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ByPeter Booth

December Newsletter


Here is the link to the final Harrier edited by me. It’s missing Runner of the Month because the award is under review. However, Harry Manning has provided a list of ‘fast runners’ from the last two months. Paul Healey covers more Old Ground and there are reports on the wet and windy Tour of Pendle and Lee Mill Relays in addition to results and fixtures, as usual. Enjoy! December Newsletter 2015

ByPeter Booth

November Newsletter

Jordan & Andy Leg 1

This month’s Harrier is a relay, relay, relay good edition. It has reports on the Northern and National Road Relays, the Hodgson Brothers Fell Relay and the British Athletics Hill & Fell Running Relay, organised by Clayton at Barley last month. It also contains all the usual features, results & fixtures for the next 2 months. November Newsletter 2015

ByPeter Booth

October Newsletter 2015


At last. It’s here – the latest Harrier. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy with Thieveley & the Fell Relays and was on holiday at the beginning of the month. To make up for the 2 months’ + wait it’s a bumper edition – 40 pages with 15 pages of results, plus all the usual features.

October Newsletter 2015

ByAdrienne Olszewska

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Some great racing at classic fell races this weekend in the Lake District, Yorkshire and ultra-distances events in Europe – still plenty of true fell runners at Clayton-le-Moors Harriers. But that’s not all; there have been 10K races, duathlons, track and field events and blistering PBs all over the place at parkruns.

Tuesday 25 August

Tour of the Hameldons
There was a turnout of 26 Clayton Harriers and a solo Trawden AC runner for the fourth race in the Summer Series for Clayton-le-Moors Harriers and Trawden AC runners only. No watches are allowed as the runners must predict the time they expect to finish and prizes are awarded for the closest pre-race predictions. Closest estimate was Chris Funnell whose finishing time was only 2 seconds different to his actual time. Second and third best guesses went to Jim Hickie (7 seconds difference) and Sean Clare (11 seconds difference).

Pos Name Cat Time  
1 Alan Life V50 39:40
2 Carl Helliwell V40 39:54
3 Andrew Orr V40 40:28
4 Chris Funnell V40 41:54
5 Richard Briscoe 41:57
6 Chris Snell 41:58
7 Thomas Bradley J 42:33
8 Ivan Whigham V50 43:27
9 Sean Clare V50 43:54
10 Andy Bradley V50 44:11
11 Mark Nutter V50 54:52
12 Peter Browning V50 46:09
13 Gary Balmer V40 46:11
14 Alison Dugdale LV40 46:22
15 Andrew Howarth V50 46:40
16 Rick Moore V50 46:50
17 Martin Brady V50 47:27
18 Tomasz Tereba 47:27
19 Richard Bellaries V60 47:58
20 Matthew Law 49:19
21 Jim Hickie V50 49:47
22 John McDonald V50 49:54 Trawden AC
23 Colin Woolford V40 51:04
24 Peter Dugdale V50 57:10
25 Geoff Laycock V60 57:29
26 Michael Frost V60 61:50
27 Ron Chappell V60 63:18

Full Results

Wednesday 26 August

Harrock Hill Race Series – Race 4
The fourth and final of this series took place with three of our club members toeing the start line. It is a 5.2 mile race with 900ft of climb.

Pos    Name    Cat    Time   
58 Nigel Weaver M50 42:45
185 Julie Toman L45 60:07
195 John Francis M70 70:01

Harrock Hill Race Series Final Standings

Pos    Name    Cat    Race 1 Race 2  Race 3 Race 4  Best 3
28 Nigel Weaver M50 69 0 39 58 166
74 John Francis M70 225 153 154 195 502

Full Results


Friday 28 August

Echappée Belle Intégrale

Belle Echappe Ultra

Congratulations to Jean Brown who finished this gruelling ultra of 144km with a mind-boggling 10900m of ascent in 35th place overall, third female in a fantastic time of 38:04:47.

Full Results

Saturday 29 August

Arnison Crag/ Patterdale Dog Day

Run as part of the Patterdale Dog Day a small show that is centred around open sheep dog trials. There are both junior and senior fell races.

Ella Dorrington at the Patterdale Dog Day junior fell race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Ella Dorrington at the Patterdale Dog Day junior fell race. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Ella Dorrington took part in the junior races and was 1st girl in the U11 race. Well done Ella.

Awaiting Results

Blackpool Hilton Illuminations 10k

Elouise Pemberton was flying solo at this coastal 10k race. Her official time 53:02, 84th overall, 17th Female, 6th in age category, out of 201 runners in total.

