Thru’ The Villages 8.45 Mile Race

ByJim Hickie

Thru’ The Villages 8.45 Mile Race

After approx a month off the racing scene ,due to injury etc thought i had better make an effort and get back into it ,so away i went to quite a tough hilly course. Through the villages 8.45 mile race, this is actually a favourite of mine and today was my 4th running of it! I don’t know why it is a favourite because at this very venue 2 yrs ago i wrote my car off but on that fateful day i still ran the race ,while my car was taken to a nearby garage!

Derrick 1


Anyway onto today, the weather was a little overcast with a little drizzle. The usual speech (pre-race instructions) took place by the starter and away we go. I quite like running up hills now as i use them in a big way when i’m training, i was quite surprised how at ease i was with the first climb and was feeling strong passing over a good half of the other runners. This first hill is approx a mile long before it levels out before coming to the junction. Then it’s a run down through the town before climbing back up again! This race is pretty much like this throughout, up and down!

I must say the training i have been doing is paying off and i felt good all the way round i was approx a minute down on last year but i think that was to do with the headwind more than anything i was pleased that i went through 10k on 44min which by my standards an taking the course into account i was happy with only 12 mth ago most of my 10k were 45 to 46 min on a flat course i would have easly done 42 today which is an improvement! A good race well marshalled and if u want to test yourself one to enter and free brews and hotpot at the end was welcome treat.


Results can be found by clicking the link HERE

Many thanks to Derrick Marsh for his account of the race – reports from any race you attend can be sent to for use on the site!

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