Fell Palladium

In the 2015 Fell Palladium Competition members receive points for any race listed on at least one of the following organisations’ websites: FRA; Welsh FRA; Scottish Hill Runners; BOFRA; NI Mountain Running Association. There are separate competitions for Ladies and Men. These races have been used to calculate the current standings in the 2015 Fell Palladium for Ladies and Men. Please let the Fell Statistician statistician know if you spot any problems.

Wadsworth TrogPoints are awarded in each race for overall position among competitors of the same gender, and also for position among other club members of the same gender. Overall position points are awarded to a member in at most one of the following categories: 60 points for winning the race; 50 points for being in the top 10% of finishers; 40 points for being in the top 20% finishers; 30 points for being in the top 30% of finishers; 20 points for being in the top 40% of finishers; and 10 points for being in the top 50% of finishers. Club position points are awarded as in the following example: if five Clayton men compete in a race then the first man home is awarded five points; the second man home is awarded four points; and so on.

To be eligible for any award in the Fell Palladium competition a member must complete at least six fell races during 2015. The Ladies’ Champion holds the Harrier Trophy, and the Men’s Champion holds the Gerry Charnley Trophy. Awards for 2nd and 3rd positions are also made to Ladies and Men. Veteran (10 year categories), U20 and U23 awards are available; the number of awards made depends on the number of members completing the competition in each age category.

2015 will be the final Fell Palladium competition.

The results for 2014 were based on these races. The final standings in the 2014 Fell Palladium are: for Ladies; and Men.  Congratulations to Ladies’ Champion Jean Brown and Men’s Champion Christopher Holdsworth.