Elouise Pemberton at the Blackpool Hilton Illuminations 10K.

Elouise Pemberton at the Blackpool Hilton Illuminations 10K.

Elouise Reports:

Saturday was a lovely day for taking part in the Hilton Illuminations 10k. A pleasant, sunny run out along the flat promenade for about 3 and half miles starting across from the Hilton Hotel.

The route proved much more difficult on the 2.5 mile stretch turning to head back towards the Hilton as it became undulating and testing through a very strong headwind and by this point it started to shower.

I was pleased with my time and enjoyed the race but it was a little lonely out there being the only Clayton Harrier in the race.

Full Results

Mid Lancs Track & Field League

Well done to our members who competed in this event for Burnley Athletic Club. Danny Collinge was 2nd in the Senior Men’s 400m and 3rd in the Senior Men’s High jump. George Pier was 3rd in the Senior Men’s Long JumpAlice Pier was 3rd in the U17 Women’s 800m and Joint 2nd in the High Jump. Liberty Thompson was 3rd in the U13 Girl’s 800m.

Full Results

Pendleton Fell Race

Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Nick Olszewski

Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Nick Olszewski

A short race with a long history, the Pendleton Race begins with a flat-out charge up the village’s main street, before climbing over fields and very rough pasture to Apronful Hill. A steep drop and steeper climb take the runners to Alan and Judith’s Cairn on Mearley Moor, from where there is a exhilerating descent into Ashendean Beck and a long run-in back across moor and field to the village.

John Francis at the Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

John Francis at the Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Despite it being a Bank Holiday weekend, together with lots of long-standing show races on the same weekend, a very respectable 123 runners took part in this short but tough fell race around Pendle Hill.

Alan Life at the Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Alan Life at the Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Alan Life was our first runner home finishing in 12th place overall and 1st Vet50. Claire Vincent was our first lady finisher, 4th lady overall and 1st senior lady. Linda Lord was 1st LV60.

Claire Vincent at the Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Nick Olszewski

Claire Vincent at the Pendleton Fell Race. Photo by Nick Olszewski

Pos Name Cat Time
12 Alan Life V50* 0.41.22
14 Neil Hardiman V40 0.41.46
15 Mike Wallis V50 0.42.09
16 Andrew McFarlane V40 0.42.31
17 Carl Helliwell V40 0.42.32
19 Michael O’Donnell V40 0.42.57
20 Andrew Priory V40 0.43.12
26 Chris Funnell V40 0.43.56
33 Ivan Whigham V50 0.44.46
44 Richard Briscoe 0.46.34
48 Mark Nutter V50 0.47.29
50 Jeffrey Pickup V60 0.47.17
55 (lady 4) Claire Vincent L* 0.48.46
60 Peter Browning V50 0.49.23
69 Keith Thompson V60 0.51.04
70 Andrew Firth V50 0.51.30
71 (lady 6) Alison Dugdale LV40 0.51.35
75 Stephen Bury V50 0.53.14
76 Martin Brady V50 0.53.27
80 (lady 7) Linda Lord LV60* 0.53.44
83 Peter Dugdale V50 0.53.58
85 (lady 9) Irene Roche LV50 0.54.47
86 (lady 10) Linda Bostock LV50 0.54.52
90 (lady 11) Barbara Savage LV50 0.55.49
98 Martin Griffin V50 0.58.02
104 Robert Hirst V60 0.59.56
110 Michael Frost V60 1.02.51
111 (lady 18) Kath Brady LV50 1.04.48
112 (lady 19) Karin Goss LV60 1.05.36
122 John Francis V70 1.25.11

Full Results

Sunday 30 August

Grasmere Guides Races

Junior Race Report by Alan Dorrington

Clayton Juniors Curtis and Briony Holt, and Ella Dorrington made the trip to Grasmere for the classic and long running Guides races, part of the Grasmere Show.

Following on from an U11G win the day before at the Patterdale Dog Day Children’s race, Ella found the steep Grasmere course harder than she expected but rallied to come in 4th Girl, only a whisker outside the medals in the U12G.

Ella Dorrington at the Grasmere Guides Races. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Ella Dorrington at the Grasmere Guides Races. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Briony was a clear and emphatic winner in the U14G, disappointed only in missing the course record. Her brother Curtis ran in the U17 in a high quality field, stacked with strong local runners. A great day out and great racing from all.

Briony Holt at the Grasmere Guides fell races. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Briony Holt at the Grasmere Guides fell races. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Briony Holt was the first girl in the U14s race with a time of 8:04 and Curtis Holt was 19th in the U17s race with at ime of 13:53.

