01:47:28
168 299 Doug Munroe M60 (013/014) 01:56:21
176 249 Karin Goss F60 (001/001) 02:09:40

Roddlesworth Roller – 8 March

Seven Clayton Harriers took part in this local fell race described by the organiser as “a well marshalled course, starting and finishing near the Hare and Hounds, Abbey Village, traversing the shale tracks of Roddlesworth, the roads of Tockholes, and the scenic delights of the area. Tough but enjoyable!”

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies Joanne Bennett, Sarah Angelone, Nikki Kay and Deborah Greenwood at the Roddlesworth Roller. Photo by Deborah Greenwood

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
34 Peter Butterworth M60 00:40:45
66 Austin Wensley M 00:44:04
104 Sarah Angelone F 00:48:53
107 Joanne Bennett F45 00:49:09
137 Julie Toman F45 00:55:15
140 Deborah Greenwood F45 00:56:27
168 Nicola Kay F 01:03:45

Full Results

Daffodil Doddle – 8 March

Junior race at the Roddlesworth Roller.  Team Thompson were out in force for this event, taking their mum along with them! It is a 2.2km off-road trail run.

Clayton Juniors

Team Thompson at the Daffodil Doddle race. Photo By Nicola Thompson

Pos    Name    Cat    CatPos    Time   
19 Dexta Thompson M9 (001/009) 00:08:37
33 Liberty Thompson F12 (003/009) 00:09:11
120 Kady Thompson F8 (006/009) 00:12:15
133 Felix Thompson M5 (002/006) 00:13:00
139 Nicola Thompson F34 (002/002) 00:13:13

Full Results

Trafford 10k – 8 March

Stephen Biscomb took part in this fast-paced 10K road race among over 800 runners.

Clayton Harriers

Stephen Biscomb at the Trafford 10K. Photo by Nick Gaskell

Pos. Name Chip Time Cat. Cat. Pos.
378 Stephen Biscomb 0:42:20 M60-64 5

Parkrun Roundup

Lots of PBs at Burnley this week and a bit of parkrun tourism as well.

Burnley parkrun – A total of 225 runners took part.

Clayton parkrunners

Happy Harriers at Burnley parkrun. Photo by David Belshaw

Position parkrunner Run Time
3 Jacob WATSON 00:17:55 – New PB!
4 Jonathan PYE 00:17:58
6 Matthew DUCKWORTH 00:18:25 – New PB!
20 Simon WILSHAW 00:21:30 – New PB!
48 Lennon JACKSON 00:23:41 – New PB!
49 Sophie ASHWORTH 00:23:42
81 Richard STEVENSON 00:25:48
87 Andrew TAYLOR 00:26:05
89 Annabel WILCOCK 00:26:11 – New PB!
90 John WILCOCK 00:26:14
99 Ron CHAPPELL 00:26:56
103 Elouise Sylkie PEMBERTON 00:27:00
105 Jackie KERSHAW 00:27:03
130 Stuart BARKER 00:28:23
158 Eileen JONES 00:30:21

Gorleston Cliffs parkrun – A total of 220 runners took part. 

Position parkrunner Run Time
7 John HARTLEY 00:19:49

Heaton parkrun – A total of 546 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
76 Bryan SEARBY 00:23:15   New PB!

 Preston parkrun – A total of 261 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
103 George THOMPSON 00:25:42

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 72 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
72 Robin PRICE 00:38:58

 Pendle parkrun – A total of 53 runners took part.

Position parkrunner Run Time
31 Molly HESKETH 00:30:57

Junior Cross County Presentations –  5 March

An informal presentation was held at junior training on Thursday to reward and encourage our junior members. All junior members that have taken part in cross country were given a certificate and a small prize for taking part.  The winners of each age category also received a small trophy.

Clayton Juniors

Clayton Junior Cross Country Presentations

Coming up

Club Fell Championship – Our first club fell championship race is the Black Combe fell race on Saturday 14 March at Silecroft Village Hall, LA18 5LP

Weekly Roundup – watch this space as there will be a guest editor of the roundup next week.

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