The Palladium Cup

The Palladium Cup. Photo David Belshaw
The Palladium Cup. Photo David Belshaw

The Palladium Cup is awarded to the Men’s Cross Country Palladium Champion.

1934-35G H Kirkus1935-36T Gilfoyle1936-37G H Kirkus
1948-49H Price1949-50H Price1950-51H Price
1951-52H Price1952-53V O’Rourke1953-54S Bradshaw
1954-55A Walker1955-56A Walker1956-57A Walker
1957-58F Howe1958-59F Howe1959-60D Hopkinson
1960-61D Hopkinson1961-62D Hopkinson1962-63R W Heys
1963-64D Hopkinson1964-65D Hopkinson1965-66D Hopkinson
1966-67D Hopkinson1967-68D Hopkinson1968-69P Livesey
1969-70D I Scott1970-71D I Scott1971-72R Rawlinson
1972-73P Raidy1973-74D I Scott1974-75P Raidy
1975-76C Waddington1976-77P Livesey1977-78C Wilson
1978-79I Perrow1979-80P Livesey1980-81J Reade
1981-82J Reade1982-83R Brewster1983-84A Brierley
1984-85B McKenna1985-86A Schofield1986-87A Brierley
1987-88B McKenna1988-89G Cunliffe1989-90R Lees
1990-91R Lees1991-92T Brierley1992-93J Roche
1993-94J Roche1994-95P Brannon1995-96P Brannon
1996-97M Aspinall1997-98M Aspinall1998-99I Greenwood
1999-00I Greenwood2000-01I Greenwood2001-02M Aspinall
2002-03M Aspinall2003-04M Aspinall2004-05B Horrocks
2005-06G Shaw2006G Shaw2007G Shaw
2008G Shaw2009M Aspinall2010M Aspinall
2011M Aspinall2012G Shaw2013B Holdsworth
2013-14B Holdsworth
S Riley
2014-15C Helliwell2015-16C Helliwell
2016-17M Duckworth2017-18T Brewster2018-19M Magee
2019-20J Dunderdale2020-21not awarded2021-22J Dunderdale
2022-23J Dunderdale2023-24