Senior Race Report by Andrew Firth

Grasmere Guides race is a historic event – a traditional Lakeland Sports event which attracts crowds in the thousands. There are Junior races at half hourly intervals leading up to the Blue Riband event of the Senior Guides race at around 4pm in the afternoon. I only saw a couple of Clayton Juniors in the U14’s and it was Briony Holt who took the honours for the girls.

Wendy Dodds at the Grasmere Guides fell races. Photo by Alan Dorrington

Wendy Dodds at the Grasmere Guides fell races. Photo by Alan Dorrington

In the Senior race there was a good quality field with Simon Bailey, Rob Jebb, Rob Hope, Sam Tosh likely to be battling it out at the sharp end. The record of 12 mins 21 secs by Fred Reeves has stood since 1978 and there is £500 on offer for anyone who can beat it (as well as the 1st prize of £150).

The bracken had been chopped back and with conditions underfoot soft from the earlier rain everything was set for a fast race. Whilst running you can hear Pete Blands commentary to the large crowd and it was clear that there was a real battle on the way up between Rob Jebb and Simon Bailey. As I reached the top you lose the sound of the commentary – probably because the leaders would have finished before I got to the top! I understand that Simon Bailey held on for the win, whilst both Rob Hope and Sam Tosh overhauled the other Rob on the way down. Results often take a while to appear from this event.

For the Seniors Clayton had 4 entrants – Garry Wilkinson, Wendy Dodds, Mark Nutter and myself finishing in that order.

It might be a long way to travel for a race that is little over a mile, and at £10 the entry fee to the show might seem a little steep. However I have always found it to be a great day out and the atmosphere racing in front of such a large crowd is unbelievable – highly recommended.

Pos Name Cat Time
42 Garry Wilkinson MV40 00:18:21
81 Wendy Dodds FV40 00:20:49
84 Mark Nutter MV40 00:21:10
99 Andrew Firth MV40 00:22:14

Awaiting Official Results

Greenwich Park 10K

Surprise 10k race in Greenwich Park this morning all part of a surprise birthday weekend away thanks to Deborah. Good hilly race and managed to bag a 3rd place finish

Richard Stevenson at Greenwich Park 10k. Photo by Deborah Stevenson

Richard Stevenson at Greenwich Park 10k. Photo by Deborah Stevenson

Full Results

Halton Gill Sports

Nicola Thompson Reports

It was another good day running; Dexter Thompson came 2nd in the U12s race, Kady Thompson was 2nd girl in the U9s race, and Liberty Thompson was 2nd girl in the U14s race.

Dexta Thompson at the Halton Gill Sports races. Photo by Chris Thompson

Dexta Thompson at the Halton Gill Sports races. Photo by Chris Thompson

Well done also to Danny Collinge on coming 2nd in the senior race representing Clayton Le Moors Harriers at fell running.

Danny Collinge at the Halton Gill Show fell races. Photo by Chris Thompson

Danny Collinge at the Halton Gill Show fell races. Photo by Chris Thompson

Awaiting Results

Lancaster Duathlon

Grace and Ellie Root took part in Salt Ayre Duathlon on Sunday 30th August which involved a run-bike-run.

Grace ran 1200m cycled 2k and ran 400 m to finish 10th in the T1 category. Ellie ran a strong 2000m taking the lead for the 1st 1000m, cycled 5k and then finished with a 600m run. She had a really strong race and came 7th in the T3 category and scored her highest points this year.

The girls have 2 more races to complete the North West Series. All that Clayton Le Moors Harriers training and at Burnley Athletics Club paying off. She finished 7th, scoring good NW Series Tri points.

Ellie Root at Salt Ayre. Photo by Thomas Root

Ellie Root at Salt Ayre. Photo by Thomas Root

Tour of Norland Moor

This 10k race is organised by Halifax Harriers and is described as more like a trail race than a fell race on their website.  The race starts and finishes at Copley Cricket Club and climbs up a rough, paved bridleway before reaching a 2.9 mile loop of Norland Moor. 800ft of ascent with the promise of some great views.

Three Clayton-le-Moors Harriers took part.

Pos Name Cat Time
19 Chris Snell M 45:31
46 Chris Butterworth M55 52:52
72 Robert Hirst M65 62:21

Full Results

Parkrun Roundup

United Utilities may have sorted out the issues with the water in some parts of Lancashire but it looks like they have been adding something to the water in Burnley instead resulting in an outbreak of PBs and top 10 finishes at Burnley parkrun!

