Red Rose Cross Country and the rest of the weeks action

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Red Rose Cross Country and the rest of the weeks action

Red Rose XC –  Leigh

With near perfect conditions, a whopping 52 club members took part in the races spanning the age ranges from under 11s to over 60s.  The weather was fantastic. Bright, sunny and no wind to fight against – also very little mud which might not have pleased everyone!  The course was flat and level, making for a fast and hard run for many. Lots of exciting finishes to see that were heartily cheered on by our orange-clad members.

John Roche

Clayton-le-Moors Harrier John Roche battling for the finish.

Race Reports from First Timers Sarah and Carl Helliwell

Neither Carl nor I knew what to expect at Leigh Sports Village; however one thing we had been guaranteed was pain,  and lots of it!  Before I carry on I will say a little bit about us. We are Sarah and Carl Helliwell and both started running in December after we realised that time is not your own once you have a child. We had soon realised we couldn’t cycle as much; however putting on a pair of trainers was a more viable option and a bit more bang for your buck!

It was a large field with the women and juniors as we gathered together in the afternoon sun. The Clayton ladies were giving each other words of encouragement and before we knew it the gun was fired. I’d been warned it was fast, but nothing prepared me for how quick everyone went. Slightly different from the fell races I’d been doing. I will be honest here; I’m more of a plodder than a sprinter! I could see Candice, Nat and Angela all making quick starts with Irene and Vicky not far behind them. I told myself to ignore them and to try and stick to my own race. The first 2 laps around the field were filled with encouragement from the crowd and the other Clayton supporters. The race then headed off the field through the trees onto a trail. I started to feel more settled and kept encouraging myself to keep my pace going. We cut off the trail and back through the trees into a bit more rough stuff, before heading back towards the playing field again and the words of encouragement from the crowds and Clayton support.

It was now time for the big lap as we headed back into the trees and made our way towards the park and the lake. It was here that Jean passed me and I tried to keep with her for as long as possible. I think I managed about a minute before she started to slowly tap away from me, with my legs not responding. What you do not realise is how much the race snakes around and how much of the route is hidden. It twists and turns around trees and bushes whilst covering a variety of surfaces from grass, trail, bridges and not too much mud!

Clayton-le-Moors Harrier Sarah Helliwell

Cross country first timer Sarah Helliwell at the finish line

As the runners started to cross over I could see the front runners returning with Candice up there, making a fantastic return to cross country and the first Clayton lady over the line in 21.53. I knew I would be out on the course for a lot longer! I held my own around the big lap and started to close down on a couple of runners. I passed them just before we crossed the bridge back past the sports complex. As I entered the last section I knew I had to give it my all as I made my way back to the finish line and the cheers of supporters. I managed to pick my pace up as I turned the corner and was relieved when I crossed the line with a little feeling of sickness creeping up. The Clayton ladies were all waiting at the finish line congratulating each other and telling tales of feeling sick and how much saliva we had covered ourselves with. There was one comment stating that “cross country is not a sport for the glamourous…”

I am glad that Irene talked me into doing the cross country, as I feel it has given me a new challenge after the Pendle Burnley Grand Prix series. I am looking forward to some more pain and sickness in a couple of weeks’ time!

It was now the turn of the men!

Over to Carl who was given no choice of doing cross country as I gave his name to Irene as well, I thought if I am doing it, so can he…

I’ll be honest from the start, I am not the most organised person in the world. I thought I was pretty much sorted for this event; arriving 2 hours before my race and checking out the course the night before/early morning on the internet. My usual tactic has been to ask someone what is going on a few minutes before a race, so as not to worry myself too much. I don’t like to waste precious energy worrying!

