Witton park Trail Relay – Senior/Vets/Mixed Teams

ByTom Brewster

Witton park Trail Relay – Senior/Vets/Mixed Teams

The Following senior/vets/mixed teams have been entered for the trail relays at Witton Park in Blackburn this coming Sunday; Word on the street from those who have recce’d the course is that its very muddy and full-fell shoes will probably be the order of the day!

Team 1
Spencer Riley
Matt Perry
Jonny McKenna
Chris Holdsworth

Team 2
Tom Brewster
Paul Shackleton
Nick Gaskell
Dave Motley

Team 3
Leon Passco
Richard Briscoe
Ryan Wilkinson
Dave Bagot

Team 4
Adam Shaw
Lee Passco
Matt Law
Tim Pigott

Team 5 (Vets team)
Sean Clare
John Wilcock
John Roche
Garry Wilkinson

Mixed team 1
David Hogan
Paul Wale
Anna Kelly
Irene Roche

Ladies Team 1
Rebecca Rawcliffe
Jean Knightly
Georgina Slater
Tanya Ashworth

Best of luck to our lads and lasses taking part!!

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