A new Committee and Chair

ByJim Hickie

A new Committee and Chair

The club’s AGM on 29th August agreed to reduce the size of the club’s committee to seventeen posts.  Dave Scott was elected as President, Jim Hickie was elected as Chair, Mike Wallis was elected as Secretary and Mike Eddleston was elected as Treasurer.  The new Committee includes four new members: Tom Brewster is Men’s Road and Trail Captain; Candice Heys is Ladies’ Road and Trail Captain; Wayne McIntosh is Media Manager; and Andy Armstrong is a committee member.

Retiring Chairman, Pete Booth, and retiring Vice-Chairman, Paul Healey, have served the club so well over many years.  Pete and Paul will continue with much of their work whilst no longer serving on the club’s committee.

The AGM also agreed that future AGMs will be held in September.  A proposal to introduce an alternate club vest was not passed.  However, the Committee does recognise the need to modernise the club’s clothing, and this will be discussed at the first meeting on 16th September.

Ours is a large club, with some 400 members.  With four new committee members and all committee posts filled the club is well placed to move forward.  Our future’s bright, our future’s orange!





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