As I lined up for my first ever cross country I had in my little head what I thought the route was. Two small laps and two big laps on a powerful and flat course (I don’t like the flat; I like hills and have always done well on the bike with them.) Therefore this race was my worst nightmare, flat, wrong course in my head and 6 miles of it. One thing I did know was that I had to run my own race and hang onto a pace that was uncomfortable for as long as possible. This has been my tactic since I started racing in May; go as hard as I can for as long as I can before I feel like I am towing a caravan back across the finishing line. Unfortunately this feeling occurred a lot sooner than I anticipated which was just after lap 1 of what I though was the small lap! It was only when I heard the bell and asked a marshal after lap 2, that I realised the course was not what I expected!

Clayton-le-Moors Harrier Carl Helliwell

Cross country first timer Carl Helliwell towing his caravan over the finish line!

Not knowing the course was probably a good thing as I felt it helped me to calm down and slowly tap away and pull back runners during lap 2 & 3. I noticed there was a lull from other runners around me, which gave me confidence that I was not the only one suffering. After half a lap of getting my head together and ‘star gazing’ moments I started to dig in deep. The last mile I was well and truly hitched up with my ‘caravan’ as I towed it back to the finish line and the cheer of Clayton supporters. I felt like I had given my all and was totally spent as I crossed the finish line. I loved it and I cannot wait for the next one! I’m not going to prepare this time; I’m just going to ask someone on the start line…

A massive well done to everyone who competed in both the juniors and seniors

We both really enjoyed the event. We couldn’t believe how well organised and big it was. The amount of runners, the team spirit and the crowds and encouragement that everyone gives each other is brilliant. Cross country has a real family feel to it especially with the variety of races from U11’s to seniors. Our little girl Eva, loved the day out and was kept busy with all the young Clayton junior girls and harassing Motley junior. We are both looking forward to the next race at Wilsons playing fields.

Hope to see you there! Sarah & Carl

Club Results

Under 11 Boys – 77 Runners

Pos Name Time
3 Jackson McKay 9:47
20 Dexta Thomson 10:37

Under 11 Girls – 98 Runners

Under 11 Girls Team 8th Place with 93 points (13 Teams)
Ella Dorrington / Emma Jeffers / Keira Stevenson

Pos Name Time
13 Ella Dorrington-Levy 9:03
40 Emma Jeffers 9:53
42 Keira Stevenson 9:54
75 Eloise Clegg 10:42
86 Rachel Stevenson 11:35
89 Lydia Wood 11:44
91 Millie MacCube 11:53

Under 13 Boys – 55 Runners

Under 13 Boys Team 9th Place with 118 points (10 Teams)
Adam Quinn / Adam Stevenson / Daniel Bradley

Clayton Harriers U13 Boys

Under 13s Boys Team. L-R Daniel Bradley, Adam Quinn, Adam Stevenson

Pos Name Time
29 Adam Quinn 10:54
42 Adam Stevenson 11:48
53 Daniel Bradley 14:04

Under 13 Girls – 60 Runners

Under 13 Boys Team 4th Place with 44 points (8 Teams)
Briony Holt / Eleanor Root / Millie Stubbs

Clayton Harriers U13 Girls

Under 13 Girls team. L-R Briony Holt, Liberty Thompson, Millie Stubbs, Eleanor Root, Natasha Olszewska

Pos Name Time
4 Briony Holt 10:08
19 Eleanor Root 10:54
21 Millie Stubbs 11:02
40 Natasha Olszewska 12:02
47 Liberty Thompson 12:39

Under 15 Boys – 40 Runners

Under 13 Boys Team 6th Place with 62 points (7 Teams)
Curtis Holt / Ryan Clarke / Thomas Bradley

Pos Name Time
15 Curtis Holt 14:55
22 Ryan Clarke 15:26
25 Thomas Bradley 15:38

Under 15 Girls – 42 Runners

Pos Name Time
17 Alice Pier 17:27
41 Lucy Stevenson 24:11

Under 17 Men – 16 Runners

Pos Name Time
3 Jordan McDonald 19:41

Under 17 Ladies – 22 Runners

Pos Name Time
18 Bethany Quinn 28:39
Red Rose XC Ladies

Ladies Race incorporating Under 17s, Under 20s and Senior Men.  Jordan McDonald and Bethany Quinn visible.