Fast Clayton lads at Burnley parkrun. Photo by David Belshaw

Fast Clayton lads at Burnley parkrun. What have they been putting in the water? Photo by David Belshaw

This weekend saw the first Witton parkrun take place, organised by our club member Bryan Searby, with a bakers dozen of Clayton Harriers in attendance. Missing from the results is Danny Collinge who forgot his barcode! He finished in third place 17:07 I am told.

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers at the first Witton parkrun. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Clayton-le-Moors Harriers at the first Witton parkrun. Photo by Adrienne Olszewska

Witton parkrun – A total of 273 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
9 Matthew DUCKWORTH 19:16 SM25-29 First Timer!
29 Dexta THOMPSON 21:22 JM10 First Timer!
42 Nick COLLINSON 22:12 JM11-14 First Timer!
60 Bianca BENNETT 24:25 SW25-29 First Timer!
61 Katy THOMPSON 24:32 VW60-64 First Timer!
80 George THOMPSON 25:41 VM65-69 First Timer!
84 Natasha OLSZEWSKA 25:57 JW11-14 First Timer!
89 Julia RUSHTON 26:40 VW50-54 First Timer!
115 Yvonne WICKHAM 27:49 VW50-54 First Timer!
159 Kady THOMPSON 30:31 JW10 First Timer!
161 Bronia OLSZEWSKA 30:39 JW11-14 First Timer!
181 Christine LEATHLEY 32:09 VW65-69 First Timer!

Burnley parkrun – A total of 294 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
1 Christopher HOLDSWORTH 16:03 SM20-24 New PB!
3 Jonny MCKENNA 16:45 SM25-29 New PB!
4 Tom BREWSTER 17:04 SM25-29 New PB!
6 Daniel BALSHAW 17:44 SM25-29 New PB!
7 David BAGOT 17:54 SM20-24 New PB!
8 Breton HOLDSWORTH 18:19 VM40-44 New PB!
9 Richard STEVENSON 18:48 VM35-39
10 Terry O’LEARY 18:56 VM35-39
14 Chris SNELL 19:25 VM35-39
15 Laura HESKETH 19:27 SW30-34 New PB!
25 Dave MOTLEY 20:52 SM30-34
30 Kevin DAVIES 21:22 VM50-54
32 Andrew WEBSTER 21:32 VM45-49
33 Paul WALE 21:35 VM45-49
35 Donna RILEY 21:54 VW50-54
37 Lennon JACKSON 22:00 JM11-14
39 Gordon BARRETT 22:04 VM50-54
41 Stephen WHITE 22:13 VM60-64
46 Stephen AINSWORTH 22:38 VM55-59
51 Martin BRADY 22:50 VM50-54
54 David Ian SCOTT 22:54 VM70-74
59 Sophie ASHWORTH 23:05 JW11-14
70 Matthew JACKSON 23:47 JM10 New PB!
74 Julie DAWES 23:54 VW45-49
83 Dawn TERRY 24:17 VW50-54
100 Helana WHITE 25:05 JW10
102 Donna SCOTT 25:10 VW50-54
117 Imogen FERGUSON 26:15 JW10 New PB!
133 Adam STEVENSON 26:42 JM11-14
137 Richard LAWSON 26:48 VM75-79
138 Ron CHAPPELL 26:50 VM65-69
164 Stuart BARKER 28:25 VM45-49
171 Aaron LUNDIE 28:55 JM11-14
178 Roanna HOLDSWORTH 29:24 JW11-14
188 Sophie MCINTOSH 30:20 SW20-24
253 Valerie LAWSON 34:30 VW70-74
268 Isaac SMITH 36:22 JM10

Pendle parkrun – A total of 40 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
1 John HARTLEY 19:29 VM55-59 New PB!
2 Paul BRANNON 20:14 VM55-59
9 Andy QUINN 23:38 VM40-44
31 Beth QUINN 34:18 JW15-17

Cardiff parkrun – A total of 654 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
181 Carl CAREY 23:22 VM45-49 First Timer!
606 Judith CAREY 37:21 VW35-39 First Timer!

Dewsbury parkrun – A total of 77 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
74 Robin PRICE 34:33 VM70-74

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge – A total of 198 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
60 Wendy DODDS 23:59 VW60-64
146 Eileen JONES 30:53 VW60-64

Heaton parkrun – A total of 512 runners took part

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
242 Julie TOMAN 27:10

Marple parkrun – A total of 184 runners took part.

