Kelbrook Fell Race 2014 & The Rest of the Weekends Action

ByChristopher Holdsworth

Kelbrook Fell Race 2014 & The Rest of the Weekends Action

Kelbrook Fell Race 2014

‘The early leaders were not the Grand Prix leaders, but John LLoyd and junior Jordan McDonald of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers. They held this lead until numpty here got giddy and went full steam ahead. I was eventually joined by the two Grand Prix table toppers, Jimmy Craig and Marc Hartley, where we stayed in our pack up the windy road towards the first descent before we tackled the summit’

Spending the week mulling over my last minute defeat to Tom Brewster at the Burnley Boys 10k had me in the sort of mood almost every runner finds themselves in. Toys were thrown so far my crib was but a distant blur. I was in quite the foul mood… ‘I don’t enjoy these Burnley & Pendle Grand Prix Races’ I half heartedly muttered under my breath to everyone anyone willing to listen. ‘They’re just too predictable’ I whined, ‘I shan’t be doing anymore!’

After a 20 minute sulk, I pulled it together and dragged myself to the Kelbrook Fell Race 2014.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

I arrived to the usual Grand Prix faces. My head was down, warm ups short and steady as I focussed on the race ahead. The runners gathered at the start line, all eager to get the race underway. A quick introduction to the health and safety, followed by a 3,2,1 got us all on our way, up the track and onto our first climb.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

The early leaders were not the Grand Prix regulars, but John Loyd and junior Jordan McDonald of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers. They held this lead until numpty here got giddy and went full steam ahead. I was eventually joined by the two Grand Prix table toppers, Jimmy Craig and Marc Hartley, where we stayed in our pack up the windy road towards the first descent before we tackled the summit.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

The first descent brought us to a stream, where Jimmy first took 1st position. This was short lived before Marc and I rejoined the forefront of the race. A sharp hill brought us back on ourselves where I was able to take a glimpse of the following heard. My Grand Prix nemesis Tom Brewster had shortened the gap between the front 3 and was steadily closing in. Jordan, while no longer at the front, was still putting in a monumental effort and keeping up in the second pack.

I knew I had to up my game, if ‘road’ is Tom’s thing, then ‘fell’, or at least ‘hills’ was surely mine..

As we hit the crevice before the notorious Kelbrook ‘hands on knees’ climb, I was confident that I could keep up with the two either side of me. ‘They’re just road runners’ I thought, ‘I’ve definitely got them here’.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

Nope. The usual gusto that greets me when my legs arrive at a hill were not there that day. So I walked. Luckily, I think pride got the better of the other two and they attempted to run the whole hill. This at times had me walking quicker than they could run.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

It mattered not – although we all arrived at the summit at the same time, they’re speed was my undoing. A race back to the finish allowed Jimmy Craig to finish over a minute in front, whereas I finished in 00:22:29. They’re won’t be any tantrums this week however, as  I managed to finish over a minute in front of 4th placed Andy Buttery.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

I’m happy with my race, but there really were some brilliant efforts from Clayton-le-Moors Harriers throughout. To say Tom doesn’t usually race on fells, he had a stalwart effort that any ‘fell’ runner would be proud of, finishing in 6th with a time of 00:23:44Alan Life also had a brilliant race, narrowly missing out on a top 10 position in 11th. Garry Wilkinson, who was recently quoted as saying ‘I think this is my bow with the seniors’ proved that there was still life in the old dog yet. He finished in 18th with an excellent time of 00:24:50.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

The performance of the day has to go to Jordan McDonald though. Not only did he finish as the first U18, he also bested over 100 seniors, finishing just over the 25 minute mark in 00:25:12.


Photo by Christopher Holdsworth

This weeks Race Report was by Christopher Holdsworth, full results found here.


The Rest of the Weekends Action

One of the other big races of the weekend brings us to Duddon Valley 2014, where eight Clayton-le-Moors Harriers competed. First around the course was David Naughton, speeding to the finish in 03:34:00. Next through the finish line was Mick Dobson in 04:04:32, closely followed by Ivan Whigam in 04:11:29. There was also great runs from Ralph Baines in 77th, John Russius in 83rd, Andrew Firth in 97th and David Nalor in 101st. Well done men!

Over at Edenfield, another eight Harriers competed in this fell race, with David Naughton racing once again. This time he finished as the 2nd Clayton-le-Moors Harrier, in a time of 00:54:40. This was narrowly behind the 1st Harrier home, Geoffrey Gough in 00:54:24. Mark Taylor was next through the finish in 01:05:03, who was then followed home by Andrew Dugdale and Stephen Fish for the men. There were also two ladies who had excellent races. Linda Bostock and Nichola Jane Horsfall put in brilliant performances, finishing in 01:09:27 and 01:13:28 respectively.

Competing at The Lakeland Trails in Stavely, Breton Holdsworth took on the 17km Kentmere Trail Race. Getting miles in the tank was more of a priority for Breton, though he still put in an excellent effort finishing in 11th with a time of 01:21:14.

Another solo Harrier ran at the BOFRA Coniston race, this time in the form of junior Briony Holt. Not only did she finish as the 1st girl, she managed a 4th placed finish overall! Brilliant effort!

Over in Preston, the inaugural Crazy Cow 10k took place. Three Clayton-le-Moors Harriers attended the race on a very hot Sunday Morning. Christopher Holdsworth managed to scoop 1st place, winning in 00:35:07 – a new PB for him. Another PB breaker was Clayton-le-Moors new boy Adam Hamer, in his first 10k for the club, finishing with a brilliant time of 00:59:26. Another great performance by Sophie McIntosh finishing the course in 01:05:59, rounded of a great weekend of results for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers!

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