Ladies – 142 Runners

Ladies Team 6th Place with 72 points (16 Teams)
Candice Heys / Vicky Heys / Angela Shian

Vet Ladies Team 2nd Place with 34 points (14 Teams)
Candice Heys / Vicky Heys / Angela Shian

Clayton Harrier, Angela Shian

Angela Shian at the Red Rose Cross Country Race

Pos Name Cat Cat
5 Candice Heys LV35 1 21:53
33 Vicky Heys LV40 4 24:58
36 Angela Shian LV35 7 25:05
38 Natelle Harrison L 37 25:06
51 Irene Roche LV55 2 25:41
61 Julia Rushton LV50 5 26:09
66 Jean Knightley LV55 4 26:13
85 Sarah Helliwell L 85 27:41
103 Helen Burnett LV40 18 29:05
117 Adrienne Olszewska LV45 14 31:03
134 Susan Allen L50 14 36:30

Men – 246 Runners

Mens Team 9th Place with 378 points (18 Teams)
Lee Smith / Mark Aspinall / Andy Armstrong / David Motley / Carl Helliwell / George Pier

Vet Mens Team 7th Place with 144 points (16 Teams)
Mark Aspinall / Andy Armstrong / John Roche / Malc Christie

Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
43 Lee Smith M 41:51
44 Mark Aspinall MV50 3 41:59
50 Andrew Armstrong MV40 7 42:25
54 David Motley M 43:05
92 Carl Helliwell M 45:03
101 George Pier M 45:57
103 John Roche MV55 3 46:04
113 Malc Christie MV50 11 46:48
122 Richard Briscoe M 47:20
138 John Wilcock MV50 15 48:27
142 RyanWilkinson M 49:06
148 Peter Booth MV60 1 49:20
150 Geoff Pickup MV60 2 49:29
170 Andy Quinn MV40 32 50:40
186 Stephen White MV55 10 51:58
202 Martin Brady MV50 27 53:27
210 Peter Thompson MV50 29 54:15

 Full Results

Lea Town 10k – Saturday 11th October

Just one club member took part in this event, Terry O’Leary who finished in 7th place with a time of 37:53 in a field of 89 runners.  Well done Terry.

Full Results

Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon – Sunday 12th October

Well done Breton Holdsworth for a fantastic run at the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon finishing in 29th place with a chip time of 02:48:06!

Clayton-le-Moors Harrier Brett Holdsworth

Breton Holdsworth brightening up the murky landscape at the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

Full Results

Langdale Horseshoe – 11th October

Eleven Clayton Harriers members took part in this classic, lakeland fell race.Neil Hardiman was the first Clayton Harrier to finish.

Report from the Ambleside FC Website

The race started in poor visibility and intermittent rain but finished in bright sunshine. For the first time in many years Langdale & Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team, supported by Coniston and Kendal, had to be called out (3 times) for injuries. Two had to be airlifted to hospital in Whitehaven.

First of the 375 runners starting was Rhys Finlay-Robinson of Dark Peak in 2 hours 16 minutes, outsprinting George Crayston of Borrowdale. Jim Davies of Borrowdale, a Vet 45, was third. Leading local men were Matt Reedy of Ambleside 7th, Kieran Hodgson of Helm Hill 10th, Adam Perry of Helm Hill 11th and Stuart Dickson of Ambleside 19th. Borrowdale were first team.

The ladies were led home by Judith Jepson in 2 hours 44 minutes, with Nicky Spinks 2nd – both of Dark Peak and both Vet 45s. Dark Peak were first team. Few locals turned out but Sally Ward from Sedbergh was 8th and Wendy Dodds, running for Clayton was first Vet 60.

