Trawden 7 Trail Race & The Rest of the Weekends Action

ByChristopher Holdsworth

Trawden 7 Trail Race & The Rest of the Weekends Action

Trawden 7 Trail Race

‘Pushing hard trying to catch the runner in front I slipped coming down one of the descents and ended upside down at the side of the path. After picking myself up it was nice to hear my fellow runners asking if I was ok as they moved past me taking advantage of my fall…’


Sunday saw the 10th race of the Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix Series with the Trawden 7 Trail, we arrived earlier as my kids wanted to take part in the junior races which had been scheduled before the main race. The 2 junior races attracted over 50 children with 6 of our very own Clayton-le-Moors Juniors participating. Well done to all 6 with special mention to Finlay Stubbs for a great sprint finish in the U11 race and to Tom Bradley with 1st place in the Over 11’s.


Courtesy of Deborah Stevenson

With the junior races done and prizes handed out it was time for a quick warm up before the main race.  I lined up alongside the other 150+ runners and off we went around the edge of the Trawden recreational ground and onto the road. The runners had already started to spread out and I settled into a steady pace hoping that I hadn’t set off to fast.


Courtesy of Trawden 7 Trail Race

The course left the main road onto a track that dropped steeply down towards Hollin Hall; we rounded the corner to the road where we started the long climb up towards the Pendle Way. It was one of them hills that just when you thought you were near the top, it turned a corner and climbed again.


Courtesy of Trawden 7 Trail Race

As we reached the top the course moved onto an undulating section of tracks which makes for great trail running but this was to prove my downfall, pushing hard trying to catch the runner in front I slipped coming down one of the descents and ended upside down at the side of the path. After picking myself up it was nice to hear my fellow runners asking if I was ok as they moved past me taking advantage of my fall.

It took a minute or two for me to get back into my stride and I was glad to see the water station up in front of me, passing through there the course dropped down and headed for Wycoller village, it was here that I was joined by fellow Harriers Dave Motley and Russell Clarke.


Courtesy of Trawden 7 Trail Race

The 3 of us stayed together through the village and across the stone bridge; from there we started the last climb up the main road heading for the finish. By now I had got my breath back and sensing that some of the runners in front were slowing I pushed on up the hill.

This last section certainly seemed longer than I remember after visiting Wycoller only a few weeks ago with my family. After passing a couple of runners on the climb I reached the recreation ground and could see the finish in the far corner, luckily I had no one chasing me too hard as I didn’t fancy a sprint finish around the field.


Courtesy of Trawden 7 Trail Race

I finished in 23rd place overall with a time of 45:22, apart from taking a tumble I really enjoyed the race it’s a good trail running course with plenty of climbs and nice scenery.

Well done to all 30 Clayton-le-Moors runners who competed and thanks to Trawden AC for the bottle of Trawden Trail ale, homemade cakes and for organising a great morning of running which the whole family enjoyed.


Courtesy of Rachel Todd

Full results: 

Pos                                                      Time

10       Thomas Brewster                  M         43.31

12       Kevin  Davies                       M50    44.14

18       Paul    Hesketh                     M45    44.43

21       Paul    Brannon                    M55    45.06

23       Richard Stevenson             M         45.22

25       Dave Motley                        M         45.26

28       Ruessell Clarke                  M         45.55

32       alan Life                               M45    47.08

34       RogerBrewster                    M55    47.2

47       Nick Roscoe                        M40    49.05

49       Nicholas Olszewski             M50    49.29

55       Stephen Biscomb               M60    50.07

59       Sean Clare                           M45    50.42

61       Andy Bradley                         M45    50.52

62       Gordon Barrett                     M50    51.05

68       Stephen White                     M55    52.23

69       Richard Briscoe                   M         52.38

81       MartinBrady                          M50    53.24

88       David  Scott                           M70    54.28

92       DawnTerry                           F50     55.2

107     MartinGriffin                         M50    58.44

120     Jean   Knightly                      F55     60.34

122     SarahHelliwell                    F          61.32

127     Rachel Todd                         F40     62.41

134     Robert Hirst                          M60    64.57

135     HelenBurnett                       F40     65

139     Michelle Butsgot                  F40     66.36

140     Richard Lawson                  M70    67.06

141     Adrienne Olszewska           F45     67.3

149     Christine Leathley               F65     77.51

Thanks to Richard Stevenson for this weeks race report! Full results can be found here.


The Rest of the Weekends Action

It would seem that this weekend, if you wasn’t at the Trawden 7 Trail Race, you were at this years Wasdale Fell Race 2014! A total of 8 Harriers made the trip to the Lake Districts. Spencer Riley (feels good to write that name again) was the first back, finishing 6th in his age category, and 29th overall. The next male through was Martin Terry, who also finished 6th in his age category, shortly behind in 32nd. 3rd Harrier through the finish was Mick Dobson, scraping in under the hour mark in 5:55:40 and in 66th over. One place behind him, and only 8 seconds too was Ivan Whigham in 67th. Lastly, John Russius and Andrew Firth completed the fell race in 06:01:16 and 06:30:43 respectively.

There was only one lady and the race, and she outdid herself once again. Not only was she the the 6th lady to finish, she also finished as the 1st FV60 – finishing in front of four of the men too!!

Our solo runner of the week comes from our top road runner, Johnny McKenna. He raced at the Eccup 10 Road Race, finishing 7th out of 167 runners, in 00:57:47. Well done Johnny!

Unless I have missed a race, it would seem our attentions were split between Trawden and Wasdale! Well done to everyone who ran!


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