Pos parkrunner Time Cat Note
139 Ron HILL 29:35 VM75-79

Cross Country (XC) Season 2015

Mid Lancs League
Jason Pier is currently updating the list for Mid Lancs XC runners. If you ran at all during the season last year, your name will already be on. All newcomers more than welcome to add your name to it – juniors, ladies and men.

Clayton Ladies

Clayton Ladies at the Mid Lancs Cross Country fixture in Liverpool

Even if you’re looking to run just the once, it’s easier to organise if you’re already on the list. So don’t be shy, give it a go…. You never know how much you’ll take to running a few miles on grass!!

Clayton Juniors

U-11 Girls Liberty Thompson, Ellie Root, Natasha Olszewska and Millie Stubbs. Photo by Nicholas Olszewski

We expect a good turn out this year to add to our club’s success in the Mid Lancs League last year – in all age categories – from juniors to vets. Yes we all count, all abilities from the front runners to the back. All are valued and accounted for Clayton throughout the season. Achievement AND enjoyment is the key.

Mid Lancs League Fixture List

26 September Astley Park, Chorley
24 October Towneley Park, Burnley
28 November Sefton Park, Liverpool
16 January Wilson’s Field, Hyndburn
13 February Rossall School, Fleetwood
5 March Worden Park, Leyland

Perhaps if you’re down for Mid Lancs XC you’ll have a go at Red Rose too. Our juniors did very well last year in this league! Seniors and adults – more details to come about this.

Red Rose League Fixture List

John Roche

John Roche battling for the finish.

10 October Leigh Sports Village
7 November Hyndburn
21 November Leverhulme Park, Bolton
5 December Rossendale

Please message me, Irene Roche, or Jason with your DOB if you need to add your name to the list and we’ll make sure you get sorted.

Pilates for Runners

Strength and Conditioning coach Stephen Alami trains many different sports people and athletes. He knows that good posture, core strength and flexibility will ultimately make you a better runner.

His intention is to run a Pilates sessions specific to running that will address all of these areas and make you a better runner. Obviously you also will gain the benefits of what Pilates does in terms of improving core strength, balance, coordination and posture.

Sessions will start on Friday 4th September at  Burnley College 7pm

First session is free and if you enjoy it, £5 thereafter. You can message him if you have any further questions on

ByPeter Booth

August Newsletter

Welcome to August’s slim-line edition of Harrier News with important information about the club’s Annual General Meeting on 24th September and personal reactions to last week’s Hendon Book Half Marathon.

IreneStar of the race was Irene Roche who broke the course F55 record. Richard Lawson remembers long-standing member, Jim Dawson, who passed away recently and Paul Healey covers old ground. To make up for a reduced results service, there is a bumper fixtures list that takes you to the end of October! Enjoy!

August Newsletter 2015

ByPeter Booth

July Harrier Newsletter

3rd Anniversary Park Run Burnley editHere is the July Harrier Newsletter with news of the ‘retirement’ of two long-standing race organisers and more regarding the future of the Newsletter from El Presidente, Dave Scott. There are all the familiar features; Covering Old Ground, Runner of the Month for May, Milestones and Committee News, plus recent results and fixtures for July and August.July Newsletter 2015

ByPeter Booth

June Newsletter

Dave Presentation1The June Harrier has the story behind El Presidente’s latest award, as well as reports on the Calderdale Way Relay and the Vets’ Road Relays in Birmingham. We also have all the usual features: Runner of the Month (Junior & Senior), Covering Old Ground, results and fixtures. Enjoy! June Newsletter 2015

Clayton ladies at BMAF Relay 2

ByPeter Booth

May Newsletter

In the latest edition of the Harrier a ‘hypochondriac fell runner’ reports on his day out at the Haworth Hobble. there are details of how members can help with the club’s staging of the British Fell & Hill Running Relays at Barley in October, as well as all the usual features, fixtures and results. May Newsletter 2015

Ron-Hill-Nat-Harrison edit

ByPeter Booth

April Newsletter

The latest edition of The Harrier can be downloaded here. April Newsletter 2015 This month’s offering includes a round up of the cross country season, with detailed results from the Mid Lancs League and the final standings in the club Palladium Points Competition. There is also a full list of all the award winners from the recent Presentation Evening, plus all the regular features, race results and fixtures.

Mr Tangerine Man edit

ByPeter Booth

March Newsletter

Read the March Newsletter to find out why El P is gracing the front cover and for reports on members’ battles with the elements on road and fell, as well as all the usual features, results and fixtures. Just click on the link. March Newsletter 2015

Dave at Blackpool