Clayton Harrier Neil Hardiman

Neil Hardiman on the descent of the Pike of Blisco. Photo courtesy of Andy Jackson

Pos Name Cat Time
44 Neil Hardiman MV45 02:42:42
139 Ivan Whigham MV50 03:02:54
160 Ralph Baines MV45 03:10:22
196 David Naughton MV50 03:17:32
197 Peter Browning MV55 03:17:38
213 Andrew Firth MV55 03:21:33
215 Wendy Dodds LV60 03:21:44
228 Alex Braysford MV40 03:28:03
254 John Rusius MV60 03:33:04
264 Nigel Hodson MV45 03:35:34
308 Peter Dugdale MV55 03:51:46

Full Results

Gin Pit 5 – Sunday 12th October

Spotted a couple of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers in this event.  It’s a 5 mile trail run organised by Astley and Tyldesley Road Runners.  Well done Peter Butterworth and Julie Toman!

Pos Name Cat Time
43 Peter Butterworth MV60 32:53
176 Julie Toman FV45 45:11

Full Results

Withins Skyline – Sunday 12th October

Well done to everyone who took part in this event out on the wild and misty moors near Haworth. Congratulations to Briony Holt who was first u12, first girl overall and 4th overall. She also beat the course record for both u12 and u14.

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers

Spot the Clayton-le-Moors Harrier in the middle of the pack – Photo courtesy of Kath Grundy

Senior Results – 255 runners took part

Pos Name Cat Time
43 David Bagot M 00:52:45
57 Brian Horrocks MV50 00:54:20
85 Chris Funnell MV40 00:56:13
164 Richard Briscoe M 01:02:19
208 Robert Hirst MV60 01:09:19
210 Katy Thompson FV60 01:09:38

Junior Results – 111 runners took part

Pos Name Cat Time
4 Briony Holt F U12 06:39
16 Chris Brown M U10 07:19

Full Results

 Autumn Breaker 10k – Sunday 12th October

Well done to the five Clayton-le-Moors Harriers that took part in this event. This two lap course uses the same beautiful route in the park as the Stanley Park 10k earlier in the year. Starting and finishing on the running track the route follows the well maintained pathways around the park.

Clayton Harriers at the Autumn Breaker 10K

Clayton Harriers at the Autumn Breaker 10k in Blackpool. L-R Stephen Biscomb, Marion Wilkinson, Jackie Kershaw, Brian Wildman, Bryan Searby

Pos Name Cat Time
28 Stephen Biscomb MV60 00:41:10
73 Brian Wildman MV45 00:45:42
164 Jackie Kershaw FV40 00:52:21
205 Marion Wilkinsn FV65 00:55:25
225 Bryan Searby MV40 00:56:40

Full Results

Parkrun Roundup

Parkrun has been celebrating 10 years of success and growth recently, and our club members are always popping up at park runs here, there and everywhere.  This week we have a win, a couple of PBs, and a first timer to applaud!

Pos Gender Pos Name Time Cat Other
PENNINGTON FLASH parkrun– 180 Runners
36 34 Martin Brady 00:24:14 MV50-54 First Timer at this location
BURNLEY parkrun – 169 Runners
1 1 Jonathon Pye 00:18:08 SM25-29 New PB!
2 2 Jacob Watson 00:18:15 SM30-34 New PB!
6 6 Nick Roscoe 00:20:27 VM45-49
11 11 Stephen Ainsworth 00:21:36 VM55-59
22 21 David Ian Scott 00:22:58 VM70-74
80 22 Annabel Wilcock 00:27:39 JW1-14
81 59 John Wilcock 00:27:40 VM50-54
148 90 Jack Skelly 00:36:09 JM10
149 59 Natalie Harrison 00:36:09 SW30-34 First Timer!
169 98 Robert Hirst 00:42:34 VM60-64
DEWSBURY parkrun – 83 Runners
69 40 Robin Price 00:33:02 VM70-74
HEREFORD parkrun – 120 Runners
3 3 Paul Shackleton 00:18:07 VM50-54 Inaugural Hereford parkrun
PENDLE parkrun – 71 Runners
10 10 John Hartley 00:20:50 VM55-59
24 3 Dawn Terry 00:25:01 VW50-54

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