Ron Hill 76th Birthday 5k, and the rest of the week’s action

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Ron Hill 76th Birthday 5k, and the rest of the week’s action

The Ron Hill 76th Birthday Cowm Race – Thursday 25th September

Report by David Scott

Ron Hill

The Ron Hill 76th Birthday 5k at Cowm. Ron Hill wearing the appropriate race number! Photo courtesy of Steve Bateson –

Having missed the AGM 5000m and meeting, as I was on holiday, I returned from warm, sunny Cornwall to run Ron’s Birthday race on a dark, damp, dismal, drizzly evening which was brightened up by a sizeable number of Clayton vests.  It was particularly pleasing to see 5 of our Juniors, plus Fast Alice, brought along largely through the efforts of Jason and Marion who continue to do a super job.

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers at the Ron Hill 76th Birthday 5k

The orange army out in force. PBs galore with fantastic results from all who ran in a well organised and fun race celebrating a true legend of running on his 76th Birthday – Andrew Holt

The start is on a narrow lane below the reservoir dam and after 2 of our young flyers had been turned round from heading for the back of the race start, to find a position nearer the front, and after Andy O’Sullivan had organised a loud cheer for the birthday man, the race was away.  It was also revealed that Andy had now organised/promoted over 500 races, an amazing achievement for a remarkable man.

After a flat start of 150m the course turns 90deg left up a steepish tarmac road to reach the top of the dam. Then it is 2 laps of the res. mainly on a gravel path and back down the hill to finish below the dam again. Many of you will have noticed that I can no longer set off fast but once along the res. path I started to pass people.  Our Juniors had already vanished and I never saw any of them again.  It is one of those strange things, but when racing I tend to concentrate on catching the next 2 or 3 people in front of me and on a narrow path, with lots of runners, I never saw Martin who finished 11 places ahead. There were a lot more runners, 211 rather than the 67 and 62 that had run when I last ran at Cowm in 201,  and this gives the advantage of there always being someone to chase.

Run of the night must go to a brilliant performance by Jordan McDonald who finished 2nd overall. Richard Stevenson, in 16th place, held up the honour of the Seniors, but it was our Juniors who all ran really well and deserved the plaudits.

Ron presented the prizes, still wearing his Clayton vest.  One of the things that really impresses and makes me proud to know Ron, is that he still races regularly, unlike many of our other top athletes who, when they no longer win races, give up.  Many, many years ago I remember racing in the South East Lancs XC League in Bury, running the last 200yds down a tarmac lane and hearing footsteps catching me. With eyeballs out and still being caught, the figure of Ron appeared by my side and said ‘I bet that gave you a bit of a fright’!  He was not really in the race as such, but had given everyone a start and worked his way through the field.  On 29th Dec. 2014 he will have run every day for 50 years!!!!  Amazing!

Pos Name Time Cat Place
2 Jordan McDonald 16.59  
16 Richard Stevenson 18.06  
20 George Pier 18.26  
32 Curtis Holt 19.01  
34 Alexander Townrow 19.09  
35 Tom Bradley 19.15  
71 Jason Pier 21.08  
78 Fast Alice Pier 21.41  
84 Martin Brady 22.02  
95 David Scott 22.41 1stV70
126 Richard Lawson 24.40  
140 Jackie Kershaw 25.29  
16 Marion Wilkinson 27.11 1stF70
176 Ron Hill 28.28 1stV75
190 Jack McGuire 30.10  

Thieveley Pike Fell Race – Saturday 27th September

TPFR Results 2014.

Clayton Ladies plus an extra member at Thieveley Pike Fell Race

Clayton Ladies plus an extra member at Thieveley Pike Fell Race

Start of the race

Strong start for the juniors at Thieveley Pike

Juniors at Thieveley Pike Fell Race

Juniors out in force and ready to run at the Thieveley Pike Fell Race.

The Grand 10K Run at Aintree – Sunday 28th September

Ron Hill features again as he took part in this popular 10K event along with a handful of Clayton Harriers. Some excellent performances and, according to the Run Britain rankings, a couple of PBs as well for Terry O’Leary and Amanda Duffy.

Pos Gun time Chip Time Name Cat
8th 37:31 37:31 Terry O’Leary 1st V35 (PB)
200th 49:29 49:00 Amanda Duffy WV35 (PB)
284th 52:51 52:22 Lee Moore V35
437th 58:05 57:05 Ron Hill V75

Littleborough 10k Road Race – Sunday 28th September

Spotted a couple of Clayton Harriers amongst the Littleborough 10K results.  113 runners took part so great results for Alan and Martin.

Pos Name Cat Time
25 Alan Clarkson M55 42:14
59 Martin Brady M50 48:13

Clent Hills Race

Congratulations to Paul Shackleton for his win at the Clent Hills Race.

Rab Mountain Marathon 27th & 28th September

Another great result just in for Colin Woolford who completed the Rab Mountain Marathon finishing in 75th place with a time of 10:37:51

Run Preston 5k & 10k 28th September

5k Results – 313 Runners

Pos Name Cat Time
72 Jackie Kershaw FV40 26:22
93 Marion Wilkinson FV70 28:10

Lots of Harriers took part in this event but results are running a bit late. Will add 10k as they become available.

Park Run – Where have you been running this week?

Clayton Harriers are keen supporters of Park Run and there is always a good showing at the local events.  Sometimes, though a little bit of Park Run tourism occurs and they can be seen popping up in all kinds of places. This week Clayton Harriers have been spotted at the following events. Ron Hill is there again!

Pos Gender Pos Name Time
Heaton Parkrun – 424 Runners
70 66 Stephen Green 22:00
241 185 Ron Hill 27:34
Bolton Parkrun – 203 Runners
42 5 Julia Rushton 24:14
Burnley Parkrun – 186 Runners
3 3 Jonathon Pye 18:19
6 6 Dave Motley 19:19
8 8 Jacob Watson 19:46
11 11 Nick Roscoe 20:04
24 24 Alan Clarkson 21:06
53 8 Dawn Terry 23:29
65 55 Martin Brady 23:58
76 64 Adam Stevenson 24:22
88 14 Donna Scott 24:56
96 76 Ron Chappell 26:06
102 24 Julie Toman 26:30
110 26 Roanna Holdsworth 27:00
111 85 Breton Holdsworth 27:01
154 49 Lucy Stevenson 31:27
181 68 Kathleen Garnett 37:46
Dewsbury Parkrun – 120 Runners
75 50 Robin Price 33:11
Penrith Parkrun – 60 Runners
25 18 George Thompson 24:41
32 12 Katy Thompson 25:45
Pendle Parkrun – 68 Runners
5 5 John Hartley 21:09
15 12 Stephen White 23:35
38 13 Christine Jennifer Egerton 30:30
41 15 Molly Hesketh 30:49
48 21 Christine Leathley 32:38

Leeds Parkrun – 410 Runners

I am told that the unknown runner in second place is none other than our own Jonny McKenna who finished with a fantastic time of 16:27!

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